Expression of Interest – Pathside Building (Jersey City, NJ)

Jersey City is seeking partners capable of developing and operating an innovative, world-class cultural destination that reflects the energy and diversity of Jersey City; that will contribute to 24/7 activation of Journal Square; and that will serve as a dynamic new destination for residents of, and visitors to, Jersey City. Jersey City and the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) are seeking expressions of interest from a qualified partner or consortium of partners to develop, op...
Tags: Art, New York, Opportunities, Jersey City, Journal Square, Jersey City JERSEY CITY, EOI, Pathside Building Jersey City, Jersey City Redevelopment Agency JCRA, Pathside Building, Jersey City Built, AEA Consulting, Shoshana Schiff Esq, JCRA

Nation Within Nation? America’s Problematic Issues With Indigenous Rights

Andrew Jackson’s and Trump’s assertions of US power over Indigenous peoples call attention to their singular political status as nations within a nation, and they speak to the continuing Indigenous struggle for sovereignty. – Aeon
Tags: Art, US, America, Ideas, Trump, Andrew Jackson, SJ, 10.02.19

The Arboretum represents "a new stage in the ecological transition."

Nicolas Laisné's vast project is a very different kind of office development.
Tags: Design, News, Nicolas Laisné

Folding Circle Skateboard

Shape-shifting folding skateboard transforms into a circle for easy storage in any backpack. Innovative mini cruiser skateboard concept designed by Chia-Wei Chen. Also check out: Stair Rover Skateboard
Tags: Design, Tech, Chia Wei Chen

EU Report: Europe Is At A Social Turning Point – Arts Need To Play Role

The report describes the EU as being at a “turning point” due to societal and political challenges such as social cohesion, rising extremism and populism, global competition and “environmental emergency”. The culture and creative sectors, it says, have an important role to play in addressing these issues and can act as a positive, unifying force. – Arts Professional
Tags: Art, Europe, Eu, Issues, 10.02.19

Why We Need To Learn How To Do Nothing Well

Paying attention is not easy to do. It demands “a state of openness that assumes there is something new to be seen”, and the discipline to “resist our tendency to declare our observations finished.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Ideas, 09.27.19

New Trend On Instagram: Getting Real (Yes We Hear Your Skepticism)

Celebrities have always used their social-media accounts as confessional booths, but at some point in the past year Instagram stars began interrupting their otherwise aspirational feeds with a very specific type of revelation—posts that could be described as the “getting real” moments. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Media, Instagram, 10.01.19

Catherine Opie’s Work Is More Urgent Now Than Ever

The artist has been challenging our notions of identity and selfhood for three decades, but her latest project feels uniquely pressing.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Catherine, Catherine Opie, Opie

LEED Platinum Sitka captures the Pacific Northwest spirit with a lush, fog-enabled courtyard

Local architectural practice Runberg Architecture Group has raised the bar for sustainable design in Seattle with the completion of Sitka, a LEED Platinum-certified multifamily development on target to achieve Seattle’s 2030 Challenge for Planning goals of reducing water and energy use. Built to use nearly a third less energy than the typical baseline design, the 384-unit development features numerous energy-saving systems — Sitka is the nation’s first multifamily project to use a Wastewater Hea...
Tags: Design, Washington, Led, Architecture, Energy Efficiency, Seattle, Pacific Northwest, Recycled Materials, Treehouse, Energy Efficient Architecture, Green Roof, Leed Platinum, Courtyard, San Juan Islands, Sitka, LEED

Judge Orders Removal of Online Posts Alleging Sexual Harassment by Subodh Gupta

A Delhi judge has ordered Facebook and Google to remove posts related to allegations of sexual harassment against artist Subodh Gupta, Art News reports. Judge Rajiv Sahai Endlaw called the posts “defamatory,” and ruled they “cannot be permitted to be made in public domain.” Read more at Art Newspaper  
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, News, Delhi, Art News, Minipost, Subodh Gupta, Rajiv Sahai Endlaw

Art Newspaper Charts Most Exhibited Artists in London This Millennium

The Art Newspaper has a piece this week on the most exhibited artists in the history of London this millennium, with Lucian Freud topping the list with ten shows, followed by David Hockney with eight.  While Freud is “considered one of the greatest figurative painters of the 20th century,” according to curator Andrea Tarsia, “his first institutional solo exhibition […]
Tags: Art, London, News, David Hockney, Lucian Freud, Freud, Art News, Minipost, Andrea Tarsia

David Henry Hwang And Jeanine Tesori Turn ‘The King And I’ On Its Head

“In [Soft Power], a stand-in for Hwang named DHH is hired by a Chinese producer to try to stage a theatrical production in Shanghai. Then, after a stabbing that mirrors Hwang’s own, he falls into a coma and imagines a full-blown future production of a Chinese musical about an intrepid Chinese producer who meets Hillary Clinton and teaches lessons from the communist perspective about screwed-up American democracy. There’s also, of course, a ‘Getting to Know You’-style lesson scene, but about lea...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Hillary Clinton, Shanghai, Jeanine Tesori, David Henry Hwang, Hwang, 10.01.19

Penguin Random House Defends Author Against Plagiarism Claims In Dr. Zhivago Book

Published in September, Lara Prescott’s The Secrets We Kept tells of how the CIA planned to use Doctor Zhivago as a propaganda tool during the cold war. But Anna Pasternak revealed in the Sunday Times that she had sent a legal letter to Prescott, claiming that the novel features “an astonishing number of substantial elements” copied from Pasternak’s 2016 biography Lara, which is about Olga Ivinskaya, Pasternak’s lover, muse and inspiration for his character Lara. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Words, Cia, Sunday Times, Penguin Random House, Prescott, Pasternak, Lara, Zhivago, Lara Prescott, 10.01.19, Anna Pasternak, Olga Ivinskaya Pasternak

Placido Domingo Resigns From LA Opera

“Recent accusations that have been made against me in the press have created an atmosphere in which my ability to serve this company that I so love has been compromised,” he wrote in a statement provided to The Times. “While I will continue to work to clear my name, I have decided that it is in the best interests of L.A. Opera for me to resign as its general director and withdraw from my future scheduled performances at this time.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Los Angeles, Times, 10.02.19, Placido Domingo Resigns From LA Opera

Christie’s to Sell $30m Ruscha in New York This Fall

Christie’s will lead its November 13th Sale in New York with Ed Ruscha’s Hurting the Word Radio #2, which carries a presale estimate of $30 to $40 million, and which could shift the artist towards market leadership. Read more at Art Market Monitor  
Tags: Art, New York, News, Ed Ruscha, Art News, Minipost, Christie, Ruscha, New York This Fall

A Day In The (Very Busy) Life Of The Ailey Company’s Production Stage Manager

“While [Kristin Colvin] Young’s job involves the responsibilities that immediately come to mind when you think of stage management — like calling the lights and sound during shows — her role encompasses everything from prepping casting inserts for programs to finalizing rehearsal schedules to giving preshow audience announcements as the ‘Voice of God.’ During a recent tour stop in Copenhagen, Young documented what a typical performance day entails.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Voice, Ailey Company, 09.28.19, Kristin Colvin, Copenhagen Young

How Classical Music Has Become Big Video Game Business

In case you are unaware, video games and video game music have come a long way from the 8-bit MIDI sound effects of Donkey Kong.  It’s a musical realm that has produced its own roster of superstar composers beginning in the 1980s with synthesizer “techno” scores created for games like The Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage by Yuzo Koshiro; Koji Kondo’s accompaniment for Super Mario Brothers; and Nobuo Uematsu’s influential scores for the highly successful Final Fantasy series. To the poi...
Tags: Art, Music, Beethoven, Super Mario Brothers, Nobuo Uematsu, Uematsu, Koji Kondo, Yuzo Koshiro, 09.28.19

The Three Ages Of Podcasting

“What started as a quiet digital backwater is now increasingly growing in prominence, drawing the attention of audiences and moneyed interests alike. … And the story of how we go here can be told via two major turning points: The first was everything that happened before and after 2014. The second turning point is happening right now.” – Vulture
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 09.30.19

2019 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard reveals leading states in clean energy adoption

Just in time for the annual celebration of Energy Efficiency Day, the nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has released its 2019 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. For this year’s report, the states leading on clean energy adoption are Massachusetts and California, while North Dakota and Wyoming still have more than a few strides to go before fully catching up. In step with Energy Efficiency Day’s message of “Save Money, Cut Carbon, Breathe Easier,” ACEEE’s goal is ...
Tags: New York, Design, Minnesota, Maryland, California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Jersey, ACEEE, Ohio, Steve Nadel

Lebanon’s Economy Has Collapsed. Some Artists See Opportunity

One small silver lining is that artists feel less pressure to churn out commercial material, freeing them up to experiment. “We are not expecting anything,” he says. “There are no big returns from the market during a time of economic collapse, which makes everyone feel more free to create and do as they want.” – artnet
Tags: Art, Lebanon, Issues, 10.01.19

The World’s Largest Collection Of Contemporary South African Art Belongs To — Nando’s (Yes, The Grilled Chicken Chain)

With more than 22,000 works hanging in the chain’s roughly 1,300 restaurants, Nando’s is arguably the best place in the world to check out work by contemporary South African artists. And the chain’s Creative Block program, run with the Spiers Art Trust, may be the largest corporate art initiative anywhere. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, World, Audience, Visual, Nando, 10.01.19, Spiers Art Trust

The New Music Career: Mosaics?

“The 21st-century arts economy continues to evolve, and mosaic careers are what will enable us to keep pace with it. These are careers made up of many different parts, in different sizes. Some pieces are brighter and shinier than others; some are bigger and some are smaller. It is the combination of these parts that is essential.”  – 21CM
Tags: Art, Issues, SJM, 09.19

Review Panel

The Fall 2019 Review Panel convened in the Brooklyn Library Dweck Cultural Center last night. Editor and creator of the online magazine artcritical David Cohen moderated a panel including Eva Díaz, Anthony Haden-Guest and Jason Stopa, all who offered commentary...
Tags: Art, David Cohen, Review Panel, Brooklyn Library Dweck Cultural Center, Eva Díaz Anthony Haden, Jason Stopa

Conservation group to purchase worlds largest privately owned giant sequoia forest

Alder Creek, a 530-acre forest billed as the largest privately owned giant sequoia property in the world, will be acquired by century-old conservation group, Save the Redwoods League. The group will ultimately transfer the land to the United States Forest Service to safeguard the trees as a national treasure. Alder Creek’s sequoia trees number 483, many with diameters of 6 feet or greater. Mightiest of Alder Creek’s sequoias is Stagg Tree, believed to be the fifth-largest tree in the world. It t...
Tags: Design, California, Pacific, Sierra Nevada, Patagonian, YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, United States Forest Service, Mariposa Grove, Save the Redwoods League, Rouch, Alder Creek, Sequoia National Forest and Yosemite National Park, Samuel Hodder, SEO of Save the Redwoods League, Claude Albert Rouch, Redwoods League Via Times Standard Photography

A converted school bus is now a glamping retreat in California

Converting an old school bus into a permanent tiny home on wheels is an overwhelming task, but for those who’d like to get a taste of skoolie living on a temporary basis, this Calabasas Glamping Bus is just the ticket. Located in Monte Nido, near Malibu Creek State Park, this amazing glamping retreat can accommodate up to four guests who are looking to immerse themselves in nature. Surrounded by a lush forest and breathtaking mountain views, the converted bus is the perfect spot for nature-love...
Tags: Design, California, Scotland, Hotels, Netflix, Glamping, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Calabasas, Glamping Hub, Monte Nido, Malibu Creek State Park, Converted School Bus, School Bus Conversion, Skoolie, School Bus Rental

England’s Arts Funder Is Now A Target Of Climate Activists

A collective called Culture Declares Emergency argues that the new funding strategy proposed by Arts Council England “neither addresses the urgency of the climate and ecological emergency nor grasps the chance to trumpet boldly the pivotal role arts and culture play in bringing about societal changes needed to avert disaster.” – Arts Professional
Tags: Art, England, Issues, 10.01.19

Vintage Photos Capture Lovely Moments Of Australian Children In The Summer

Feeding a baby cangaroo, rabbit trapping, playing with hoop, tyre and wheel, swimming, etc., these beautiful photos from State Library of New South Wales that captured lovely moments of Australian children in the summer from between the 1910s and 1930s. More: Flickr h/t: vintag. Source
Tags: Childhood, Photography, Design, Kids, Children, Australia, Life, Retro, State Library of New South Wales

Kyle Abraham Wants To Show Us A Misty Copeland We’ve Never Seen Before

The MacArthur-winning modern choreographer is creating a new solo on the star ballerina for the opening of this year’s Fall For Dance festival in New York. Brian Seibert talks with the two of them about working with each other for the first time. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York, Dance, MacArthur, Kyle Abraham, Brian Seibert, 10.01.19

AI Now Sees Better Than Humans Do. Also Differently. Does It Matter?

People don’t fully acquire the ability to suppress clutter in a crowded scene and focus on what they’re looking for until around age 17. Other research has found that the ability to perceive faces keeps improving until around age 20. Computer vision systems work by digesting massive amounts of data. Their underlying architecture is fixed and doesn’t mature over time, the way the developing brain does. If the underlying learning mechanisms are so different, will the results be, too? – Naut...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 09.19

Kengo Kuma weaves bamboo and carbon fiber into a nest-like structure at the V&A Museum

At the 2019 London Design Festival, Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has crafted a new eye-catching outdoor installation in the John Madejski Garden at the V&A Museum — just one year after his completion of the V&A Dundee museum in Scotland. Dubbed Bamboo (竹) Ring, or ‘Take-wa 竹わ’, the temporary doughnut-shaped structure is woven from rings of bamboo and carbon fiber. The sculpture was developed in partnership with Chinese consumer electronics brand OPPO. Best known for his design of the New Natio...
Tags: Design, London, Scotland, Turkey, Architecture, Gallery, Urban Design, Dundee, Tokyo, Art Installation, Carousel Showcase, Kengo Kuma, University Of Tokyo, Kuma, Baker Street, London Design Week

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