Adobe CC Flash Sale – 40% Off (Ends May 17)

Looking for an Adobe Creative Cloud discount? I mean, who isn’t? Well, good news! As an Adobe partner, I can offer you 40% off all of Adobe’s apps including Photoshop, Illustrator and XD until May 17. Adobe say the sale is available for those in the USA, Canada or Mexico, however, I am also getting the sale in Australia, so you may get lucky. » Get 40% Off Adobe CC — The Best Adobe CC Deals Right Now Below are the latest Adobe Creative deals and this will be updated as new sales become availa...
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The best Adobe Deals & Creative Cloud discounts: Get 40% Off

Looking for an Adobe Creative Cloud discount? I mean, who isn’t? Well, good news! As an Adobe partner, I can offer you 40% off all of Adobe’s apps including Photoshop, Illustrator and XD until May 17. Adobe say the sale is available for those in the USA, Canada or Mexico, however, I am also getting the sale in Australia, so you may get lucky. » Get 40% Off Adobe CC — The Best Adobe CC Deals Right Now Below are the latest Adobe Creative deals and this will be updated as new sales become availa...
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David Hockney: Drawing from Life (2020) at the National Portrait Gallery

I'm very much looking forward to David Hockney: Drawing from Life - at the National Portrait Gallery in early 2020. David Hockney Self Portrait, March 14 2012, iPad drawing printed on paper... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Green Eyed Calico

Green Eyed Calico  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  $330. Just one painting this week (and it was a fun one!) Attaching a WIP, fy entertainment. (As always, more wips can be found on my Instagram account.)  Kitty was initially photographed at Rescue Village in Geauga County, Ohio. [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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Don't know if you've heard of this product, but there's a nifty little travel palette on the market.  Created by Steve Padden (an industrial engineer with a degree in Fine Arts), this little palette is smaller than my Holbein and looks more travel-worthy.  I was sent a sample by Steve's publicist, Lorna Garano, and said I would give it an honest review.  So here goes... Arriving in a nice little box, this travel palette is just sized 1" x 3" x 5.5" = as small as some smartphones!   ...
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Reader Submitted: Block : A modular wireless tabletop electronic device set

Block is a set of modular electronic devices and wireless chargers that helps manage charging personal electronic devices and organizes your desk top. View the full project here
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TORTUGA and Home Studios Team Up on The Curved Wave Shelf

Last time we covered TORTUGA, the now one year old design brand was launching their first product, colorful bookends designed by Ciszak Dalmas. To celebrate their one year anniversary the design brand, who is becoming known for their strategic partnerships with designers, has launched the Wave Shelf, a curved shelf designed by Oliver Haslegrave, founder of Home Studios. Home Studios is best known for the unexpected material combinations and custom furnishings found in their high-end custom hos...
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An Installation Celebrates the Enduring Appeal of Isamu Noguchi's Akari Light Sculptures

If you missed the latest blockbuster show at the Noguchi Museum in Queens, Akari: Sculpture by Other Means, you now have another chance to experience the artist's popular Akari light sculptures as part of an installation at Totokaelo's New York store during NYCxDesign. A "cloud" made up of 20 to 25 of Noguchi's A, D, and F ceiling lamps was re-installed in the clothing retailer's outpost at 61 Crosby Street and will be on view through May 22. "Imagine that the cloud wafted apart, and a little pu...
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Design Job: Roll With It: Ricardo Beverly Hills Is Seeking a Designer in Kent, WA

Ricardo Beverly Hills is searching for an industrial designer with a passion for travel, keen eye for style and fashion, and understanding of materials and processes. The ideal candidate will have a experience designing from concept through to production, the ability to excel in a fast-paced environment, and display endless inquisition. S/he must be a team player in their willingness to work with sales, marketing, and our global partners. Strong presentation skills coupled with the ability to in...
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Can a product ever be both sleek and rugged? Hauter Timepieces say yes.

The textbook definition of sleek is a product having an elegant, streamlined shape or design. Rugged, on the other hand, is defined as quite the opposite, characterized by products having a rough surface. It seems like an error to use both these words to describe the same product, but the Hauter Timepieces manage to achieve this unique distinction.Separating form and surface as two individual entities, Hauter Timepieces create this wonderful visual contrast by using a sleek form, with a measur...
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These self-driving robo-palettes will park your car while you go shopping

Perhaps the most useful application for self-driving tech is in the area of driving that annoys most drivers. Parking. Parking is perhaps the one reason I don’t enjoy driving. Looking for a spot, and then struggling to parallel park (and eventually take out) your car from said spot requires patience, skill, and willpower… virtues that I don’t possess, but a robot could.Hik Vision’s award-winning self-driving palette helps out by doing that task for you. Unlike other parking-assistant-robots th...
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Canadians In Rural Areas And Small Towns Could Lose Free TV

The Local Television Satellite Solution that provided free service to Canadians who lost signals when TV transitioned from analog to digital in 2011 could end this year.
Tags: Art, Media, 05.13.19

These grooved cork discs act as coasters as well as air-tight container-lids

Nominated as a finalist for the prestigious James Dyson Award, the Montados are a set of lid/coaster hybrids made from recycled cork. Its unusual grooved design (with differently spaced grooves on the front as well as back) serves a pretty neat purpose. Not only do the grooves act as a collecting rim for any liquid that spills on it, making the Montados a great set of coasters, but when placed on the top of any cylindrical container, the Montados can securely fasten around the rim with a nice, a...
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Rainbow Book Chair

Folding chair decorated with rainbow colors opens and closes like a book. Rainbow book chair made by Chen Liu out of soft layers of yoga mats. Also check out: Bookcase Lounge Chai
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In 1975 Bas Jan Ader Set Out In A Tiny Boat As Part Of An Art Project And Was Never Heard From Again

In the years following Ader’s disappearance, rumors began to swirl that it was a deliberate act that was part of the artwork. But, Anderson Ader denies this. She said her husband was making plans for the future, for the work he would do when this piece was complete, and he had no intention of disappearing for good. – The Daily Beast
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Maybe Arts Organizations Aren’t Set Up Structurally To Become More Diverse?

“Certainly we need to continue to push for diversity in all our organizations.  But I do believe we need to recognize the structural limitations of our field as those limitations impact our strategies.” – Barry’s Blog
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The Guardian Tours Lee Kasner’s Home in Long Island

The Guardian has a lengthy piece on Lee Krasner this week, touring her Long Island home and reviewing some of the abstract works she made after the death of her husband, Jackson Pollock.  “It’s mind-boggling,” says Helen Harrison, director of the artist’s Springs home. “Straight away she does this wonderful, colourful, upbeat work. Painting was her antidote to […]
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Broken System: How Music Gets Promoted (And Who Gets Played)

“There are a lot of ways our music can come into contact with others, but there isn’t a lot of consistency in our field at large for how we evaluate works and provide opportunities for composers. (Sometimes it seems like every ensemble has their own method!) And, no matter what processes we use—from an open call-for-scores, to a competition format with specified prizes and a panel of judges, to a curatorial model that asks individual artists to build programs—we often face a series of similar c...
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Wales Proposes Making Arts Core To Public Education

The Welsh government is proposing a new curriculum in which schools would be required to provide a “broad and balanced curriculum” in which the arts would become one of six core “areas of learning and experience”.These are the expressive arts; health and well-being; humanities; languages, literacy and communication; mathematics and numeracy; and science and technology. – The Stage
Tags: Art, Wales, Issues, 05.09.19

Interview: Federico Cerelli on Cavaliere d’Oro Wines

We speak about how to lead a heritage brand in a contemporary climate The picturesque wine region of Tuscany is home to Castello di Gabbiano, a 500-year-old medieval castle surrounded by rolling hills dotted with vineyards and olive trees. Since 1480, Sangiovese grapevines have thrived on the estate and are the soul of the Gabbiano label’s enduring reputation as a top producer of Chianti (blessed …
Tags: Design, Climate Change, Interviews, Alcohol, Italy, Wine, Tuscany, Food + Drink, Federico Cerelli, Wines, Italian wines, Cavaliere d’Oro

Lora DiCarlo’s Pleasure Toy Award Reinstated at CES

Earlier this year, sex-tech company Lora DiCarlo was awarded a Robotics Innovation Award at CES, then the award was revoked. Now, CES has again changed their collective minds, and reinstated the women-centric Osé pleasure toy the honor, with the Consumer Technology Association announcing that they “did not handle this award properly.” The debacle did, as expected, result in important conversations around inclusivity in tech, sex-tech …
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Propwatch: the suitcases in ‘Death of a Salesman’

We see them early on in the heavy-hearted revival at London’s Young Vic. Willy lumbers in with two cases. One, a smart, wooden box, presumably packed with sample goods. The other, a battered and scratched suitcase, must carry his personal stuff. – David Jays
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Saturday night special

The humble McDonald’s cheeseburger — the plain one, not the Big Mac — as madeleine. – Terry Teachout
Tags: Art, Big Mac, Ajblogs, McDonald, 05.13.19

Time Pauses For Valentin Silvestrov

Milton Moore, who has been reviewing music, classical and otherwise, since the ‘70s, today starts in this space a more-or-less monthly column about contemporary and “alternative” classical music. First up: the music of Valentin Silvestrov. – Scott Timberg
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Something American orchestras don’t want known

Continuing from my last post, with what should be in a book on the past few decades’ history of American orchestras … One main focus of the book would of course have to be orchestra finances. Along with the long-term decline in ticket sales, which of course affects the bottom line. – Greg Sandow
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New Frontiers in Arts Research: My panel remarks at the IU Center for Cultural Affairs Symposium

I’ll let my comments speak for themselves but will leave you with this reflection — “A good society contains many different artists doing many different things. A bad society coerces artists because it knows that they can reveal all kinds of truths.” — from Iris Murdoch which was on my mind when I wrote my remarks. – Diane Ragsdale
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Jorge Pérez Establishes $1 Million Grant Fund for Local Arts in Miami

Collector Jorge Pérez has established the CreARTE Grants Program, giving $1 million in grants to support arts and culture programs in Miami-Dade County.  “We wanted to create a fund to provide more funding for innovation, passion, creativity, and collaboration in the arts,” Pérez said. “Artistic endeavors are economically hard. We want to create opportunities for artists […]
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Academia Is Addictive, Dysfunctional, And A Total Mess. Are We In End Days?

“Academe, as anyone knows who’s tried to leave it, is like a partner who is wrenchingly hard to quit. When it was good, it was amazing. God, the highs! The horizon of your happiness seemed unbounded. But the partner turned out to be a nut job who demanded nothing less than all of you. Move to a different city every year, they stipulated. Subsist on bread crumbs. Completely debase yourself. They constantly evaluated your “performance.” On a whim, they dressed you up in a sailor suit and beat you...
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Plea For A Great Detente: Science And Philosophy

Once upon a time, it was not just that philosophy was a part of science; rather, science was a branch of philosophy. We need to remember that modern science began as natural philosophy – a development of philosophy, an admixture of philosophy and science.  – Aeon
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Henning Larsen wins bid to design a sustainable business district for Shenzhen

Danish architectural firm Henning Larsen Architects has won an international competition for the design of the Shenzhen Bay Headquarters City, a new district in the southern Chinese city spanning 5.5 million square meters. Working alongside two other local firms, Henning Larsen’s green and sustainable master plan will help cement Shenzhen — often likened to China’s Silicon Valley — as the innovation center of the country. A critical part of the Shenzhen Bay Headquarters City is reconnecting th...
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