12 Free Sources of Creativity For Logo & Brand Designers

This is a guest article contributed by Usman Raza. Creating a logo is easier said than done. No online marketing or advertising campaign can succeed without resting on a powerful logo to identify the brand. The creative designer has a rather difficult job of summarizing what the entire company represents in a tiny mark. To help with this job, searching for inspiration is a good place to start. See our list of the best logo design inspiration resources below. Also check out our 101+ top logo desi...
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Lazy Animals

Series of creative images shows fat animals watching TV, playing video games, and wasting time on their phones. “Lazy Animals” art project by Guodong Zhao, artist from Beijing, China. Also check out: Cube Animals
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This bold, tiny retreat in Ontario measures just 100 square feet

When you want to keep a building footprint small, sometimes the only way to go is up. The Red Tower tiny retreat is a 10 foot by 10 foot tower that feels much larger than its tight square footage thanks to a vertical design and its vast surroundings of remote wilderness in Ontario. With a spacious outdoor deck to enjoy, the glamping retreat is the perfect location for anyone looking to enjoy all that nature has to offer. The bright red tiny house is located in the town of Castleton, less than a...
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Minnesota to implement low- and zero-emission clean vehicle standards

In a move that would make both hybrid and electric car manufacturers see dollar signs, Minnesota announced a new proposal that will require auto manufacturers that sell within the state to deliver more hybrid cars and electric vehicles (EVs) to comply with its new low- and zero-emission initiative. The measure places the Gopher State alongside 13 other states that have implemented clean vehicle emissions standards. The standards will take a minimum of 18 months for roll-out, due to the rule-maki...
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Repurposed coffee grounds provide sustainable clothing pigment alternative

Scientists from Iowa State University (ISU) recently unveiled a natural alternative to synthetic clothing pigment. This natural alternative is sourced from brewed coffee grounds. The research team, spearheaded by ISU Assistant Professor Chunhui Xiang and graduate student Changhyun “Lyon” Nam, found a possible alternative via repurposed coffee grounds. Rather than adding to landfill density and single-use waste, brewed coffee grounds can instead be transformed into another high-value resource. Re...
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5 Questions with Carlo Moroni, Head of Brand Marketing & Communications at FPT Industrial

FPT Industrial is an Italian powerhouse that produces an engine per minute. It employs over 8,000 people globally in ten plants and seven Research and Development centres. It boasts a distribution network of 73 dealers and 800 service points around the world. In the knowledge that everyone plays an important role in the production process of each brand, FPT Industrial has recently opened itself up to the customer. Using this insight as a basis for its approach, the business has put in place a n...
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Geometric pavilion with an inverted living garden holds court in a public square in Annecy, France

Almost 10 years ago, New York-based Behin Ha Design Studio erected an incredible green-walled living pavilion made out of recycled milk crates in the heart of Governors Island. Now, the plant-loving designers are back at it, unveiling a beautiful, inverted garden pavilion in a public square in Annecy, France. Installed in the Notre Dame plaza in the old city center of Annecy, the 330-square-foot Living Pavilion is a modular system of dairy crates. Assembled in a three-sided geometric shape, the...
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MVRDV unveils pro-bono vision to reopen the lost canals of The Hague

In a bid to restore a lost part of nature to The Hague, MVRDV has unveiled a proposal to reopen the city’s 17th-century canals that were filled in between 1910 and 1970. Created in partnership with the local community, the “Grachten Open” (Canals Open) initiative would restore access to the waterways and would revitalize a run-down part of the historic center by introducing new programming from swimming canals to a gastronomy route with a new market hall. The urban revitalization project would a...
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Jargon watch: Aufstockung, or vertical additions

It's happening all over, and wood construction can make it even easier and faster.
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Funding Friday: Deep Green

This project is art meets climate activism. I backed it this morning and now am sharing it with you.
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Easily Create Vintage Logos With This All-In-One Toolkit

If you love the vintage design style you need to get your hands on this brilliant toolkit of fonts, textures, logo templates and graphics from Heritage Type Co. The Milkstore Collection contains everything you need to create vintage style logos, badges, labels, packaging or title designs with a hand-crafted vibe. The newly updated pack is currently on sale, and I’ve teamed up with Heritage Type Co. to offer Spoon Graphics readers an extra 10% off, making the final price $25 with a total discount...
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