Design Job: Music Theatre International is Seeking a Graphic Designer in New York, NY

Music Theatre International seeks a full-time, in-office Graphic Designer to market and maintain our catalog of show brands across multiple platforms (print, digital, experiential) with an emphasis on social media and print work. The Graphic Designer reports to the Art + Brand Manager and will work within the Marketing View the full design job here
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Bae Se Hwa's Bentwood Furniture Continues to Inspire

We've been following the work of artist and designer Bae Se Hwa since we first discovered his steam bent series back in 2010 (and soon after realized he has an entire body of non-bentwood work that's just as compelling). We got our first chance to appreciate Se Hwa's rigorous work in person while visiting his current exhibition at R & Company in New York, and the pieces were every bit as extraordinary as we expected them to be. The installation is kept minimal, letting the sculptural designs spe...
Tags: New York, Design, Seoul, Furniture Design, R Company, HWA, Bentwood Furniture Continues, Bae Se Hwa, Se Hwa

The Levee: A New Hospitality Venture Captures Tel Aviv's Zeitgeist

Housed in a historic villa in Neve Tzedek, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel, “The Levee” is the town’s latest hospitality arrival offering eight spacious apartments of understated luxury and contemporary sophistication where guests can feel at home.
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IKEA Introduces Two Limited-Edition Designer Collections to Stores in May

This past summer, IKEA announced several internal efforts to pair IKEA designers with designers around the world. They unveiled exciting projects such as ÖVERALLT, a collection of furniture and home accessories designed in collaboration with designers from Africa, as well as Art Event, a limited-run rug collection designed by Virgil Abloh, Brooklyn-based studio CHIAOZZA, and artist Misaki Kawai, and more. "Keep Off" Rug by Virgil AblohAfter months of waiting, both collections will finally drop i...
Tags: Design, Africa, US, Brooklyn, Ikea, Textiles, Furniture Design, Virgil, Capetown South Africa, Kawai, Design Indaba, Virgil Abloh, Chiaozza, Misaki Kawai, Virgil AblohAfter, Seulgi LeeRug

This Ornate 3D-Printed Chair Made Using Generative Design Can Fold Down Flat

Industrial designer Patrick Jouin has been using 3D printing in his designs for years but his latest prototype, which launched during Milan Design Week, pushes the material process to new limits. Inspired by origami and nature, the TAMU chair was developed in partnership with Dassault Systèmes and despite the avant-garde look of the lacy web patterns, the real innovation comes from its ability to fold down almost entirely flat. Early models of the chair deployed a hinged panel structure that wou...
Tags: Design, Milan, Furniture Design, Milan Design Week, Tamu, Dassault Systemes, Patrick Jouin, Jouin

Reader Submitted: Ohm - A pressed porcelain lights collection

Ohm Porcelain Lights Collection Neither wind, water nor strong sunlight will change the glazed surface of Ohm porcelain lights collection, designed by Kauppi & Kauppi for company Ifö Electric. Ohm is a family of light fixtures for indoor and outdoor use on walls, facades, ceilings and tables. The first grand collection in more than ten years, by Scandinavia's only press porcelain producer. Inspired by old porcelain insulators, the soft curves and restrained silhouettes references the company's l...
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15 Gift-Worthy Paper Jewelry Ideas for Mother's Day

It's springtime and that means Mother's Day is approaching, but even if you are not a mother nor have one of your own, it's always a good time to visit fave handmade marketplace Etsy to see what's... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Is “The Death Of The Critic” A Tired Trope That Needs Retiring?

“What if the critic doesn’t need more audacity, or more ruthlessness; what if there isn’t one “tone of the time” waiting for their elucidation – indeed, what if nothing but mass popularity is missing? Relinquish the assumption that the mainstream is the critic’s rightful inheritance, and the anxiety might start falling away.” – Times Literary Supplement
Tags: Art, Words, 04.23.19

The Flaworld prepares spice-mixes instead of having you rely on store-bought mixes

From country to country, kitchen to kitchen, and even person to person, the taste of a single dish can vastly differ, simply because of the quality and choice of ingredients, and their ratios. You can totally transform and elevate a recipe by introducing a new dimension to it by virtue of a spice, or even a secret mix of spices. Saffron absolutely changes the aroma of a dish. Paprika can completely alter its taste. And even Jerry Seinfeld agrees that whenever a dish tastes amazing, the secret to...
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Ontario cancels plans to reduce its carbon footprint

Ontario just cut plans to reduce its carbon footprint as Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, Canada decided to cancel an initiative that would have planted 50 million trees across the province and would have absorbed a considerable amount of carbon dioxide. This is not the first eco-friendly plan Ford has sidelined as he previously got rid of a carbon cap that was expected to bring in billions of dollars to the government. Ford also ditched a plan to test cars for harmful emissions and is having...
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Urs Fischer Profiled in Interview Magazine

Urs Fischer has a piece in Interview this month, showing the magazine his camera roll, including shots of his pets. “We have two pet rats. They’re really smart. They’re such awesome creatures. They hang with us on the couch and they watch TV,” he says.Read more at Interview
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Folding Wooden Ladder

Space-saving ladder folds in itself for easy thin storage and flat transportation. The Corner Ladder – innovative folding wooden ladder made by CO&CO. Also check out: Ladder Mirro
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How Mavis Staines Started A Ballet Revolution

Today, many of the Staines’ radical ideas — student-led teaching, community outreach, globally relevant ideologies and an emphasis on physical and mental health — are commonplace. And many of Staines’s students, whether they have continued in dance or not, have gone on to preach and evolve her doctrine. – The Globe & Mail
Tags: Art, Dance, Staines, 04.26.19, Mavis Staines

Suggestion: Canadian Theatre Needs A New Funding Narrative

Jesse Lavercombe: “I think Canada needs a new narrative for itself that isn’t so much about buttressing a fortress or perfectly defining our national identity, but participating in a larger conversation. I’m not advocating for changes in CanCon regulations, and I’m certainly not advocating for less public funding (because it pays my rent, which in Toronto ain’t cheap), but those efforts shouldn’t come from a place of insecurity. Our public funding should be dedicated to raising the bar of our w...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Toronto, Canada, CanCon, Jesse LaVercombe, 04.26.19

How Changes In Facebook’s Algorithm Disadvantaged The Arts

The algorithm discouraged sharing of news. “While every subject group saw major reductions, on a percentage basis arts and entertainment referrals from Facebook to news pieces took the greatest hit. Legal issues may have been down 25%, politics down 34% and education down 35%, but arts and entertainment referrals were driven down by 71% overall.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Facebook, Media, 04.25.19

Scientists Make Progress On Decoding Speech Inside The Brain

Although still a long way from restoring natural speech, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have generated intelligible sentences from the thoughts of people without speech difficulties. – Scientific American
Tags: Art, Ideas, University of California San Francisco, 04.24.19

Jack Shainman to Host Show of Basquiat/Warhol Collaborative Works

This summer, at its School location in Kinderhook, New York, Jack Shainman Gallery will host a show exploring the collaborative works of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. “I think the collaborative paintings are so interesting to see 30 years later,” Shainman says. “They’re so strong and so fresh.”  Read more at Art News    
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Shape the future of IoT! Google is looking for an Industrial Designer (Consumer Hardware)!

Google Pixel, Google Home, Pixel Buds, Chromebook, Pixel Slate, Daydream VR, Nest, Waymo… these are just a few of the tangible products that come from the Alphabet company, Google’s parent. A lot of them tie in Google’s services, and make use of skilled industrial designers who capture the company’s fun-yet-superior avatar and signature usability and bring them to the product domain. Google’s Pixel is remarkable to look at, the Google Home device’s fabric clad makes it a wonderful piece of decor...
Tags: Google, Design, Technology, Job Board, Product Design, Mountain View California, Google Pixel Google, Industrial Designer, YD Job Alert, Consumer Hardware, IoT Google, LOCATION Mountain View California USA

Wawa The Destroyer, Chewing Up Philadelphia Architecture And Spitting Out Identical Boxes

The iconic Philly convenience store/sandwich chain, writes Inga Saffron, “is on a relentless march through central Philadelphia, where it picks off architectural trophies, runs them through the brand’s blanderizing machine, and spits them out as indistinguishable clones.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Philadelphia, Visual, Philly, Inga Saffron, 04.25.19

Washington becomes the first state to allow human composting

Washington is officially the first state to offer human composting as a substitute for cremation or burial. The state’s legislature just passed a bill that makes it legal for companies to offer composting of human remains. Lawmakers hope the new initiative will cut down on waste and carbon emissions typically associated with traditional burials. Funeral homes in the United States have few options when it comes to burials. Traditional burials use steel and wood, which often leaches harmful chemi...
Tags: Design, News, Washington, Environment, Policy, United States, Washington State, Eco-friendly, Cremation, Inslee, Jay Inslee, Burial, Alternative Burials, Carbon Emisisons, Human Compost, Human Composting

Study Shows That People Cannot Identify “Fake” Voices Created With Technology

The tech is now so good, it can impersonate voices you know. “The main takeaway is that human brains may not be able to distinguish a speaker’s voice from its morphed version, which means that people would be susceptible to voice impersonation attacks at a fundamental biological level.”  – The Daily Beast
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.25.19

Jan Morris At 92

“Morris has lived many lives, and it is impossible to separate who she is now from who she was before. … She is impatient with questions about transgender politics, possibly because she made peace with her own decisions so long ago. Having reached her age and lived for equal amounts of time as a man and as a woman, she says, the transition she made so long ago somehow feels less relevant.” – The New York Times
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Academics Worldwide Worry About New Online Censorship Law In Singapore

Earlier this month, the country’s government introduced a draft of the Protection From Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act. It would authorize any minister in Singapore to order “corrections” to online content hosted anywhere in the world if the minister deemed that a statement is “false or misleading” in whole or in part, when that statement is made available online to one or more users in Singapore and it is deemed to be in the public interest to issue such a correction. – Inside Higher Ed...
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These bamboo socks by Flyte are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic

An environmentally-conscious customer base has more than supported the Flyte Socks cause, launching it into a business after humble beginnings as a Kickstarter campaign just hoping to fund a new style of sustainable socks. Partners Hung Jean and Jeffrey Trinh of Toronto set out to provide quality socks made out of sustainable materials with the goal to donate to causes close to their hearts. They had instant support with the first round of Flyte Socks, funding the campaign at 850 percent of th...
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AO Preview – New York: Frieze New York Art Fair at Randall’s Island, May 1st – 5th, 2019

Inka Essenhigh, Untitled (2019), via Kavi Gupta With the increasingly packed schedule of the spring art season in New York, attention and anticipation once again turns to the opening of this year’s edition of Frieze New York, set to open its doors in just a few days at its annual haunt at Randall’s Island. This year, as the fair […]
Tags: Art, New York, Show, Randall, Art News, Featured Post, Frieze New York, AO Preview, Kavi Gupta

German Man Fined Over Selling Discarded Gerhard Richter Pieces

A German court has fined a man for taking works discarded by Gerhard Richter and trying to sell them. “He just wanted his peace. The whole thing seemed to bother him,” a police officer told the court of Richter’s response. Read more at Art Daily
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Aspen Hooded Anorak

Part poncho, part raincoat, Ganni’s Aspen Hooded Anorak balances practicality and style. With sleeve straps and a drawstring hood, it’s adjustable for use in different types of weather. It also features a flap pocket for a few essentials. Crafted from 100% water-resistant polyester, the anorak’s poncho style (complete with side slits) offers plenty of movability, too.
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Ross Bleckner Profiled in NYT

Ross Bleckner gets a profile in the NYT this week, as he prepares for his first show of paintings in NYC in five years, and discusses his part in the recent arrest and sentencing of Mary Boone.  “Lot of people evade taxes,” Mr. Bleckner says. “A lot of people don’t get caught. I was surprised. Mary’s […]
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NADA to Open Fair in Chicago

NADA is opening a new fair in Chicago this fall during EXPO Chicago, Art News reports. “Historically, Chicago has been a hotbed of artist-run galleries and alternative spaces,” Heather Hubbs, the executive director of NADA, said in a statement. “The city then and now embodies the experimental spirit of NADA, and we look forward to connecting […]
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Andy Warhol Foundation to Post Rare Photographs On Social Media Accounts

Beginning Monday, the Andy Warhol Foundation will share rare photographs from the Andy Warhol Photography Archive at Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center.  The photos will be united around the hashtag #IntimateAndy. Read more at Art News  
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