'Daily' Injects Odessa's Coffee Culture with Stylistic Finesse

Just a 15-minute stroll from Shevchenko Park’s Green Theatre, the first and only open-air venue in Odessa, caffeine aficionados can indulge in one of the best examples of Ukraine’s booming coffee culture. Third wave coffee shops and awarded baristas have transformed the city into an artisanal heaven for bean enthusiasts.
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Executive Director – National Art Education Association

The Executive Director will champion visual arts educators and the value of visual arts and design education; lead a strategic vision that further strengthens NAEA, supports its members; and assure the long-term growth and impacts of a diverse professional association. OrganizationThe National Art Education Association (NAEA) advances visual arts education to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, NAEA was founded in 1947 and is the leading...
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Jason Momoa shaves beard to shine a spotlight on plastic pollution

When you have 11 million Instagram followers, your simplest move can elicit thousands of comments. When you’re ready for a major transformation, such as shaving off the beard you’ve been growing since 2012, you can pair the shearing with a save-the-world message. So we understand a viral video of Jason Momoa, beloved Game of Thrones star, shaving off his beastly beard while talking about plastic pollution. The 39-year-old actor’s call for action is part of a growing wave of awareness of the 19 ...
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Arbitrator: NY City Ballet’s Firing Of Two Dancers Was “Wrong And Unjust”

The two principals, Amar Ramasar and Zachary Catazaro had been dismissed for sharing graphic text messages. An independent arbitrator determined that “while the company was justified in disciplining the two men, suspension was the appropriate action and termination took it too far.” The two will be reinstated. – Dance Magazine
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People Still Want To See Inside Fragile Historical Buildings. Now They Can… Virtually

Churches damaged by earthquakes, buildings ravaged by fire. It’s too dangerous for visitors to enter, or perhaps the site will be damaged by visits. Now a trove of 3D models has been put online so you can explore… – The Guardian
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Cat Laptop

Scratching toy laptop with computer mouse that looks like the real animal. Cat Scratch Laptop – computer shaped scratching mat designed for cats in modern world. Made out of cardboard. Scratchy gift for your nerdy cat. Also check out: Armor for Cats and Mice
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Why Are Many Of Us Obsessed With Reading Books Quickly?

The point is, the act of reading is rarely a simple case of ‘finish one, start another one’—it’s an endless overlapping conversation between reader and page, an imprecise gumbo of genres and moods and facts and jokes and… cliffhangers. – Melville House
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Mac Smith, Scurry

Mac Smith is is a concept artist and illustrator who has largely put aside his work in the gaming industry to concentrate on his own comics project. Scurry is a post-apocalyptic survival story in which the protagonists are mice. The setting is an abandoned house and the surrounding woods, now mysteriously devoid of humans. With the disappearance of the humans has gone the availability of food their presence provided. The mouse colony, within which Smith has developed distinct characters and p...
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Open-Source Software Making Museums More Accessible

Oftentimes, the process of visiting a museum begins at an institution’s website, and not all of them are accessible to people with disabilities. In fact, several notable NYC institutions’ websites are not readable by visitors with loss of vision. Those museums should take a tip from Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art whose open-source software—a tool that can be added to any website—”seamlessly integrates image descriptions …
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Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey’s Wine Cask Finished Series

Two limited edition age statement single malts express the true character of a category The high-end premium and super-premium Irish whiskey categories grew 1106% and 3385% respectively since 2002 in the US, according to data from the Distilled Spirits Council. Beyond the stats, it’s safe to say that Irish whiskey remains a beloved category and that it’s long been dominated by very few brands. But …
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Halifax! I'm speaking at Atlseccon on April 24 (then Toronto, Ottawa, Berlin and Houston!)

I'm coming to Halifax to give the closing keynote on day one of Atlseccon on April 24th: it's only my second-ever visit to the city and the first time I've given a talk there, so I really hope you can make it! From there, I'm headed to Toronto, where I'm giving a keynote called The Internet Isn’t What We Fight FOR, It’s What We Fight WITH on April 29th at the FITC Technology and Creativity Conference. Then I'm appearing at the Ottawa Writers Festival on May 4, presenting my newest book, R...
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Alexa! Play HAPPY Music! (And Why That’s A Challenge)

Using your smart speaker to play music is the top use for them. But making music choices useful has been a challenge. “Using voice to sift through and access music may be a relatively new idea, but it’s brought with it an immense technological challenge that streaming companies, record labels and machine-learning start-ups are all reckoning with. Proper use of this new interface and underlying metadata can mean the difference between sinking and staying afloat on the smart speaker medium.” – B...
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The JBL Jr Pop is a wireless bluetooth speaker just for the kids

“Big Sound for Music’s Tiny Fans” is perhaps the best way to describe the JBL Jr Pop, a conceptual speaker created by Shenzhen-based Kim Hyojin.A winner of both the Red Dot Design Concept Award and the iF Design Award for the year 2019, the JBL Jr Pop is a junior speaker, designed to be child-friendly, and give children their dedicated music-listening device. The Jr Pop is small, light, rugged, and comes with a leash that the child can use to carry their sound with them. A comforting ring of lig...
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Are Trigger Warnings At Theatres Useful Context Or…

As part of his PhD research on theatre spectatorship at the University of Toronto, Scott Mealey interviews many audience members and says he’s “shocked” by the level of anxiety many of them “seem to feel as they encounter theatre, especially if it seems unfamiliar in some way. The more I talk about it the more stories people offer me.” – Toronto Star
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Amazon is looking for an Industrial Design Engineer for their Robotic Fulfillment division!

You’ve heard of Amazon, right? One of the world’s largest retailers? Run by the world’s richest man (even after his divorce settlement!)Amazon is an absolute behemoth. Going from being a book-selling service in 1995, to being one of the biggest names in online retail, and even reaching a trillion dollar valuation along the way, Amazon is famous for investing heavily in research and development. For the longest time, all of Amazon’s profits went right into their research and development team, all...
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These sweet teardrop trailers for adventurers run on solar power

We’ve covered quite a few teardrop trailers over the years, but Evolve‘s new solar-powered trailers are really out of this world. The British Columbia-based company has just unveiled its latest models, the Evolve Traverse and the Evolve Outing. Both campers run on solar power and are clad in an all-aluminum frame to create an ultra durable envelope. Inside, the campers offer enough space for a queen-sized mattress and have a fully equipped kitchen with a propane stove and a cooler in the back. ...
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John Cameron Mitchell’s New Podcast Has A Galaxy Of Stars And A Singing Brain Tumor

Anthem: Homunculus “is not the first podcast musical to be released. And though it contains a love ballad from a brain tumor to its host, it may not even be the strangest. But it is probably the most ambitious and, with a cast that includes [Patti] LuPone, Glenn Close, Cynthia Erivo, Marion Cotillard and Laurie Anderson (as the tumor), certainly the starriest.” – The New York Times
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Striking Photos Capture the Unnatural Transformation of the Amazon Rainforest

There was this moment last year when I was sitting in the quietest place in the U.S. and a plane flew overhead, breaking the cocoon of natural sound. It was the sonic emulation of the world we’re creating, writ large. Humanity has crept into every nook and cranny of the planet, and now we’re being forced to confront…Read more...
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Off-Label Brand: Why Do Some Writers Look Down On Science Fiction?

Even some writers writing science fiction get a bit cranky when you label is such… – The Guardian
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