2019 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

Earlier this year, I posted an article on the latest logo design & branding trends and now 6 months on, the official 2019 logo trends report has just been released by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge. This report has been put together by carefully analyzing over 300k logos from the past 17 years, handpicking those that contribute to emerging trends for the year. The findings & insights are found below. » Watch Report on LinkedIn Learning via Free Month Trial or $29.99 for a one off purchase 2019 Logo...
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Hello Carbongrad 1999 - Digital Art inspired by Cyberpunk

Hello Carbongrad 1999 - Digital Art inspired by Cyberpunk AoiroStudioMay 30, 2019 We have featured the unique work from Evgeny Zubkov before on ABDZ. A parallel reality in Russia 2077, now he is back with another series just as good titled: Carbongrad 1999. Keeping the very same Cyberpunk aesthetic and moody atmosphere, I plain simple love his digital art. It's genuinely so creative and quite real as well, I wouldn't be surprised knowing this might be happeni...
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[Author: Unknown]
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New York – Robert Longo: “Amerika” at Metro Pictures Through May 24th, 2019

Robert Longo, Death Star 2018 (2018), via Metro Pictures Over the past few years, Robert Longo’s work has grown increasingly preoccupied with the stature and language of the current American political crisis, exploring gun violence, political absenteeism, police oppression and a range of other cultural motifs indicative of our current political/cultural epoch. Marking a new […]
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The “Most Dangerous Art Ever” – A Laptop Loaded With Viruses – Sells For $1.3 Million

Dubbed “The Persistence of Chaos,” the Samsung NC10 contains six viruses that have caused an estimated $95 billion in damages. Despite what you might think, it’s not meant to be a tool for any world domination scheme. It’s intended strictly as an art piece — though it could be used for academic purposes — and it’s currently isolated and air-gapped to prevent foul play. – Engadget
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The Pocket Chair gives you storage as well as a sense of comfort

document.createElement('video'); Designed in part as a storage pouch and in part as a subconscious container into which you’d put your hands, the Pocket Chair comes with an unusual detail. Built right into the side of the chair is a leather pocket that can be used for either storing tools and equipment in (or perhaps even your phone) at most times, and at other times, can work as a pocket you put your hands into, either ou...
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Swiss Court Upholds Swiss Owner’s Rights to Da Vinci Work

A Swiss court has ruled that a $123 Million Da Vinci will not have to return to Italy over import disputes, noting that the illegal import/export of a cultural good is “only if the object in question” can be found “corresponding Italian inventory, which is not the case.”  Read more at Bloomberg      
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Art Basel Sells Stake in Art Dusseldorf

Swiss-based MCH Group, which owns Art Basel, has sold its 25% stake in Art Dusseldorf to Sandy Angus and Tim Etchells of ArtHK, Art Newspaper reports. “It’s about giving a broader context to Art Düsseldorf through our contacts in Asia, but at the same time we are hoping to build a rapport with more German galleries, which might lead […]
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Autofiction? What’s That?

It is perhaps this apparent contradiction, between “fiction” and “facts strictly real”, which can seem baffling. Is autofiction fiction, or non-fiction? Autobiography, or novel? There is no easy space for the genre to settle, and the area it occupies remains uncertain. It has always troubled some readers, and it requires if not a new, then a reconsidered, critical response. – Times Literary Supplement
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How Peter Schjeldahl Illuminates The Art World

“What separates Schjeldahl is the tangible sense in nearly every piece in this book — say 85 of the 100 — that something existential is at stake as he writes. The same sensation is present in Barthes and Sontag, his closest analogues to my mind, writers who, whatever their subject at a given moment, are desperately attempting to make something lucid out of this indecipherable life they’ve received without asking for it.” – The New York Times
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Enevoldsen Limited and Apothecary Fairy’s Home-Grown and Handmade Goods

With natural ingredients from the garden, this duo makes healthy products for all genders Loads of wellness and grooming brands profess their commitment to using organic and sensitive skin-friendly ingredients, but few can trace the components in their products back to specific plants—let alone ones plotted in a single garden. Enevoldsen Limited and Apothecary Fairy do just that, with their ingredients grown on a small …
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Porsche’s New “Roads” App for Driving Enthusiasts

Roads, Porsche’s newest app, catalogs a deep collection of user-submitted drives and road trips. With over 500,000 users, the selection is vast and ever-growing. Available for iOS now and coming to Android soon, the app is by and for driving enthusiasts. Porsche’s Marco Brinkmann says, “It’s for all those that consider driving more than just transportation… It goes beyond the brand. It’s meant to be …
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Last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia dies

On Monday, Malaysian authorities reported that the last male Sumatran rhino died in a nature reserve on Borneo island. Currently, there is only one female from the same species remaining in Malaysia. The male, Tam, is thought to have died from old age after he was discovered on a palm oil plantation. Efforts to breed Tam with females of the same species were unsuccessful. Related: Koalas declared functionally extinct Sumatran rhinos are one of five rhino species, and only one of three found in...
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How Many Artists Does It Take To Write A Hit Song? (Apparently More Than It Used To)

According to research by Music Week, it took an average of 5.34 people to write last year’s Top 100 biggest singles. That’s up from 4.84 in 2017, and 4.53 the year before. So what’s going on? – BBC
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How The New Orleans Jazz Market Survived A Scandal And Rose Again

“Most organizations probably would have went under and failed,” the drummer Adonis Rose, a charter member of the orchestra who took over as artistic director after the scandal broke, said in an interview last month. “Thankfully, we did not.” – The New York Times
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Origami Paper Animals

Miniature sculptures of animals, birds, and fish crafted out of textured paper. Origami paper animals created and folded by talented artist Robby Kraft. Also check out: 3D Paper Animals
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10 Logos in 10 Days Challenge - Logo Design

10 Logos in 10 Days Challenge - Logo Design AoiroStudioMay 29, 2019 You gotta appreciate when designers get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to be creative and push the boundaries of making. Well, Yago Ferreira from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; is a good example of that with his 10 logos/10 days series that he shared on his Behance profile. I personally love the first one with the Museo da Arte de Rua, a mosaïc puzzle of goodness mashing togethe...
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Does Classical Ballet Qualify As Camp? (A Lot Of People Seem To Think So)

“Ballet might have been considered camp from the start in its original French context,” allows Madison Mainwaring. (But then, so could most things at Louis XIV’s Versailles.) “If there is a camp essence in [today’s] Romantic style of ballet, with its jeweled costumes and feathered headdresses, it is related to the worship of a style that is no longer of its time.” – The New York Times
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Are The Liberal Arts Worth It? The Rich Seem To Think So

What, then, can we make of the anomaly that the elite liberals arts education so coveted today by the rich or those seeking to get rich consists largely of diatribes against the rich? – Washington Post
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Self-shaping Urbach Tower twists itself into a unique, curvaceous shape

Wood warping typically creates unwanted and undesirable effects, yet the creators behind a unique new landmark in Urbach, Germany have found a way to harness the naturally occurring deformity into an unexpected architectural possibility. The University of Stuttgart completed a nearly 47-foot-tall timber structure that gets its curvaceous form from the “self-shaping process” of its curved wood components. Constructed from spruce wood cross-laminated panels, the Urbach Tower is the first wood stru...
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On the Floor with Core: A Walk Through ICFF 2019

If you're looking for the widest range of furniture projects to on view during NYCxDesign, ICFF is typically your best bet. The independent design world has crept its way into the traditionally larger-scale air of ICFF at Javitz Center, so in addition to your expected larger brands, we're beginning to see some of the young, upcoming design crowd trickle in with an upscale, and sometimes downright quirky, point of view.The student shows also continue to delight us year after year, with 2019 as no...
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Daniel Smith has a lot of pigments that granulate, separate, and create interesting textures and patterns.  I love them all.  So got out a few and have started on a painting of the sea-grape trunks and leaves taken when we were in Florida over the winter. Do you have any granulating colors?  I'm using Lunar Earth, Goethite Brown Ochre, and other good ones for this to get lots of texture in those trunks.  Waiting while the pigment dries and adding a bit more water creates even more mov...
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Design Job: Fishing for a New Job? White River Marine Company is Seeking an Industrial Designer in Springfield, MO

Are you a boating buff? White River Marine Company designs all types of boats and the various products needed to operate them. Their ideal Industrial Designer candidate is a highly creative, self-motivated individual that works well in a fast paced, collaborative environment. They'll have the opportunity to create early design concepts, ensure that they convey the consumer benefits, have best in class craftsmanship, excellent ergonomics and innovative solutions while meeting cost targets and man...
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Reader Submitted: A Bench Made from... Inflated Basketballs?

Refit is an indoor/outdoor bench inspired by the relationship between humans and cultural icons. The bench recontextualizes objects with understood purposes into new forms of use. Visually it references ball cages, a form that appears in both superstores and memories of adolescence. The form expands on ideas surrounding mass production, while the material challenges cultural preconceptions. View the full project here
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A Dialogue: ‘All That Would Ever After Not Be Said’

Norman Ogue Mustill (1931-2013), longtime friend and collaborator, was a little-known master collagist. – Jan Herman
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Why, Amidst All The Musical Comedies, It’s Important Every So Often To Have A Musical Tragedy

Rachel Chavkin, director of Hadestown: “This gets now into very old Greek theater, but the idea of catharsis and working through something together and the tragedy as a crucible that the audience travels through as a community and mourns together. … I think there something is so medicinal in that purgation. That’s how the Greeks used that word, catharsis, both spiritually and physically — which of course wasn’t separate for them — as medicinal.” – Slate
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Young couple build their own tiny home to avoid sky-high housing prices in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is notoriously expensive for both renters and buyers. But one enterprising young couple has found a way to live in the beautiful city on their own terms by building their very own tiny home. Nicolette and Michael spent just seven months constructing their dream home. Although it is only 300 square feet, it comes complete with a sleeping loft, a full kitchen and a little reading nook for the studious couple. The young couple was inspired to build their own home for a n...
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Want To Know What Is Art? Start By Asking What Art Isn’t

“What’s the difference between something that’s not art because it’s not good enough, and something that’s not art because it’s the wrong sort of thing? Let’s start there.” – 3 Quarks Daily
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Intel’s latest laptops turn the TouchBar into a full-blown secondary display!

I’d totally sign up for this laptop Intel believes is the future of computing. Meet the Intel Honeycomb Glacier, the company’s vision for the direction for gaming laptops of the future. It features not one, but two hinges, and not one, but two displays. Ditching the trackpad (who games on a trackpad, honestly?) for that extra bit of real estate, the laptop shifts the keyboard down, and fits a secondary screen into the area above the keys. With a rather unique hinge system that uses a tiny, one...
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