Sneaker customization pushed to the absolute max!

Not your average shoe-customization project, Moscow-based Ilyas Darakchiev managed to completely uplift a pair of Adidas TR7 sneakers by redesigning its outsole to look positively monstrous. Titled the ‘Beton’ project, Ilyas sought out to customize his pair of sneakers differently. While people paint shoes, switch materials, swap parts like shoelaces, Ilyas’s project was more additive, if you will. Using modelling clay and its associated tools, Ilyas added volume to the sneaker outsole, giving i...
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Metro says its contractor painted over 110 Freeway mural dedicated to 1984 Olympics in downtown L.A.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority took the blame Tuesday for painting over a downtown Los Angeles mural dedicated to the 1984 Olympic Games. In a written statement, Metro said contractors used gray paint to cover the wall just beneath the 4th Street bridge over the 110 Freeway. The mural, titled “Hitting the Wall,” adorned that section of the freeway for more than 35 years. The work was part of the L.A. County rail and bus agency’s Freeway Beautification Program. “Due to extensive graffi...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Los Angeles, Sport, Soccer, CalTrans, Local News, International Olympic Committee, Wall, Ucla, Mural, Metro, Tarzana, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, San Fernando Valley, Comeaux

Meet the most beautiful home-cinema projector that ever lived…

How do you make a projector that looks like a cross between a telescope and an artistic, sculptural element integrated into your decor? You take a lesson from the PHOS, a home-cinema projector that I can, with conviction, say is one of the most beautiful pieces of tech I’ve seen. The PHOS, unfortunately conceptual, is the brain-child of Jacopo Mauro, who believed appliances could be made to look absolutely addictive… and he’s right. With its capsule-shaped frame, rotating cylindrical projector, ...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Television, Appliances, Product Design, Random, DLP, DLP Projector, Phos, Jacopo Mauro, Home Cinema Projector

How “Go Down Moses” Became Part Of A Passover Tradition

The song is thought to have been written by African-American slaves in about 1800, inspired by the story of Jewish slaves in the Bible. So a double cultural appropriation? – WBUR
Tags: Art, Music, 04.19.19

Fighting Hornet Fire Pit

Creative wood burner designed as a birthday gift for the fan of The Hornets football team looks like realistic giant fighting hornet. The Fighting Hornet Fire Pit handcrafted out of steel by Burned by Design. Also check out: Death Star Fire Pit
Tags: Design, Tech, The Hornets

As The Earth Warms, Long-Buried Objects Are Emerging. It’s Both Scary And Fascinating

Water levels in the River Elbe dropped so far that “hunger stones” were revealed – carved boulders used since the 1400sto commemorate droughts and warn of their consequences. One of the stones bears the inscription “Wenn du mich siehst, dann weine” (If you see me, weep).  – The Guardian
Tags: Art, River Elbe, Visual, 04.20.19

Milan Design Week 2019: Items Available Now

Decor and design objects that will enhance the home Amidst debuts that aim to enrich the city of Milan and others set to inspire a global design audience, the week surrounding Salone del Mobile is also filled with products that people can buy to enhance their home. This meant 2019’s Milan Design Week featured destinations like the inaugural Gucci Decor pop-up shop and a Marimekko …
Tags: Coffee, Design, Milan, Interiors, Lights, Gucci, Lighting, Decor, Lamps, Homeware, Milan Design Week, Alessi, Kitchen Accessories, Salone del Mobile, Gucci Decor, Milan Design Week 2019

Los Retros feat. Firelordmelisa: Someone To Spend Time With

Los Retros (aka 19-year-old Mauri Tapia) offers up a downtempo, but sunny single with “Someone To Spend Time With,” out via Stones Throw. His melancholy lyrics (about being lonely, even when surrounded by people) and sweet but forlorn vocals are mirrored by the track’s guest vocalist, Firelordmelisa. While there’s a vintage tinge to the track, it’s contemporary. The visual accompaniment, directed by Ross Harris, is …
Tags: Design, California, Rock, Pop, Culture, Listenup, Stones Throw, Ross Harris, Firelordmelisa, Los Retros, Mauri Tapia

World Music Is Changing (As A Genre) And So Is who’s Supporting It

Recently Red Bull announced it would stop funding its music academy that promoted World Music. “These days, experimental art often views corporate largesse as necessary. The closing was a reminder that much of contemporary culture is produced by companies that don’t see themselves as archivists, or as custodians for the future. Art is just content, and it vanishes, too.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Music, Red Bull, 04.22.19

New Research: Studying The Arts Boosts Self-Esteem (Even If You Don’t Excel)

“Initiatives to promote arts engagement in children may provide a practical and efficient way to improve children’s self-esteem,” report Hei Wan Makand Daisy Fancourt of University College London. Importantly, they found that kids didn’t have to be good at their chosen creative activity for these positive effects to blossom. – Pacific Standard
Tags: Art, Pacific, Issues, 04.23.19

Get yourself a keychain that can charge your phone

The Mophie Powerstation Keychain gives you one more reason to make sure you’re always carrying your keys as you walk out the door. Roughly the size of a remote fob (the kind you find on car keys), the Mophie Powerstation Keychain is a small attachment for your keyring that gives you an instant 1200mAh of juice. The tiny powerbank sits along with your keys, and in dire situations, can top of your battery by as much as 50%, so you’re not struggling to book an Uber, or call your family at the end o...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Design, Cellphones, Charger, Keychain, Mophie, Portable Charger, Power Bank, Product Design, EveryDayCarry, Powerstation

The phonebooth is back

This time it is for open offices, when you need a bit of peace and quiet.
Tags: Design, News

René Char on Rebirth and Phantoms

Two short excerpts taken from Char’s WWII writings. One concerns a walnut tree; the other speaks about the phantoms of our “empirical souls.” Why post them? And why now? Read them. – Jan Herman
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Char, 04.24.19

Dave Samuels, RIP

A Grammy award winner, Samuels was best known for more than three decades as a member of the crossover jazz-fusion band Spyro Gyra. – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Samuels, 04.24.19, Dave Samuels

Many Rank-And-File Dancers Can’t Afford To Eat Properly — So This Organization Feeds Them

“Dancers will forego eating to take classes,” says Yvonne Chow. So, once a month, DanceMart, operated by H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory in New York City, will cook and serve a dinner, teach a class in cooking healthy and inexpensive meals, and send them home with a recipe and the groceries to make it. (There’s a party, too.) Any and every kind of dancer is invited. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, New York City, Dance, 04.24.19, Yvonne Chow

The SSD chair creating waves in the crowdfunding community

If IKEA pioneered the flat-pack furniture industry, the SSD Chair brought it to crowdfunding. You see, a lot of designs get abandoned as concepts because there’s no easy way to manufacture and sell them without having distribution channels, marketing teams, and retail partners. IKEA is what it is today only because it’s a phenomenal force of retail and has warehouses and brick-and-mortar stores in a number of countries… most independent designers do not. Creating a chair is easy. Selling it is...
Tags: Deals, Europe, Design, Furniture, Ikea, Solid State Drive, Product Design, Herman Miller, PEFC, Oak Walnut, Graphite Black Cloudy White Ash Pink

Eucalyptus screens block out the sun's harsh rays in this off-grid home

São Paulo-based firm Studio MK27 has unveiled a spectacular home made out of a beautiful blend of natural and prefabricated materials. The Catuçaba House is tucked into the remote rolling hills of Catuçaba, its horizontal volume sitting almost 5,000 feet above sea level. Wanting to forge a strong relationship with its stunning natural surroundings, the architects designed the home with a number of sustainable features to be completely off-grid and low-impact. In fact, the home’s sustainability ...
Tags: Design, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Fernando Guerra, Catucaba, Catuçaba house, Green Building Council Studio

Herb Alpert Was A Helluva Trumpet Player. For 30 Years He’s Also Been A Brilliant Philanthropist

He has been a consistent and articulate proponent of the arts at a time in which the field is under siege. His free-wheeling and improvisational approach belies a coherent underlying strategy that is both forward-looking and impactful. And in an almost uniformly risk-adverse philanthropic climate, Alpert has shown a refreshing tendency to boldly go where other funders are unwilling to tread. – Inside Philanthropy
Tags: Art, People, SJ, Alpert, Herb Alpert, 04.21.19

Amazing Abstract Wallpapers by Dante Metaphor

Amazing Abstract Wallpapers by Dante Metaphor abduzeedoApr 24, 2019 Dante Metaphor shared an awesome set of beautiful wallpapers. They have all the elements of  great wallpaper: abstract art, 3D, light effects. That’s the reason to deserve the feature here on ABDZ. The cool thing about this project is not just the outcome, but the reason behind it. He took the time to learn Houdini and Redshift 3D. A bunch of 4k wallpapers i did while experimenting with houd...
Tags: Design, Houdini, Dante Metaphor

Ronan Bouroullec Discusses Projects Big and Small

When wandering through the dense halls of Salone del Mobile, we found great refuge in Vitra's bright, colorful booth amongst a sea of gray and black walls. This year, Vitra's space was divided into four rooms, each themed around a different personality type. One of the standout pieces was a massive ceramic vase with abstract shapes neatly attached to it, designed by none other than the Bouroullec Brothers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The Bouroullecs have been working on quite a bit of projects l...
Tags: Asia, Design, France, Paris, Fine Art, Champs Elysees, Designer Profiles, Vitra, Milan Design Week, Ronan Bouroullec, Vitra Design Museum, Salone del Mobile, Erwan, Bouroullec Brothers Ronan, Vases Découpage, Bouroullec BrothersI

Design Job: Stab Your Last Job in the Back: Benchmade Knife Company is Seeking an Industrial Designer in Oregon City

We are currently recruiting for an Industrial Designer to join the Benchmade Knife Company team. The Industrial Designer is the sole owner of the origination and development of ideas to design the form, ergonomics, finish, and fundamental function of the manufactured products at Benchmade Knife View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, Oregon City, Benchmade Knife Company, Benchmade Knife View

Study: The Twitter Universe Is Nothing Like Here In Real Life

Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey of 2,791 adult American Twitter users, and the team’s findings paint a stark contrast between those who are extremely online and those who are not. While the gender and ethnic makeup of Twitter users seems to be mostly similar to the greater U.S. population, there are significant differences in terms of political views, income-generation, and more. – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Media, Pew Research Center, Audience, American Twitter, 04.22.19

Reader Submitted: This Self Driving Shuttle Considers the Big Picture of Autonomous Transportation Systems

South Korean company KLIO Design has designed the WITH:US self driving shuttle concept. Embodying three basic principles of simplicity, habitability and expandability, the project is proposed as an icon of future smart cities. Unveiled for the first time at the 2019 Seoul motor show, the design envisions a public transportation system that cares about the environment and people of all ages. Unmanned Solution Inc., which developed WITH:US, is a self-driving solution company that has been leading ...
Tags: Design, US, Korea, Seoul, DMC, Sangam, Mapo, Reader Projects, Autonomous Transportation Systems, KLIO Design, Unmanned Solution Inc

The Future Favors Creativity. Debbie Millman Interviews Chase Jarvis on Design Matters

Today I’m sitting down with one of my favorite humans, but in a twist of fate, the tables are turned. I’m in the hot seat – being interviewed by my dear friend and design-industry legend, Debbie Millman. Debbie Millman is chair of the Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC…and she has an insane track record going back decades: she’s the author of 6 books including “How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer,” and a prolific design writer in outlets like NYT, Fast Company...
Tags: Art, Photography, Podcast, Interview, Inspiration, Creativity, School Of Visual Arts, Debbie, Chase Jarvis, chasejarvisLIVE, NYT Fast Company, Debbie Millman Debbie Millman

Cozy pop-up Seedpods let you escape into nature with a minimal footprint

Reconnecting with Mother Nature has been elevated to new heights with Nomadic Resorts‘ latest treehouse initiative — the Seedpod. Shaped like a human nest, these lightweight sleeping pods are designed for minimal landscape impact and can pop up in remote locations in just one day. The pop-up hotel rooms were recently installed in Mauritius’ Bel Ombre Nature Reserve, where they were hung from trees and made to “float” above the forest floor. Founded in 2011 as a reaction against the environment...
Tags: Design, Hotels, Gallery, Solar Panels, Pod, Glamping, Mauritius, Mother Nature, Hospitality, Carousel Showcase, Treehouse, Sustainable Architecture, Sustainable Hotel, Minimal Site Impact, Low Impact, Nomadic Resorts

Ibsen Was A Hugely Influential Playwright And His Ideas Permeate Still. But…

Terry Teachout writes that the ideas – groundbreaking and shocking in their times, are now so familiar that they’re boring. “To be sure, we live with their culture-changing consequences—we know them well—but the plays themselves too often come across as static, talky exercises in bourgeois-baiting, as smug as Shaw at his worst but without his compensating wit.” Commentary
Tags: Art, Theatre, Shaw, Ibsen, Terry Teachout, 04.19

Creative Time Summit Returns to NYC

The Creative Time Summit is returning to New York for its 10th year, scheduling a series of events focused on injustice and resistance under the title “Speaking Truth: Summit X.” “For the past decade the Summit has been a cornerstone of Creative Time’s annual program—an opportunity for a meeting of the minds where we pause and reflect upon […]
Tags: Art, New York, News, Art News, Minipost

Parametrically designed egg-shaped observatory lets you watch local wildlife

Situated in a nature reserve along the Dutch coast, this unique structure not only serves as an observation post, it also provides extra bird habitats.
Tags: Design, News

Takashi Murakami Leaves Blum & Poe

Takashi Murakami is no longer represented by Blum & Poe. Murakami had shown at the gallery for more than 20 years, and is also currently represented by Gagosian, Perrotin, and Kaikai Kiki Gallery. “After 25 years of a mutually successful partnership, we have come to the decision that it is in both of our best […]
Tags: Art, News, Takashi Murakami, Art News, Minipost, Poe, Blum, Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Blum Poe Murakami, Gagosian Perrotin

Henry Wollman Bloch, Major Patron of Kansas City Arts, Passes Away

Henry Wollman Bloch, a co-founder of H&R Block Inc. and a major supporter of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, has died at age 96. “Henry is irreplaceable,” Julián Zugazagoitia, the director and CEO of the Nelson-Atkins, said in a statement. “His leadership and dedication have been vital to the success of the […]
Tags: Art, News, Kansas City, Art News, Minipost, Henry, H R Block Inc, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Julián Zugazagoitia, Nelson Atkins, Henry Wollman Bloch

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