AO On-Site – New York: NADA House on Governor’s Island, May 2nd – 5th, 2019

Zach Martin at Fisher Parrish, via Art Observed For the last few years, NADA has been instrumental in pushing new strategies and concepts for the exhibition and presentation of work in a fair context, exploring alternatives and options to the large-scale fair model in a market environment that has proved increasingly challenging for smaller art spaces.  […]
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Antony Gormley is the new kid on the block in ancient Greece

The British sculptor has, controversially, been commissioned to create works for the island of Delos, a sacred classical siteIn all seasons the elements rage on Delos. In winter, salt winds pound its granite rocks; in summer the sun beats so heavily that the tiny outcrop, treeless and bare, almost vanishes in a haze of heat.But it was here, on the ancient Greek world’s most sacred isle, that Apollo, the god of light and his twin sister Artemis, the moon goddess, were born. And it was here in the...
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Plant Sticks

Metal sticks made of brass help support and shape the growth of house plants. Give structure to your plants with “Fruitsuper Plant Sticks” from Poketo. Also check out: Transparent Plante
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Tiny Badger Ceramics out of San Diego, CA -...

Tiny Badger Ceramics out of San Diego, CA - beautiful vintage glassware inspired, faceted, matte slip cast ceramic bowls, cups, vases and more. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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If you’ve followed my blog for a while, then you know how much I love book arts-related badges/patches. It all started with a set of bookbinding merit badges I purchased nine (!) years ago. Since then, I’ve grown my collection to include scout badges from Ireland and New Zealand, along with other non-scout patches. I recently discovered, an online community where kids (16 years and younger) can learn new skills and earn patches for their efforts. If you consider yourself un-scouty, then ...
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‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ Concept Art Reveals Insane New Lightsaber Battle, New Line-Up of Books Announced

Before the release of every episode of the primary Star Wars saga, there’s a collection of books leading up to the arrival of the film itself. This year is no different as the Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker line-up of books has just been announced. But that’s not what the coolest revelation is today. Like every Star Wars movie hitting theaters, there will be The Art of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker book that arrives around the time the movie hits theaters. Not only was the releas...
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Kazakhstan Is Photoshopping Their Leader’s Photos And They Are Not Even Trying To Be Subtle

The country of Kazakhstan was just caught photoshopping official photos of its new leader, and the evidence is overwhelming. It’s clear that beauty retouching techniques dramatically altered his appearance. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty made the discovery when comparing government-released photos with other pictures captured at the same place and time by ordinary journalists. More: Source
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YD Handpicks: Perfect Star Wars-inspired products to kick off May 4th!

The fourth day of the fifth month of the year holds no scientific or religious significance, but still is one of the most pop-culturally important days in the year. Why, you ask? Because the fourth of May is celebrated by nerds, movie buffs, and pop-cult lovers alike as Star Wars Day. Often heralded by greeting fellow Star Wars lovers with “May the Fourth be with you”, a hat-tip to an iconic dialogue from the film. Today, we celebrate the iconic series that spawned a culture that spread so far a...
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Tired of 2D board games? Gridopolis lets you build your own three-dimensional playing space!

If you remember 3-dimensional chess from the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Gridopolis is a lot like that. Rather than relying on a boring, flat gaming surface, it allows you to build your own 3D board, bringing depth, creativity, and adventure to board games!Gridopolis was designed by Dave Schultze, an award-winning designer who believed board games had a tendency to become restrictive and repetitive. With a dynamic gaming surface that exists in 3 dimensions, Gridopolis embraces adventure, pr...
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Polish Artist Started Painting Just Five Years Ago, Here Are His Oil Paintings With The Particle Of Hope

Igor Dobrowolski (previously featured) is one of the most creative artists in the contemporary art world. Igor works are in collections of some most famous people and collectors like Channing Tatum, Gigi Hadid, Nicole Scherzinger, and Mohamed Hadid. Over the past five years, his works have been exhibited internationally in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Warsaw. Thanks to his incredible talent and... Source
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Artist Created 40 Informative Illustrations About Environmental Issues

Complex environmental issues seen through the lens of a lovable astronaut/polar bear odd couple; Cosmo & Giraffe. The duo serves as a voice for WeSupply, an online marketplace that empowers customers to make a difference through conscious shopping. In their off-time the pair enjoy cruising around in a spaceship and long walks on the beach – respectively. “Hello fellow humans, I’m part... Source
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Contraceptive jewelry, a credit card that limits your carbon footprint, and more clever advances in our look around the web The Lifelong Benefits of a Single Psychedelic Trip For decades, numerous scientific studies have set out to determine the benefits of psychedelic trips. From stabilizing moods to boosting creativity, substantial findings support the positive impact of psilocybin. But, a slew of recent work—specifically a survey …
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May The Fourth Be With You: Chewbacca T-Shirts In Honor of Peter Mayhew

It’s May The Fourth! And I’m always up for some Star Wars fan art and these t-shirts by TeeTurtle are no exception. In honor of Peter Mayhew’s passing this week, I’m going to be sharing with you their Chewbacca designs. Everyone loves Chewbacca and he’s extra-lovable in these shirts, depicting him and all of our favorite Star Wars characters in a playfully adorable art style; whether he’s roasting a midnight snack, standing with his fellow Rebel Scum, or showing off his Wookie hair.   ...
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Photographer Nicholas Ku Explores Urban Asia From Above

Spectacular street shots by Nicholas Ku, a gifted photographer, and urban explorer from Kowloon, Hong Kong. Nicholas focuses mainly on portraiture, urban, and street photography. More: Instagram h/t: Source
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Brutalist Cityscapes Of Shanghai In Stunning Photo Works By Aaron Shao

Striking cityscapes by Aaron Shao, a gifted self-taught photographer, drone pilot, and urban explorer from Shanghai, China. Aaron focuses on urban and architecture photography. He explores his city to capture spectacular cityscapes and urban landscapes. Shao uses Sony a7R III camera and DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. More: Instagram h/t: Source
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A Play, a Pie and a Pint: how Glasgow pulls in theatregoers

About to mark its 500th play, the programme is proving ever popular with audiencesAs the doors to the basement theatre open just after midday, the convivial queue that has expanded politely across the ground floor bar of Glasgow’s Òran Mór venue surges forward with intent. It is apparent that regular visitors have their strategies well synchronised, efficiently bagging seats with a good view of the stage while pals head for the bar area at the back to collect pints, pies and sauce sachets.“A Pla...
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Magazin: Kindermöbel Tschutschu. Fun kid's...

Magazin: Kindermöbel Tschutschu. Fun kid's work table, bench or stage - depending on which side is up and how you choose to use it! The black surfaces are chalkboard, and the rails are milled in and perfect for Brio like trains! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Weltevree Stringlight has stunning mouth-blown...

Weltevree Stringlight has stunning mouth-blown glass lampshades. Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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20190503 fragments combined

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