New work: Resourceful

When I’m asked to rename a brand, it’s usually for one of two reasons: a legal challenge (someone has a prior claim to the name) or a major shift in the organization’s direction (we used to sell housewares; now we sell jewelry). Neither of those scenarios applied to Resourceful HR, a 10-year-old Seattle human-resources consultancy that approached me last autumn about a name change. The company was thriving. It had successfully registered RESOURCEFUL as a trademark. And its business plan invol...
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Good Design: Easy As Black And White

With Thicker Two-Color Acrylic Added To Both The NZ And USA Catalogs, You Have Even More Design Options There’s something special about two-color acrylics. The contrast. The professional presentation. And no additional hand-finishing required. Previously only available in 1.5mm thickness, now 3.2mm black-on-white acrylic has been added to the NZ catalog and 3mm black-on-white and white-on-black acrylic to the USA catalog for even more design options. Whether you’re making jewelry, electronics ...
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Blunt Instrument: The Complexity Of Using Quotas To Drive Equity

“In the future, 50/50 ideologies fade to dust because they are too narrow, too binary and mistake equality for equity or justice. To paraphrase political activist Angela Davis, equality is not to be understood as achieving status or parity with white, able-bodied, cis men because that status is contingent on the oppression of other peoples. In the future, everyone has transformed the meaning of patriarchy so that it no longer operates by domination. This has been done without loss of men or man...
Tags: Art, Issues, Angela Davis, 05.07.19

Art Review: ‘Camp’ at the Met, as Rich as It Is Frustrating

This year’s Costume Institute exhibition is finally here. Will it help you better define camp? Probably not. But the historical journey is thoroughly engaging.
Tags: Art, News, Bolton, Rich, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Susan, Andrew, Sontag, Costume Institute, Fashion and apparel, Camp: Notes on Fashion (Exhibit

How to win a design award: A handy guide

If you haven’t read our piece on What Awards Do For Your Design Career, I do recommend you check that out first. An award is instant validation. It puts a stamp of approval on your work, your process, and even you as a designer, helping you stand out from the rest. Awards, aside from validation, also have a number of additional benefits. Cash prizes, trophies, internship opportunities, interested funders/clients, collaborators, and just a fast-track to getting your work seen by thousands if not ...
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A traveling library that takes inspiration from the ladybug

Books can transport you to an imaginary wonderland, and in many ways, LUO Studio’s Shared Lady Beetle library can too! Mounted on a bicycle, and shaped out of sheet metal, this library resembles a large ladybug, something almost out of a fairytale. Open any of its wings and inside it are bookshelves filled with books. It’s truly an amazing experience that connects children to their wildest dreams and triggers their imagination, both through form, and through the books within.The Shared Lady Beet...
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Textile artist Bisa Butler illustrates history by repurposing fabrics into portrait quilts

While the fashion industry continues to take a hit as one that contributes heavily to the pollution of the planet, one Brooklyn-based artist is focused on lessening that impact by repurposing fabrics into quilts filled with cultural and artistic significance. It may not seem like fabric and art directly intertwine, but they do when the artist creates a canvas from vintage and repurposed materials. Bisa Butler, an American textile artist, upcycles the fibers not only to find a use for them, but ...
Tags: New York, Design, Brooklyn, Butler, Bisa Butler, Claire Oliver

Spoon Holder Mug

Ceramic mug with integrated holder that prevents the spoon from sliding and moving around when you drink your tea or coffee. NOTA spoon holder tea and coffee mug designed by Scott Lee Hae Seung. Also check out: Tea Bag Holder Mug
Tags: Design, Tech, Nota, Scott Lee Hae Seung

Where Does The Original End And The Copy Begin? (And Don’t Even Mention Fakes)

It’s an issue, since the beginning of art. Where does one person’s art end and another’s begin. The lines are quite blurry… – Smithsonian
Tags: Art, Visual, 05.07.19

New Deal: Italian Galleries Won’t Have To Pay Artist Resale Royalties

Primary market galleries in Italy no longer have to pay the artist’s resale right (ARR) when selling a work for the first time on behalf of an artist, meaning only works being resold are subject to royalties. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Italy, Visual, ARR, 05.08.19

Eva Rothschild Profiled in The Guardian

Artist Eva Rothschild is profiled in The Guardian, as she opens her show at the Irish Pavilion in Venice. “The weird thing about Venice,” she says, “is that it’s the shiniest show in the world, and everyone else has done it before, except for the artists.”  Read more at The Guardian
Tags: Art, News, Venice, Art News, Minipost, Eva Rothschild, Irish Pavilion

Five Impressive Oregon-Made Sparkling Wines

Elegant and elevated bubbles from an unexpected region Oregon is known for its award-winning Pinot Noir, but its success with sparkling wine might very well change the conversation. The numbers speak volumes (as sparkling wine sales from the state grew more than 50% in Nielsen-tracked channels in 2018) but there are, of course, far more impressive and interesting factors at play here. Andrew Davis, owner …
Tags: Design, Oregon, Alcohol, Drinking, Wine, Nielsen, Champagne, Food + Drink, Brut, Rose, Willamette Valley, Andrew Davis, PNW, Wines, Sparkling Wines, Cuvee

Van Gogh Lettert to Critic Goes on View in Amsterdam

A letter by Vincent Van Gogh gushing to critic Albert Aurier over a review of one of his shows is on view at the Van Gogh Museum, The Guardian reports. “I rediscover my canvases in your article, but better than they really are – richer, more significant,” Van Gogh wrote. Read more at The Guardian      
Tags: Art, News, Amsterdam, Van Gogh, Art News, Minipost, Vincent Van Gogh, Van Gogh Lettert, Albert Aurier, Van Gogh Museum The Guardian

The Getty Research InstituteTaps Pietro Rigolo as Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Collections

The Getty Research Institute has appointed Pietro Rigolo as its assistant curator of modern and contemporary collections, Art News reports. “I am looking forward to joining my colleagues in implementing and diversifying our collections, envisaging new ways to present such relevant holdings, produce new knowledge, and engage our global public of researchers, students, and local communities […]
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In Ancient Times, Timekeeping Was Erratic. When We Figured It Out, It Revolutionized The World

“In our own world, filled with ubiquitous date marks, it is easy to underestimate the sheer novelty, and so historical significance, of this mass year-marking. But, in the ancient world, this was without precedent or parallel. In no other state in the ancient Mediterranean or west Asia did rulers and subjects inhabit spaces that were so comprehensively and consistently dated.” – Aeon
Tags: Art, Asia, World, Ideas, Mediterranean, 05.07.19

Sontagian Revulsion: My Notes on “Camp” at the Metropolitan Museum

Camp: Notes on Fashion begins promisingly with a deep dive into the early history of camp, including the derivation of that designation as an aesthetic category (first known usage: Molière). But its sprawling, diffuse finale embodies the “camp” worldview at its worst, as it devolves into a parody of a museum exhibition. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 05.09.19

Britain celebrates first week without coal power since 1882

England has officially gone seven days without using any coal-powered source of electricity for the first time in centuries. Britain was the cradle of the industrial revolution, opening the world’s first coal powered plant in 1882. In an attempt to transition to renewable energy, the country removed its last coal generator from the power grid on May 1 and has effectively survived a week without needing to tap into coal resources. According to the National Grid Electricity System Operator, which...
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The random number drawing for the give-away for a crow painting is tomorrow!  If you want to be in the draw, just post a comment listing your three favorite paintings.   After that, I have a review to give of a free travel palette I was mailed - check that out and see if it’s something you might want to add to your travel gear. [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter

Selected Artists and statistics - BP Portrait Award 2019

This post is about the artists behind the 44 portraits selected for the BP Portrait Award 2019 Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition opens to the public on 13 June 2019 and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Making A Mark

Colors de la Runway

Including primary colors, stripes and polka dots, Clarence Ruth’s book Colors de la Runway aims to teach children through fashion. Using stylized illustrations of outfits, with their corresponding color written in both English and French, Ruth’s mission is to inspire as he instructs. A longtime fashion designer, Ruth dream of a high-quality, coffee table style book for children and this is the hard-covered, glossy reality.
Tags: Books, Fashion, Design, Kids, Children, Colors, Educational, Childrens Books, Schiffer Publishing, Kids Books, Clarence Ruth

Currently Crowdfunding: A Tool for Drawing Perfect Circles, the Last Q-Tip You'll Ever Need, and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundup ...
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Will Transparent Wood Become a Viable Construction Material?

One of the world's oldest building materials may soon be getting a makeover. Wood is celebrated for being a good insulator, durable, and renewable, but despite its best qualities it's still opaque, and we need natural light—not only for our sanity but also to decrease our use of artificial light. Glass, however, is a really bad insulator and not energy-efficient. Looking for an alternative to drafty windows, a team of researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden have developed a pr...
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Navigate New York Design Week with Our Handy NYCxDesign Map

New York Design Week is on the horizon, and you know what that means! Our NYCxDesign Map is back to help guide you through the city that never sleeps on your quest to discover great design. With countless exhibitions, parties and presentations to go to throughout the month of May, scheduling can get a bit tricky. Not to mention, if you aren't from the the 'Big Apple', navigating can be a real challenge. Use our map on your phone or your computer to plan your schedule, filter through the events y...
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Design Job: Bank of America is Seeking a Sr. Experience Designer in San Francisco, CA

At Bank of America, we’re guided by a common purpose: to help make financial lives better by connecting clients and communities to the resources they need to be successful. Bank of America’s Experience Design team includes strategic, interaction, visual and motion designers, design program managers, content strategists, and design technologists who are constantly iterating, problem solving, and collaborating to create digital experiences that will help customers reach their financial goals in mo...
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Look Keys! Fun custom art keys featuring...

Look Keys! Fun custom art keys featuring artists like Joe Ledbetter, Yoskay Yamamoto, Amanda Visell, Chris Ryniak, Robots Will Kill, Sket One, and many other NOTCOT favorites! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Then There’s This: Brecker With Holmquist And The UMO

We have been meaning to call to your attention to an instance in which – unlike, say, the trade talks between the US and China – international cooperation works beautifully. – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, China, US, Ajblogs, 05.09.19, Brecker With Holmquist

We need to unearth some history

There should be a book about all the changes orchestras went through in the last few decades. I’ll be doing posts on some of the things I think should be in this book, often things that aren’t revealed publicly. Here, to start, are a couple of examples. – Greg Sandow
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‘We Are In The Early Stages Of A New Filmmaking Revolution’

“An array of rapidly developing technologies offer thrilling potential for the future of motion pictures – such as the rise of AR (augmented reality), AI (artificial intelligence) and the ever-increasing capacity for computers to power detailed digital worlds. What will films look like in 20 years’ time? And how will the cinematic stories of the future differ from the experiences available today?” Correspondent Luke Buckmaster asks some of the people working to make it all happen. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Luke Buckmaster, 05.08.19

Survey Of UK Musicians With Disabilities: 70 Percent Hide Their Disability So They Can Work

Seventy percent said they had kept their disability hidden because of worries it would damage a relationship with a venue, promoter or festival, while two thirds said they had to “compromise their health or wellbeing” to be able to perform live. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, UK, SJM, 05.08.19

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