Venice Beach May Lose a Landmark: A Mark di Suvero Sculpture

The 60-foot-tall sculpture, a popular meeting point for nearly two decades, will be dismantled and moved by the end of the year unless Los Angeles finds a way to keep it.
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Nantucket Sleigh Ride - A Few Bumps In The Road

Reviewed by Judd Hollander Barely remembered images from childhood collide with recollections others simply don't want to revisit in John Guare's Nantucket Sleigh Ride. The show offering an interesting take on the idea of a memory play, now at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre at Lincoln Center through May 5. It's 2010 and Edmund Gowery (John Larroquette) is a Wall Street executive. Someone who, if not a member of the so-called 1%, is certainly in that neighborhood. Yet mor...
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A Historian Ponders The Ethical Questions Of Artificial Intelligence

Fei-Fei Li: The machines don’t need to have consciousness of their own in order to predict our choices and manipulate our choices. If you accept that something like love is in the end and biological process in the body, if you think that AI can provide us with wonderful healthcare, by being able to monitor and predict something like the flu, or something like cancer, what’s the essential difference between flu and love? – Wired
Tags: Art, Ideas, Fei Fei Li, 04.28.19

Yes your drone can fly, but can it swim underwater??

Yeah, you read that title right. The SwellPro Spry can fly perfectly fine in the air… as most drones can. It can also land on water, maneuvering on its surface like a boat… and when you really want to push its limits, the Spry can even propel itself underwater, allowing you to grab a unique perspective, using a drone with a pretty capable 4K camera.The SwellPro Spry is a neat, lifebuoy-orange-colored, hermetically sealed drone that’s completely waterproof. It can fly, float, and if placed upsi...
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Neon Is The Ultimate Symbol Of The 20th Century

It represented the future when it was first switched on early in the century. By mid-century it signalled decline more than it did excitement… – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Visual, 04.27.19

Designer Profile: Werner Aisslinger

Designer Werner Aisslinger thinks of himself as a curator and collagist, a creator of dynamic space that speaks to both individual and communal experience: “the designer has to link the diverse dynamics and energies, the objects’ different stories without simply eliminating disparity.” Juli Jubilee for Cappellini This philosophy necessarily broadens the aesthetic: Aisslinger’s ethos is not so much that of the auteur but rather of the “DJ, Curator, and Conductor.” Tintin Table Lam...
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The Split Personality Of Trying To Make A Venice Biennale That Reflects Where We Are Now

Curator Ralph Rugoff: “Now that we live in a world in which you can go online and find out in two minutes that there never was a curse brings up interesting issues that seem relevant to this time.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Venice, Visual, Ralph Rugoff, 04.29.19

Silicon Valley Statues

Classic sculptures of popular founders of internet and technology companies. “The Beginning of the End” sculptures created by Sebastian Errazuriz on display May 1 to May 24 at the Elizabeth Collective in New York. Jeff Bezos – Amazon Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Sergey Brin – Google Elon Musk – Tesla Steve Jobs – Apple Also […]
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Sebastian Errazuriz, Silicon Valley Statues

When Nureyev Became Nureyev

A new biopic tries to pinpoint it. Nureyev’s glamour and celebrity — he was a regular at Studio 54, where he hobnobbed with the likes of Liza Minnelli and Truman Capote — gave ballet a new allure, which wasn’t hampered by his reputation for perfectionism, arrogance and tantrums.  – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, Truman Capote, Liza Minnelli, Nureyev, 04.28.19

Here’s an Innovative Little Grip That Helps You Easily Sprout Avocado Seeds

If you’ve seen enough food and craft videos on Facebook, you know that the correct way to sprout an avocado (or most seeds, tubers, roots, or shoots for that matter) is to submerge it halfway in a glass of water. The usual trick is to prod the avocado seed with four toothpicks, and precariously balance it on the rim of a glass filled with water. Once the sapling starts sprouting, you can transfer it to a planter with soil. Noga Toren’s solution ditches the toothpicks for something more elegant, ...
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The “Dundee Effect”? How A New Museum Transformed A Scottish Town

Could anyone in Dundee have imagined how the V&A project would have helped transform perceptions of the city? It has been hard to keep pace with the plaudits and accolades that have been heaped on Dundee in the last couple of years and, somewhat remarkably, there is no sign of them slowing down. – The Scotsman
Tags: Art, Dundee, Visual, 04.17.19

Five Highlights From The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival’s Immersive Virtual Arcade

Inside the broad and ever-improving capabilities of virtual reality In the midst of another key film festival on the annual circuit, a space dedicated to immersive programming demonstrates substantial advancements in technology and storytelling for the medium. For years now, the Tribeca Film Festival has been an industry leader in showcasing virtual and augmented reality works. This year might very well be the best yet. …
Tags: Design, Tech, Vr, Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, Ar, Augmented Reality, Tribeca Film Festival, Film Festivals, Tribeca Film Festival 2019

Is The New Emphasis On Inclusiveness Being Made At The Expense Of Connoisseurship?

Alexander Adams: “British arts venues are now ripe for the taking. They are staffed by individuals schooled in cultural relativism and primed by feminism, anti-colonialism and identity politics. They are eager to turn their bastions of so-called privilege and oppression into beacons of inclusivity and empowerment. Their overwhelmingly left-leaning political beliefs welcome the chance to throw off the shackles of connoisseurship, historical rigour and professional integrity in order to become ch...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.30.19, Alexander Adams

Bioclimatic home curves for optimal daylighting and views in Chile

In an effort to beat the intense Chilean heat without compromising views of Santiago, local architectural firm Biourban Arquitectos has designed a bioclimatic home in La Reina that combines passive solar principles with high energy performance materials. Dubbed the H.D. House, the site-specific dwelling features two floors — each built of different materials with contrasting textures and colors — that are optimized for thermal resistance. The H.D. House’s rectilinear lower floor is built with ...
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NYT Profiles Popularity of Collective Strategies in Modern Arts Practice

A piece in the New York Times this week traces the increased tendencies of artists towards collective practice, a response to rising rents and other challenges to the solitary contemporary artist. “Sectie-C is a different kind of factory,” artist Sander Wassink says of the studio he started in the Netherlands with a group of fellow artists, “a human-scale […]
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Lots Of Misinformation About Notre Dame. So What’s Next?

Now come the trickier questions. Should the cathedral be restored to look as it did before?  Or should some modern changes acknowledge the fire? Hardly had the fire died down when French prime minister Édouard Philippe announced an international architectural competition to design a replacement spire “suited to the techniques and challenges of our time.” – Dallas News
Tags: Art, Visual, Edouard Philippe, 04.26.19

Derek Fordjour Joins Petzel Gallery

Artist Derek Fordjour has joined the roster of Petzel, Art News reports. “After a series of visits and conversations, it was very clear after a while that Petzel was a good fit,” the artist says. “I knew several people at the gallery independently, and I just found them to be really committed to art and very […]
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Couple constructs stunning, ultra-modern tiny house together (Video)

This impressive home features a lot of great multifunctional ideas, plus a custom-built cat run for two felines in the back.
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Coachella Is Inventive Musically. So Why Isn’t The Visual Art Better?

The lack of almost any original ideas, a true understanding of the history of festival structures – other than at Do Lab — and experimentation with new images, forms, or structures seems to preclude anything but a giant trash heap, where the remains of these designs will join the millions of plastic water bottles and other detritus left behind by the event in just burdening our planet even further. – Dezeen
Tags: Art, Visual, 04.26.19

Australia to cull over two million feral cats by 2020

They may look adorable and fuzzy, but feral cats are now at war with Australia. The country’s government intends to cull over two million untamed cats over the next year, cutting their numbers from upward of six million down to four million. As an invasive species, these cats are eliminating many species in Australia at an alarming rate through hunting. While killing such a large number of feral cats may seem excessively cruel, there are reasons why Australia is culling the population. These fr...
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Change the dance, change the world

Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins: two artists whose choreography is tightly locked into the DNA of the silver-plated shows they helped create. New choreography for those shows? It’s about ever mother-lovin’ time. – David Jays
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Design Job: Ready for the Ride of Your Life? Six Flags Is Seeking a Senior Graphic Designer in Grand Prairie, TX

The Six Flags Corporate Marketing team is looking for an experienced, full-time Senior Graphic Designer with consumer-focused marketing experience to help take our online presence to the next level. We need your creative leadership to design and execute great looking websites, memorable logos, slick brochures, thrilling emails, attention-getting banner ads, View the full design job here
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Christie’s Names Adrien Meyer Chairman of Global Private Sales

Adrien Meyer has been named chairman of global private sales at Christie’s and will also continue working as co-chairman of Christie’s Impressionist and modern art department. “While Christie’s private sales have regularly increased since 2017, we wanted to appoint a well-respected and versatile specialist to spearhead our team’s efforts and improve our communication to our clients,” […]
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Former Bowery Studio of Mark Rothko for Rent at $15K a Month

A Bowery loft that once served as the studio of artist Mark Rothko is up for rent in the neighborhood, carrying a monthly rent of $15,000.  Read more at Bowery Boogie
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Morgan Library Faces Claim of a Stolen Work in Its Collection

An Italian prosecutor is claiming that an 11th-century missal in the collection of the Morgan Library & Museum in New York was stolen in 1925 from a parish church in the Italian town of Apiro, Art Newspaper reports. “Written proof of the legitimate change of ownership of the missal to [owner William S.] Glazier by the seller is […]
Tags: Art, New York, News, Art News, Minipost, Morgan Library Museum, Morgan Library Faces Claim, Apiro Art Newspaper, William S -RSB- Glazier

Protestors Call on MoMA, Trustees to Divest from Investments in Private Prisons

Protestors have called on the Museum of Modern Art and Larry Fink, one of its trustees and the CEO of the investment firm BlackRock, to divest from companies involved in private prisons, Art News reports. “These prisons think of immigrants as a market. This is just the beginning,” a written statement reads. “They are seeking to expand […]
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Modern 2 in 1 Origami Earrings from Mayumi Origami

An international giveaway - how nice! I'm always happy to hear from Renata Mayumi of Etsy shop Mayumi Origami where you'll find a collection of stylish origami paper jewelry that is a delight to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Let's Discuss the Design Considerations of Samsung's Throwable Fire Extinguisher

It's been an interesting couple of weeks for our buddies over at Samsung, to say the least. After giving test units of their much anticipated Galaxy Fold phone to a select group of media (including us), the tech company had to quickly revoke the phones after users began experiencing glitches, mainly caused by peeling off a layer on the phone's screen that wasn't meant to be removed. And by quickly revoke, we mean appearing at our office to physically take the phone away from us. We should have y...
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Commission an artist: 'Home is where the Art Is' (Episodes 11-15)

This post is about  my overall conclusions about Home Is Where The Art Is  information and links about the artists participating in Episodes 11-15. If you want to find out the details of artists... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Monir Farmanfarmaian, 96, Dies; Artist Melded Islam and the Abstract

A Persian sculptor, she was known for abstract compositions of mirrors and glass. In her 10th decade she received a Guggenheim retrospective.
Tags: Art, News, Iran, Sculpture, Deaths (Obituaries, Monir Farmanfarmaian, Farmanfarmaian, Monir Shahroudy, Artist Melded Islam

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