The Future is ‘Makeable’ – Exploring Possibilities at Amman Design Week 2019

The beauty of keeping a theme as simply worded as “Possibilities” is that its interpretations end up being incredibly diverse as everyone associates the word ‘possibilities’ with something new. Some designers consider material possibilities, others look at possibilities for sustainability and the future, while some even tend to look at fixing problems of the past. Everyone has a different story to tell, and all these stories combine in the melting pot that is the Amman Design Week 2019.At Amman ...
Tags: Design, Pinterest, Syria, Middle East, Jordan, Product Design, Amman, MDF, Sahar Madanat Haddad, Sahar Madanat Design Studio, Sahar Madanat, ADW, Amman Design Week, Hangar Exhibition, Rana Beiruti, Noura Al Sayeh Holtrop

The Strange Ways That They Used to Transport Cars by Train

Here's a next-to-last-mile problem. Back in the day, after all of the considerable design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing work that goes into producing a new car was completed, automakers faced a logistical problem: How to get the product from their centralized factories to the consumers scattered across the country. In the early days of the automobile, when buyers were few, it was a viable option to stick two autos in a train boxcar and ship them off.But as demand began to g...
Tags: Transportation, Design, America, Gm, Chevrolet, Vega

Everything You Need to Put Together Your "Hong Kong Protestor" Halloween Costume

(Title image credit: By Studio Incendo - CC BY 2.0)It's always fun to guess which subversive "ripped from the headlines" DIY Halloween costume will show up at NYC's annual parade. I think on Thursday you're going to see at least a few "Hong Kong Protest" outfits.What would that entail? Since the actual protestors are improvising gear out of household items, most of the props are things you probably already own, or will find useful enough to buy. Here's our recommended list: 3M Respirator $12.50...
Tags: Hong Kong, Design, Cctv, 3m, Object Culture, HK, 3M Multi Gas Vapor Cartridge Filter

Who Knew? The Chainsaw Was Actually Invented to Cut Bone

Born in New York City, I've lived in four of the five boroughs. In none of them did I ever need to touch a chainsaw. But after relocating last year to farm country, where the main house has a wood-fired stove, it was one of the first new tools I had to learn how to use.And learning the tool has taught me that "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is complete bullshit:- This Leatherface guy is supposed to be a maniac--but he takes the time to accurately mix the fuel and oil at a 50:1 ratio? - You're tell...
Tags: Design, New York City, Leatherface, Stihl, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tools & Craft, Charrière, Bernhard Heine, Heine Osteotome

How This UX Design is Changing the Way We Can Learn One of the World's Fastest Growing Languages

Voice Blox was awarded in several categories in the 2019 Core77 Design Awards, including the top Student Winner prize in the Interaction category.Mandarin, the official language of China, is spoken by over 730 million people across the world. From 2009 to 2015 alone, Mandarin education efforts in the United States doubled; and in 2014, over 100 million non-native Mandarin speakers were reported to be using the language. The tonal distinctions Mandarin requires are incomparable to what we as En...
Tags: Design, London, China, United States, Core77 Design Awards, Royal College of Art and Imperial College, Voice Blox, Yang Gao Matthew Rice Dougie Mann, Wilhelmina Crolius

Design Job: Stay Cool as an Industrial Design for YETI Coolers in Austin, TX

At YETI, we believe that time spent outdoors matters more than ever and our gear can make that time extraordinary. When you work here, you’ll have the opportunity to create exceptional, meaningful work and problem solve with innovative team members by your side. Together, you’ll help our customers get the high-quality gear they need to make the most of their adventures. We are BUILT FOR THE WILD™. You are a highly motivated self-starting Industrial Designer with a proven track record of bringin...
Tags: Design, Jobs, Yeti, Austin TX, YETI Coolers

Crowdfunding Smash: Oru Kayak Designs Super-Compact Model, Has Almost $2 Million in Pledges

It's encouraging to see innovative designers experimenting with materials to create something clever and useful. It's even more fun to watch those designers continue to evolve, rather than resting on their laurels. One company we've found that's a great example of this is Oru Kayak.In 2012, designer Anton Willis figured out how to make a lightweight, sturdy, folding, origami-inspired Kayak out of corrugated plastic. By transforming something traditionally very difficult to transport into an easy...
Tags: Design, Object Culture, Willis, Anton Willis, Oru

Concept Car Shows Japanese Plan to Make Interior & Exterior Car Panels from Wood

If I had to oversimplify the world's current industrial state in order to explain it to a small child, I'd say "Metal is expensive everywhere because China ate most of it."I'd also explain that we can't just grow metal, but that we can grow trees. So that if it were possible to replace some things we make out of metal with things made out of wood, that would be desirable.And sustainable. Particularly for a country like Japan, which is low on natural resources but lousy with trees. That's why Kyo...
Tags: Japan, Design, China, Cars, Materials, Kyoto University, University of Maine, CNF, Ministry of the Environment, NCV, NCV Nano Cellulose Vehicle

Design Job: Level Up Your Career as the Global Industrial Design Manager at Catepillar

Caterpillar Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of earth moving equipment, is seeking its next Global Industrial Design manager and has an immediate opening for a 10+ year experienced, highly creative and proven leader for its worldwide team. This role has the critical responsibility of enabling and leading Caterpillar to leverage a sixty-year internal industrial design consultancy to execute industry leading human centered design in earth moving and power generation products. This position l...
Tags: Design, Jobs, Caterpillar, Caterpillar Inc, Catepillar, Global Industrial Design

Supreme Irony: One of the Most Difficult-to-Construct Buildings in the World Will Focus on "Sustainability"

The first Christmas after the World Trade Center was destroyed, I needed to get out of New York, and flew to China for a vacation. In Shanghai I got my first look at the bizarre architecture that would henceforth define the cities of the 21st Century. The Twin Towers, with their rational shape, would never be rebuilt; morphous look-at-me buildings would be all the rage.Dubai is nearing completion of their Museum of the Future, intended to draw eyeballs during their World Expo hosting in 2020. De...
Tags: UK, New York, Design, China, Bbc, Architecture, Shanghai, Dubai, Carlson, Burohappold, BuroHappold Engineering, Facebooked

Yea or Nay? Google's "Digital Wellbeing Experiments" to Get You To Use Your Smartphone Less

It's hard not to roll your eyes when a technology company, whose profits increase the more you use their technology, tells you they want to help you use their technology less for the sake of your own well-being. But I'll pretend I can take this at face value.Google has launched a series of "Digital Wellbeing Experiments" meant to "help people find a better balance with technology." These experiments consist of open-source digital tools that you can download. Here are the descriptions:"Unlock Clo...
Tags: Google, Design, Tech, Fiji

Halloween Mask Challenge: How Would You Recreate Looking Glass' Mask from "Watchmen?"

HBO's "Watchmen" is a new show yet, but with such a strong cult following from the comic book, I'm guessing many of you have seen the two episodes they've released. And any of you with a passing interest in materials must've wondered, as Polygon's Karen Han puts it, "What the hell is Looking Glass' mask made out of?"Meghan Kasperlik, the show's costume designer, revealed that on set they rotate between "five different masks," and most of them are non-reflective and rigged up for motion tracking,...
Tags: Hbo, Design, Fashion Design, Tim Blake Nelson, Karen Han, Meghan Kasperlik

Best Halloween Costume for a Couple, Ever

If I'm honest I think the schlong part is a bit much, but I found the overall concept funny.
Tags: Design, Fashion Design

Build Your Paper Model Dream Car via Paperlegend

Attention all petrolheads or paper crafters who know one! Florian Weber of Paperlegend is a real-life car designer who has combined two passions - cars and creativity - via enticing paper crafting... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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I keep getting the same comment from an art blogger that she wishes my images were larger.  Are my images coming up too small for you all?   For me, whether I'm on the desktop or the iPad, they come up a good size.  I don't want them huge and I don't want them large enough for others to print them out and copy them so I think I'll leave them as they are unless I get a lot of complaints that they are too small to see well.   Thanks! [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter

Hugo Crosthwaite wins 2019 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition with an animation.

The Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2019 - held on a triennial basis at the National Portrait Gallery (part of the Smithsonian) in Washington DC - announced both prizewinners and selected... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Washington Dc, Smithsonian, National Portrait Gallery, Making A Mark

Telling it Slant: Julie Cockburn's Intricate Visual Language Challenges How We Perceive Each Other

In the internet age we live in, images are disembodied and expandable—bundles of pixels relentlessly streaming across the screens of our smartphones and computers—so there is something edifying in the way London-based artist Julie Cockburn has been painstakingly exploring the physicality of analogue photographs.
Tags: Art, London, Julie Cockburn

This Minneapolis Playwright Has Won $400,000 In Literary Prizes This Year

“I always imagined I would be a playwright at night and a CPA or something in the day,” Lauren Yee said. “I’m pretty organized and disciplined. There are times when I’m thinking about a project and I put the pieces together like a producer.” Now, she gets to be a full-time playwright. – Star-Tribune (Mpls)
Tags: Art, Minneapolis, Theatre, Lauren Yee, 10.29.19

Artist paints their 5-year-old son's fantastic sea monster drawing

This is such an extraordinarily fun creative project. A working professional artist takes a 5 year old kid's imaginative scribble of a sea monster, and repaints it with an adult's skill, faithful to the kid's vision. IMGURian roydenlepp says: “I’m a professional artist and I finally got to do that thing where you paint over your kids drawings. Behold! My 5 year old son’s sea monster.” I love it! Here's the 5 year old child's drawing. Here is the father's digitally painted interpretation of ...
Tags: Art, Post, Kids, News, Parenting, Digital Art

John Stamos Will Star in BIG SHOT at Disney+

John Stamos has been cast in the lead role in the Disney original series, aoeBig Shot,a written and executive produced by David E. Kelley and Dean Lorey and produced by ABC Studios, a part of Disney Television Studios. Brad Garrett aoeSingle Parentsa, who pitched the original idea to Kelley, is an executive producer on the one-hour dramedy, as is Bill D'Elia who will direct the first episode. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Disney, John Stamos, Kelley, ABC Studios, David E Kelley, Brad Garrett, TV News Desk, Dean Lorey, Disney Television Studios, John Stamos Will Star, Bill D Elia

VIDEO: Watch a Sneak Peek of Amber Riley's New Character in LITTLE MERMAID LIVE!

TVGuide reports that Amber Riley will play an original character in 'The Little Mermaid Live' - an emcee. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Riley, Stage Tube

BWW TV: Watch Broadway-Bound Kristin Chenoweth Belt Out 'The Man That Got Away'

Kristin Chenoweth will return to the Broadway stage in a live concert celebrating the release of her new album FOR THE GIRLS Concord Records, produced by Steve Tyrell, with Music Direction by Mary-Mitchell Campbell, Directed by Richard Jay-Alexander and Presented by James L. Nederlander. [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Kristin Chenoweth, Steve Tyrell, Concord Records, BroadwayWorld TV, Richard Jay Alexander, James L Nederlander, Mary Mitchell Campbell Directed

VIDEO: Shoshana Bean Performs Rendition Of Sondheim's 'Finishing the Hat'

We're getting a peek inside Shoshana Bean's latest dressing room session, this time performing Stephen Sondheim's classic song 'Finishing the Hat' from Sunday in the Park with George. Bean states in the video's description,'Sondheim is the musical theater Bible. . .and Sunday in the Park is one of my favorite shows of all time.'Check out the video below to see Bean, alongsideNir Felder in guitar, give their new take on the musical theatre staple [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Stephen Sondheim, Sondheim, Stage Tube, George Bean

BWW TV Exclusive: The Great Facts of THE GREAT SOCIETY- Marchant Davis on Stokely Carmichael

BroadwayWorld is checking in with the cast to uncover some little known facts about the political giants they play onstage. Today, watch as Marchnt Davis gives us a lesson on Stokely Carmichael. [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
Tags: Theatre, Stokely Carmichael, BroadwayWorld TV, Marchant Davis, Marchnt Davis

The constant evolution of Product Design and how semantics stole my job…

Hey I’m Sam, and I do design.What type of design do I design? Well… I don’t know any more.I studied at university as a product designer. We were there to learn how products are designed on an industrial scale. Not handmade, not batch produced, but on a global and industrial level. For this reason, product design was also often called industrial design. I could interchange the term I used, depending on who I was talking to, and the terms were synonyms of each other, depending on who you asked.But...
Tags: Design, London, Youtube, Industry, Sam, Editorial, Product-design, Industrial-design, Brunel University, YD Talks, Sam Gwilt, Sam Does Design, Paul Cocksedge Studio

How To Write About Those Outside Your Own Experience?

“Given all the excellent writing about the challenges of rendering otherness, someone who asks this question in 2019 probably has not done the reading. But the question is a Trojan horse, posing as reasonable artistic discourse when, in fact, many writers are not really asking for advice — they are asking if it is okay to find a way to continue as they have. They don’t want an answer; they want permission.” – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Words, 10.30.19

Boston Landmarks Orchestra Seeks Executive Director

Boston Landmarks Orchestra seeks an inspiring leader to advance the Orchestra’s mission of building community through innovative, free classical musical programming, accessibility and inclusiveness. Our new Executive Director will have a proven track record in fund raising and community outreach, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to lead the Orchestra to achieve its strategic, organizational and financial goals. Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the Executive Director ma...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Boston, New England, Boston Common, Board, Fenway Park, Marketing Communications, Orchestra, Executive Committee, Christopher Wilkins, Beantown, Charles River, Search Committee, Charlestown Navy Yard, The Orchestra

The Island of Paros, Greece’s Design Hotel: Parīlio

33 suites in classic Cycladic architecture set atop rolling grounds of rugged beauty From its open and airy entrance onward, the recently opened Parīlio hotel welcomes guests into tranquility. Within the oft overrun Greek islands, Parīlio’s serene home of Paros—historically acknowledged as one of the most beautiful—sustains its mission of peace and quiet. The Design Hotel comprises 33 suites and excels at the subtle gestures …
Tags: Travel, Design, Greece, Hotels, Restaurants, Architecture, Accommodation, Greek Islands, Dining, Paros, Decor, Design Hotels, Cycladic Architecture, Parīlio

VIDEO: Go Inside Rehearsals For NEWSIES At Arena Stage

Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater presents Disney's Tony Award-winning musical Newsies, an inspiring story about kids who fight for what is right at the turn of the century, with music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman and book by Harvey Fierstein. Inspired by the real-life Newsboys Strike of 1899 in New York City, this family-friendly musical follows the story of newsboys and newsgirls who dream of a better life and lead a crusade for justice. Just in time for the holiday...
Tags: New York, New York City, Theatre, Disney, Alan Menken, Harvey Fierstein, Mead Center for American Theater, Newsboys, Molly Smith, Parker Esse, BroadwayWorld TV, Jack Feldman, Laura Bergquist

Mid-Century Classic House Lost In Getty Fire

Southern California architectural historian Alan Hess called it a “real loss to the architectural heritage of Los Angeles.” “It was an early Ellwood design, but demonstrated all his distinctive and influential ways of interpreting modernism,” he said. “Though it remains in photographs, the loss of the actual building to experience makes us poorer.” – LA Curbed
Tags: Art, California, Los Angeles, Visual, Ellwood, Alan Hess, 1029.19

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