Solar-powered Austin home embraces sustainability in more ways than one

In South Austin, Miró Rivera Architects has completed the Westridge Residence, a contemporary home with an emphasis on sustainable design. Built for a family of four, the sculptural home features rounded roofs on its two structures — the main house and a detached garage with a guest apartment — connected with a trellis of rebar suspended in a natural curve. To minimize its environmental footprint, the house is powered with solar and geothermal energy and was built with durable, long-lasting mate...
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Excessive road salt threatens public health and wildlife

Many people and municipalities turn to road salt to de-ice wintry streets and sidewalks. Unfortunately, road salt poses serious environmental and water contamination risks. Just one teaspoon is enough to contaminate 5 gallons of water, making removal via reverse osmosis extremely expensive. Moreover, the health of humans, pets, wildlife, aquatic organisms, vegetation, soil and infrastructure are heavily impacted as road salts enter the environment, seeping into groundwater and draining via runof...
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Mirrored outhouse disappears into a lush river valley landscape

In Australia’s Kangaroo Valley, Paddington-based design studio Madeleine Blanchfield Architects carefully crafted a freestanding bathroom that all but vanishes into its surroundings. Designed for minimal impact, the compact outhouse is wrapped in one-way mirrors to blend into the lush landscape. Its use of solar energy and gray water recycling helps reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Moreover, the mirrored building is elevated off the ground and can be easily assembled and disassembled with...
Tags: Design, Australia, Robert Walsh, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, Kangaroo Valley Paddington, Madeleine Blanchfield

Tacoma's Dune Peninsula: from slag heap to beloved park

On a gorgeous fall day, people jog and walk dogs along Tacoma’s waterfront in the new Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance Park. Locals appreciate the almost miraculous transformation of this land. The human-made peninsula, named for the science-fiction book by Tacoma author Frank Herbert, was built over an accumulation of slag a manufacturer dumped into Puget Sound for 70 years. As Tacoma Park Board Commissioner Erik Hanberg said in a news release, “The theme in ‘Dune’ of a world destroyed by envir...
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Crocheted Army Men

Unique sculptures of classic plastic green toy soldiers crocheted out of yarn. Let’s Play War! art installation created by Nathan Vincent references how “we teach children to associate violence and aggression with play and fun”. Also check out: Yoga Army Men
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Crocheted Army, Nathan Vincent

Four tiny pavilions make up a low-impact forest home in Mexico

A family that enjoys nature together, stays together. That’s the idea behind the amazing, nature-inspired Casa de Bosque by Mexican architectural firm, WEYES Studio. Tucked into a lush forest, the family home is comprised of four small glass-and-brick structures, all linked by a series of outdoor walkways that weave through the treetops. Located in a large forest just outside of Santiago, Nuevo León, the home features an ingenious design that ensures the human-made structures find true harmony ...
Tags: Design, Mexico, Architecture, Green Building, Passive Home Design, Forest Home, Natural Materials, Cabin Designs, House in the Woods, Elevated Cabins, Nature Inspired Home, La Casa de Bosque, WEYES Studio, Casa de Bosque, WEYES Studio Tucked, Santiago Nuevo León

Elegant Branding Work for Red Circle by Oddone

Elegant Branding Work for Red Circle by Oddone abduzeedoNov 13, 2019 My old friend Roger Oddone has been quiet for a long time and now I understand why, he’s been working on some killer branding projects and the latest one is for RedCircle, a platform designed to empower the podcaster community to grow, earn money and be heard through free podcast hosting and a cross-promotional marketplace. Oddone and brand strategist, Caren Williams, worked together with t...
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Add New Effects to Your Designs with This Library of Essential Tools (Was $2519. Now $29)

Retro, Grunge, and Futuristic are three hot design styles that result in stunning artwork. If you’ve ever admired these kinds of effects and wished you could create them yourself, today I have the perfect collection of resources to show you. This Digital Designer’s Essential Library contains the best-selling products from the top creative resource sellers. These are the same tools they use to create their trend-setting designs, including brushes, textures, fonts, toolkits and effects packs worth...
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Kostas Lambridis' Subversive Homage to Design Classics Redefines the Value of Materials

When it comes to introducing one’s self to the world, no one can accuse 30-year-old Greek artist Kostas Lambridis of not thinking big. For his graduation project in 2017 at Design Academy Eindhoven, he created his own version of the 18th century Badminton Cabinet, a monumental Baroque masterpiece of exquisite Florentine craftsmanship.
Tags: Art, Design Academy Eindhoven, Kostas Lambridis, Kostas Lambridis Subversive Homage

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