$25K Wix SEO Battle – Who can rank the best?

Some of you may have heard of Simply put, Wix is a Web site builder. Or as described by Wix, the “leading cloud-based web design and development platform trusted by over 150 million people worldwide”. With Wix, you can create high-quality custom websites that are SEO-friendly, mobile-optimized, fast performing and ready for business. But many say that Wix websites don’t rank well on Google. To counter this myth, Wix are putting their money where their mouth, with a $25k SEO Battle. That...
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Can Design (Help) Save Your Business?

This article was contributed by Anthony Wood, the Global Managing Director of Shillington Education. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of cash flow, it was the age of negative receipts. It was the time of great celebration, it was the time of unparalleled stress. Running your own business is one of the most intense things you can do. There’s nothing more rewarding than running a great team and blowing past all your goals, whether it’s introducing a new technolog...
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This half-tank half-drone can literally travel anywhere!

Remember the PenPineappleApplePen? That’s sort of what the X-Tankcopter is… an absurdly entertaining combination of things you wouldn’t expect to be combined, because the X-Tankcopter is half tank, half quadcopter!Designed to cover terrain-travel as well as air recon, the X-Tankcopter has the ability to traverse through rough land, climbing over some obstacles, and flying over others. With an internal mechanism that allows it to switch between driving and hovering, the X-Tankcopter is just she...
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Cancel Culture, Miss Saigon, And Butterfly

Cancel culture is not the same as the rising desire to engage with art’s social implications. But both phenomena are indications of a country that is fundamentally shifting the way it engages with entertainment. As such, the titles in Houston have been criticized for inaccurate and stereotypical portrayals of Asians. Since its premiere in 2017, theater critics have taken issue with the representation of women and Vietnamese people in “Miss Saigon.” And the local production of “Madama Butterfly”...
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Um bebê desses fazendo 28 aninhos!!! Kkkkk #bday

via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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Journalism’s Dependence On Freelancers Has Impoverished It (And The Profession)

“In truth, freelance journalism, as a career, is mostly an anachronism. Given the rock-bottom rates on offer, few writers actually support themselves with full-time freelancing… But for most of us, freelance journalism is a monetized hobby, separate from whatever real income one earns. The ideal relationship for a freelance journalist to their work becomes a kind of excited amateurism.” – The New Republic
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Arnold Stool

Iconic stool designed to look like oversized head of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger chair made by Harow out of reinforced fiberglass. Also check out: Meditation Chai
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All Of The Earth Has Been Transformed By Humans. It’s A Scary Power

“In this newly designated ‘human age’, our species’ impact on the oceans, the land and the atmosphere has become an inescapable feature of the Earth. This idea that humanity has forced a geological transition is capturing people’s attention not just because changes in epochs are rare. It is attracting notice because our species is gripped by the idea that we possess planetary powers.” – Aeon
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Watching Together: TV Is As Much A Community Experience As It Ever Was

Twitter has, for two complementary reasons, been a sustaining force for event television. The fans want to avoid spoilers. They also want to enhance the collective experience by chattering on the platform as events unfold. In the current century, the world is not only watching together, it is also talking to itself as it does so. – Irish Times
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Is your arts organization prepared for disaster?

Build your emergency management plan with this online professional development course. We make continuing education possible, even for busy arts professionals! University of Kentucky offers professional development courses online that you can take from the convenience of your computer, whenever it fits into your schedule, from where ever you are. Our non-credit professional development courses enable you to expand your skill set, broaden your knowledge, and stay current in the arts admini...
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Development Director – Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Development Director (DD) will lead in the engagement, identification, cultivation, and solicitation of major donors and corporations, leveraging the potential for significant gifts and corporate philanthropic support and sponsorship. OrganizationThe Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts and educational organization, is a staple of the international festival circuit. Over the past 34 years, it has become one o...
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Carine Roitfeld Parfums’ “7 lovers” Genderless Scents

International elegance conveyed through seven distinct fragrances With “7 lovers,” iconic fashion editor and magazine founder Carine Roitfeld demonstrates a deep understanding of the human imagination’s connection to scent. Her debut fragrance line (and, in fact, her first foray into products entirely), “7 lovers” features seven different products—each built around a character and an accompanying city. All of these characters are referred to as fictional …
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What Alan Turing Warned About Our Digital Future

Our digital beings are taking us apart. Pluralism is about holding ourselves together: various mental styles interact unpredictably within us, allowing for unpredictable contact with other thinking beings. Truthtelling B is helpless without the communication of chimerical A and the analysis of stern C. Without honest B, shapeshifting A will retreat to decadence with C, producing a digital tyranny that kills democracy and the planet. – New York Review of Books
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These fall-proof earbuds were designed after scanning thousands of ears

Housed in a rather unusually designed case that makes optimal use of space, the G1 earbuds designed by Designest for Havit are a treat for the eyes and the ears. The IPX5 waterproof earphones come in a compact case that splits into two to reveal both earbuds stored in separate halves, connected by a vibrantly colored silicon piece that also transfers power between halves. The earphones boast a supremely ergonomic fit that the company claims was arrived at after scanning and measuring thousands...
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Yuri Suzuki Used AI to Bring a Visionary Electronic Music Machine to Life 

Raymond Scott was a musician, engineer, inventor, and an early pioneer of electronic music, but he's rather unsung compared to his achievements. Most famous for the jazz melodies he wrote for Warner Bros cartoons like Looney Tunes and The Simpsons, he went on to serve as the director of Motown's Electronic Music Research and Development during the 1970s. Throughout Scott's career, he secretly worked on the near-mythic Electronium, what he conceived as a machine that could intelligently and insta...
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Design Job: SRAM is Seeking an Associate Industrial Designer in Colorado Springs

SRAM is seeking a creative and motivated Industrial Designer to join our Mountain Bike (MTB) Suspension and Brakes team. This role will help define the next generation of RockShox products and SRAM brakes. Join our team on the cutting edge of mountain bike component development. View the full design job here
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Architectural Digest’s Favorite Buildings in Each US State

From the Frederick R Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis to the Cabell County Courthouse in Huntington, West Virginia, Architectural Digest’s list of the best-designed buildings in each US state recognizes internationally acclaimed architecture and unknown gems alike. There are houses designed by former presidents, forward-thinking designs from the early 2000s, Pritzker Prize-winning health clinics and much more. Peruse the full list at Architectural Digest.
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IKEA x Darcel Disappoints (by Craig Redman)...

IKEA x Darcel Disappoints (by Craig Redman) collaboration is coming June 2019! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Be Honest About Your Inspiration – or Else

When Woodcraft introduced its line of Wood River handplanes in 2009, the company stated that its planes were inspired by vintage Stanley planes from the early 20th century.Tool reviewers and customers, however, disputed that claim.The Wood River tools appeared to me (a professional tool reviewer at the time) to instead be close copies of modern Lie-Nielsen handplanes. Woodcraft has since modified its Wood River handplanes, but it's my opinion that the initial misstep cost them in the reputation ...
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In every pot

Had you told me in 1963 — or 1985 — that I would live to see a fully mobile phone in every person’s pocket, I would have laughed in your face. And it’s easy to forget that as late as 1940, 45% of all Americans did not yet have indoor plumbing. – Terry Teachout
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‘Trans-Am Totem’ and ‘Autogeddon’

A friend sent this photo of Marcus Bowcott’s Trans Am Totem, which stands amid the traffic in Vancouver. For me the sculpture brings to mind Heathcote Williams’s 1991 chapbook Autogeddon. – Jan Herman
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A smart speaker with a detachable display lets you own a tablet + smart speaker!

Nearly one in every four homes in the United States of America has a smart speaker in it. That’s a real statistic, not a guess. I’d say roughly the same amount also own a tablet, like an iPad or a Surface. So why not mash the two products together? Weilin D’s AI Assistant is a combination of a tablet and a smart speaker… and its framework is pretty familiar. In fact, it looks a lot like an Amazon Echo Show, or a Google Home Hub, but with a couple of key differences.Weilin’s AI Assistant comes as...
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Force of nature — how the Chicago Lyric Opera sold tickets

Some anecdotes from the backstage front lines (so to speak) of opera in the US in the 1980s. – Greg Sandow
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What Twitter Thinks About You Based On Your Online Behavior

Seeing what Twitter thinks you like can be a fun activity — but it can also be an odd experience to see what the company infers about you from your online moves. The psychology around targeted advertising is complex. On the one hand, if we have to see ads, it’s probably better that they’re in line with our interests. On the other, knowing how much advertisers know can feel a bit, well, creepy.  – Vox
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Lynk & Co's stake on the Mobility of Tomorrow - #ABDZinShanghai Interview

Lynk & Co's stake on the Mobility of Tomorrow - #ABDZinShanghai Interview AoiroStudioMay 06, 2019 Last week, I have released the mega recap from my recent trip to the Shanghai Auto Show' 19. Give it a read if you haven't yet. During the show, we were invited to a sit-down with the CEO of Lynk & Co, introducing Alain Visser. A little background about Alain, he has been in the car industry for the past 30 years and has worked with other automotive brands like F...
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What Is Performance Art?: We Explain It with Video Introductions and Classic Performances

If you asked me to define performance art, I’d probably stumble into a couple of clichés—you know it when you see it, you kind of have to be there, etc. Such vague criteria could mean virtually any event can be called performance art, and maybe it can. But the precedents set in the art world over the course of the 20th century narrow things a bit. PBS’s The Art Assignment primer above tells us that performance art is “a term used to describe art in which the body is the medium or live ac...
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Adidas continues drive toward sustainable manufacturing with FUTURECRAFT.LOOP performance shoe

It’s not everyday a household name brand in the performance footwear industry announces a 100 percent recyclable shoe, fortunately for conscientious consumers and the planet, adidas has developed the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP performance running shoe, designed to tackle the daily pavement beatings like other shoes across the brand. However, the difference is that instead of heading to landfills with hundreds of thousands of other shoes, the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP can be returned to Adidas where it is broken d...
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New credit card limits spending based on carbon emissions

This Spring, the Swedish financial tech company Doconomy launched the first ever banking service and credit card to manage your personal finances and your daily carbon emissions. The DO Black Card is a collaborative effort with Doconomy, Mastercard and the UN Climate Change Secretariat. The card complements users’ existing banking services, but the accompanying app tracks the carbon emissions associated with each DO card purchase and caps the cardholder and the limits they set for themselves. N...
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The Strict Rules That Celebrities Have To Follow At The Met Gala

Anna Wintour rules with an iron fist. No selfies (yeah right). No unattractive food. No cellphones or smoking. And don’t even think about declining the invite if you ever want to attend again… – New York Post
Tags: Art, People, Anna Wintour, 05.05.19

Ralph Fiennes On The Challenges Of Making A Movie About Nureyev

While other films about ballet have gone for big-name actors with body doubles for the dancing bits — think of “Red Sparrow” and “Black Swan” — Fiennes was committed to casting a dancer as Nureyev. Yet the dancing scenes, he says, “were a big, big, big challenge, because I don’t have a ballet background, and I needed the help of the ballet masters and choreographer to know if it was good, because not every time a dancer dances it’s as good as it could be. It was scary.”  – Washington Post
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