4 Tips for Effective Whiteboarding

In the world of presentations, whiteboarding is gaining steam. The process of drawing on the fly the visuals that support your content is an interactive and compelling way to keep your audience engaged with your presentation. However, many of us shy away from this powerful tool due to a lack of confidence in our ability to draw. While have an artistic background is helpful it is not mandatory when mastering the whiteboard. With these 4 tips, you can move from artistically challenged to impactful...
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Kengo Kuma unveils bold timber museum in Turkey that pays homage to the region's Ottoman heritage

The world-renowned architects of Kengo Kuma and Associates have just unveiled a stunning museum in Turkey. Located in Eskisehir, the Odunpazari Modern Museum features several stacked timber boxes that seemingly rise out of the ground at various angles, paying homage to the city’s Ottoman heritage. Featuring a design led by Kengo Kuma partner Yuki Ikeguchi, the new 48,400-square-foot museum is a light-filled, multilevel space that holds a collection of 1,000 pieces of contemporary art. Although ...
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This year's ozone hole could be the smallest it has been in 30 years

For decades, scientists have closely observed the ozone layer, which protects Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This year, just in time for World Ozone Day, the European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) announced the state of the ozone hole — its size is the smallest it has been in the past 30 years. Ozone is created in our atmosphere when the sun’s high-energy UV rays rupture the stable covalent bonds of atmospheric oxygen (O2) molecules, transformi...
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Robotic fish offer a solution to controlling invasive species

Invasive species have become a growing environmental challenge, causing serious harm to ecosystems. An interdisciplinary team from New York University (NYU) and the University of Western Australia is utilizing robotic fish to curb the damaging effects of invasive species by scaring the invaders enough so that they reproduce less. For the study, the invasive species in question are mosquitofish. The enormous environmental impact that mosquitofish have unleashed has led the International Union for...
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Hublot Design Prize 2019

A l’occasion du London Design Festival, nous prendrons la direction de la capitale anglaise afin d’assister à la remise des prix : Hublot Design Prize 2019. Award lancé en 2015, la marque horlogère suisse souhaite célébrer le Design qui à du sens en se tournant vers de jeunes designers talentueux. « Permettre à des jeunes designers de s’affirmer à travers leurs créations, de se faire connaître au grand public, c’est donc l’objectif du Hublot Design Prize qui sera ainsi décerné à celui ou celle ...
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The 2019 Redress Design Awards showcased the very best of emerging eco-designers

Eco-fashion has come leaps and bounds in recent decades, but one environmental clothing organization has spent years addressing the global textile waste crisis through an annual fashion event showcasing emerging eco-friendly designers. Known for its work in reducing textile waste in the fashion industry, Redress has just hosted its 2019 Design Awards — the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. Let’s take a look at the winners! Launched in 2011 by founder Christina Dean, the Re...
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Studio Gangs Solstice tower in Chicago is shaped by the sun

In Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood rises Solstice on the Park, a 26-story residential tower with an angular design that has been shaped by solar studies. Created by local architectural practice Studio Gang Architects, the 250-unit modern building is highly site-specific to minimize energy demands — a sustainable approach that earned the project two Green Globes in the Green Globes Certification ranking. The apartment complex is also topped with a green roof and optimized for expansive views of ...
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A Guide To User Personas

The following guest post about user personas is from Ayesha Ambreen. Ayesha Ambreen is a creative content strategist, partner at Quora, and featured graphic designer. Best known for her creative visuals and viral content ideas, Ayesha’s work has been featured on blogs such as, Smashing Magazine, CreativePro and more. A writer/designer by day and a reader by night, Ayesha loves to explore new realms of creativity and content through her work. Follow her on Twitter at @AyeshaAm...
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