The Nostalgic Virtuosity of Harry Nuriev’s Pink Mama

Using a Stalinist building to host a restaurant called Pink Mama would once have been considered a rebellious act, but this is the beauty of marketing in the times of globalization: when it comes to expressing your creativity, you can channel any cultural references you please, and leave it to post-democratic forums like social media to take it from there and issue a verdict.
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Holding On A windy day crow.  Almost the end of April.  Sorry, I missed yesterday but having migraines and, probably, allergic reactions (sinus headaches and pain) to all the pollen right now.  It is crazy!!! At least one more to come to finish the month off, then I'll get the information together on all the paintings.  Then you can choose your favorite (which will be your entry into the give-away for May of one painting - hopefully, you'll win your favorite!).   [Author: RH Carpenter]
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Reader Submitted: An Electric-Assisted Cargo Bike Designed for Streamlined Deliveries

EAV are pleased to announce their company launch and release details of Project 1, their new last-mile delivery vehicle—an electric-assisted, cargo, peddle bike. International parcel delivery service, DPDgroup UK, have placed an initial order on the vehicle which was designed in partnership with creative lab, New Territory. The practical and easily operated bike was developed to revolutionize the process of urban delivery, reducing the impact it has on our carbon footprint and pollution. This la...
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How The Next Wave Of Wearable Tech Will Amplify Our Intelligence

“The need for an intelligence-amplifying device that is less obtrusive than a smartphone and more discreet than a voice interface is clear. Many technologists and entrepreneurs are working to create the next revolutionary intelligence-amplifying device that will solve the problems of its predecessors while giving users seamless access to advanced AI systems.” – Harvard Business Review
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Back To The Future: A Short Film Of Montreal’s EXPO 67, One Of The Most Successful World’s Fairs Ever

Originally assembled as ‘an invitation’ to the fair during its six-month run, this short features artfully captured shots of Expo 67’s many attractions – including a still-standing geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller, breezy monorail rides, avant-garde art and architecture, and a curious number of clowns. – Aeon
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Beetle Tricycle Library

Mobile library powered by a bicycle travels around China and encourages children to read books. Beetle Library designed by Luo Yujie and Lu Zhuojian of Luo Studio. Also check out: Phone Booth Library
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Italian Scientists to Test Hair for DNA Link to Leonardo Da Vinci

Two Italian scientists are preparing a DNA test on a lock of hair they think may belong to Leonardo Da Vinci.  “We found, across the Atlantic, a lock of hair historically tagged ‘Les Cheveux de Leonardo da Vinci’ and this extraordinary relic will allow us to proceed in the quest to carry out research on Da Vinci’s DNA,” says […]
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The Mexic-Arte Museum Taps Into Underserved Artistic Histories

Resurfacing cultural richness provided by Mexican artists and encouraging visitors to look beyond the bubble The Western world predominantly controls art institutions, most of which are lacquered with a strong history of colonialism and conquerors with little-to-no regard for the oppressed. This limited perspective catalyzed Mexic-Arte Museum founders Sylvia Orozco, Sam Coronado and Pio Pulido to create an institution “dedicated to cultural enrichment and education …
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UK Statistics Authority Blasts Arts Council England Over Bad Methodology

A public letter from Ed Humpherson, head of UKSA’s regulatory arm, castigates ACE for an array of statistical misdemeanours that fail to meet the official Code of Practice, and which led to a “lack of clarity” in the presentation of visitor numbers in the funder’s latest annual report. But ACE still denies that its presentation of the figures was misleading, and says it has no plans to update the report. – Arts Professional
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The Philips SmartSleep Anti-Snoring Band nudges you to sleep on your side

Snoring is, in its most basic sense, an abnormality that blocks clear breathing while you’re asleep. Whether it’s caused by fatty tissues around the neck, by sinuses, by an irregular palate, or even your tongue, snoring occurs in a majority of people for various reasons… and more than being an inconvenience, snoring can increase the risk of having a stroke or heart attack in your sleep, because anything prompting you to snore is essentially obstructing your breathing and causing lesser oxygen to...
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The New Black Market For Fakes? Instagram

Selling counterfeit goods is illegal on Instagram, but according to a recently released report by data analysis firm Ghost Data, Instagram has become “the top showcase platform for counterfeiters” on the web, and anyone with an Instagram account has a doorway to a “multibillion-dollar underground economy.”  – Fast Company
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Neuroscience Tries To Figure Out Why Music Gets Hold Of Us

“We’re starting to comprehend how melodies affect our feelings, why certain music makes us want to get up and dance and why some harmonies trigger fear. Some studies have already had direct applications in the field of music therapy, which uses music to treat neurological, emotional and physical disorders.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Merriweather’s new resident orchestra is changing the face of classical music

Reporter John-John Williams IV profiles Soulful Symphony, a racially and culturally diverse orchestra which begins a three-year residency at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Md. in June. – The Baltimore Sun
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President & CEO – Old School Square

The President and CEO will have an exciting opportunity to lead the continued growth and evolution of a unique multi-disciplinary, historic cultural center positioned in the heart of Delray Beach’s thriving downtown community. OrganizationOld School Square is an award-winning nationally recognized arts center that has successfully combined historic preservation with the arts to become the catalyst for the 1990s renaissance of downtown Delray Beach. Old School Square upholds the city’s heri...
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Mud and recycled materials make up this sustainable Kerala home

When Ramanujan Basha decided to build a modern, eco-friendly home in Kerala, he turned to Wallmakers, a local design practice with a decade’s worth of experience designing sustainable architecture. Unlike its more conventional neighbors, the house, dubbed Chirath, is built primarily of mud, recycled elements and natural materials. Passive solar principles were also applied to the design to let in light and much-needed natural ventilation for relief from Kerala’s tropical climate. In addition t...
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Solutions Privilege: How privilege shapes the expectations of solutions, and why it’s bad for our work addressing systemic injustice

Vu Le: “‘Solutions Privilege’ [is] the privilege of expecting easy and instant solutions that would align with one’s worldview and not challenge one’s privilege. It manifests in the following ways, and because I benefit from male and other privileges, I’m also prone to it, so I’m going to use ‘we’.” – Nonprofit AF
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Look alive

As I grow older, I find that my personal definition of what it means to be beautiful is becoming far more encompassing. What no longer catches my eye, however, is youthful prettiness. It is wasted on me, whether in its natural form or in the chemically assisted simulacra that are easy enough to spot. – Terry Teachout
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Why “Porgy and Bess” Is More than a “Period Piece”

Is the fundamental topic of Porgy and Bess a black Carolina subculture ca. 1920? If so, does that validate the Gershwin Estate’s insistence that only blacks sing it? – Joe Horowitz
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Mark Nerenhausen on Curating Outcomes

For a second video interview for my Presenting the Performing Arts class, I talked with Mark Nerenhausen, President/CEO of Hennepin Theatre Trust in Minneapolis, who shared the many moving parts in animating and activating a building and a neighborhood through the live performing arts. – Andrew Taylor
Tags: Art, Minneapolis, Ajblogs, Hennepin Theatre Trust, 04.30.19, Mark Nerenhausen

A bike that demonstrates how Japanese culture can influence automotive design

Artem and Vladimir believe Japan’s design ethos lies heavily on their culture and history, pulling inspiration from minimalism, origami, and traditions like the samurai spirit, but a heavy European influence has resulted in Japan’s large automobile industry following cues that aren’t originally Japanese. Setting out to design a motorbike that is indicative of Japan’s culture, spirit, and aesthetic, Artem and Vladimir designed the Motorbike for Great Japan.The motorbike’s design makes use of plan...
Tags: Japan, Design, Culture, Automotive, Japanese, Origami, Motorcycle, Samurai, Vladimir, Artem, Great Japan, Artem Smirnov, Vladimir Panchenko

Head Of Met Opera’s National Council Auditions Talks About How Jurors Choose The Winners

New York Times classical critic Anthony Tommasini found he didn’t entirely agree with the choice of winners at this year’s finals. So he called National Council Auditions executive director executive director about what the jury looks and listens for. – The New York Times
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Frieze New York Tests Market for Augmented Reality Works

Frieze New York is presenting an entire section devoted to Augmented and Virtual Reality projects this year, raising the question of how ready the market is for tech-based works like those at the fair. “There’s a new generation of artists who can actually write code,” says art critic and director of Acute Art Daniel Birnbaum, the curator of […]
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Currently Crowdfunding: A Multi-Tasking 3D Printer, Wireless Projector, & More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundup o...
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SCAD's The Shed is Home to Both AR/VR Labs and Traditional Shops

As VR and AR rapidly become more commonly integrated into the design process, design schools are beginning to see the need for adjusting to the rising desire of mixed reality experiences in the real world. In an effort to accommodate this new need, many schools are creating programs and dedicated spaces for students to explore these growing and ever-evolving mediums.All images via SCADOne such university is SCAD, who recently unveiled The Shed on their Savannah, GA campus, which now serves as th...
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Design Job: School House is Seeking a Senior Industrial Designer in New York, NY

School House is looking for a senior industrial designer to ideate, create, and lead multi-scale retail projects in collaboration with our studio’s multidisciplinary team. Our projects encompass various scales of retail, fixture, visual merchandising and experience design. In this role, you will be involved in all stages of the creative process, from strategy and concept development to execution and production. View the full design job here
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What Was the Bauhaus?

The legacy of the legendary design school is both universal — and universally misunderstood.
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What Grant Makers Can Do to Help Small, Local Nonprofits Thrive

Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, argues that the most important thing that grant makers can do is make sure the nonprofits they fund can attract good staff members and compensate them fairly. – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
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The Lifelong Benefits of a Single Psychedelic Trip

For decades, numerous scientific studies have set out to determine the benefits of psychedelic trips. From stabilizing moods to boosting creativity, substantial findings support the positive impact of psilocybin. But, a slew of recent work—specifically a survey conducted by Johns Hopkins—suggests that trips could do even more: they can instill newfound purpose and a sense of connectedness that lasts a lifetime. Often, these come as …
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Get serious about climate change with this board game

For years, concerned environmentalists have been warning decision-makers to stop playing around and get serious about climate change. But for California’s Marin County, the game might be the only way to getting people and lawmakers into taking climate change seriously. Game of Floods, the board game developed by Marin County, is intended for students and urban planners to introduce players to the complexities of climate adaptation in a fun and engaging way. Marin County is located within the Sa...
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Do We Need An EPCOT For The Coming Technological Revolution?

World Fairs used to celebrate the future. “At the dawn of the 5th Industrial Revolution, we need a way for people to experience the possible. To walk through it, ride through it, physically and virtually. We need it to combine every industry, every technology, every aspect of art and science that will be part of the 5th Industrial Revolution. It needs to be a highly trafficked, well-promoted, physical place. If Walt Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth,” this urban setting needs to be t...
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