Sono Motors self-charging solar electric car will feature an air-purifying moss interior

German mobility startup Sono Motors recently unveiled the first interior renderings for the Sion, a fully electric vehicle with full-surface solar integration that will feature a strip of air-purifying moss inside. Designed for autonomous charging using solar power, the Sion will be integrated with a smart system to monitor the vehicle’s solar range and energy consumption. Series production is set to begin in the second half of next year with a total of 260,000 vehicles produced for the European...
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New York allows students to miss class for the climate strike

Tomorrow, on September 20, a global climate strike is scheduled to bring awareness about the need for transformative action against the growing climate crisis. The strike will take place three days before the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City. Unlike other strikes, this one invites New York City minors to participate, thanks to the event coinciding with efforts already begun by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg. In support of Thunberg’s efforts, the New York City Department of Ed...
Tags: New York, Design, New York City, Bill De Blasio, New York City Department of Education, Battery Park, Foley Square, Xiuhtezcatl martinez, United Nations Climate Summit, Thunberg, Greta Thunberg, ClimateStrike Thunberg

Algae Lamps are a work of art and natural shade in one

Algae is one of the newest materials to hit the market as a multi-purpose fiber. While it has been hauled out of the ocean, cultivated, dried and processed into myriad products, it typically loses some of its allure in the process — until now. Having spent years figuring out a way to use algae so that it maintains its natural essence, even when molded into a final product, algae has now taken form in the shape of a lamp. Algae Lamps are a product of this effort with lamp shades that are...
Tags: Design, Nea Studio, Nina Edwards Anker

Spectacular rammed-earth dome home is tucked deep into a Costa Rican jungle

Costa Rica has long been renowned for its commitment to protecting its natural environment, but one home nestled into 2.5 acres of a permaculture farm is really setting an example for green building. Located in the idyllic area of Diamante Valley, the House Without Shoes is an incredible rammed-earth complex made up of three interconnected domes, which are joined by an open-air deck that looks out over the stunning valley and ocean views. Measuring a total of 2,000 square feet, the House Withou...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Costa Rica, Sustainable Design, Rammed Earth, Dome, Dome Homes, Adobe Architecture, Diamante Valley

Send your news tips to Inhabitat!

As the climate crisis worsens by the minute, it is more important now than ever to report on the issues that both plague and benefit our world. Inhabitat has long been a steward in reporting the latest environmental happenings, but we need your help in order to further strengthen our reporting and keep readers informed with the latest news. Whether you are an environmental non-profit organization, a company trying to do its part for the planet, a citizen concerned about the Earth’s future, a sc...
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