Smoke Free Wood Burner

Innovative fire pit designed to burn wood logs and charcoal without smoke. BioLite FirePit features patented airflow technology that provides the smell, warmth, crackle, and feel of wood campfire without any of the smoke. You can even control the size of flames with free Bluetooth phone app.  Also check out: R2-D2 Wood Burne
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Central Park to undergo $150M LEED Gold-targeted redesign

To cap the Central Park Conservancy’s 40-year renewal of Central Park, the nonprofit has unveiled designs to update the park’s north end with a LEED Gold-targeted recreational facility, a new pool, skating rink and other amenities. The $150 million project also aims to repair the site’s damaged ecology and hydrology using environmentally responsible practices. The groundbreaking for the transformative project will take place in spring 2021 and construction is expected to reach completion in 2024...
Tags: Design, Central Park, Central Park Conservancy, Harlem Meer

Pacific heat wave threatens coral reefs in Hawaii and other regions

Researchers predict a major marine heat wave in the Pacific Ocean could prove disastrous to the fragile coral reefs along Hawaii’s Papa Bay and similar coastlines. Warmer water conditions often trigger coral bleaching, a condition that leaves coral reefs susceptible to mortality. Coral reefs play a very significant environmental and ecological role. As a habitat, for instance, they support many species in the marine environment. Coral reefs likewise serve as a protective barrier, buffering shore...
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Honda makes largest renewable energy purchase of any automaker

Multinational auto manufacturer Honda Motor Company, headquartered in Tokyo, recently made the largest renewable clean energy purchase by any car maker. The electricity will be utilized to offset emissions from its United States factories, thus enabling Honda to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent in its North American manufacturing plants. With widespread public debate and mounting regulatory pressures, automakers have no choice but to shift their business models to address the ca...
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Student designs a chic wooden stand mixer that requires zero electricity

Look into any typical kitchen, and you’re likely to discover cupboards full of gadgets, utensils and devices aimed at making food prep more convenient. Manuel Immler, a German design student, cringed at the lack of sustainability in owning multiple electronic kitchen tools and instead designed an electricity-free mixer as a prototype that changes the norm. Not only did Immler identify the wasteful practices of mass production but also noted the consumption of energy in manufacturing and using e...
Tags: Design, Pino, Manuel Immler, Immler, Free University of Balzono, Maita Petersen

A solar-powered catamaran with a built-in plastic clean-up system sets sail off the coast of Ibiza

Tourists from all over the world flock to Spain’s coastal regions throughout the year; however, the rising amount of plastic waste accumulating in the Mediterranean is threatening to do irreversible damage to these once-pristine waters. Thankfully, one forward-thinking cruise company is doing its part to keep the damage at bay. La Bella Verde has recently launched the Mediterranean’s only solar-powered and zero-emissions charter catamaran that comes equipped with a unique ocean filtering system,...
Tags: Design, Spain, Mediterranean, Ibiza, Mediterranean Sea, La Bella Verde, La Bella Verde Photography, Victor Frankowski

Video: How To Create Custom Camouflage Patterns in Photoshop

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you some clever techniques for creating military style camo patterns, using nothing but Photoshop filters. The result is completely randomised, which is perfect for producing abstract shapes and disruptive patterns. I’ll also present a range of optional steps you can take to customise the appearance of your camouflage design, then prepare to have your mind blown when you see how Photoshop can completely automate the creation of your pattern across a vas...
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Swell: A Surfing Resort in Guatemala Marries Vernacular Charm with Contemporary Comforts

Located in El Paredón, a peaceful fishing village on Guatemala’s Pacific coast whose untouched volcanic beaches have made it into an up-and-coming surf destination, Swell is a new boutique hotel that caters to both thrill-seeking surfers looking to catch a wave and those looking to catch a break from their daily routines in a paradise-like setting with a laidback vibe and “barefoot boho-chic”...
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