A 2-in-1 pillow that lets you sleep on your bed or at your desk!

No pillow has looked at the act of sleeping or napping as holistically as the Dullo. This nifty two-sided, custom-shaped pillow comes with a great deal of attention paid to all sorts of sleep, whether it’s on your back, your side, on a sofa, or even your workspace (that’s if your boss allows it). The Dullo is a perfect juxtaposition between a device with medical benefits, as well as a device that’s just great to use and own, because not only does the Dullo help you sleep healthier, it’ll make ...
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An object-holding tray that looks like wood, behaves like fabric

With a fractured wooden surface held together by a layer of flexible silicon rubber, the Stretch Board remains deceptively flat when there’s nothing placed on it… but the second you put an object with weight down on the surface, it begins dipping, displaying a property that feels almost like a taut fabric, and not like wood. This is the Stretch Board, a special material-type designed for a rather fun interaction with its share of benefits.The Stretch Board can warp to the weight and shape of the...
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Awards, Furniture, Product Design, Design Intelligence Award, DIA Award, Stretch Board, Taijiro Ishiko

Going In Deep & Hard: This Queer Artist Designs Porcelain Sex Toys

photos: Vismante Ruzgaite.  We got a chance to meet Jessie Keane who makes ceramic fine arts – for your kitchen, plants and… private parts. Jessie is laying on the floor of our photo studio. Coming in for a normal interview, spotlights and cameras were probably not what the 27-year-old expected from this otherwise ordinary Thursday night. But we couldn’t resist photographing the charming artist with her kinky creations. “Oh god, I’m dressed way too casually for this,” she replies when we ask h...
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Consider Going Analog: Why Using Pen and Paper Can Unlock Presentation Greatness

You’ve just been tasked with a big presentation. Your boss has given you your marching orders, and it’s time to start creating. You sit down at your desk; what’s the first thing you reach for? If you’re anything like me, I bet your first move is to grab your computer and open a blank Word document. While this may feel like the best way to start creating an excellent presentation, at Ethos3, we would argue it is not the most effective way to design a presentation. Instead, we believe that before ...
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From YouTube To Hollywood: Short Is The New Thing

“Once the purview of DIY YouTubers and aspiring creatives looking for a big break, short-form now commands a deep well of resources – the backing of major studios, streaming-service budgets and top talent. And as the slate of original content continues to expand, scripted short-form TV may become the most contested battleground for heavyweight tech and content companies, as everyone from Snap to YouTube to Sundance TV compete for a quarter-hour snippet of attention.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Audience, 05.14.19, Snap to YouTube

Architect I. M. Pei, 102

M r. Pei was probably best known for designing the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington and the glass pyramid that serves as an entry for the Louvre in Paris. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Washington, People, Paris, Louvre, Pei, National Gallery of Art, 05.16.19

The Met Will No Longer Accept Gifts from Members of Sackler Family

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will no longer accept gifts from members of the Sackler family linked to the maker of OxyContin. “The museum takes a position of gratitude and respect to those who support us, but on occasion, we feel it’s necessary to step away from gifts that are not in the public interest, or in […]
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An Art Show for Hundreds of Women. And That’s Just the Artists.

Like so many good ideas, the Every Woman Biennial was born of a joke. Now it’s in its third edition, displaying the work of over 600 female and nonbinary artists, and expanding to Los Angeles.
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Czech Culture Minister Antonin Stanek to Resign Over Dismissal of National Gallery Director

Czech Culture Minister Antonin Stanek will resign following protests over his dismissal of Jiri Fajt, the director of Prague’s National Gallery. “This is not acceptable in a 21st-century democracy,” said Marion Ackermann of the Dresden State Art Collections. “Fajt has been one of the best ambassadors for the Czech Republic. He has put so much energy into creating […]
Tags: Art, News, Czech Republic, Prague, National Gallery, Dresden, Art News, Minipost, Jiri Fajt, Antonin Stanek, Marion Ackermann

Study: Want More Civil Online Discourse? Post The Rules

A recent study finds that simply posting “community rules,” and making sure they remain prominently displayed, increases compliance with those guidelines, as well as participation by newcomers. – Pacific Standard
Tags: Art, Media, 05.14.19

Indigenous Womxn’s Collective Stages Protest at Whitney

Activist group Indigenous Womxn’s Collective staged a protest against Whitney Vice Chair Warren B. Kanders this week over his rol in the production of military supplies.  “Indigenous people and other people of color are violently under attack by Warren Kanders’s manufactured weapons of terrorism,” the group said in a statement read to attendees. “You, the Whitney, is harboring […]
Tags: Art, News, Whitney, Art News, Minipost, Womxn, Warren Kanders, Warren B Kanders, Indigenous Womxn

Noise-Canceling The World: What Happens When You Always Wear Headphones

“To those who lived before headphones, it might seem as though I want to exist in the world without actually being part of it. And to some extent, that’s true. Urban Millennials like me don’t inhabit a world that allows for much privacy. We’ve been squeezed into closely packed offices, closely packed subway cars, and closely packed apartments. Everyone else’s noises are constantly everywhere, so your head is the only personal space you can get. Granted, I share it with Brian Eno and Twin Shadow...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Brian Eno, Audience, 05.14.19

Six Titian Masterpieces to Be Reunited in London

A group of Six Titian masterpieces will go on view at London’s National Gallery for the first time together since 1704, The Guardian reports.  “They rank amongst the most significant paintings of the 16th century and the all-time great visual statements on the themes of love and death,” says Matthias Wivel, the National Gallery’s curator of 16th-century Italian […]
Tags: Art, London, News, National Gallery, Art News, Minipost, Matthias Wivel

The Internet Is Fragmenting And Information Is Being Balkanized. Here’s How

A separate internet for some, Facebook-mediated sovereignty for others: whether the information borders are drawn up by individual countries, coalitions, or global internet platforms, one thing is clear – the open internet that its early creators dreamed of is already gone. – BBC
Tags: Art, Facebook, Media, 05.15.19

Does A City’s Beauty Translate Into A “Better” City? This Study Takes Up The Question

The study by Gerald A. Carlino of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and Albert Saiz of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, examines the connection between a city’s beauty and key growth indicators. A raft of previous studies have found a connection between economic and population growth and urban amenities (a broad category ranging from parks to restaurants, art galleries, and museums). But this study takes a much closer look at the effects of beauty itself. – CityLab
Tags: Art, Issues, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Albert Saiz, 05.14.19, Gerald A Carlino

Critic’s pick: The Whitney Biennial: Young Art Cross-Stitched With Politics

The look is personal, the message quietly topical.
Tags: Art, News, Whitney Museum of American Art, Race and Ethnicity, Whitney Biennial

Futuristic treehouse in Arkansas is designed to inspire imagination

Heat-treated pine and steel were used to create this unique treehouse inside the Garvan Woodland Gardens in central Arkansas. The space, a 210-acre nature park with botanical gardens owned by the University of Arkansas, borders the Quachita River. The structure itself resides inside a children’s garden full of native trees such as oak and pine, and serves as an interactive experience for children. The treatment process to create the “thermalised” southern yellow pine uses heat and steam to e...
Tags: Design, Arkansas, University of Arkansas, Garvan Woodland Gardens, Quachita River

Simon de Pury Wins Appeal Over $10 Million Commission on $210 Paul Gauguin Sale

Now, a British Court of Appeals has rejected an appeal by collector Rudolf Staechelin to overturn a $10 million commission to Simon de Pury and his wife Michaela for the $210 million sale of Paul Gauguin’s 1892 painting Nafea Faa Ipoipo? (When Will You Marry?).  “It is regrettable that for the first time in my long career in the […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Michaela, Nafea Faa Ipoipo, Paul Gauguin, Rudolf Staechelin, Simon De Pury, Million Commission, Paul Gauguin Sale, British Court of Appeals

Game of Thrones Dragon Lamp

3D Printed light and fire breathing Dragon lamp inspired by the final season of the Game of Thrones television show. “Dragon Lamp” designed and made by Kvant for Game of Thrones fans. Also check out: Game of Thrones Dragon Bench
Tags: Design, Tech

Writer/Director Jacob Mendel Brown’s “Model Boy” Web Series

A six-part narrative foray into the darkness within modeling culture Models of all genders hustle to make money in an industry that frequently subjects them to objectification, an obsession with youth and need to appease the male gaze. From outside the modeling industry (and perhaps fashion as a whole) many people see dated beauty standards affixed to unrealistic representations of lavish lifestyles. All of this—and …
Tags: Videos, TV, Design, Interviews, Youtube, Films, Culture, Web Series, Model Boy, Jacob Mendel Brown

Nike’s new free Circular Design Guide helps designers embrace sustainability

We’ve all seen those memes about how our CO2 levels are at the highest they’ve been in 3 million years, and that we’re going to face major environmental consequences in the next few decades. It’s scary, but those statistics and numbers don’t help us come up with a solution to this massive problem. Guidelines do.Years of Nike’s efforts to develop consciously designed products, practices, and behaviors has culminated in Nike’s “Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design”, a free-for-all design gu...
Tags: Design, Education, Nike, Sustainability, Green, Product Design, Sustainable Design, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Circularity, Global Fashion Agenda, John Hoke, Circular Design, Design Guide

Folding furniture you can hang on the wall!

In this age of cramped, tiny apartments but larger-than-life social circles it isn’t difficult to imagine a scenario where you’ve got 10 friends coming over, but just 4 chairs. I know it’s happened to me.That’s when flat-pack folding furniture like the Hanging Stool come handy. Its nifty design can flatten up into a rather nice looking ornate form that you can hang on the wall. When you need a stool, take it off its wall-hook and set it up in roughly 5 seconds with a simple flip of the seat and ...
Tags: Design, Product Design, Seating, Leadoff Studio, Jordan Diatlo, Folding Stool, Hanging Stool

Midweek extra: Freddie Hubbard with Allyn Ferguson’s Band in the ’70s

The exact date is uncertain, but we know who was with Hubbard in this L.A. all-star band. They play “Ride With The Wind.” – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Hubbard, Freddie Hubbard, 05.16.19, Allyn Ferguson

Celebrate Beautiful Microcosms With the Miniworlds Subreddit

Each subforum on Reddit is a microcosm. Unlike the chaos of a Twitter or Facebook feed, a subreddit sticks to one format or topic. It has its own rules, customs, and in-jokes. And on r/Miniworlds, every post is a microcosm too. Each r/Miniworlds post is a photo of a tiny scene that looks like a whole world. Some are…Read more...
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Sackler/Kanders: My 1978 ARTnews Exposé on Met’s Sackler Enclave (plus: my takes on opioids, tear gas)

The Met’s now-defunct Sackler Enclave — a 600-square-foot office and storage space on the museum’s premises, named for the oldest brother, Arthur (who died before OxyContin was developed), run by his personal curator, and housing prime examples from his private collection of Far Eastern art — was arguably an infraction of museum ethics. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Arthur, 05.16.19, Sackler Kanders, Sackler Enclave

This Ancient Art Form Is Practiced Every Morning In Front Of Houses All Over South India

“A physical form of prayer and symbol of protection, a daily exercise, and a moment of intense concentration and meditation, drawing kolam is an important household ritual that has a lot more to it than may first meet the eye. Two very different women living in Chennai explain their shared passion for kolam, and their involvement in the local kolam competition.” (video) – Yahoo! (BBC)
Tags: Art, Visual, Chennai, South India, 05.09.19

Koalas declared "functionally extinct"

The Australian Koala Foundation declared koalas officially “functionally extinct,” a term which means that though there are still about 80,000 koalas, they are either unlikely to reproduce another generation, prone to inbreeding due to low numbers or may no longer play a significant role in their ecosystem. The iconic Australian animal is on a fast track to extinction and has suffered from deforestation, disease, climate change-driven drought and a massive slaughter for fur in the 19th and 20th...
Tags: Design, News, Australia, Animals, Un, Extinction, San Diego Zoo, Endangered, Koala, Species, Koala Foundation, Australia Koala Foundation

Tax Records: James Levine’s Company Received $936K In His Final Season

The payments to Phramus were disclosed Wednesday when the Met released its tax return for the year ending last July 31. The payments to Phramus were in the calendar year 2017. – Yahoo! (AP)
Tags: Art, People, James Levine, 05.15.19

1 Terabyte MicroSD Cards Hit Shelves

For $450, one can now buy a 1 terabyte version of SanDisk’s Extreme microSD cards. While the announcement was made back at Mobile World Congress, the product is now officially available on the SanDisk site. Current read speeds reach 90MB/s, and write speeds rise to 60MB/s—and an even faster version is expected in the near future. As Tech Crunch notes, many may “have a nightmare …
Tags: Design, Storage, Tech, Data, Sandisk, Mobile World Congress, Linkaboutit, MicroSD cards

Even the Rich Aren’t Rich Enough for Jeff Koons

As billionaires compete for art in an overheated market, the merely affluent are giving up.
Tags: Art, News, David, Income Inequality, Christie's, Jeff Koons, Jeff, Koons, Hockney, High Net Worth Individuals

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