How to Rank for Local Search on Google – The Ultimate Guide

This article was contributed byRavi Sharma. Countless hours have gone in to the study of search algorithms by experts. It is an ever-evolving process that requires diligent training and practice. The best developers have built up a list of resources and techniques that have shown to work efficiently. Although, will the introduction of AI and machine learning, we may never know the true process used by Google to rank search results. We are starting to reach a point where the search engines will c...
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Soprano Jessye Norman, 74

“Ms. Norman, who found acclaim as well as a recitalist and on the concert stage, was one of the most decorated of American singers. She won five Grammy Awards, four for her recordings and one for lifetime achievement. She received the prestigious Kennedy Center Award in 1997 and the National Medal of Arts in 2009.” Metropolitan Opera general manager Peter Gelb called her “one of the greatest artists to ever sing on our stage.” – The New York Times
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Marin Alsop Remembers Christopher Rouse

“Chris was a collector, and a collector of unexpected things: meteorites, records, guns. He started collecting composers’ signatures when he was a kid and amassed what I imagine is the largest private collection of composers’ autographs in the world. He knew how much I loved Brahms ( because we argued about Brahms regularly) and gave me his Brahms autograph last week…kind hearted to the end.” – NewMusicBox
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Is It Theatre Or Theater?

“I remember we thought we should use the British spelling of ‘theatre’ so that people would take us more seriously.” – Washington Post
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Plastic Waste Sculptures

Colorful sculptures of giant wild animals made out of recycled plastic waste. Plastic art by Bordallo II. “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure.” Also check out: Recycled Plastic Utensils
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Making Non-Boring Theatre About Climate Change

There’s a sliver of space where audience members can start to consider societal change. “I keep coming back to the idea that, as theatremakers, our greatest weapon in the fight against climate change may ultimately be this sliver of audience-lifting space. In this space comes an expanded capacity for empathy and, perhaps, the ability to be more collectively accountable.” – HowlRound
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Ontario Film Rating Board Is Losing Money. So The Government Is Closing It

The Ontario Film Authority was designed to operate on a cost-recovery basis, charging filmmakers fees for issuing ratings such as PG, 14A or Restricted. Its most recent annual report shows the agency brought in $2.2 million in revenue, but ran a shortfall of $130,000.  – CBC
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Margaret Atwood’s “Handmaid’s Tale” Sequel Breaks Canadian Bookseller Records

The novel, which is a sequel to Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, sold more print copies in the first week than any other Canadian book since BookNet Canada began tracking sales data in 2005. – CBC
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An Architect Who Rebuilt A City After An Earthquake With “Half” Houses

Having been given a small budget to construct homes for low-income families, many of whom said they would like to expand their dwellings in the future, Alejandro Aravena hit upon the idea of building half of a larger, nicer home, and leaving the other half for the residents to finish themselves, either with their own hands or with help from local “micro-contractors.” – CityLab
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Can Plants Think? There’s Evidence They’re Smarter Than We Think

The idea of a “plant intelligence”—an intelligence that goes beyond adaptation and reaction and into the realm of active memory and decision-making—has been in the air since at least the early seventies. – The Paris Review
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Taiga launches Orca, a 100% electric jet ski with a two-hour battery

Canadian company Taiga Motors, the creators of the world’s first electric snowmobiles, makes yet another splash in the luxury electric vehicle world with Orca, their first electric personal watercraft. Featuring full carbon fiber hull construction, the luxury jet ski forgoes gasoline in favor of a 23kWh battery that provides energy for up to two hours and can be charged by a regular outlet, standard automotive chargers and DC fast charging. The high-performance electric jet ski will also be fitt...
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Message received

Heidi Hall, an old friend of mine from Smalltown, U.S.A., died last week. She was 49, far too young for so extravagantly vital a woman to lose her life to cancer. I, on the other hand, am 63, which isn’t nearly as old as it was a few generations ago. Why did people back then seem to age so much more quickly than they do now? – Terry Teachout
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Mommie Dearest

The most notable thing about Barrie Kosky’s production of Handel’s Agrippina at the Royal Opera is that every member of this ensemble can act — especially Joyce DiDonato, giving what I expect will be remembered as an historic performance of the title role. – Paul Levy
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When The Culture Wars Was About Your Aesthetic Taste

There was a time when we judged people, labelled them, loved them or hated them because of their taste in literature, art and even pop music. – The Spectator
Tags: Art, Issues, 09.28.19

Seattle’s Intiman Theatre: A Truly Existential Crisis

Myriad issues are to blame. Donors’ funding priorities have changed, and corporations are donating less to nonprofit theaters, making the fight for funding more competitive. High-quality entertainment can be accessed on-demand at low cost. Arts journalism has become more sparse, and the public, concerned about an economic slowdown, might be less inclined to show up. – Crosscut
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You Have A Chronic Illness. Here’s How To Have A Rich Creative Life

With chronic illness, rigidity in your thinking and behaviour is the greatest barrier to living well with your illness. The only thing you can count on is the fact that you never really know what your day is going to look like, and that things are always changing. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, 09.30.19

One plastic teabag can release billions of microplastics into your cup

The next time you are craving tea, choose the paper teabag or loose-leaf tea in a reusable infuser — just steer clear of the plastic teabag. Why? A recent McGill University study found that just one plastic teabag can leach billions of microplastic particles into your beverage. Professor Nathalie Tufenkji, of the McGill University Chemical Engineering Department, was surprised to find that premium teabags, made of plastic, were offered at her local Canadian coffee shop. For research purposes, sh...
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More than half of Europes native trees face extinction

Europe’s endemic trees are threatened by extinction, states a recent International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) assessment on biodiversity. The unfortunate decline is due to the combination of three paramount factors: problematic invasive species, unsustainable deforestation from logging and wood harvesting and urban development. According to the IUCN’s European Red List, there are 454 native European tree species, of which 265 species are found nowhere else on the planet except in co...
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Why Has Performance Become Such A Big Part Of Visual Art?

Perhaps it’s precisely the soft science of working with and viewing other people that makes performance a refreshing counterpoint to an art industry that is increasingly commercialized and corporatized. Regardless of athleticism or ability, in dance traditionally made for the stage there’s a satisfaction – and, perhaps, seduction – in viewing the technique-driven, trained body of a performer. – Frieze
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The Japanese Fairy Tale Series: The Illustrated Books That Introduced Western Readers to Japanese Tales (1885-1922)

Everyone in Japan knows the story of Momotaro, the boy born from a peach who goes on to defeat the marauding ogres known as oni. The oldest known written versions of Momotaro's adventures date back to the 17th century, but even then the tale almost certainly had a long history of passage through oral tradition. And though Momotaro may well be the best-known Japanese folk hero, his story is just one in a body of folklore vast enough that few, even among avid enthusiasts, can claim to have master...
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All-bamboo retreat in Bali features all you need for a serene off-grid escape

If the hustle and bustle of every day life getting to you, perhaps it’s time for a little escape to paradise? Located in a hardy tropical forest in a remote area of Bali, the Hideout Falcon is an all-bamboo retreat with a massive pitched roof and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, all designed to help guests immerse themselves in the idyllic tropical landscape. And if the serene sustainable retreat isn’t enough to calm your nerves, the home, which was designed by Studio WNA, comes with an immense w...
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Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Twenty-Three

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Twenty Three What do you do when you’ve packed shows full of information, entertainment and thought?  You do another and make it even better; bigger – thus, Rob and Jon offer up a tour-de-force.Settle in, because the boys go to town and tackle everything, leaving nothing to bias, including how the left practice virulent racism and willfully buy into conspiracy theory and knee-jerk reactionism; Scaramucci goes anti-Trump...
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Blink brings a Tactile Journey to Editorial Design

Blink brings a Tactile Journey to Editorial Design abduzeedoSep 30, 2019 Blink magazine recognizes that the rise of the Internet has left the beauty of print media in the dust. The audience has unlimited access to information and resources online that is only a click away, however the intimate experience of a well designed magazine through the aesthetic quality of sheets will always leave a lasting impression. That’s the description of the project that Victor...
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Vancouver Food Tour showcases the city's vegan side

As we sit at MeeT in Gastown eating sweet-chili cauliflower, Hannah Enkerlin tells me she thinks vegetarians are more evolved people than omnivores, more in touch with animals and environmental health. My guide on Vancouver Food Tour co-founded this vegan tour in 2017, after an explosion of new local vegan businesses. She’s excited to show off some of the best vegan food the city has to offer and to share vegan fun facts with tourists. For example, the world has entirely too many methane-produci...
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Concept Web Design for Rock in Rio

Concept Web Design for Rock in Rio abduzeedoSep 30, 2019 Concept projects are always fun, there’s no doubt about that statement. We can explore our creativity without much constraints and that helps us to learn new things that might be or not useful in the future. When I saw the amazing web design project for a concept design for Rock in Rio shared by Set Sargsyan I knew I would have to share it. Visually speaking I think it’s wonderful. There are so many thi...
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The Taser Photoshoot: Portraits Of People’s Faces When Hit With A Stun Gun

Be honest. How many of you have ever wanted to tase your significant other? Maybe they’ve annoyed you that day, you wanted to get a reaction out of them or perhaps they just downright deserved a few jolts of electricity for some reason or another. Patrick Hall, one of the founders of Fstoppers, gathered 100 volunteers willing to allow a friend or significant other shoot them with a stun gun while... Source
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Photographer Scott Chasserot Shows How Brain Scans Can Reveal Our Ideal Self-Image

In a new project called Original Ideal, photographerScott Chasserot combines brainwave scanners, image editing, and human psychology. Through a series of carefully-derived photo manipulation and brain scanning processes, Chasserot hopes to capture a glimpse of his subjects’ ideal self-images. More: Twitter h/t:: vice The first step in his process involves capturing images of his subjects in... Source
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Solutions summit: How to decarbonize now

More on why less is more.
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Beauty And The Beast: Storm Chaser Captured Stunning Images Of His Wife Poses In Front Of Epic Storms

A man has photographed a stunning set of images of ‘beauty and the beast’ – as his wife poses in front of epic storms. Nicolaus Wegner snaps other half Daow dangerously close to tornadoes and lightning storms. But the results are spectacular – as she stands fearlessly looking towards Mother Natures most extreme creations. The couple use forecast tools to predict where storms will show... Source
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How to Create Repeating Patterns in Adobe Photoshop

It can be difficult to get your head around how seamlessly repeating patterns work. Any objects that ‘fall off’ one side must reappear on the opposite side of the pattern tile, much like the retro arcade game Asteroids. This allows the pattern to continue over an infinite area, by enlarging the pattern area as the tile graphic is duplicated. Thankfully there’s a clever technique that can be used within Photoshop that makes the process of creating custom patterns easy. In this tutorial I’ll show ...
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