Critic’s Notebook: Stop Hating Jeff Koons

Why “Rabbit,” the perfect art for the roaring mid-80s, continues to speak to us.
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“Amazon After” helps you sell, donate, recycle, or rent out your past Amazon purchases

Currently under development, this nifty service lets you practically host a garage sale on your phone. Titled Amazon After, this is an afterlife for everything in your Amazon cart. Done with an item you bought on Amazon? You can have Alexa sell it instantly with Amazon After. Or, have her give it away, donate it, upgrade it, rent it out, lend it, trade it, pawn it, revive it, recycle it or help you dispose of it responsibly.Amazon After basically manages everything you buy on Amazon. Its dash...
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This Hotel Lobby Features the Sweet Sounds of Microsoft's Custom Vision API

Sister City, a new hotel in NYC designed by Atelier Ace, is quickly becoming known for their efficiently sized yet lavishly decorated rooms, which feature Italian cherry-wood accents, custom terrazzo vanities, and beloved furnishings like Noguchi lamps. But the sounds that greet visitors when entering the lobby might not sound familiar. Instead of hitting play on an elevator music playlist on Spotify, the hotel instead relinquished the metaphorical aux cord to Microsoft's Custom Vision API. The ...
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Here are the Best NYCxDesign Shows to Check Out This Weekend

Plot twist: Even though NYCxDesign is technically centered around ICFF, WantedDesign Manhattan and WantedDesign Brooklyn, we're here to tell you that there's plenty more to do and see during our favorite—but maybe we're biased—design week of the year. As you get ready to plan your inspiration-filled weekend, here is a list of exhibitions to consider including in your schedule: Trueing at pas de calais Housed in the minimal pas des calais Soho storefront is a lovely new lighting collection of sco...
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We’ve Long Imagined Artificial Beings. It Was A Useful Exercise. But Now We’re Close To Seeing It Become Real, Will We Be Disappointed?

Ian McEwan: “The ancient dream of a plausible artificial human might be scientifically useless but culturally irresistible. At the very least, the quest so far has taught us just how complex we (and all creatures) are in our simplest actions and modes of being. There’s a semi-religious quality to the hope of creating a being less cognitively flawed than we are.” – Edge
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Pure Inspiration: A roundup Chandika Jayan, Surja Sen Das Raj and more

Pure Inspiration: A roundup Chandika Jayan, Surja Sen Das Raj and more AoiroStudioMay 17, 2019 Happy Friday again, it's been a long while since our last Pure Inspiration. Let's share one burst of inspiration roundup! I made it bigger today for your inspiration and since it's Friday! Let's kick it off! Everything handpicked on Dribbble, Hope you will like it! Today we have lots of UI designs, UI transitions, illustrations and more. In this collection we are f...
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Read More Bookcase

Clever bookcase shelving system made out of modules that look like different letters encourages reading and creative display of books. Real More Bookcase designed by Saporiti. Write and Read with furniture! Also check out: Alphabet Bookcase
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What Public TV And Radio Learned About Members And How They Support Public Media

“The age of 58 — and whether a member is older or younger — is the generational divide between donors who want more on-demand programs and those who are less likely to know that those programs are even available. It also correlates to how much members are willing to pay and what would inspire them to pay more.” – Current
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The 6 Most Compelling Works at the 2019 Whitney Biennial, Explained by Its Curators

Every two years, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City presents a survey of contemporary work aiming to represent the current state of art-making in the U.S. Throughout its nearly century-long history, the Whitney Biennial has been a showcase for significant American artists on the rise. It has also remained a flashpoint…
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Car designers can predict your future desires. This is how they do it

Automakers employ small armies of designers, and they’re relentless about asking consumers what they want. So, how do you get from the voice of the customer to the designer’s pen, and why does it go wrong so often? The post Car designers can predict your future desires. This is how they do it appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Non-Performing Musicians’ Agent: Is It Fraud, Incompetence Or Unrealistic Hopes?

“The combination of necessary professional arrogance, high hopes, and even bigger disappointment has allowed conspiracy theories to gain currency among the musicians who feel cheated by Evangelista.”  – Van
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How to Talk Shit Online

“People are just as allowed to dislike things as they are permitted to enjoy them,” writes cultural critic Kate Wagner in the Baffler essay “Don’t Let People Enjoy Things.” Wagner (creator of the architectural critique blog McMansion Hell) shuts down one of the dumber memes going around right now, where fans bravely…Read more...
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What Does It Mean That Jeff Koons’ Bunny Just Sold For $91 Million? Anything?

Sebastian Smee: “What the sale of Koons’s “Rabbit” — an auction record for a living artist — is telling us with special force is that the question of valuation is not just about rationality or irrationality. It is, on a deeper level, redundant. It’s redundant because we are in a realm divorced from reality. Intentionally so.” – Washington Post
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Revolutionize VR! Oculus is looking to hire an Industrial Designer

VR existed before Oculus, but Oculus put VR on the map and in homes. When the company first announced its product, the first Rift, it made waves with how much it promised. Two screens in front of each eye, 360° tracking so you can look around, with absolutely zero latency between both screens. A seamless experience that up until then, seemed unbelievable. The company raised $2.5 million on Kickstarter, and was finally acquired by Facebook, which propelled Oculus to newer heights. Oculus has rece...
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Belgium’s Royal Museum Says It Wants To Confront The Country’s Colonial Africa Past. There’s Just One Problem…

“I went there a month later, and spent two days trying to access its famed music archives, and mostly just looking around. And at the risk of spoiling any big, revelatory climax, I’ll just tell you: there’s basically nothing in the museum that honestly confronts what went on in Central Africa.” – The Outline
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Even the most remote islands are victims of plastic pollution

Plastic hasn’t taken much more than a century to conquer the entire world. Since plastic’s invention in 1907, it has infiltrated even the most remote island chains, according to a new study by marine biologist Jennifer Lavers and her associates. When the researchers visited the Cocos Keeling Islands — 6 square miles of land 1,300 miles off Australia’s northwest coast — they found a staggering accumulation of plastic waste. Because nearly no one lives on the islands, the plastic bags, straws, cu...
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"A market where extremely rich people pay too much for mediocre art and shut out the not-quite-as rich may not be the biggest issue in a wildly polarized economy."

"But art is the record of culture we leave for future generations, and it too is being warped by our unequal economy," writes economist Allison Schrager in "Even the Rich Aren’t Rich Enough for Jeff Koons/As billionaires compete for art in an overheated market, the merely affluent are giving up" (NYT).I really don't know why I'm supposed to be bothered that Steve Mnuchin's dad paid $91 million for a shiny metal rabbit. Schrager invites us to care about the psychology of art collectors who might ...
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Five Events at NYCxDesign This Weekend

From kinetic installations to all-women shows, plenty of pop-ups across the city Scheduled for the middle of May each year, NYCxDesign turns the city into a walkable, exhibition-ladened activation. From retail pop-ups and concept restaurants to larger-than-life installations and gallery shows, there’s a diverse and immense group of talent on show. Big shows like WantedDesign and ICFF are always worth visiting, but here are a …
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RIP: Lutz Bacher, Relentless Pioneer of Various Forms and Processes, Has Died

  Lutz Bacher, via K21 Artist Lutz Bacher, a relentless innovator whose works frequently defied easy categorization or understanding, has passed away.  The artist, who has long avoided releasing much biographical information about herself, was either 75 or 76 at the time of her death. Bacher’s work was relentlessly challenging, frequently moving between stark political commentary and […]
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Encyclopedia of Inspiration – Ephemera binding

I was recently tapped to participate in a binding project using unbound copies of Uppercase Magazine‘s Encyclopedia of Inspiration. I was surprised that I was picked – some heavy hitters have been chosen for previous editions. That said, I accepted the challenge and now an unbound copy of Ephemera sits before me in all it’s naked glory. What have I gotten myself into? So, this project I mentioned – what’s that all about? Well, Janine Vangool, publisher, editor and designer for Uppercase Magazi...
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Alexander Gray Associates to Launch Exhibition Program Upstate

New York’s Alexander Gray Associates will host a series of shows centered around single works in a barn upstate this summer, Art News reports.  The project will kick off with a show of Harmony Hammond’s Bandaged Grid #5 (2016). “Certainly, with the environment that we’re in right now, there’s so much noise, and there’s a big emphasis on […]
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Little Printer Lives Again: Nord Projects Brings the Long-lost IoT Classic Back to Life

It was back in 2012 that design and technology luminaries Berg released Little Printer onto the world—the charming, connected mini-printer that could do all manner of useful and/or whimsical things from receiving messages and ticker-tape news updates, to churning our your daily agenda and bringing your digital to-do list into the physical realm. Somewhat ahead of its time, the trailblazing IoT device was met with much adulation from the creative and technophile communities—no trend report or moo...
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Design Job: Shred the Gnar as an Associate Designer at Burton Snowboards in Burlington, VT

We are looking for an Associate Designer, a Designer, & a Sr. Designer to join our Softgoods Product Team in Burlington, VT. Our Design Team is responsible for assisting all aspects of design for the multi-season apparel line and providing support to the design team. Help View the full design job here
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A New Tool Links The Arts To Measurable Social Impacts

Americans for the Arts CEO Robert Lynch says that his organization’s Arts + Social Impact Explorer “consolidates and highlights concrete ways in which the arts intersect with and have an impact on other sectors of society … [how, for example, the arts] help people with cancer cope with stress through painting, assist people with Parkinson’s increase their vocal strength through singing, and support patients undergoing treatment or unable to leave their beds with live, in-room performances.” – I...
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MIT Scientist’s Quest For a Bot That Can Smell As Well As a Dog

“We have $100 million worth of equipment downstairs. And the dog can beat me?” MIT scientist Andreas Mershin asks. “That is pissing me off.” Mershin aims to develop a bot that detects an antigen that can be an indicator of prostate cancer. It’s one that properly trained dogs can sniff out with 90% accuracy. The physicist’s lab, Label Free Research Group, is attempting artificial olfaction, …
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Musician Crowdfunding Site Heads To Bankruptcy And Musicians Scramble To Recover

The UK-Based PledgeMusic owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to artists and labels, many of them independents operating on small margins. An untold number of fans have also been shortchanged, because the projects they invested in remain unfinished, or caught in limbo. “There have been no good outcomes here,” Benji Rogers, a co-founder and former CEO of PledgeMusic, wrote last week in an open letter, “and I cannot bear that something that I created to benefit artists and fans has caused so much...
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Sublime net-positive energy farmhouse pays homage to the local vernacular

These days, homes are being constructed with any number of sustainable features, but this modern farmhouse in Lincoln, Massachusetts is a veritable powerhouse of energy efficiency wrapped up in one incredibly gorgeous package. Designed by ZeroEnergy Design and constructed by Thoughtforms, the 2,800-square-foot home drew inspiration from traditional farmhouses found throughout the area. However, the home’s pitched roof and homey interior conceal an awe-inspiring system of energy efficiency that ...
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What Happens When Site-Specific Art Can’t Be Site-Specific Any More?

“This purist notion of artwork inviolably tied to its context, once a subversive strike against tradition and the marketplace, seems almost quaint now, as artists, dealers, museums and patrons interpret “site-specificity” in ever more elastic ways. The phrase itself has been co-opted as marketing speak in recent years: “site-specific” might even steal the crown from “curated,” the reigning art-world term applied to everything from playlists to pop-up shops.” – New York Times Magazine
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AO Auction Recap – New York: 20th Century and Contemporary Evening Sale, May 15th-16th, 2019

Jeff Koons, Rabbit (1992), final price:$91,075,000, via Christie’s Following the early days of the marathon week of auctions in New York, it wasn’t hard to anticipate a strong outing for the Contemporary Auctions soon to take place, yet the impressive sales at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips this week outpaced expectations, charting a path of major auction records and bested tallies that […]
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Eye Candy for Today: Emilio Sánchez-Perrier landscape

Boating on the River, Emilio Sánchez-Perrier Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable image on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga, which also has zoomable & downloable images. Sánchez-Perrier’s landscapes have a wonderful visual softness. They exhibit a masterful use of soft edges that is somehow different than that of Inness and the American Tonalists. For me, it creates a feeling of quiet and contemplation. There appears to be a band of ...
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