Turner Prize Shortlist Announced

Artists Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Tai Shani and Oscar Murillo have been tapped for this year’s iteration of the Turner Prize, a group of artists marking a challenging continuation of the prize’s engagement with politically active work. Read more at BBC  
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AO On-Site: Object and Thing Fair at 99 Scott, May 3rd – 5th, 2019

Richard Hughes, via Art Observed With the bustling, distributed selection of fairs and exhibition programs spread around New York City over the course of the week, it’s hard to imagine another iteration of the art fair model making a mark on Frieze Week in New York. Yet that’s just what the Object & Thing Fair […]
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"Human Code": An Autobiographical History of Human Evolution by Roberto Sironi

One of the most thought-provoking exhibitions that caught our eye during Milan Design Week 2019 was “Human Code”, Italian artist and designer Roberto Sironi’s solo show at Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri (SIAM).
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Here are all the crow paintings done in April.  When choosing your favorite (just top 3, please), just put the info (number of the painting) in the comment.  And you’re entered for the give-away!  I will then draw the top 3 numbers and those 3 lucky winners will get a painting they say is one of their favorites.  Easy as pie!   # 1.                                    #2. #3. Numbers 1-3 are painted on Yupo (the "plastic paper" and I will spray seal them before shipping (so the paint doe...
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A look back... VOX Recode article By Jason Del...

A look back... VOX Recode article By Jason Del Rey: "The making of Amazon Prime, the internet’s most successful and devastating membership program: An oral history of the subscription service that changed online shopping forever." (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Kick off NYCxDesign By Visiting New Design Fair Object & Thing

NYCxDesign hasn't quite kicked off yet, but new design fair Object & Thing is eager to show design lovers what they can bring to the table. Starting tomorrow and continuing through Sunday, May 5, Object & Thing will bring its online catalogue to life with an exhibition featuring over 200 works of design and art, presented by 32 different galleries. Roly-Poly Chair / Earth by Faye ToogoodDuring the fair, Object & Thing's online platform will act as an ecommerce site where visitors can purchase an...
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Finn Juhl's Iconic Grasshopper Chair is Put in Production After More Than 80 Years 

Danish designer Finn Juhl created the Grasshopper chair in 1938 and made two editions for that year's Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen. He exhibited them alongside a mobile bar cabinet with illustrations of cocktails hanging on the walls, a setup that was evidently too racy for the more traditional crowd in attendance. Juhl's chairs received no interest during the fair and by the end of it, Juhl decided to buy them from Niels Vodder, the master cabinetmaker who had produced them, to...
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From Designing Trashcans to Luxury Hospitality: The Story of Vipp's Glamorous One-Room Hotels

Tucked away across a bridge in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark lies the largest hotel room the city has to offer: the Vipp Loft. You might recognize Vipp's name from the classic trashcan design that put them on the map exactly 80 years ago. "My grandfather made the Vipp trashcan for my grandmother's hairdressing salon 80 years ago, " recalls Vipp CEO and third generation owner Kasper Egelund. "It was simply an industrial product with a very specific purpose." "At a car dealership, you can touc...
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Design Job: Bould Design is Seeking an Industrial Designer in San Mateo, CA

Bould Design is growing and we are looking for an exceptional designer to join our award winning San Mateo studio on a full-time basis. As a part of our team, you will collaborate on all phases of the design process from conceptualization to production. We offer View the full design job here
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Perhaps The World’s Biggest Theatre Empire? Cruise Ships

Consider: Royal Caribbean International’s cruise line directs 134 shows in 50 theatres on 26 ships around the world, including seven Broadway-originating shows, eight aqua shows, 18 ice shows and dozens of original musicals. It’s an audience of 100,000… every night. – Toronto Star
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Your patience will be rewarded

Just wait. Wait. Wait for it. Jesus Christ, that's art. Wait for it. [via]
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Potato Hotel

Unique hotel located in Boise, Idaho looks like a giant potato in the middle of 400 acres of beautiful farm land. Big Idaho Potato Hotel created by Kristie Wolfe. Can be rented on Airbnb. Also check out: Airplane Hotel
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YouTube Viewership Is Exploding. Now It’s Making More Of Its Content Free

“Creators are driving record audiences to YouTube,” YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl told the presentation audience gathered at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. “Two-hundred million people come to YouTube every single day just to watch gaming videos. That’s twice the audience of this year’s Super Bowl.” – Los Angeles Times
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Alex Ross: The Fascinating, Complicated, Difficult Legacy Of Furtwangler

“Could modern performers recapture Furtwängler’s elasticity of style? Most likely not. Scholars such as Robert Philip and Kenneth Hamilton have shownhow the advent of recording permanently changed the way music is played. Effects of rubato and portamento—bending the tempo, sliding from note to note—sounded messy when heard on disc, and they were already passing from fashion in the mid-twentieth century.” – The New Yorker
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Growing Disparity: Mapping The “Brain Drain” Of US States

The end result is a lopsided “winner-take-all” pattern of regional haves and have-nots. Our politics become ever more divisive and polarized as the “big sort” grows ever bigger, eating away at the social fabric of our nation. – CityLab
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Tin Pan Alley Buildings Owner Doesn’t Want Landmark Status Because Of “Racist Songs”

The owner of five buildings on West 28th Street that comprise the core of the historic “Tin Pan Alley” is trying to block them from being landmarked by pointing to racist tunes emanating from the block a century ago. – New York Post
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Clairy’s Planter/Purifier keeps the house green and the air clean

It’s pretty commonly known that plants have a way of cleansing the air we breathe. A forest has much healthier air than a busy intersection, and while that reference is sort of overkill, it proves a point. Greenery is associated with freshness, and plants trap dust, dirt, kill bacteria, and dissipate harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide from the air, replacing it with fresh oxygen that nurtures the body. The Clairy Air Purifier plays on this property of plants, accelerating it in a way that al...
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Science Lets Us Do Magic. But Believing We’re “Playing God” Is Holding Us Back

The more an individual thought the issue involved playing God, the more morally unacceptable they judged it to be. – Nautilus
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EPA backs the use of toxic herbicide chemical glyphosate

The toxic chemical glyphosate, a common herbicide, has been found to be a threat to public health and a recognized carcinogenic. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is caught between a weed and a hard place as they defend the big-money herbicide even after their own science advisors deemed it a hazard. Commonly known by its brand name Roundup, Bayer, formally known as Monsato, sells about 300 million pounds of the weed killer annually in the U.S. for agricultural use. Farm use accoun...
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What Is The Power Of Bodies — Naked Ones — Walking And Running In A Circle?

“ALL — a physical poem of protest … explores what [Mia] Habib refers to as ‘the protesting body.’ It can be performed for up to 12 hours, though the New York iteration will clock in at a brisk 45 minutes. And there’s one other integral component — all the performers are nude. For Ms. Habib, a Norwegian-Israeli choreographer based in Oslo, the result illustrates group strength: What is the power of bodies meeting together in a public space?” In a Q&A with Gia Kourlas, she explains what that powe...
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When Classic Broadway Stories Meet Modern Gender Politics

“Empowering the female lead may be a celebratory hook for selling a show, particularly given that women buy the bulk of Broadway tickets. But on closer inspection, it is rarely the women that require revision. … No, the real problem with these stories is the men. They are terrible, and yet they have the audacity to believe they can teach these women lessons, and to come out on the other side looking like plausible romantic leads. A modern production’s success rests on how it tames its man.” – T...
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This beautiful charred timber lake house extension in Munich is chemical-free

German architect studio, Buero Wagner, designed a modern, chemical-free home using a twist on the traditional Japanese practice of charring wood. The Black House is located near Munich’s Lake Ammersee and features a rural German architecture with a sleek industrial design. It is an addition to an existing family home and uses the site’s natural topography to create a stacked look on the exterior with a fluid, open concept inside. The charred timber façade is a popular trend in Western architect...
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Canada’s Last Bricks And Mortar Classical Music Recordings Store Is Closing

“The store’s closing follows a similar move by Vancouver’s venerable Sikora’s, a dedicated classical music store in West Hastings that shuttered in February 28, 2019 after four decades in business. While Grigorian’s has not provided details behind the closure, it’s not hard to see the writing on the wall in this era of music streaming and a diminished profile for classical music on the culture scene.” – Ludwig Van Toronto
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What They Left Behind: Creative Works by the Recently Departed

Some gems from the life’s work of people remembered in obituaries in The New York Times.
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Alexandria Lira’s NSFW “F*CKBOYS” Portraits

At East Hampton's Roman Fine Art, an exhibition of subjects found on Tinder After matching on Tinder, Brooklyn-based artist Alexandria Lira informs swipers that she’s interested in photographing them. Lira then captures nude or partially nude scenes of her matches sprawled out in beds, chairs or couches. These scenes are then printed on large-scale canvases and painted with oils. Lira chooses the color palette for …
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Maurizio Cattelan’s Gold Toilet to Go On View at Blenheim Palace

Maurizio Cattelan’s America (2016), an 18-karat-gold toilet, will be shown at the Blenheim Palace later this year. “Maurizio Cattelan has been producing groundbreaking work for decades, so it is a proud moment for us to present his first UK solo show in twenty years,” says Michael Frahm, the director of the Blenheim Art Foundation. “As the first […]
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The Credit Card That Tracks Your Climate Impact

Using a calculation system called the Aland Index, Doconomy (in partnership with Mastercard) is offering credit card holders the opportunity to have their purchases tracked for carbon emissions—and ultimately, card users that exceed a set climate impact limit will have their spending capped. It’s an important reminder that everything—from apparel to plane tickets—comes with associated climate impact and carbon emissions. In fact, 60% of carbon …
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Fantastic minimalist embroidery portraits of musicians, writers, and artists

My dear pal Barbara Rushkoff embroiders fantastic minimal portraits of musicians and other artists, writers, and thinkers whose work has inspired her over the years. I love the seeming simplicity of her illustrations that still beautifully convey the essence of her subjects! Also, the name of Barbara's Instagram account has me in, er, stitches: yr_resting_stitchface Above: Robert Smith of The Cure. Below: Billie Eilish, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson of the B-52's, Nilufer Yanya; Mark Hollis o...
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Stagecoach Turner Prize Sponsorship Pulled Over LGBTQ Row

After a public outcry, the Turner prize and its 2019 sponsor, Stagecoach, have parted ways.  The deal had come under fire over Stagecoach head Sir Brian Souter’s campaigns against gay marriage.  “Turner Contemporary and Tate’s highest priority is to show and celebrate artists and their work,” a statement reads. “The Turner prize celebrates the creative freedoms of the visual arts […]
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