Observe, Learn, And Shape: Succession Planning As A Tool For Achieving Diversity In Arts Leadership

Manuel Prieto, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Music and Art School: “As I look to my past to see what my task as an arts leader is for the future, I cannot help but think of cultural equity. Succession planning is creating a series of feeder groups up and down the entire leadership pipeline of an organization. While concern for senior leadership positions is what comes to mind, it is the intentional retention of key staff members and volunteers, coupled with sufficient and professional d...
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Engaging Young Professionals in Arts Leadership

Los Angeles Music and Art School (LAMusArt), the only multidisciplinary arts school in east Los Angeles, has offered discounted and tuition-free arts programs to youth for over 70 years. Jasmine Ako writes about how she helped found LAMusArt’s Young Professionals Advisory Board. – Americans for the Arts
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Want To Be Relevant? Create Cultural Currency In Your Organization. Recruiting Younger Board Members Can Help.

Most organizations are hyper aware of creating a well-balanced board, representing increasingly diverse communities. While we continue to actively address (and we must) race and gender diversity, age diversity is rarely considered. Leaving potential young board members out can be detrimental to an arts organization, and here’s why … – Americans for the Arts
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4 Musicians Chart 100 Years in the Life of a Man Who Ran Away From Slavery

“Esteban Montejo was over 100 before the world knew his story. Born a slave in Cuba in 1860, he escaped and lived for years in the jungle until slavery was abolished on the island in 1886. He fought in Cuba’s war for independence from Spain and lived through Castro’s communist revolution.” Composer Hans Werner Henze read a book about Montejo’s life and went to visit him, and the result was Henze’s “recital for four musicians,” El Cimarrón — which soprano Julia Bullock programmed as the finale o...
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Top 8 Best Monitor Calibrators for Designers in 2019

Searching for the best monitor calibrator? Look no further. We’ve rounded up the best monitor calibrators and ranked them, making it easy for you to find the right calibrator for you. And monitor calibration is extremely important as a graphic designer, photographer or creative. The way your images, drawings, and photos look, can either make or break your business. No client would want something that doesn’t look its very best. For many creatives, the best way to ensure that their images are the...
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Listening To And Learning From Each Other

Jennifer Dautermann, director of the Classical:NEXT festival in Berlin: “Exactly this – listening to and learning from each other, is what I and my team are trying to help the art music world to do. What similarities can be found? Who is doing what? Which initiatives are working? Which are not? If not, why? There is no one answer, no one solution or strategy for engaging and reflecting the artistic and listening population in any given community. There are, however, basic, universally applicabl...
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Perched a new cat painting

Perched  Oil on panel, 10" x 8,"  $410. The Cleveland shelter has cats and lots of 'em. At the time of this blog post, "Perched" model is available and has a profile page on the website, here.  With kitten season fast approaching, it's a great time to go find a perfect companion at your local shelter! [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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BUGA Wood Pavilion and BUGA Fibre Pavilion at...

BUGA Wood Pavilion and BUGA Fibre Pavilion at the Summer Island of the Bundesgartenschau by the University of Stuttgart Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) and Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE). (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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GRAPHIC FEST: Spot-on identities for festivals...

GRAPHIC FEST: Spot-on identities for festivals & fairs from Victionary (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Leatherman Signal gets colorful! I can't stop...

Leatherman Signal gets colorful! I can't stop seeing the Blue/Red/Silver ones as the Optimus Prime Edition and the Aqua/Red/Black as 90's Ski Edition... definitely a fun playful (nostalgic?) twist on the traditional though? (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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50 Designers Interpret the Quintessential Brief: Design a Chair

The chair is the perfect blank canvas for designers: a simple form with a rich history that can be endlessly reinvented. The most successful chair designs have a way of bridging the personal and the universal, the contemporary with the historical. Over the years we've seen a plethora of exhibitions and books dedicated to the ubiquitous form, but we were still surprised by much of what we saw at The Future Perfect's current show, simply titled "The Chair". The gallery sought to explore the age-ol...
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Royole’s rollable keyboard design is even more flexible than its tablet!

Royole seems to be truly championing the flexible, foldable future. After the Flexpai, arguably the world’s first folding tablet, the California based startup is looking to embrace folding tech… especially with the RoType.The RoType is a neat, rollable keyboard. Unlike those hideous flexible silicone/TPU keyboards that you now find on novelty gadget shops, the RoType is slick, professional, and classy. With a miraculously transparent keyboard that embraces and becomes the surface you place it on...
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Activists Conduct A Tour Of “Stolen Goods” At The British Museum

The unofficial tour featured talks by Palestinian, Iraqi, Greek, and Indigenous Australian activists. Around 300 people attended the tour, including those who came especially for the event and museum visitors who decided to listen in. – Hyperallergic
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Wooden Clutch Purse

Beautiful and creative bags with magnetic clasps handcrafted out of wood. Origami inspired wooden clutch purses made by Tesler Mendelovitch. Also check out: Paper Clip Handbag
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Japanese Billionaire and Basquiat Buyer: ‘I Have No Money’

Japanese collector Yusaku Maezawa, the buyer of a selection of Basquiat works in recent years, is selling some of his collection this year, raising concerns about his future commitment to the market.  “Yes, I have no money. I spend it so quickly,” he said on Twitter this week. Read more at Bloomberg  
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The Pebble Doorbell is exclusively made for your pets to ring!

The Pebble Doorbell arose out of a pretty interesting design brief. While you’d probably think the doorbell was made to give pets the ability to let you know they’re at your door, its starting point wasn’t quite that. The guys who made the Pebble Doorbell built it to combat a different problem. Scratched-up doors. Pets, by instinct, either claw at doors to let themselves in, or bark to get their owners’ attention. In the former, you’re left with a nicely polished wooden door that’s absolutely ...
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Study: Participating In Arts Boosts Sense Of Wellbeing

Commissioned by BBC Arts, it represents the first time that researchers have explored how creative activities, such as acting in a play, singing in a choir, or playing an instrument or painting, can help manage emotions and mood. It found three main ways in which people use creativity as coping mechanisms to control emotions. – The Stage
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Nicholas Hytner To Open New 600-Seat Theatre In Kings Cross

Former National Theatre bosses Sir Nicholas Hytner and Nick Starr will run the venue, which is under construction and is set to open in winter 2021. It will be based on the Bridge Theatre, which the pair opened in October 2017. – BBC
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Lee Ufan Installs 20,000 Steel Rods in Sand at Dia:Beacon

An exploration of the Mono-ha movement through the work of one of its pioneers Unbound and spellbinding, “Relatum (Iron Field)” (1969/1994/2018) is one of five large-scale Lee Ufan works currently on display at Dia:Beacon. To see it—a sandy spill of a sculpture, pierced by 20,000 reed-like steel rods—means understanding the values of Ufan and the Mono-ha movement he pioneered. Active from 1968-74, the loosely affiliated …
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Why do the Trout Jump?

Nasturtiums, a painting by my mother. Seamus lay on his side by the banks of the stream and took in the fullness of the May morning. Wildflowers were poking out their heads from amongst the grass and unfurling their colors. The valley was full of the yellow sun, and the resplendent green that only a spring day can bring; not quite green… a sort of yellow green… a youthful green, an infant green, a green of freshness. It gave him a feeling of innocence.   He was watching a long slow...
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Massachusetts College of Art and Design to Open New MassArt Museum

The Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston will unveil a new MassArt Art Museum in February 2020, Art News reports, funded in part by Pace founder Arne Glimcher. “Our primary goal has always been to show what’s new and to make contemporary art accessible to everyone, and the MassArt Art Museum will make […]
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LA MoCA Announces A New Senior Curator, Says No To A New Chief Curator

The museum will announce Wednesday that its new senior curator and head of new initiatives will be Mia Locks, co-curator of the 2017 Whitney Biennial. She is an independent curator based in New York who had been an assistant curator at New York’s MoMA PS1, the Museum of Modern Art’s affiliate in Queens. – Los Angeles Times
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Eye Candy for Today: Christen Købke landscape

The Garden Steps Leading to the Artist’s Studio on Blegdammen, Christen Købke Oil on paper laid on canvas, roughly 9 x 13 inches (22 x 33 cm). Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the National Gallery of Denmark. I love the odd angle at which he’s approached the building, the compressed indication of the sunlit side and the curve of the bush cradled in the curve of the stairs. There is just something pleasingly gestural ab...
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Designing a Living Room? Here’s Our Suggestion For an Evergreen, Organic Design

Are you looking for brand-name, mid  century modern furniture ? Designing a living room is the most joyful part of furnishing a home for most people. This article will present you with a simple, easy-to-assemble sitting area that will please most tastes and styles. These furnishings will never go out of style because they’ve captivated homeowners worldwide for nearly a century. If your knowledge about furniture doesn’t exceed matching colors and styles, allow us to introduce ‘organic’ style fu...
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Does What I’m Doing Right Now Count As Writing?

Making lists of ideas, reading novels, scheduling time to sit down at your computer, researching new coffee shops at which to work, and establishing weekly word goals may seem like parts of writing, but they are not. They are procrastination, which, if you think about it, is actually writing in its purest form. – The New Yorker
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‘Treachery’ Is What Killed Woodstock 50, Says Founder (That And Theft, Too)

The attorneys for Woodstock 50 co-founder Michael Lang have shared a furious letter he has written to Dentsu, the Japan-based international ad agency that had been lead investor for this summer’s festival, only to abruptly pull its funding and announce the festival’s cancellation last week. – Vulture
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Dressing Up: Miami Beach Is Getting A Major Public Art Makeover

Like the city around it, the public-art program aspires to be both local and global. According to curator Brandi Reddick, the projects, by six internationally-renowned artists chosen from over 500 who applied. – CityLab
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US stops Arctic Council joint statement over climate change language

On May 7, the Arctic Council released a statement of various priorities, but for the first time it could not publish a joint declaration, reportedly due to push-back from the U.S. over climate change language. The Arctic Council is comprised of indigenous leaders and eight nations, including the U.S., Canada, Finland, Russia, China, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. After meetings in Rovaniemi, Finland, the group released its disjointed statement, but it could not agree on a declaration of u...
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Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, OR seeks Grants & Events Manager

Artists Rep seeks development professional to lead corporate, foundation, and government grants program to advance long-term engagement and investment. GRANTS AND EVENTS MANAGER Reports to – Managing DirectorFSLA Status – Exempt SalariedHours – Regular, Full Time, 40 hours per week RoleThe Grants and Events Manager is a member of the Development team, which is primarily responsible for major, annual, capital, and planned giving to achieve overall fundraising goals, support growth stra...
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The History of the Iconic Moka Pot

The single-serve espresso machine first appeared in Italy in 1901. More than 30 years later, Alfonso Bialetti popularized an even more democratic coffee maker for home use: the Moka Express. This version (now patented) became an iconic symbol of Italian coffee culture—simple yet dignified. The historically significant eight-sided machine helped to make at-home coffee brewing possible at a much larger scale. Today, the Moka Express …
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