Propwatch: The Pig’s Head In Mephisto [A Rhapsody]

Assuming there is a future, “when historians of the future chronicle the last days of Britain, a pig’s head may enjoy its own footnote.” – David Jays
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Review Roundup: AMERICAN UTOPIA Opens on Broadway; What Do the Critics Think?

David Byrne's American Utopia officially opened tonight, October 20 at the intimate Hudson Theatre on Broadway. Let's see what the critics are saying... [Author: Review Roundups]
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Review Roundup: AMERICAN UTOPIA Opens on Broadway; What Do the Critics Think? - Updating Live!

David Byrne's American Utopia officially opened tonight, October 20 at the intimate Hudson Theatre on Broadway. Let's see what the critics are saying... [Author: Review Roundups]
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BWW TV: Watch Broadway Walk the Red Carpet on Opening Night of AMERICAN UTOPIA

Fresh off an acclaimed pre-Broadway engagement at Boston's Emerson Colonial Theatre, David Byrne's American Utopia opens tonight, October 20, at the intimate Hudson Theatre on Broadway. [Author: TV - Red Carpets]
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Theatre’s Front Of House Workers Can Too Easily Get Trapped In Service Roles

The hours are good, the patrons can be terrible, the dreams live … for a while. “A lot of actors, directors and writers work front of house, with most of us spending our days auditioning, writing and on other creative endeavours. FOH is a stepping stone and it fits in with the hours, so we can go from the side of the stage selling ice creams or Aperol Spritzes to on stage performing. But many of us are struggling. We feel stuck.” – The Stage (UK)
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Central Park Took Their Land, And Now, At Long Last, They’re Getting A Monument

The Lyons family of New York were a vital part of New York’s Seneca Village. They “were Seneca Village property owners, educators and dedicated abolitionists, running a boardinghouse for black sailors that doubled as a stop on the Underground Railroad.” – The New York Times
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Which Way to ‘Starry Night’? A Reimagined MoMA Opens to the Public

Drawn by free admission on Sunday, more than 7,000 visitors let themselves get lost in the Museum of Modern Art’s larger, reorganized spaces.
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Crocheted Alien Xenomorph

Crocheted version of scary Xenomorph Alien creature glows in the dark. Alien Xenomorph Costume made by Stephanie Pokorny for Halloween. Also check out: Crocheted Skeleton
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Teens Are Getting Famous Off Of TikTok, And High School Arts Teachers Learn To Adapt

Vine and Instagram did it first (and, let’s be honest, Vine was great, RIP Vine), and now TikTok is the new way for kids to become social media-famous. How the heck is a school supposed to deal with 20 or 30 famous 14-year-olds? Make “drama clubs for the digital age, but with the potential to reach huge audiences.” – The New York Times
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On The Return Of Olive Kitteridge

Why did Elizabeth Strout return to her dour, challenging protagonist – and how the heck did Olive Kitteridge become such a cultural force to begin with, a bestselling book that turned into a fantastic HBO series? Strout: “She just showed up and I saw her nosing her car into the marina; and I thought: Oh man, she’s back.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Abstract Expressionist Painter Ed Clark Has Died At 93

Clark was “an African-American expressionist painter who used a broom and bold colors to capture the natural world and to convey emotions about the racial injustice of the 1960s, earning him international acclaim.” Clark, who lived in Detroit, was known for his experimentation with shaped canvases, bold colors, and a seven-decade career. – The New York Times
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MoMA Opens Day Early

In a surprise move, MoMA opened its doors on its newly renovated space a day early, offering free admission all Sunday.  “We decided to celebrate with visitors from New York and around the world by offering free admission to all on Sunday, one day before we officially open the new MoMA on October 21. Come and celebrate […]
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When Schools Utterly Fail At Sex Education, Fanfiction Fills In The Gaps

That’s right: Fanfiction, with its hookups of likely and unlikely characters, its absolute refusal to live by the rules of the world set by authors like J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins, educates the teens of the world about sex, friendship, and much more, especially for LGBT youth: “Where the education system failed us, our fellow horny teens stepped up.” – BuzzFeed
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Mark Morris: Without Bullies, How Would I Know I Was A Sissy?

The choreographer has a new memoir out. In an interview, he describes “the sissy tests” of middle school – and turning those humiliating, degrading moments into dance. – NPR
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BWW Flashback: Celebrate AMERICAN UTOPIA's Opening With a Look Back at HERE LIES LOVE!

Tonight marks the Broadway opening of David Byrne's American Utopia, so in honor of the occasion, we're looking back at Byrne's previous experience in the world of theatre Here Lies Love Check out the video to get a peek inside the show in the studio recording their cast recording withRuthie Ann Miles, Jose Llana, and Conrad Ricamoraand more [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
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In Canada, It’s A Moment For Indigenous Art – But What About The Artists?

The vast majority of Inuit artists, even the celebrated ones, “eke out an existence.” Canada’s famed reconciliation isn’t touching their lives much. “Many support large extended families that depend on them for food — most of it flown in at exorbitant cost so that a single cucumber goes for $4.50.” – The New York Times
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This Keith Haring Mural Was Cut Out Of A Stairwell, And Now Its Fate Is Uncertain

The three-story mural, created for the Catholic youth Grace House in New York, has been cut out and preserved for auction. The Haring Foundation is not thrilled by the idea of the auction. “This mural was not meant to be owned by a collector. … It was meant to brighten a room full of children.” – The New York Times
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Super slim wallet made with carbon fiber and weighing only 0.4 ounces is good for posture

Here’s a comparison that I really found hilariously relevant. The WYN WALLET 2.0 is thin enough to fit into your regular wallet, along with all your cards, notes, etc. That’s one of the WYN WALLET 2.0’s inimitable strong points though… the wallet is as thin as 1.3mm in thickness, is dimensionally the same as your credit card, and weighs just 0.4 ounces (11.3 grams), making it the lightest carbon-fiber wallet on earth, and short of just using a rubber band to secure your cards and cash together...
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How To Go Offline (Briefly, For The Sake Of Getting Offline Things Accomplished)

Jia Tolentino, New Yorker writer and extremely online person, follows the advice of a computer scientist. First thing to do: Give up everything optional on your phone and computer for 30 days. “It just makes you bare to the fact of being alive and the sort of existential dread and wonder of it. It was a doozy.” – Slate
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Drawing, Dancing, And Deradicalization

Can a madrasa that teaches children of suicide bombers to draw and dance help them get deprogrammed from hours and hours of militant videos? The school is sure trying, but “when they first arrived from Surabaya, the children shrank from music and refrained from drawing images of living things because they believed it conflicted with Islam, social workers said. They were horrified by dancing and by a Christian social worker who didn’t wear a head scarf.” – The New York Times
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VIDEO: Go Inside Rehearsal For FUNNY GIRL in Paris, Led By Christina Bianco!

Funny Girl, starring Christina Bianco, is coming to THeatre Marigny in Paris, beginning November 7. Bianco took to Twitter to give a behind the scenes look at the rehearsal room for the upcoming production. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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A Lion King Swing, Backstage In London

Swings are more than understudies – they have to learn multiple roles within one show. Twenty-year-old swing Debôrah Godchaser, who was barely born when Lion King opened, says she’s learned to control her nerves and just trust that she knows the choreography. – BBC
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The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Needs More Than A Plan To Stay Afloat

A consultant tells the BSO that it needs a “vision” in order to deal with the debt and the uncertain future. The consultant said that “the BSO should be building a blueprint for the next seven to 10 years. In Detroit, where the orchestra had ‘zero liquidity’ and went through a months-long strike nearly a decade ago, articulating a long-term plan encouraged donors to commit new funds, he said.” – Baltimore Business Journal
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VIDEO: Chris Evans Helps Childhood Theatre Company Secure a Permanent Home

Chris Evans has returned to his roots to help out his childhood theatre company [Author: Stage Tube]
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A 90-Foot Tall Mural Of A Ballet Dancer Is Possibly A Tool To Inspire Others

In Columbus, Ohio, ballerina Rachael Parini was the inspiration for a 90-foot billboard that advertises the BalletMet company, but it means more than that to her – it means that young dancers of color might be inspired to try, and stick with, ballet. – 10TV (Ohio)
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Placido Domingo's European Cultural Award Has Been Delayed

Placido Domingo was set to receive a European cultural award this weekend in Vienna. According to Lethbridge News Now, his receipt of the award has been delayed. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Video Roundup: Our Readers Choose Their Favorite SMASH Performances!

We asked, and you delivered Recently, BroadwayWorld ran an article on our top 5 favorite moments from Smash We asked you to drop your personal favorites in the comments. Relive all of our readers' favorite moments below [Author: Stephi Wild]
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Long before Broadway's saturation with jukebox musicals and song catalog shows, Ben Bagley, a producer of modestly-financed Off-Broadway revues, added to what was then musical theatre's long title trend HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESSWITHOUT REALLY TRYING, A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM... and created a charming revue titled THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ENTIRE WORLD AS SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF COLE PORTER. [Author: Michael Dale]
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Broadway Jukebox: Jam to the Best of David Byrne on Opening Night of AMERICAN UTOPIA!

David Byrne's American Utopia celebrates opening night tonight, October 20 at the intimate Hudson Theatre on Broadway. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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BWW TV: We're Doin' Fine with OKLAHOMA! Stars Rebecca Naomi Jones & Damon Daunno

Broadway's original lovebirds, Curly and Laurey, are portrayed for a whole new generation in the Tony-winning revival of Oklahoma, currently running on Broadway at the Circle in the Square Theatre. And this productions is not your grandparents' Oklahoma Or is it [Author: Backstage With Richard Ridge]
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