Washington DC’s Mayor Wants Her City To Be An Arts Mecca. The City’s Artists Aren’t Happy

The mayor has instrumentalized culture as an economic driver of the capital’s fortunes ever since taking office in 2014 and embarking on the creation of her Cultural Plan one year later. Deference to what she has described as “the cultural economy” has earned Bowser few fans from the arts community, which has characterized the mayor’s proposals as siphoning funds away from the fine arts and into the pockets of small businesses. – Hyperallergic
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The LastSwab offers a reusable alternative to those polluting disposable earbuds

Single-use plastics are public enemy number 1 right now, and it’s high time they made an exit from our lives. A photo went viral sometime in the past year, of a seahorse holding onto a disposable earbud that had been carelessly dumped in the ocean. The LastSwab comes at a perfect time, providing a clean, reusable alternative to those disposable earbuds that get used, flushed, and end up in the oceans. Designed with a specialized reusable rubber tip that can be cleaned with a dab of soap and so...
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In 1880 A Symphony Pointed The Way To A Distinctly American Music. Then It Was Forgotten

“It’s amazing that this landmark symphony could have been so easily forgotten. As with the other seminal New Englanders—George Whitefield Chadwick, Horatio Parker, and Edward MacDowell, among them—modernism killed off Paine’s music. And with the ascendancy of American vernacular forms, reflected in the music of Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, and others, any music arising from the German Romantic tradition could be ridiculed and ignored.”  – The American Scholar
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Dog Shower

Waterproof dog shower features mist dispensing technology and blow dryer. “Pet Styler” dog shower designed by S2VICTOR will keep your pet clean. Also check out: Dog Washing Machine
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The Sarasota Symphony Wanted To Build A New Home In A Park. The Community Didn’t Like That Idea

Hundreds of citizens attended the City Commission meeting Monday, and more than 70 of them spoke during public comment, which extended the meeting four hours beyond its estimated end. By the end of the meeting, the majority of the commissioners did not feel comfortable approving further research on the orchestra’s vision, which they still had so many questions about. – The Herald-Tribune
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These innovative paper plates are infinitely washable and reusable

Look closely and the Omotenasino Otomo don’t really look like paper plates. They look almost like plastic or melamine, with how incredibly glossy and opaque they are. The texture makes them almost look like cast iron, I’d say… but these plates aren’t made of any of those materials. They are, in fact, paper.Japan’s fascination with paper spans over a millennium, with the introduction of Washi paper in 610 AD. It’s seen itself embedded in Japan’s culture, with its most popular use being in Origami...
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Virtue Versus Utility: Do We Need To Change The Framework For How We Address Issues?

While virtue theory – the construction of a moral framework around the ideal of “the good life” and related character traits – dates back to Ancient Greece, it has been commonly associated with religion. And this helps to explains why it has fallen out of fashion since the Enlightenment.But are there signs of that movement being reversed? – Irish Times
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Barbican Trolley

Inspired by the lack of affordable, well-designed furniture, Dims. launched to fill a void. Addressing needs in his own home, founder Eugene Kim set out to tap designers for cornerstone pieces and to offer transparent pricing and sourcing. This Barbican Trolley, in “Wimbledon Green,” is modern, minimal and multi-functional. Whether placed in a kitchen for extra counter space or used as a roving cart at …
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Miami Cocktail Company’s Suite of Pre-Made Cocktails

After bottling their first offerings, five new canned concoctions Founded by Miami hospitality veterans Ross Graham and Simon Benstead, Miami Cocktail Company seeks to produce products that filled voids in the spirits and cocktail industries. Unsatisfied with the pre-made cocktail offerings available in liquor stores, the pair started crafting no-sugar-added, certified-organic, small-batch cocktails with the best ingredients they could find—and with subtle twists. Their first …
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Trying To Combat Trolls, Rotten Tomatoes Changes Its Audience Rating Scoring

The site’s standard user rating will now reflect only moviegoers who can prove they’ve bought a ticket to see it in a theater. – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 05.23.19

Little Caesars debuts vegan sausage

Vegetarians have finally pushed Little Caesars past its tipping point. After years of clamoring for better vegetarian and vegan pizza options, Little Caesars is now offering a plant-based sausage, or impossible meat, made by California-based Impossible Foods. This is the first time a national pizza chain has offered a vegan meat substitute. Before vegans get too excited, note that initially only three markets will feature the faux sausage: Fort Myers, Florida, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Yakima,...
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How Walt Disney Concert Hall Changed Both Its Orchestra And Its Neighborhood

Justin Davidson: “In 2003, [Frank] Gehry gave the Los Angeles Philharmonic its new home and showed that, every once in a while, a work of architecture can transform all it touches — in this case, the orchestra, the audience, music itself, the neighborhood, and the city beyond.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Los Angeles, Issues, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Justin Davidson, Gehry, 05.22.19

My Heart Is Like Wow!

The more we get to live inside this Be More Chill score, the more we discover its hidden gems.Por ejemplo...The vamp that opens the first number reappears throughout the score. It's a four-note figure and it's brilliant. At first when I heard it, it sounded slightly familiar. After a while I realized why.It's almost the same vamp as in the Little Mermaid song "Part of Your World." Disney's vamp is Bb - C - D - F. It outlines a Bb major chord, plus it adds the second degree of the scale for a li...
Tags: Science Fiction, New York, Theatre, Broadway, Jeremy, Bob Marley, Rich, Michael, Broadway Musicals, Christine, Brooke, Scott Miller, Charlie Rosen, Musical Comedy, Musical Theater, Musical Theatre

The Amazing Hidden City Beneath Paris

This invisible city follows different laws of planning to its surface counterpart. Its tunnelled streets often kink and wriggle, or run to dead ends. Some of them curl back on themselves like whips. At junctions, three or four tunnel-streets might spray out. There are slender highways running almost the length of the tiled map, from southwest to northeast. There are inexplicably broken grids of streets, or hubs where the spokes of different tunnels meet. Coming off some of the tunnels are cham...
Tags: Art, Paris, Issues, 09.23.19

The Guardians of the Sea Illustration Series - We ❤️ lighthouses!

The Guardians of the Sea Illustration Series - We ❤️ lighthouses! AoiroStudioMay 23, 2019 Lorenzo Fischetti is a creative director, graphic design and illustrator based in Milan, Italy. He shared an illustration series entitled: Guardians of the Sea in dedication for his love for lighthouses. His series stumbled my eyes, I was chasing lighthouses last week during a family trip in Maine. I just love his series featuring lighthouses from Canada (Yay!), Spain an...
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Currently Crowdfunding: New Tools to Soothe Tired Muscles, Help You Conserve Water, and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundup...
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Reader Submitted: This Compass Features a Familiar Mechanism Similar to Camera Apertures

Iris is a new tool for drawing and measuring circles. Simply rotate the rings to open and close its captivating aperture mechanism. Iris' concept came from conversations with our Kickstarter Community. Our supporters said that circle drawing tools lacked innovation and were difficult to use. These tools were unreliable and short-lived. So, we set out to completely redesign the circle drawing tool.As amateur photographers, we noticed that camera apertures were reliable mechanisms and were surpris...
Tags: Design, Iris, Reader Projects

Design Job: Put Your Game Face On: Nickelodeon is Seeking a Designer in New York, NY

As a Nickelodeon Partner Strategy, Positioning & Presentation Designer, you will gain insight into how one of the most successful entertainment companies operates while designing engaging trade marketing presentations based on Nickelodeon’s content, capabilities and target audience. They are seeking a designer with animation skills and an understanding of print, digital and video production so if you're a jack of all design trades, catch this job opportunity before it's too late.See the full job...
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Looks Like We Might Be Catching Helicopters Instead of Cabs in the Near Future

Today at the GreenTech Festival in Berlin, Skyports and Volocopter announced plans to build the first physical, mobile "Volo-Port" (electric take-off and landing system) for their air taxis. The overall design and renderings of the system were created by Brandlab. It's absurd to think that helicopter taxis might become somewhat of a norm one day, but this idea has actually been brewing for quite some time—we even had the chance to sit inside a prototype model during CES in 2018. Even so, the i...
Tags: Design, Singapore, Planes, Eames, Photo Galleries, UAM, Volocopter, Duncan Walker, Alex Zosel, Berlin Skyports, Volo Port, Volocopter Co

Vanishing Twin: Magician’s Success

Part psych-folk, part whimsical indie, London-based Vanishing Twin’s (comprised of Cathy Lucas, Valentina Magaletti, Elliott Arndt, Phil MFU and Susumu Mukai) “Magician’s Success” is a vintage-tinged tune. The track, from their forthcoming record The Age of Immunology (due 7 June) floats along, filled to its brim with quirky honking sounds, delicate strings, a steady guitar and easy-to-remember lyrics. It’s easygoing but delightfully grown.
Tags: Music, Design, London, Culture, Indie, Folk, Listenup, New Music, Vanishing Twin, Psych

The Dad Hoodie - who needs a diaper bag when...

The Dad Hoodie - who needs a diaper bag when you could just turn dad into one? Grey and Navy hoodies packed with stretchy mesh pockets to hold all your basic baby needs. (If only it came in black?) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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A Few Recent Releases

The staff gauged the rate at which the postwoman is depositing new releases in the Rifftides mailbox and decided that we should pick up the pace of telling you about some of them. – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 05.23.19

Philanthropy Fail: How Museums Got Hammered at the Major Spring Auctions

“The evening Impressionist/Modern and Contemporary sales at Christie’s this month felt like a bit of a throwback to the old days when more museum-quality works graced the sale catalogues.” – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Christie, 05.23.19

Retro Gaming is officially making a comeback!

While Google’s Stadia is definitely making waves within the gaming community, this tiny, analog, black-and-white gaming device is promising to deliver sweet nostalgia to all us 80s and 90s gamers. The Playdate (such an adorable name) comes from app-developing company Panic, with design assistance from our favorite retro-synth-design-outfit Teenage Engineering. The Playdate is Gameboy-esque, with its bright yellow hue and pocketable avatar. It comes with a b/w screen, controls, an A/B button, pau...
Tags: Gadgets, Games, Design, Retro, Handheld, Product Design, Gaming Console, Panic, Teenage Engineering, Playdate

A decaying shop in Cambodia gains a new life through adaptive reuse principles

Phnom Penh-based firm Bloom Architecture has unveiled a beautiful renovation of a decaying building in Kampot, Cambodia. Ages ago, the building housed a family-run store, but the space had been abandoned for years. To preserve its historical significance in the riverside town, the architects focused on maintaining the building’s original features as much as possible while turning it into a home and restaurant. The result is 3,444 square feet of breezy interior spaces with an adaptive reuse stra...
Tags: Design

Furniture Brand Modernica partnership with Autotype for Charity

Furniture Brand Modernica partnership with Autotype for Charity AoiroStudioMay 23, 2019 We delightful to share this partnership between furniture iconic brand Modernica and Autotype. For more than 25 years, Modernica has been building beautiful furniture designs at its five-acre campus in Los Angeles. Family-owned and operated, the furniture brand is pleased to announce an exclusive charity in partnership with Autotype to benefit design students. Together, th...
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Electrodermis: Bandage-like Wearable Tech

Wireless, stretchable and customizable, Electrodermis is a new type of wearable tech poised to replace the more permanent implants and gadgets that companies have been conceptualizing. The project—helmed by Morphing Matters and Soft Machines labs—is a temporary bodily adornment that allows the wearer full computational capability, whether that be health- and fitness-tracking, information storage or as an interactive bandage. Its layered construction—fabric over TPU film, …
Tags: Wearables, Design, Tech, Wearable Tech, Linkaboutit, Bandages, Electrodermis, Health and Fitness Tracking, Information Storage

Playdate is a new handheld gaming...

Playdate is a new handheld gaming device/platform from Panic and Teenage Engineering! With that combo, you know the software, hardware, and design details will be even better in person! 4 years in the making, complete with a CRANK! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Michigan Lawmakers Say There’s A Crisis With The State’s School Libraries

“Michigan ranks 47th in the nation for its ratio of students to certified librarians — it’s also in the bottom five in literacy. The two statistics have legislators like State Rep. Darrin Camilleri questioning why more isn’t being done to increase the presence of librarians in schools.” So he and colleagues have introduced three different bills to address the problem. – WXYZ (Detroit)
Tags: Art, Michigan, Words, State, WXYZ, Darrin Camilleri, 05.21.19

Are Social Media Influencers Undermining Theatre?

Showmanship likes to reveal itself as such and often in some sort of great theatrical caper. In contrast, this marketing approach – for obvious reasons – prefers to stay in the shadows. This is a marketing tool that does not respect the theatre industry or its legacy. At worst, it insults the genuine fans and advocates of productions whose postings may become questioned. It is also wide open for abuse. – The Stage
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 05.22.19

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