Elevating the Arts Through Non-Arts Spaces

Aileen Alon: “While most of my career has been in the arts, I’ve never been employed by an arts organization. … In fact, I’ve probably been able to do more for the arts and culture sector in my community by being an advocate for the arts in non-arts organizations.” – Americans for the Arts
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Presentation Coaching: How to Find the Right Person

Presenting is a skill that is becoming increasingly more important to our professional lives. The ability to stand in front of a crowd and sell your product, idea, or vision is vital to not only your growth as a leader but as a person. In fact, with the rise of social media and the interconnectedness of our lives, whether you think it or not, you are a presenter every day. Knowing that the ability to present is vital to our lives, we all must take a look at how we are developing that skill. At E...
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A Monet Sells for $110.7 Million, an Auction High for an Impressionist Work

A work from Monet’s “Meules” (“Grainstacks”) series that sold at Sotheby’s in New York on Tuesday was the ninth-most-expensive painting ever sold at an international auction house.
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Responsible Theatremaking: Content Warnings and Beyond

“Content warnings” — a more effective term than “trigger warnings” — “aren’t about treating audiences like they are incapable of handling the material a play presents. Instead, warnings are about giving an audience the appropriate information needed to make a choice about what they want to be exposed to. Ultimately, this is about respecting audience agency. Part of being a responsible theatremaker is trusting the audience to make their own choices about their exposure to certain topics.” – How...
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Acknowledging Impact, Regardless of Intent

Bri Ng Schwartz: “An intent to make space for artists with diverse backgrounds can get lost in translation when the impact is harmful. … All of my recent experiences [as an Asian-American theatre artist with majority white companies] speak to artists with power and privilege wanting to do the right thing without having the vocabulary to get there. Each one is an example of people intellectualizing the issue without speaking to those who are affected by it.” – HowlRound
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A Performance Festival by and for Disabled Artists

“In mid-April, Performance Space New York hosted I wanna be with you everywhere (IWBWYE), a three-day festival “of, by, and for” disabled artists and writers. … The organizers adhere to the Disability Justice framework — which originated in 2005 with performance project Sins Invalid — that centers disabled people experiencing intersecting and multiple forms of oppression.” – Hyperallergic
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Tenor Russell Thomas on diversity and blackface in opera

“Right now, Thomas is starring in the Canadian Opera Company’s latest production of Otello in Toronto. In the past, the role has received criticism for casting white actors who have had their skin darkened to play the part. But as a black opera singer himself, Thomas says that outrage is misplaced. He joined host Tom Power in the q studio to share his perspective on why banning blackface won’t get at the root issues of the genre’s lack of diversity.” (audio) – CBC
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What have we learned from history? A musing on arts policies and practices in the public sector, clichés included

Hilary Amnah: “While working in the public sector for much of my arts administration career, I have been complicit in adhering to largely inequitable practices — especially when it comes to grant funding. And while my fellow public sector arts administrators and I get excited by moving the needle — even just a little — to make our policies and practices more equitable, we’re still not addressing the core structures that created these inequities in the first place. We focus our attention on movi...
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Reader Submitted: Throwise

Throwise is a new waste disposal system for elementary schools that alters the ordinary interaction between students and waste bins through a game-based strategy.Inspired by the concept "pay-as-you-throw" which is not yet implemented in Toronto, students will have to pay using Ren, a new currency, depending on the type(s) of waste they produce.The campaign is proposed to be launched as a pilot run during Waste Reduction Week (WRW) in Canada 2019. The lesser waste students produce, the more Rens...
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Jägermeister COOLPACK - an ice pack inspired...

Jägermeister COOLPACK - an ice pack inspired new bottle design - stackable, compact, and portable. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Future Food Today: A SPACE10 Cookbook has...

Future Food Today: A SPACE10 Cookbook has launched! It promises a collection of delicious and sustainable recipes and a tangible vision for what the sustainable kitchen of tomorrow may look like. (SPACE10 = IKEA’s future living lab) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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The Master Theorem... might be launching a book...

The Master Theorem... might be launching a book of puzzles, intrigue, and wit? Quite the teaser video... (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Delightfully Tiny Paper Cuttings by Laura K. Sayers

Paper artist and illustrator Laura K. Sayers creates miniature hand cut paper figures that have been delighting the masses - masses of Instagrammers, that is. I ask you... is there a cuter collection... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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'New Volumes' Collection Showcases the Sculptural Versatility of Elba Marble

One of the things that caught our eye at this year’s Milan Design Week was “New Volumes”, the inaugural homeware collection by Australian stone and tile supplier Artedomus which was part of the Local Milan exhibition at 5 Vie district.
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Greg Rutkowski

Greg Rutkowski is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Poland, whose clients include Wizards of the Coast. Among his other fantasy subjects, Rutkowski paints terrific dragons, with a feeling of leathery textures and lots of creative variations. His digital paintings often have a nicely naturalistic and textural painterly approach. In addition to his concept pieces you’ll find digital paintings of landscapes in his online portfolio and deviantART gallery. Rutkowski has digital paint...
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Design Job: Astro Studios is Seeking a Brand Director in San Francisco, CA

ASTRO Studios blends lifestyle, technology and design into valuable, tangible, high-impact brands and products for many of the world’s most recognized companies. We are looking for an inspiring Brand Director that has a proven ability to work with cross-functional teams to develop innovative brand strategy solutions and experiences. The ideal candidate will have 10+ years of brand strategy consulting experience.View the full design job here
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Tom Dixon and IKEA's Urban Farming Solutions Will Be Available as Early as 2021

As part of the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Tom Dixon and IKEA have designed an experimental model for urban farming. Titled "Gardening will Save the World," the exhibition demonstrates how people can grow food at home and do their best to reduce food waste, through the combination of design and technology. The two-level garden will feature over 4,000 plants, as well as a horticultural lab that integrates technology into the system. "Aiming to give back to cities and create productive landscape...
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Reinventing the Bubble Tea Glass Cup, no straw needed.

Reinventing the Bubble Tea Glass Cup, no straw needed. AoiroStudioMay 15, 2019 Reinventing the Bubble Tea Glass Cup, no straw needed. We are featuring the bubble tea glass cup design by Mickey Wu, Fang Shih and cie. For those who don't know what Bubble Tea is, well it's a street drink culture with tapioca balls invented in Tainan and Taichung in the 1980s. And now it's a drink being made all over the World and everyone would have their own twist on the recip...
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Determine Your Creative Type with Adobe Create's New Quiz

The next time you're ready for a mildly productive break from work, take a few minutes to find your creative type with this recently debuted quiz from Adobe Create. Inspired by the idea that creatives have a tendency to "contain contradictory extremes," as psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi put it, the test employs top-notch design and graphics to uncover your core creative personality. The test is composed of fifteen questions inspired by popular personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs and...
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BBC Wants To Pry Listeners From Their Bubbles (Possible?)

The broadcaster is developing a “public service algorithm” that’s “built to surprise you,” said the BBC’s director of radio and education James Purnell.His hope is that audiences will stumble onto something new, instead of content that simply reinforces their views. Algorithms “do not have to create echo chambers,” he added, “they can open them up”. – BBC
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The designer in me is totally geeking out on these industrial-texture engagement rings!

What could be a bigger testament to your love for your partner and your creative profession than a nice, knurled piece of jewelry?Cleverly capturing its aesthetic cues not from conventional jewelry, but from industrial textures that us industrial designers are all too familiar with, these fun, tongue-in-cheek, tactile engagement rings are perfect for designers who love what they do! Acting as a constant reminder of your loved one as well as an emotional connection to your profession, Igor Komov’...
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Inside the Forthcoming ‘Herman Miller: A Way of Living’ Book and Exhibition

Amy Auscherman, the company's corporate archivist, details the significance of the release “Nothing is done in a vacuum,” Amy Auscherman, Herman Miller‘s corporate archivist, tells us. And for more than 100 years, Herman Miller has impacted culture as much as culture has returned the favor. Their designs are timeless. They have acquired companies to create a family of influence. Most of all, they have pushed …
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The Museum of Modern Art Taps hired Lanka Tattersall As Prints and Drawings Curator

The Museum of Modern Art has hired Lanka Tattersall as a curator in the drawings and prints department. “With its unparalleled permanent collection, MoMA is an extraordinary place from which to build and question our understandings of art in our time,” Tattersall said in a statement. “I eagerly look forward to supporting artists by bringing their inventive, […]
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Modular lego-inspired furniture that can be hacked, customized, refurbished, & relocated

I remember my reaction when I saw the first iteration of Aalo back in 2018. It was simple, sophisticated, and honestly made me wonder why nobody ever thought of making furniture that literally ticks every box. The Aalo’s system was clever, and using just a handful of parts, you could quite literally build whatever you want. The same parts could make one table, or could be pulled apart and re-joined to make two benches, or even a shoe-rack.From a business stand-point, Aalo was a complete win. B...
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Citroën’s 100th year anniversary car concept makes you feel like you’re flying!

Founded way back in March 1919, Citroën has come a long way… and to celebrate 100 years of boldness and creativity at the service of freedom of movement, Citroën revealed a thing of sheer beauty, the concept 19_19, a car that embodies the company’s vision on the future of travel. Disclaimer: It’s electric, self-driving, feels like a “living room on wheels”, and takes cues from aviation design.The car’s exterior combines the appearance of an aircraft’s fuselage, along with the transparent bubbl...
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Tilted Vase

Clever optical illusion vase appears to be tilting to one side and is about to fall. Imbalanced vase designed by Jean Marc Gady breaks the laws of gravity. Also check out: Liquid Vases
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Améline Perfume

PHLUR’s newest fragrance, Améline is a fresh and summery perfume that features notes from classic scents including rose, Italian bergamot, pink pepper, patchouli and sandalwood. Like all of their perfumes, this formula is made for all genders, hypoallergenic, and free of parabens, phthalates, BHT, phenoxyethanol and synthetic musk. Not overly floral, this scent is clean and elegant.
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Venice Biennale and Market for Works Profiled in NYT

A piece in the NYT discusses the market behind the works on view at the Venice Biennale, and the collectors who seek out works on view at an event proffered as free of commercial impetus.  “Art and the market are always connected, but maybe in the past there was too much of a market,” says […]
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How Doris Day Connected With America

Todd Purdam: “Doris Day, who died Monday at 97, was always underrated—the girl next door whose peaches-and-cream good looks, 1,000-watt smile, and sinuous, molten singing voice were so often taken for granted. Her huge commercial power—and the bad management of her third husband, Martin Melcher—meant that she seldom had material worthy of her talents, in records or on film. But when she did, watch out.” – The Atlantic
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A Beam Of Light? Crystal? What Should A Rebuilt Notre Dame’s Spire Be?

President Emmanuel Macron said last month he was not opposed to a “a contemporary architectural gesture” that could make Notre-Dame “even more beautiful”. But many in France have called for Viollet-le-Duc’s spire to be restored as it had been built. – Irish Times
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