Cool Tech: iPhone X Case inspired by the iconic iMac G3 and more

Cool Tech: iPhone X Case inspired by the iconic iMac G3 and more AoiroStudioMay 05, 2019 The so-long Perfect Office series now turning into Cool Tech Series. A roundup of cool gadgets and tech for your perfect office; not necessarily for designers explicitly but for all of you tech-savvy crowd like myself out there. This is an extensive concept! if you have any suggestions, please let us know! We are kicking it back off with this iPhone X Case inspired by the...
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Game of Thrones Coffee

Dragon inspired coffee art created for the fans of Game of Thrones TV show. Celebrate the final season with Game of Thrones coffee latte. Available for a limited time at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf restaurants in Malaysia. Also check out: 3D Coffee Art
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Malaysia, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

If You Call A Series Of Movies About Fierce Women ‘Playing The Bitch,’ Does That Subvert Anything?

Well, British Film Institute, you wanted to “start a conversation,” and you sure have. – BBC
Tags: Art, Ideas, Film Institute, 05.03.19

Harper Lee Started A True Crime Book, But Never Finished It – Why?

What a heartbreak her life was after To Kill a Mockingbird, and her attempted true-crime book turned out similarly: “Despite amassing more than enough Maxwelliana for a book, she could not get traction in the prose. That’s a common enough problem, of course; nothing writes itself, and no matter how many pages a reporting trip yields, the one that matters most always starts out blank. Everyone told Lee that the story she had found was destined to be a brilliant book. But no one could tell her ho...
Tags: Art, Harper Lee, Words, Lee, 05.04.19, Maxwelliana

This Sacred Greek Island Hasn’t Had New Art For 5,000 Years, But That’s About To Change

The Delos experiment: “In the absence of human contact – only guards and archaeologists have inhabited Delos in more recent times – the remains of a sanctuary and entire city have survived like nowhere else in Greece. It is in this unspoilt idyll that Greek authorities have undertaken an experiment as exciting as it is ambitious. At its centre is Sir Antony Gormley. The British sculptor has created 29 iron ‘bodyforms,’ several cast from his own body, that are to be the first artworks to be inst...
Tags: Art, Greece, Antony Gormley, Visual, Delos, 05.04.19

Rockefeller Center Digs Up Its Bucolic Roots

Inspired by its 19th-century history, the Channel Gardens has been reimagined and filled with native plants and arrangements. We tracked their installation.
Tags: Art, News, Ny, New York Botanical Garden, Channel Gardens, Gardens and Gardening, Rockefeller Center (Manhattan, Frieze Sculpture at Rockefeller Center (Exhibit, Future Green Studio

The Faces (And Words) Of This Year’s Tony Nominees

Vulture somehow found time to photograph and interview a lot of people on the list: “The nominees spoke about their shows, their collaborators, their group texts, and their reactions to being nominated, before heading off to their Wednesday matinees.” – Vulture
Tags: Art, Theatre, 05.03.19

Latinx People Are A Deeply Reliable Movie Audience, But Where Are The Latinx Movie Stars?

There’s some massive underrepresentation, and certainly underfunding. For the new El Chicano, for instance, the filmmaker says, “It took a bunch of Canadian hockey fans to get behind an all-Latino movie set in East L.A.” He also “remembers one studio note in particular: ‘If you could figure out a Caucasian influence, that will help its prospects.'”  – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, El Chicano, 05.03.19

Doreen Spooner, Who Blazed A Trail On Fleet Street, Has Died At 91

Spooner made her name with a photo of the woman at the center of the John Profumo scandal, but she did much more. “‘Who’d ever imagine a woman might be a photographer on a national newspaper?’ she wrote in a 2016 memoir. ‘A woman might be a tart or a monarch, but a press photographer?'” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, John Profumo, Spooner, Doreen Spooner, 05.02.19

A Transgressive Manifesto from ‘A Void’

The seductive intelligence of a manifesto. – Jan Herman
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 05.03.19

The Architectural Problem Of Abandoned Malls

Are abandoned malls a special category, or are they more like abandoned warehouses, boarded-up downtowns, left-behind elementary schools? Right now, they seem to be bleak – and a growing issue. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Visual, 05.04.19

Britain Is On The Hunt For A New Poet Laureate After Being Turned Down By Its First Pick

Poet Imtiaz Dharker had been tipped by several British news sources as the next poet laureate, following Carol Ann Duffy, but she said no: “I had to weigh the privacy I need to write poems against the demands of a public role. The poems won.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Britain, Words, Carol Ann Duffy, Imtiaz Dharker, 05.03.19

The New JJA Awards Announced

Congrats to the Jazz Journalists Association award winners! – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Jazz Journalists Association, 05.02.19

Ben Heller, Powerhouse Collector of Abstract Art, Dies at 93

An early advocate of Abstract Expressionism, Mr. Heller sold or donated many major works. He also wrote about art and advised artists and museums.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Museum of Modern Art, Jackson, Ben, Heller, Pollock, National Gallery of Australia, Deaths (Obituaries, Ben Heller

Property details

At Rosmersholm, “there is a slight problem with damp.” – David Jays
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 05.03.19, Rosmersholm

Medieval Studies (Yes, Medieval Studies) Is Actively At The Heart Of Debates Over White Supremacy

The fault lies in contemporary politics, of course, but also in the origins of the discipline: “In Europe, academic study of the Middle Ages developed in tandem with a romantic nationalism that rooted the nation-state in an idealized past populated by Anglo-Saxons and other supposedly distinct ‘races.’ In the United States, universities, cultural institutions and wealthy elites drew on Gothic architecture, heraldry and other medieval trappings to ground American identity in a noble (and implici...
Tags: Art, Europe, United States, Issues, Ku Klux, 05.05.19

A Two-Time Olivier Winner Says He’s Prioritizing TV Because Theatre Doesn’t Pay Enough

David Bedella says he has to focus on LA instead of London. “TV offers celebrity and financial security and these things are important in an age where you don’t know where your next job is coming from. I want to be able to make the kind of money to support my family and not worry.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, London, La, Theatre, 05.03.19, David Bedella

Typography Trends to Watch for in 2019 & Free Fonts

Designers always keep an eye on the latest trends in their field. Along with website design, you need to pay attention to typography trends as well.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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It’s Time For Summer Music Festivals, And One Has Finally Figured Out Equal Gender Representation

It’s a pop music festival, of course (where are we with that equal rep, classical and new music festivals?). But not of course, because no other festival has achieved anything like parity. Says the Primavera fest: “It can be done now and it should be done now, but you need to want it. We hope that our move can spark change.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Primavera, 05.03.19

Lady in the Dark - An Enlightening Journey

Reviewed by Judd Hollander The one thing most people will tell you when it comes to dreams is that they often don't make sense. Either literally or chronologically. Different people from various aspects of one’s life coming together in ways not possible in the waking world, but making perfect sense in the context of the dream. As for what it all means, that's a matter for psychoanalytic study. It’s also the premise Moss Hart, Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin used as a starting point for the 1941...
Tags: New York, Hollywood, Theatre, James, Irving, Big Apple, Brooks, Clark, Charlie, Jenny, Ben Davis, Liza, Ira Gershwin, New York City Center, Raines, Kurt Weill

Almost Thirty Years Of A Famous, Fan Fave Comic Series Focused On Latina Punks

The comic, or maybe graphic novel series, Love and Rockets is “the rare pop cultural artifact that renders Latinas not as archetypes, but as rich and profound human beings full of messy contradiction and ambivalence. Over the years, Hernandez’s characters have aged and their hairstyles have become more sedate. Some of their faces have grown angular; their bodies, more doughy. In the new comic, in which a group of former punks attempt to relive their youth for a weekend, a group of women joke ab...
Tags: Art, Rockets, Visual, Hernandez, 05.04.19

Did Leonardo Stop Painting Because Of A Fall And Resulting Nerve Damage?

Some have suggested it was as stroke, but he showed no other signs of impairment. His injury suggests it may have been something else: “The ulnar nerve runs from the shoulder to the little finger, and manages almost all the intrinsic hand muscles that allow fine motor movements, so a fall could have caused trauma to his upper arm, leading to the palsy, or weakness.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Visual, 05.04.19

Another WWII Movie? Yes, And A Necessary One

The movie Where Hands Touch is about a young adult romance – about what happened to the generation of biracial young Germans who were born to white German mothers and French colonial African soldiers during and after WWI. Director Amma Asante (Belle, A United Kingdom) “poured into it her fears that racism and bigotry are flourishing today. ‘We wonder about Nazi Germany and how it got that way. It started with language and scapegoating, and we’re using a lot of [that same]language today,’ she s...
Tags: Art, Media, Germany, United Kingdom, Amma Asante Belle, 05.03.19

42 Wonderful Behind The Scene Photos From Classic Movies

The Howling When it comes to movies, we are usually so utterly immerses in them, that we don’t ever stop to consider the wealth of work, preparation and effort that goes into the making them. Crews, actors and production companies commit to spending several years onset, creating movie magic for us to enjoy on a Friday night over the course of a couple of hours. Let’s take a look at the... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, Movies, Films, Classic, Scenes

Happy Cats, Coffee Shops And Carefree Times In TAO’s Cheerful, Detailed And Nostalgic Illustrations

As she explains on her Tumblr profile, Sapporo-based illustrator TAO is particularly fond of cats, Showa Era things, and sneakers. With their cheerful tone and kawaii characters enjoying relaxing moments, coffee mug in hand, her artwork will surely put a smile on your face or dispel any clouds hanging over your head. More: Tumblr, Twitter h/t: grapee Her most recent illustration perfectly... Source
Tags: Coffee, Japan, Design, Cats, Anime, Inspirations, Sapporo, Tao, Tumblr Twitter, Nostalgic, Cheerful, Happy Cats Coffee Shops And Carefree Times In TAO

Kawaii, Fetish, Bizarre, Cruel: The Art Of GENk

The fearful is beautiful, the horrific is erotic. Both kawaii and fear coexist in his paintings. The adorable and the strange based on bloody fantasy and insanity with a tinge of the occult. Even in his most intensely individual works, many people have been charmed by the alluring gazes of the girls in his paintings and by his beautiful expressions of blood. Combining elements of the kawaii... Source
Tags: Design, Horror, Bizarre, Anime, Kawaii, Genk, Inspirations

50 Completely Weirdest Stock Photos You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

Grandma Teaches Blond Children Important Life Lessons Stock photos are made to be sold but it’s impossible to think anyone would buy these. From a grandma teaching a group of blond children the secrets of “stab between the fingers” to a female version of Adolf Hitler peeling potatoes, the photographers behind these shots were probably trying a bit too hard. Don’t get us wrong, we do appreciate all... Source
Tags: Photos, Photography, Design, Weird, Humor, Adolf Hitler, Stock

French Artist Duo Uses Colorful Paper To Bring Scenes From Famous Literary Works To Life

“Kristin Lavransdatter” written by Sigrid Undset Zim & Zou are a French artist duo, who avoid computer design and create beautiful installations using materials like paper, wood, and thread. However, even though the artists’, whose real names are Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann, use many different materials to create their art, the one they prefer the most is paper – and you better... Source
Tags: Books, Design, Literature, Paper, Papercraft, Kristin Lavransdatter, Zim & Zou, Sigrid Undset Zim Zou, Lucie Thomas, Thibault Zimmermann

Sometimes, TV Lets People Just Be People

That is to say, occasionally trans women get cast as women, no need to elaborate, and sometimes trans men get cast as men, ditto. But. “While television has made great strides in L.G.B.T.Q. inclusion with shows such as Orange Is the New Black and Pose, when trans actors are called in to read for a project, they still find they are only considered for parts specifically written for transgender people.” –The New York Times
Tags: Art, Orange Is The New Black, Media, 05.03.19

Artist Creates Quirky Illustrations Using An iPhone And Some Paper

Anshuman Ghosh is a visual artist based in South Africa who creates quirky illustrations that revolve around his iPhone. View this post on Instagram People say that money doesn’t grow on trees. As a freelancer, I kinda wish it did #makeitminimal #minimal #design #graphicdesign #illustration #picame #nothingisordinary #mashpics #designmilk #movieposters #movies #huffpostgram #mashable #artoftheday # Source
Tags: Iphone, Design, South Africa, Paper, Papercraft, Anshuman Ghosh

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