The Shell sofa explores volume without weight, and is perfect for humans and cats!

With a voluminous yet hollow frame, the Shell sofa is instantly visible. It is, in a strictly physical sense, minimalist (because it’s mainly hollow), but visually, the Shell sofa is almost pillowy, spacious, and a treat to look at. The sofa is a frame that curves from the left to the back and to the right, with space in between for cushions, or even two side tables if you remove the cushions at the extreme ends. It’s visually imposing, but still manages to look light and airy, thanks to its wic...
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Innovation Meets Craftsmanship in the Rhythmic Architecture of Bureau de Change

Helmed by Katerina Dionysopoulou and Billy Mavropoulos, Bureau de Change is a dynamic, London-based architectural practice that works on both small and large scale projects, from private residences, to exhibition set-ups, to furniture design. Driven by a desire to innovate, and underpinned by a hands-on approach involving prototyping and testing, the practice’s work is characterised by sculptural...
Tags: Art, London, Bureau de Change, Katerina Dionysopoulou, Billy Mavropoulos Bureau de Change

Black Eared Bun and Fireplace Mantel Makeover

Black Eared Bun   Oil on panel, 8" x 6,"  $255. Buy Now Button at the bottom of this post.) A quick share for those of you who took an interest my kitchen saga, the settling into new house continues... Since we moved in, we've had a non working fireplace.   I put a clunky chest and tv in front of it but was never thrilled with that arrangement...   Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I'm just minding my business running errands-- and THIS! Someone had thrown away a mantel! I called my...
Tags: Art, Diane Hoeptner

Material Institute Brings Free Fashion Classes to New Orleans's Ninth Ward

Combining New Orleans's rich fashion history—from Mardi Gras to the annual NOLA Fashion Week—with the progressive approach and pedagogy of the Black Mountain College, a new fashion school recently opened its doors in the city's Ninth Ward. Designed by London-based design collective Assemble and known as Material Institute, the unique space offers free classes and workspace for makers of all levels and has ambitious plans for future development. Photograph courtesy of Assemble Material Institute ...
Tags: Design, London, Architecture, New Orleans, Tasmania, Fashion Design, Mardi Gras, Institute, Black Mountain College, Ninth Ward, Material Institute Brings Free Fashion Classes, NOLA Fashion Week, Assemble Material Institute, Museum of Old, Kelly ColleyAssemble, Material Institute

How a Software Founder Built the Chemistry Set of CRISPR-Era Biotech

Two years ago, Yixiao Jiang moved to Boston to learn everything she could about biotech. Now, she and cofounder John Min are launching Feles (pronounced "fee-les") One, a set of common biotech tools in a radically more user-friendly configuration. Jiang had previously founded a web platform for interior decorators in China and was looking for a new venture in a more consequential subject area. Coming from a field where sleek, user-friendly interfaces are the norm, Jiang was shocked by the state ...
Tags: Design, Crowdfunding, China, Boston, Tech, Sla, George, Harvard Medical School, PCB, Jiang, Yixiao Jiang, John Min, Feles, Yixiao Jian, Yixiao, Feles One

10 Best External Hard Drives for Creatives in 2019

Searching for the best external hard drive for your Mac or PC? Search no more. We’ve rounded up the best storage hard drives and ranked them, making it easy for you to find the right external hard drive for you. Picking the best one though can be tricky and there are a few things that you may want to consider first. Read on to see how to choose a hard drive and the best external hard drives you can buy today, in 2019. Related Posts: 17 Essential Tools for Designers Best laptops for designers Be...
Tags: Tools, Design, Mac, US, Samsung, Best, Usb, Nfc, Solid State Drive, Graphic Design, Buffalo, ADATA, Western Digital, PCB, AES, Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC

These menacing-looking gaming headphones will put the fear of god into your enemies

With a design fit for the aggressively competitive gamer, the ASUS ROG Strix Pro 7.1 may just be the baddest set of headphones ever designed. These conceptual cans come with an edgy, don’t-mess-with-me demeanor characterized by sharp lines and facets, and what may just be the most menacing use of lighting I’ve seen. Housed around the drivers are two LED rings (one on each ear). When the headphones are worn, they give you a warm halo around the side of your head, making you almost look like a bos...
Tags: Design, Asus, ROG, Product Design, Boge Lin, Shao Chun Sung, Shao Chun Sung Boge

Have Video Games Become The Definer Of Common Culture?

Film can no longer claim to perform a function for our whole culture when there is no whole. When Golden Age Hollywood promised to tell the story of our culture, it was usually the story of a cultural mainstream. Now it is even clearer that Hollywood’s promise is meaningful only to one, admittedly still large, audience in the plenitude. New audiences, also in the millions, seek their cultural centers elsewhere—in video games and social media. – Wired
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Audience, 05.07.19

Director of Marketing and Communications – Shea’s Performing Arts Center

The Director of Marketing and Communications will manage all facets of marketing and public relations for Shea’s. This includes the strategic planning of marketing and audience development campaigns to achieve the financial goals for performances at all three campus venues. OrganizationLocated in Buffalo, New York, Shea’s Performing Arts Center (Shea’s) opened in 1926 as Shea’s Buffalo Theatre. Nicknamed The Wonder Theatre, Shea’s Buffalo Theatre was the dream of Michael Shea. Originally s...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Spain, Chicago, Canada, United States, New York Times, Broadway, Box Office, Lake Erie, Buffalo, New York State, Frank Lloyd Wright, Shea, Tiffany, Western New York

Hidden Shelf

Books floating in mid air optical illusion created using invisible bookshelf. Hidden bookshelf, vase holder, and picture frame holder designed by YOY. Also check out: Magnetic Floating Table
Tags: Design, Tech

That “Game Of Thrones” Accidental Coffee Cup? After Internet Ridicule, HBO Has Erased It

While the big, bad Night King failed to “erase the memory of Westeros,” as Bran Stark put it, HBO was able to do so using the magic of digital editing. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hbo, Media, 05.07.19

Tracing Harry Bertoia’s Legacy in “Bertoia: The Metal Worker”

A celebration of a designer, musician and artist who knew no bounds Cataloging Harry Bertoia‘s work—which ranges from ambient music albums to the iconic diamond chair—is no simple feat. Bertoia seemingly knew no bounds—undefined by any singular medium or intention—and his influence remains wildly significant. In her new book, Bertoia: The Metal Worker, Beverly Twitchell attempts to distill his working life into 288 pages featuring 230 images …
Tags: Books, Design, Designers, Artists, Musicians, Art Books, Sculptors, Phaidon, Bertoia, Harry Bertoia, Design Books, Beverly Twitchell

Have You Picked The Music For Your Funeral Yet?

Data by Co-op FuneralCare suggests that 24% of UK adults (in a survey of 2,000) have already made clear what music they want played at their funeral – up from 19% in 2016 – with one in four opting for songs that will make mourners laugh. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, 05.05.19, Co op FuneralCare

The Dentist Who Collected His Way To Deep Expertise

Across the next six decades, on his dentist’s salary, he built a collection that made him what The Washington Post has called the world’s “pre-eminent private collector of Kollwitz.” The first print led to purchases of more than 650 works, many rare working proofs and drawings by her, and works by artists related to Kollwitz, including the social satirist George Grosz (1893–1959) and the proto-surrealist Max Klinger (1857–1920), among others. – The Forward
Tags: Art, Washington Post, Visual, George Grosz, Kollwitz, 05.05.19, Max Klinger

Is your dumb building making you dumber too?

Poor air quality make for poor working conditions, and the New York Times is on it
Tags: Design, News, New York Times

The Nest Hub Max is the first addition to Google’s revamped Nest family

Quite a few noteworthy things happened at today’s Google I/O event, including some sheer breakthroughs in the way the company processes, stores, and protects data… however on the hardware front, the Nest Hub Max may have been the keynote’s biggest reveal. Google’s shifted all its home accessories to the Nest brand, leaving core operations to Google, and hardware for homes to its then-thermostat-and-security company, Nest. The Nest Hub Max is in, a lot of ways like the Google Home Hub, but take...
Tags: Google, Home, Gadgets, Design, Nest, Home Hub, Google I/o, Product Design, Max, Google Nest, Smart Display, Google Home Hub, Nest Hub Max

Sunflower-inspired tower design envelopes urban residents in mini forests

Concerned by the rampant growth of cities across Latin America and the loss of endemic species, Ecuadorian design studio oficina de Diseño (odD+) has proposed the Sunflower Tower, a conceptual residential building inspired by the seeds and petals of a sunflower. Proposed for Quito, the Sunflower Tower has been envisioned as a “vertical ecosystem” with lush, self-sustaining planters located on every floor of the high-rise. As a result, the building would offer year-round interest and natural air...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Ecuador, Latin America, Odd, Carousel Showcase, Vertical Garden, Quito, Contemporary Architecture, Air Purification, Urban Garden, Native Plants, Terrace, Native Flora, Self-sustaining

1 million species are at risk of extinction, says new UN report

A released Monday by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services reports that nearly one million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction largely due to unsustainable economic development. The global assessment is the largest and most comprehensive study about biodiversity loss and the role of capitalism. The report synthesizes more than 15,000 scientific papers published over three years; it was released on May 6 and endorsed by more than 130 countries. ...
Tags: Design, News, Climate Change, Environment, Bees, United Nations, Un, Biodiversity, Extinction, Species, Reuters, Robert Watson, Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change

Listen Up: Social Media Is Not A Public Square (Though We Understand The Confusion)

Kara Swisher: “What’s obvious is that the rules are not clear in a world in which the idea of the public square has been turned on its head. It is a truly challenging problem for democracy in the United States and for its increasingly voluble citizens who are now experiencing limits to what they can say. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, United States, Kara Swisher, 05.07.19

Gravity Sketch's Latest Version Bridges the Gap Between 2D and 3D Sketching

Many designers are starting to experiment with sketching in VR, from independent designers to large companies like Ford. While the process is often considered intuitive, one of the main challenges designers face is a desire to mix 2D sketching with VR sketching, so that they aren't constrained by the learning curve of VR. The popular VR sketching program Gravity Sketch's recently released update allows the use of a Wacom Tablet companion, which takes steps towards bridging this often frustrating...
Tags: Design, Tech, Ford, Sketching, Wacom, Nvidia GPU, Wacom Tablet, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Nikolai Proskurin

Design Job: Quip is Seeking a Lead Industrial Designer in Brooklyn, NY

At quip, we design and deliver delightful products and services that keep your mouth healthy. In order to support our rapidly growing user base, we are looking for a Lead Industrial Designer to help continue with this growth. The ideal candidate would be able to help build our product portfolio, including both existing and in-process products.View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, Brooklyn NY

This Self-Sustainable Micro-Home is Coming to Times Square

Ecocapsule first captured the imagination of the nomadically-inclined in 2015 when the sleek, egg-shaped design was first revealed. The Slovakia-based company won fast acclaim and was even shortlisted for the Lexus Design Award that year, followed by several years of further development and a very limited edition sale run of 50 units last year. Now, ready to open up to the US market, the clever micro-home is taking temporary residence in an unlikely venue—the center of bustling Times Square—wher...
Tags: Design, Cars, US, Slovakia, Ecocapsule, Times Square, Tomas Zacek, Nycxdesign, Nice Wise Studio

Ralph Peterson And Company Remember Art Blakey

Ralph Peterson & The Messenger Legacy: Legacy Alive (Onyx)Paying concentrated attention to all of the new releases that arrive at Rifftides is out of the question. Some, however, simply cannot be passed over. Here is one of those. – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Art Blakey, Ajblogs, Rifftides, Ralph Peterson, 05.07.19

Sonos Conducted a Study on Audio’s Health Benefits

Referred to as the Brilliant Sound Survey, a comprehensive body of data derived from an online questionnaire highlights much of what many music-lovers believe to be true. Conducted by home audio company Sonos and several research partners, the survey incorporated insights from 12,000 people in 12 countries. Some of the stats astound: 74% of participants said listening to music helped them reduce stress, 58% believe …
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Tech, Research, Data, Sonos, Sound, Linkaboutit, Sound Systems, Musical Taste

10 New Ways to Think About Quilling Myths

I noticed a myth-busting title on YouTube last week and had the thought that it would be fun to do something similar as a quilling topic. Let's start with the most frequently heard myth:  Ideas... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
Tags: Design, Youtube, Ann Martin

Hidden Cupid Found Under Vermeer Painting

A hidden Cupid has been discovered underneath Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, Art Newspaper reports. “This is the most sensational experience of my career,” says Uta Neidhardt, the senior conservator at Dresden’s Gemäldegalerie. “It makes it a different painting.” Read more at Art Newspaper  
Tags: Art, News, Dresden, Art News, Minipost, Vermeer, Open Window Art Newspaper, Uta Neidhardt

The five actions of art-making

A particularly lovely passage in François Matarasso’s recent book, A Restless Art: How participation won and why it matters, describes the opportunity of art-making for children, which Matarasso describes as an interplay of five actions. – Andrew Taylor
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, François Matarasso, Matarasso, 05.07.19

It’s so much easier to carry this portable hanger instead of a travel iron

No one really carries hangers with them on the go. They’re meant for on-site use, not for traveling… so what do you do when you check into a hotel or a guest house and you need to hang your crisply ironed shirt somewhere, and there’s no hanger in site? You pull out one of Lingjie Zhu’s Travel Hangers! Designed to fold not at one, but at two points, the hanger collapses to an incredibly small size, making it perfect to stash in suitcases, so your shirts, coats, blazers, etc. don’t ever get wrinkl...
Tags: Travel, Design, Product Design, Accessories & Fashion, Golden Pin Design Award, Hangzhou Hotdesign, Lingjie Zhu, Travel Hanger

Sure, Barnes And Noble Can Countersue Its Former CEO, Rules Judge — If They Pay His Lawyers In Advance

The ousted chief of the chain, Demos Parneros, sued over his dismissal (as one does if one is a CEO), so B&N decided to countersue, demanding to claw back some of the CEO’s compensation and to be awarded damages for his behavior. The judge let the countersuit proceed, but ruled that the indemnity clause in Parneros’s contract applies even in this case. – Publishers Weekly
Tags: Art, Words, Parneros, Demos Parneros, 05.06.19

Podcasts Are Internet For Your Ears

Does that sound good to you? Because now you can be plugged in online even when there are no screens around? Okay, but at least be aware of the distraction costs… n+1
Tags: Art, Media, 05.05.19

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