Development Director – Asolo Repertory Theatre

Asolo Repertory Theatre, Florida’s premiere professional theatre located in Sarasota, FL seeks a dynamic development director to provide leadership, strategic direction, management and coordination of all fundraising efforts. Asolo Repertory Theatre, Florida’s premiere professional theatre located in Sarasota, FL seeks a dynamic development director to provide leadership, strategic direction, management and coordination of all fundraising efforts. Responsibilities include developing and nur...
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Last chance to register for spring Leadership programs

Step into your potential. Register by May 14 for Foundations of Purpose or Leading by Design. Foundations of PurposeMay 26-30, 2019Every leader reaches a point where they must pause and take stock of what matters most. Foundations of Purpose uses a range of practices that support participants to explore and navigate this leadership threshold. The process will bring a renewed sense of purpose to participants’ work. Foundations of Purpose is designed for those who yearn to bring their deepes...
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Conditionally Loving Lili Boulanger – Time To Take Out The “Conditionally”

Justin Davidson: “The 24-year-old Lili Boulanger had died of Crohn’s disease, after years of physical pain and artistic glory. During her brief career and in the century since, she regularly received high, though conditional praise, which almost always boiled down to this: She was surprisingly accomplished for someone so young, ill, and female. It’s time to stop hedging.” –New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Music, Crohn, Justin Davidson, Lili Boulanger, 04.30.19

Bread Pillows

Creative food inspired pillows designed to look like realistic loaves of bread. Soft plush bread pillows look real enough to eat. Sleep on a loaf of bread and have wonderful food dreams. [more info] Also check out: Creative Bread Packaging
Tags: Design, Inspiration

Shanghai Auto Experience Recap - #ABDZinShanghai

Shanghai Auto Experience Recap - #ABDZinShanghai AoiroStudioMay 01, 2019 François here from ABDZ. Here it is, the mega recap from my recent trip to China for the Shanghai Auto Show' 19. I was invited by Geely / Lynk & Co to take part on this 3-day journey to learn more about the 3rd biggest car company in China. In this article, I will share my experience from visiting the Geely Research & Development centre in Hangzhou Bay, taking the Geely / Lynk & Co cars ...
Tags: Europe, Design, China, World, Shanghai, Lotus, Cma, Volvo, Marrakech, Geely, Geely Auto, Francois, Shanghai Auto Show, Lotus Cars, ABDZ, Lynk Co

Conservative Pundit: Guggenheim Bilbao Is Home To Anti-American Propaganda

Mark Thiessen attacks a show of Jenny Holzer’s work: “It’s no surprise that the art world is left wing. But the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao — an institution owned by an American foundation, in the heart of Spain — has turned itself into something worse: an instrument of anti-American propaganda.”  – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Spain, Issues, Jenny Holzer, Mark Thiessen, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Guggenheim Bilbao, 04.30.19

Study: Rejection Causes Physical Pain

“Those who felt the most emotional distress also showed the most pain-related brain activity. In other words, being socially rejected triggered the same neural circuits that process physical injury, and translate it into the experience we call pain.” – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.30.19

Rebuild Notre Dame? Yes – And There’s A Roadmap On How To Go About It

“First and foremost, Notre Dame’s World Heritage status calls for international principles of restoration to be integrated into the discussions on how to restore it. Decisions will have to be taken on how to consolidate its structural parts, restore the damaged surfaces, reconstruct the roof, the spire and the stained-glass windows. All these choices need to be made in accordance with the conservation principles promoted by the World Heritage Convention.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Visual, 04.30.19

Move Over, Richard Prince. Here Comes Bootleg Art From ‘Christy’s.’

An artist knocks off Christie’s Post War and Contemporary evening sale — Koons, Warhol, Thiebaud — and gets a thumbs up from the real auction house.
Tags: Art, News, Auctions, Warhol, Christie's, Ny, Richard Prince, Andy, Robert, Christie, Eric, Christy, Rauschenberg, Copyrights and Copyright Violations, Doeringer, East Williamsburg (Brooklyn

Interview: Dan Tepfer, the Musician Coding the Future of Concerts

With a playback piano and VR, the pianist entrances every audience he plays for Billed as the future of concerts, Dan Tepfer‘s live show—a solo performance wherein a self-playing Yamaha Disklavier is the only instrument—entrances every attendee. From the intimate-by-choice setting and the Google-branded VR headsets to Tepfer’s winding style, the show captivates with each song and its visual accompaniment—all of which is improvisational and …
Tags: Google, Music, Design, Interviews, Tech, Coding, Vr, Virtual Reality, 3D, Piano, Concerts, Dan Tepfer, Tepfer, Natural Machines

Lauren Halsey Is Making Monuments to South Los Angeles

Winner of the Frieze Artist Award, she plans an ambitious public project to honor her community.
Tags: Art, News, Halsey, Calif, South Los Angeles, Frieze New York, Lauren Halsey, South Los Angeles (Los Angeles, Nipsey Hussle (1985-2019, Lauren (Artist

Bottleneck Gallery Debuts New ‘Star Wars’ Original Trilogy Art From John Guydo

The internet is overflowing with Star Wars artwork, but when Bottleneck Gallery, one of the best pop culture art purveyors out there, puts its name on a series of new Star Wars original trilogy art prints, we pay attention. Artist John Guydo has created three new triptychs paying homage to the first three theatrically-released movies of the Skywalker saga. Take a closer look and find out how to own your own below. Bottleneck Gallery has unveiled a new series of Star Wars prints that are avai...
Tags: Art, Movies, Sci-fi, Sequels, Hand, Lucasfilm, Luke Skywalker, Hoth, Star-Wars, Action/Adventure, Disney/Pixar, Bottleneck Gallery, Lucasfilm Acme Archives, John Guydo, Bottlebux, Guydo

This lamp can be dimmed by rotating its half-tinted glass shade

The Tinge series of lamps by Jacob Starkley are simple, hands-on, and rely on a fun, tactile human interaction rather than getting Alexa to control your lights for you. The lamps (designed as table, wall-mounted, and pendant lighting products) feature a half-tinted glass disc in front of the light, mounted on a rotating brass axis. Rather than electrically (or vocally) dimming or brightening the lights, you can control them by rotating the gradiented discs. Tinted black on one side, and transpar...
Tags: Design, Lamp, Lighting, Alexa, Product Design, Diffuser, Jacob Starley, Jake Starley, Tinge, Jacob Starkley

Try As You Might, There’s A Reason It’s Tough To Learn A New Language As An Adult

You can learn basic grammar and vocabulary at any age. That explains my “good enough” French. But there’s also an enormous amount of low-frequency words and syntax that even native speakers might encounter only once a year. Knowing any one of these “occasional” words or phrasings isn’t essential. But in every context — a book, an article or conversation — there will probably be several. They’re part of what gives native speech its richness. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 04.30.19

Gas stoves are unhealthy and polluting, and the New York Times is on it

The message "Electrify Everything!" is beginning to spread.
Tags: Design, News, New York Times

How to pull off a tech-free family vacation the whole family will enjoy

It’s a full-blown modern challenge to get through even an hour of the day without using technology. So considering a tech-free trip for the entire family may seem insurmountable. While we acknowledge that there will likely be some discomfort at times, we’re happy to report that it’s certainly attainable. Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction towards a tech-free family vacation. Preparations We are so accustomed to having technology at our fingertips that you might h...
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So Is Woodstock 50 Canceled Or Not?

The festival, planned for the site of the original, was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the iconic music festival. But Monday, the financial backer pulled out. “I don’t know whether it’s money, insurance, water, safety. I think it would be a great bill if it could have happened. But if it can’t happen, it can’t happen.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, 04.30.19


Last one of the crow paintings for April.  This one is on Yupo. Stay tuned for the full listing and information about how to enter the give-away for May (probably no sooner than May 5 so you have time to enter once the paintings are up). I will mail anywhere so don't think just because you're not in the U.S., you don't have a chance! [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter, Yupo Stay

Konstantin Grcic on Designing Furniture for Non-Territorial Office Environments

In a sea of tricked-out office chairs at Milan Design Week, the Rookie chair designed by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra stood out as a more pared back version. The chair's clean silhouette boasts just the necessities and nothing more, offering only a few simple adjustments and basic cushion shapes. Grcic, known for designing more minimal products, didn't reduce the office chair for no reason, though. The Rookie Chair's simplicity actually stems from Grcic and Vitra's research on modern working style...
Tags: Design, Furniture Design, Designer Profiles, Vitra, Salone, Konstantin Grcic, Grcic, Milan Design Week the Rookie

Design Job: The Standard Hotels is Seeking a Property Design Manager in New York, NY

The Standard is looking for a Property Design Manager that is responsible for assisting the property and Standard International Management Design Team with overseeing the property design at The Standard, East Village. Areas of emphasis will include: furniture, small construction projects, signage, maintenance of existing design, assisting in design development, View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, New York Ny, Standard, Standard Hotels, Standard International Management Design Team, Standard East Village Areas of emphasis

Recent Listening: Linda May Han Oh

Linda May Han Oh, Aventurine (Biophilia)There’s plenty of adventure here in the bassist-composer’s instrumentation, textures and rhythmic values. The name was suggested, however, by a certain shiny translucent mineral that seems to glow from within. – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Linda May Han, 05.01.19

Gaia, Healthcare, and the Arts

This post responds to three things I’ve read recently that have me stewing (again) about the future of big- (and medium-) box nonprofit arts organizations, the ones that bear the DNA of the European aristocratic cultural tradition. – Doug Borwick
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 05.01.19, Gaia Healthcare

Stanford University Cuts Off Funding To Stanford University Press

“Provost Persis Drell told the Faculty Senate Thursday that the university was ending that funding. She cited a tight budget ahead, due to a smaller than anticipated payout coming from the endowment. (The endowment is worth more than $26 billion and is the fourth largest in American higher education.)” – Inside Higher Ed
Tags: Art, Words, Faculty Senate, 04.29.19, Persis Drell

Using Chickens, Kate Winslet, And Theatre To Help Fight Climate Change

Australian theatre artist David Finnigan’s first piece on the subject was, perhaps imprudently, titled Kill Climate Deniers. (It was about an attack by, er, highly motivated environmental activists on the parliament in Canberra.) Reporter Steve Dow has a look at Finnigan’s new show, You’re Safe Til 2024, which, yes, involves chickens and Kate Winslet (Titanic version). – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, Kate Winslet, Canberra, SJ, Finnigan, 04.29.19, David Finnigan, Steve Dow

Study shows biodegradable plastic bags still hold groceries 3 years after being discarded

Biodegradable plastic bags are not as eco-friendly as their labeling might suggest. A new study discovered that these biodegradable plastics can actually survive years in various environments without fully decomposing. Researchers examined different types of biodegradable plastic bags and found that they were still intact after spending three years in the ground, water and air environments. In fact, the bags were still able to carry groceries without tearing. The study was recently published in...
Tags: Design, News, Environment, Plastic, Biodegradable, Eco-friendly, Plastic Waste, Environmental Science and Technology, Bioplastic, Biodegradable Plastic, Single-use, Compostable, Compostable Plastic, Imogen Napper, Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Quentin Fiore, Who Made the Medium His Message, Dies at 99

A graphic designer, he interpreted Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase in a visual way, amplifying its message.
Tags: Design, News, Marshall, Jerry, Rubin, Marshall McLuhan, Fiore, Fuller, McLuhan, Books and Literature, Buckminster, Deaths (Obituaries, Quentin (1920-2019, Quentin Fiore

“The Dark Ages” Sound So Bleak. The Reality Was Likely Very Different

The default way of thinking about the long, complex era that lasted from the final decades of the Roman Empire to somewhere around the Battle of Hastings is to assume it all looked like the cover of a heavy metal album… – Lithub
Tags: Art, Ideas, Hastings, Roman Empire, 04.24.19

Chess board turned into wonderfully nerdy coat rack

Volker Rieck transformed vintage old chess boards into fantastically nerdy coat racks to sell on his Etsy shop CreativeHolz. Chess club bonus points for the intentional arrangement of chess pieces into the Caro–Kann Defence and an Italian Game opening. (via Laughing Squid)
Tags: Post, Games, Design, News, Makers, Etsy, Chess, Making, Volker Rieck, CreativeHolz Chess, Kann Defence

Worlds first upcycled high-rise is proposed for Copenhagen

Danish architecture firms Lendager Group and TREDJE NATUR want to prove that building tall doesn’t need to come at the cost of the environment or human comfort. That’s why the two firms teamed up to design CPH Common House, a proposal for the world’s first upcycled high-rise in the Ørestad area of Copenhagen. Draped in greenery, the stepped building would be built from upcycled materials “to an unprecedented extent” for an estimated 1,174 tons of carbon emission savings in the building phase. ...
Tags: Garden, Design, Architecture, Gallery, Carbon Emissions, Copenhagen, Recycled Materials, Natural Light, Upcycled, Sustainable Materials, Rainwater Harvesting, Courtyard, Tredje Natur, Roof Terrace, Rainwater, Sustainable Architecture

This is a biomimetic drone based on 5+ decades of flight research on actual birds!

Move-over drones, there is a king of the skies in town… and boy is it interesting! This is MetaFly, a breathtakingly unique, remote controlled biomimetic creature like nothing before! This incredible device has been 50 years in the making… and it shows; MetaFly’s ability to fly accurately mimics that of birds and it is utterly mesmerizing. The patented wing control is both precise and smooth, allowing it to be flown comfortably indoors or pushed to its full potential outside, as it expertly da...
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