New Grant Program Focuses on Artists Working with Social Change Organizations

“The Arts and Activism ColLABoration, a pilot project funded jointly by The CrossCurrents and Compton Foundations to support the work of artists in partnership with organizers and activist organizations, announced five projects that were awarded $30,000 to engage in arts-integrated organizing through themes of democracy, power, and freedom in the United States.” – Grantmakers in the Arts
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Foundations, it’s time to stop using grant applications to distribute funding

Vu Le: “Our sector talks a lot about grants. … There are endless articles and workshops on how to increase your chances to get grants. And many foundations, to their credit, have been working to streamline their grant applications. But maybe we are not having the right conversations. Maybe the question is not ‘how do we improve grant applications’ but rather ‘are grant applications the best way for funders to determine who should be funded? Have they ever been? Is this tool broken or even harmf...
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Decolonizing the Future: museums as agents of generational equity

Elizabeth Merritt: “All too often the decisions we make as individuals, companies, or countries are only good decisions if examined in a very short time frame. I call this phenomenon temporal colonialism. … We’re still working out how to decolonize the present (in so far as that is possible). What would it look like to decolonize the future? How do we give future generations a voice in the decisions we make today? … As you knew I would, I am going to make the case that museums can play a role i...
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How Libraries Are Bridging the Digital Divide

“There are about 5 million households in rural areas without broadband internet … [and] there are 15 million households outside of rural America where people don’t have broadband internet. When people don’t have the internet at home or are unsure how to use digital tools, they turn to their local library — no matter where they are in the country. Librarians are at the forefront of understanding our digital divide, and they know it’s far more complicated than having, or not having, internet.” – ...
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Why don’t we hear more music by women? The Imani Winds quintet is trying to change that.

“For more than two decades, Imani Winds, founded by the composer and flutist Valerie Coleman, has been unfolding different perspectives in its concerts, juxtaposing Bach with John Coltrane, playing Stravinsky and Jason Moran, riding a lonely path as one of the few ensembles made up of musicians of color in a very white field. But in the classical music world, being a woman is even harder than being black — so, at least, thought Florence Price and Margaret Bonds, two major 20th-century composers...
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Changing the color of opera is the goal of Minnesota Opera’s new leader

“A singer herself, Minnesota Opera’s Priti Gandhi sees diversity as a way to ‘open people’s imaginations’ — not to mention a matter of survival.” – The Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
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A Team of Curators Designs a System for Indigenous Artists to Thrive In

“The word ‘decolonization’ has been bandied about all over national and regional arts outlets lately, but it is often misused or misunderstood. In Seattle, the term was used frequently to describe yəhaw̓, the first exhibition in the newly retrofitted, 7,500-square-foot Seattle Office of Arts & Culture ARTS Gallery … But you won’t hear its curators call yəhaw̓ a decolonial exhibition. So what is it, if not that?” – Hyperallergic
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Same-sex, gender-neutral dance partners now allowed to compete in national competitions

“Same sex and gender-neutral couples will now be allowed to compete with opposite-sex couples at all of its events. … But the question has come up: Will that lead to an unfair advantage when it comes to taking home the trophy?” – Dayton Daily News
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Vogue Dancers Subvert a Baroque Spectacle at the Paris Opera

“Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes was designed to show the triumph of Enlightenment order over the exotic ‘other.’ Can hip-hop dance make it feel less toxic?” – The New York Times
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Caesar and Cleopatra - More Intellectual Than Gripping

Reviewed by Judd Hollander Who would have thought Julius Caesar would be turn out to be a moderate sort? At least that’s how he appears in George Bernard Shaw’s seldom-seen comedy, Caesar and Cleopatra. Written in 1898 and presented by Gingold Theatre Group at Theatre Row, the play offers some valuable lessons on wisdom born of experience, and the dangerous impetuousness that comes with youth. In ancient Egypt , Roman commander Caesar (Robert Cuccioli), head of a conquering army, h...
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Artistic Director – Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

PITTSBURGH BALLET THEATRE (PBT) invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become its next Artistic Director. Serving in a co-leadership role with PBT’s Executive Director, the Artistic Director is responsible for conceiving, developing and implementing the artistic vision and focus of PBT and the PBT School – and, importantly, articulating this vision internally and more broadly to PBT’s community. The next Artistic Director will bring inspiration, creativity, and engagemen...
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Assistant Professor of Arts Administration

Boston University Metropolitan College seeks to fill a full-time, non-tenure track faculty position at the rank of Assistant Professor starting July or September 1, 2020, for the graduate program in Arts Administration. Boston University Metropolitan College seeks to fill a full-time, non-tenure track faculty position at the rank of Assistant Professor starting July or September 1, 2020, for the graduate program in Arts Administration (
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Curious: LA Phil Names A New Executive Director But He Declines To Talk About It

The orchestra names Chad Smith new chief executive of the orchestra, succeeding Simon Woods. “In a sign of how awkward the upheaval has been, and how quickly the change of leadership was put into place, Mr. Smith declined to be interviewed, which is rare for the incoming chief executive of a major orchestra.” – The New York Times
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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 2: The Strange Door!

For tonight’s feature, we’re going to 1951 and a team-up of Charles Laughton and Boris Karloff in The Strange Door. But first, for today’s #TrackoftheDay, we go to the classic 1990 Concrete Blonde vampire album, Bloodletting. So, if you were in high school and college around the time this came out, I’m not sure how you could have avoided this. You could have not gotten the full vampiric impact of the album, since its biggest hit was “Joey” (though it’s a damn good song) and also in 1990 the...
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Branding With Bling

With New Gold Glitter Acrylic Added To The NZ Catalog, Businesses Can Make Their Brand Shine Looking to add some shine for your next laser cutter project? Hello gold glitter acrylic. With specs of glitter embedded within clear acrylic resin, this new material in the NZ catalog has just the right amount of bling whether you’re designing a product to sell or branding your business. Gold Glitter Acrylic For Signage & Centerpieces One of the most popular applications of gold glitter acrylic is weddi...
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Zadie Smith: On Reconsidering Fiction

What would our debates about fiction look like, I sometimes wonder, if our preferred verbal container for the phenomenon of writing about others was not “cultural appropriation” but rather “interpersonal voyeurism” or “profound-other-fascination” or even “cross-epidermal reanimation”? – New York Review of Books
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What Effect Do Morals Have On Our Political Leanings?

Peter Ditto created a survey website to learn to what extent different moral frameworks shape outlooks on political questions, and indeed the greater world. His findings were compelling, but likely unsurprising if you’ve ever had an irreconcilable political squabble at the dinner table: it’s our moral filters, not facts or rational thinking, that mould our ideological outlooks. – Aeon
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Fireplace Made of Wood

Beautiful nature inspired fireplace made out of petrified wood runs on natural gas and comes with Bluetooth wireless remote control. “Ascendance” – petrified wood fireplace created by Metaplace Industries. Also check out: Human Skulls Fire Logs
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The Tech Revolution Was Supposed To Be Fun. So What Happened?

For many years, Silicon Valley and the machines that came out of it were presented as personally, economically, and socially transformative, agents of revolution at both the level of the individual and the whole social order. They were democratizing, uncontrolled, anarchic, and new. Most of all, they were supposed to be fun—to open up a space of play and freedom. How is it, then, that just a few decades in, we find ourselves trapped in a dreary spectacle that seems to replicate the old p...
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Prose Poetry: So If Everything Is A Poem, Then Nothing Is

It’s the insiders—the poets, the tenured—who like to “problematize” poetry and wield their whatabouts. The “prose poem” is one of the most abiding whatabouts. It remains an outlier, a problem. – The Walrus
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Study: Inventors Are More Productive When They’re Geographically Clustered

Inventors are significantly more productive when they are working in larger geographic clusters. The study finds that when inventors move from a smaller to a large cluster, they experience increases in both the number of patents they generate and the impact of those patents, based on their subsequent citations. – CityLab
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Emmanuel Macron’s Plan To Save France’s Declining Villages: 1,000 Cafés

The president’s project, called 1000 Cafés and run by a nonprofit called Groupe SOS, will receive up to €200 million from the French government to open new cafés, or prop up struggling ones, in villages with fewer than 3,500 residents. Nearly a third of France’s population still lives in such villages, and more than half of those no longer have a commercial establishment of any kind. – Slate
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Granby Workshop unveils ceramic dinnerware collection made from 100% waste

Finding a way to breathe new life into discarded materials is creating a boom within the world of sustainable design. For instance, UK-based Granby Workshop has just unveiled an entire collection of ceramic housewares made from 100% waste. Recently launched on Kickstarter, Granbyware is a beautiful collection of plates, bowls and mugs made from ceramic, glass and stone waste. Based in Liverpool, the innovative design company has searched far and wide to find discarded waste materials that could...
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Is Audible’s New Captions Service A Copyright Violation?

The publishers’ attorney, said that Captions—a feature that scrolls a few words of an AI-generated transcription alongside a digital audiobook as it plays—represents a “quintessential” case of copyright infringement. – Publishers Weekly
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Hearing is believing

One of my Twitter followers asked over the weekend if I’d post a list of my favorite film scores. This is, needless to say, an impossible task, but I did spend a few minutes drawing up the following roster. – Terry Teachout
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Propwatch: the gloves in ‘The Watsons’

Does anyone still wear – gloves? A lady’s elegant, elbow-tweaking white gloves? Or a gentleman’s svelte riding gloves? Spot these on stage, my friends, and you can rest assured that you are safely encased in the genteel past. Dickens World. Downton World. Best of all, Austen World. At least, that’s how it seems when The Watsons begins. – David Jays
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Fashion and Dance Get Married

At the New York City Ballet’s Fashion Gala, premieres by Lauren Lovette (costumed by Zac Posen) and Edwaard Liang (costumed by Anna Sui). – Deborah Jowitt
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Jessye Norman’s lost Isolde – and so much else

The process and the permanence of recording never seemed to entirely sit well with her. There are some likely treasures out there somewhere that we’ve never gotten to hear. – David Patrick Stearns
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Searching Through The Myths (Some Of Them Her Own) For Zora Neale Hurston

“On February 4, 1960, the Associated Press ran her obituary. It read, ‘Zora Neale Hurston, author, died in obscurity and poverty.’ And with those words, syndicated in The New York Times and in papers from Jamaica to California, a new set of myths formed. Some listed her age at 57, others 58. After all, depending on what suited her, she told people she was born in 1901, 1902, or 1903 — in Eatonville, Florida. But as it turned out, none of this was true.” – The Bitter Southerner
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This Year’s Giller Prize Finalists

The 2019 shortlist features three authors previously nominated for the Giller Prize. Ohlin was shortlisted in 2012 for the novel Inside, Crummey was shortlisted in 2001 for the novel River Thieves and Bezmozgis was nominated in 2011 for The Free World and again in 2014 for The Betrayers. – CBC
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