Big Apple Circus - Thrills and Fun for All!

Reviewed by Judd Hollander The most important element of any circus is the ability to instill feelings of joy and amazement in its audience. Something Big Apple Circus, now beginning its 42nd season, repeatedly provides. The audience responding with continual and enthusiastic applause as they witness attractions guaranteed to make one cry out in delight or gasp in wonder. This one-ring extravaganza currently ensconced under a gigantic big top at Lincoln Center in New York City ...
Tags: New York City, Theatre, Brooklyn, Amsterdam, Lincoln Center, Columbus, Marrero, Judd Hollander, Matthew Murphy, Emilio Sosa, Amy Gordon, Maryna Tkachenko, Tetyana Yudina, Jayson Dominguez, Aliev Troupe, Caleb Carinci

CLB Architects thoughtfully inserts a modernist jewel in Jackson Hole

After over twenty years of working with a family on their 180-acre Jackson Hole property, Montana architectural firm CLB Architects has capped their fruitful relationship with the Queens Lane Pavilion, a modernist two-bedroom retreat with spectacular landscape views. Topped with a flat roof and surrounded by walls of glass, the minimalist pavilion was crafted as“art piece” that seamlessly blends into the landscape and the fifth project completed in the wildlife-rich riverine ecosystem. Archite...
Tags: Design, Montana, Architecture, Gallery, Wyoming, Jackson Hole, Carousel Showcase, Pavilion, CLB, Lodge, Teton County, Modernist Architecture, Silo, Perforated Metal, Weathered Steel, Carney Logan Burke

Dramatically twisted timber weaves together in the Steampunk pavilion

In Tallinn, Estonia, a team of designers have merged traditional craftsmanship with digital modeling to create Steampunk, a sculptural pavilion that uses steam-bent hardwood and computer-aided design. Winner of the Tallinn Architecture Biennial 2019 Installation Program Competition, the spectacular artwork uses the laborious process of steam bending timber by hand, rather than by robotic production, to call attention to the merits of traditional craftsmanship absent in machine building. Gwylli...
Tags: Art, Design, Steampunk, Architecture, Automation, Sculpture, Estonia, Public Art, Tallinn, Pavilion, Timber, Timber Architecture, Tallinn Estonia, CNC, Digital Modeling, Computer Aided Design

Fiji's Cousteau Resort launches a new botanical program for guests

For travelers who want to learn more about the environment they are visiting, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, a leading eco-luxe property in Fiji, is helping guests do just that with a recently expanded program for botanical education. Guests to the resort can take new tours, where they learn about medicinal and edible plants as well as rare palms. The initiative is part of a larger goal to protect the island’s natural environment. “At our resort, we’ve felt firsthand the great impact nature c...
Tags: Design, Fiji, Simpson, Jean Michel Cousteau, Jean Michel Cousteau Resort, Cousteau Resort, Bartholomew Simpson, Billy Railala, Fagraea, Jim Valentine, Jean Michel Cousteau Resort Images

A first-hand account of Liverpool Art School bands secures National Lottery Support

THEN ALONG CAME LENNON A first-hand account of Liverpool Art School bands secures National Lottery Support Artists and oral historians, The Sound Agents, have secured a grant of £10,000 from The National Lottery Heritage Fund to make a documentary uncovering the hidden histories of musicians who attended Liverpool Art School from 1955 to 1980. From […] The post A first-hand account of Liverpool Art School bands secures National Lottery Support appeared first on Art in Liverpool.
Tags: Art, News, Lennon, The Sound Agents, Liverpool Art School, National Lottery Support Artists, National Lottery Heritage Fund

These glass vases let you grow your own avocado tree no toothpicks required

While most home gardens tend to conceal the roots within decorated pots, Ilex Studio‘s new collection of glass vases displays one of the most underrated parts of a plant — the roots. The studio’s transparent glass vases, which can be used to grow avocado and oak trees, feature minimalist silhouettes with spherical bases that showcase the plant’s incredible root systems. Recently unveiled at the London Design Festival, Ilex Studio’s collection was designed to let people skip the prickly process ...
Tags: Garden, Design, Growing, Botanical, Gardening And Plants, Eco-friendly Designs, Growing Avocado, Growing Seedlings, Growing Acorns, Ilex Studio

First Smart Forest City in Mexico will be 100% food and energy self-sufficient

Milan-based architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti has unveiled innovative designs for a nature-infused smart city in Cancun, Mexico that will serve as a model for resilient and sustainable urban planning. Created for Honduras-based textile conglomerate and property developer Grupo Karim, ‘Smart Forest City – Cancun’ is a proposed alternative to plans for a shopping district in the area. The masterplan would reforest a 557-hectare site — currently used as a sand quarry for hotels — and creat...
Tags: Design, Milan, Mexico, Honduras, Genoa, CANCUN Mexico, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Stefano Boeri, First Smart Forest City, Grupo Karim ` Smart Forest City Cancun, Smart Forest City Cancun, Lauri Gatti

Review Panel

Review Panel convened this week to consider Kehinde Wiley, Kameelah Janan Rasheed and the newly renovated MoMA. Editor and creator of the online magazine artcritical David Cohen moderated a panel including Seph Rodney, Sharmistha Ray and Raphael Rubinstein. Kehinde Wiley's...
Tags: Art, David Cohen, Moma, Review Panel, Kehinde Wiley Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Seph Rodney Sharmistha Ray, Raphael Rubinstein Kehinde Wiley

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