LATE - American IPA Beer Art Direction & Graphic Design

LATE - American IPA Beer Art Direction & Graphic Design abduzeedoNov 19, 2019 Benoit Hody, Anthéa Ferreira, and Atelier Minuit shared a beautiful art direction and graphic design on their Behance profile. The project is not super recent, but for some reason, I simply missed it so, better late than never. Basically, they were asked to design the label for LATE - American IPA beer. The four letters' type is a custom-designed typeface. Based on the beer's name, ...
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VIDEO: Dwayne Johnson Sings 'You're Welcome' for a Child with Cancer

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to honor a young fan's request to hear the actorsingerformer pro wrestler sing his favorite song from 'Moana.' [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Instagram, Dwayne Johnson, Theatre, Moana, Stage Tube

HELLO, DOLLY! National Tour Cancels Detroit Opening Night Due To Truck Malfunction

Broadway in Detroit has announcedthat tomorrow's opening night performance, Tuesday, November 19 at 800 PMof the national tour of HELLO DOLLY at Detroit's Fisher Theatre has been cancelled due to an unanticipated mechanical issue with one of the touring production's semi-trucks while en route to Detroit. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Studio Emme Furniture Design - Branding

Studio Emme Furniture Design - Branding abduzeedoNov 19, 2019 Hana Neuman shared a branding project for a furniture design agency based in Cairo, Egypt called Studio Emme. The brand’s logo is designed based on an isometric grid in order to highlight the three-dimensionality of the product offered - mentioned Hana. She also adds that the logo represents a fusion between the chair icon and the name of the brand. Branding 
Tags: Design, Cairo Egypt, Hana Neuman

The Fantastical Creatures of Guan Shan Hai

As a kid, I remember getting my hands on a copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. I loved that book! My very Catholic mother would have denounced it as demonic had she discovered it (it was the 80’s, after all), but I just couldn’t get enough of that art. Over the years, I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the imaginative creatures featured in Magic: The Gathering or just random stuff on DeviantArt. Just recently I came across a book in a book store called 观山海 (Guan Shanhai), just filled ...
Tags: Art, Books, Personal, Linguistics, Shan Hai Jing, classical Chinese, Guan Shan Hai, Guan Shanhai, Liang Chao, Hunan Literature, Art Publishing House

Guggenheim Hires First Full-Time Black Curator

The Guggenheim Museum has hired its first full-time black curator: Ashley James. “Her work complements the Guggenheim’s mission to present the art of today,” says Nancy Spector, the Guggenheim’s artistic director and chief curator, “which we understand as a deep and expansive view of art history.” Read more at NYT  
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Guggenheim Museum, Ashley James, Guggenheim Hires First Full Time Black, Nancy Spector the Guggenheim

Former Marciano Foundation Employees Protest at LAXArt

Following layoffs at the Marciano Art Foundation, former workers are protesting at LAXArt, which currently counts Olivia Marciano as a board member, as a way to force a public comment.  “I can’t say I’m not sympathetic,” says LAXart Director Hamza Walker. “I run a nonprofit art space, just trying to keep it afloat and keep a hospitable […]
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Rubens Landscapes Will Be Reunited After Two Centuries

Two landscapes by Peter Paul Rubens intended as companions will be reunited for public display for the first time in more than 200 years, after the Wallace Collection decided it would begin lending works for the first time. “We are hugely supportive of this because the general public is the beneficiary,” says National Gallery director Gabriele Finaldi. […]
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Baltimore Museum of Art to Only Collect Works by Women in 2020

The Baltimore Museum of Art will only collect works by women in 2020, Art News reports. “You don’t just purchase one painting by a female artist of color and hang it on the wall next to a painting by Mark Rothko,” says director Christopher Bedford. “To rectify centuries of imbalance, you have to do something […]
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Calvin Marcus Profiled in NYT

Calvin Marcus gives the NYT a tour of his studio in LA, and talks about his wide-ranging practice.  “Each painting comes from a very different place,” he says. “Sometimes I have these ideas for pictures that I want to make, and then I’ll draw it, or take a picture and then draw from the picture. From […]
Tags: Art, News, La, Art News, Minipost, Calvin Marcus, Calvin Marcus Profiled

BWW Review: Beautifully Realized Chamber Musical BROADBEND, ARKANSAS Examines A Family's Legacy From The 60s Civil Rights Movement

There is a firm, but understated strength that permeates the atmosphere during Broadbend, Arkansas, the beautifully realized two-person chamber musical created by composer Ted Shen and librettists Ellen Fitzhugh and Harrison David Rivers, depicting an event during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in one act and itslegacy in the next. [Author: Michael Dale]
Tags: Theatre, Civil rights movement, Michael Dale, Ellen Fitzhugh, Harrison David Rivers, Broadbend Arkansas, Ted Shen

Martin Filler: MoMA’s Growth Imperative

MoMA ’s endorsement of unending growth is central to the advancement of corporate values that lie at the heart of the existential crisis facing not just it and countless other cultural institutions, but the planet itself. For more than two decades, MoMA has been in a perpetual state of aggrandizement to anticipate the imagined needs of the twenty-first century and future generations yet unborn. – New York Review of Books
Tags: Art, Visual, Moma, Martin, 12.05.19

Tony Nominee Danielle Brooks Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Tony-nominated actress, Danielle Brooks, has joined the ranks of Moms everywhere [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Tony, Danielle Brooks, BWW News Desk, Tony Nominee Danielle Brooks

Saul Steinberg Foundation Gives 64 Works to Parrish Art Museum

The Saul Steinberg Foundation has given 64 of the artist’s drawings to the Parrish Art Museum. “Saul Steinberg is someone who is a major figure not only for the East End of Long Island but is also a national treasure,” says Terrie Sultan, director of the Parrish. “One of the things we really hope to do at the […]
Tags: Art, News, Long Island, Art News, Minipost, Saul Steinberg, Parrish, Parrish Art Museum, Saul Steinberg Foundation Gives, Saul Steinberg Foundation, Terrie Sultan

Photo Flash: David Harbour, Patrick Wilson, And More Prepare For THE 24 HOUR PLAYS

The writers, directors, actors, and production staff of The 24 Hour Plays are hard at work preparing to honorKathy Bateswith a can't-miss performance tonight. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, BWW News Desk, David Harbour Patrick Wilson

White House Announces Trump’s First National Medal Of Arts Winners

After skipping 2017 and 2018, the White House announced that Trump has chosen actor Jon Voight, novelist James Patterson, president and chief executive officer of WETA (a Washington, D.C. public-broadcasting channel) Sharon Percy Rockefeller, and bluegrass singer Alison Krauss to receive the presidential honor. – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Washington, White House, James Patterson, Issues, Trump, Jon Voight, Alison Krauss, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, WETA, 11.18.19

Download Stunning 3D Scans of the Bust of Nefertiti, Now Released by Berlin’s Neues Museum

Two years ago, a scandalous “art heist” at the Neues Museum in Berlin—involving illegally made 3D scans of the bust of Nefertiti—turned out to be a different kind of crime. The two Egyptian artists who released the scans claimed they had made the images with a hidden “hacked Kinect Sensor,” reports Annalee Newitz at Ars Technica. But digital artist and designer Cosmo Wenman discovered these were scans made by the Neues Museum itself, which had been stolen by the artists or perhaps a museum empl...
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Coop's tribute to Randotti Skulls, from the golden age of Haunted Mansion merchandise

Coop used the skulls as the basis for a set of gorgeous illustrations that he's selling as tees and hoodies through Threadless. These are some of my favorite designs of all time, and some of my favorite Coop illos: he really captured the spirit of these pieces. SKULLS [Coop/Threadless] Original Art [The Art of Coop]
Tags: Art, Feature, Happy Mutants, Old school, Fashion, Gift Guide, Copyfight, News, Anatomy, Disney, Illustration, Sculpture, Themepunks, Skulls

Ford Debuts Electric Mustang Mach-E SUV

Undeniably of the beloved muscle car family, this new vehicle offers exciting updates The electric pony is a fast gallop away: Ford says it will deliver its electric Mustang SUV, the Mach-E late next autumn, with a GT version available the following summer. The Mach-E hopes to do for electric cars what the original Mustang did for sports cars 55 years ago: offer high performance …
Tags: Design, Interview, Cars, SUV, Automotive, Ford, Electric Vehicles, Mustang, SUVs, Ev, Gt, Test Drives, Mach-E, Ford Debuts Electric Mustang Mach

What Makes A Great American Song?

For all that composers like Jerome Kern hated jazz and pop interpretations of their work — work generally created, after all, for specific scenes and characters in specific musical plays — Rob Kapilow notes that “it is precisely the freedom to take these canonical works — these ‘standards’ — and continually reinterpret them in the multiplicity of musical languages that have evolved over time that has kept the repertoire alive.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Jerome Kern, Rob Kapilow, 11.17.19

Why Centrism Is No Longer At The Center Of Our Politics

It’s often said that we are also witnessing a crisis of liberalism: liberal norms are being eroded, institutions are under threat, and across Europe, parties of the centre are haemorrhaging votes. Meanwhile, the critics of centrism are louder than they have been for years. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Europe, Ideas, 11.18.19

Thousands Of Subscribers Say They Were Hacked After Signing Up For Disney+

On 12 November, its first day live, people had technical problems and many complained on social media. Others said they were locked out of their accounts, and since they contacted Disney they have not heard back. According to an investigation by Zdnet, thousands of user accounts went on sale on the dark web. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Disney, Audience, Zdnet, 11.18.19

Suspect in Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist Released from Prison

David Turner, one of the suspects in the famed art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, has been released from prison, Art News reports. “They think that I was the person who committed the robbery, which is false,” Turner once said  of the heist. “They thought that if I was facing serious charges, I would be […]
Tags: Art, News, Turner, Art News, Minipost, David Turner, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist

Next Up In Cancel Culture: Gauguin?

The artist “repeatedly entered into sexual relations with young girls, ‘marrying’ two of them and fathering children,” reads the wall text. “Gauguin undoubtedly exploited his position as a privileged Westerner to make the most of the sexual freedoms available to him.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Gauguin, 11.18.19

Nan Goldin Stages Die-In at V&A

Nan Goldin staged another “die-in” with the Pain Group this week in London, protesting the V&A’s Sackler Courtyard. “Tristram Hunt needs to be re-educated about the fact this is not history,” Goldin says. “These deaths are happening now. And when it comes to the money donated, the V&A did not need this fancy, chic courtyard. It should […]
Tags: Art, London, News, Art News, Minipost, Nan Goldin, Goldin, Sackler Courtyard, A. Nan Goldin, Pain Group

BWW Interview: Stage and Screen Star Susan Egan Talks ENCORE on Disney+

Susan Eganwas featured in the second episode of the newDisney series Encore She was a mentor to a group of former castmates of a high school musical production of Beauty and the Beast, who were taskedwith re-creating their original performance in a high school reunion like no other. [Author: Kaitlin Milligan]
Tags: Theatre, Disney, Kaitlin Milligan, Screen Star Susan Egan Talks ENCORE, Susan Eganwas

Riley Keough to Star in Musical Drama DAISY JONES AND THE SIX

Riley Keough is set tostar as the lead singer Daisy Jonesin Amazon'smusical dramaDaisy Jones and the Six, according to The Hollywood Reporter. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Jones, Riley Keough, TV News Desk, Daisy Jonesin

Youth Center’s Keith Haring Mural Sells for $3.86 Million

The Keith Haring carved from the walls of a New York Youth Center has sold at Bonhams for $3.86 million. “The mural was not intended for someone that could pay nearly $4m for it,” says Gil Vazquez, the acting director and president of the Keith Haring Foundation. “It was meant for the kids that lived there once upon a time […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Keith Haring, Minipost, Bonhams, New York Youth Center, Gil Vazquez

Donna De Salvo Joins Dia Foundation as Senior Adjunct Curator of Special Projects

Formerly deputy director at the Whitney, Donna De Salvo has joined the Dia Art Foundation as senior adjunct curator of special projects. “For me, it’s a continuation of the work I’ve been committed to my whole career,” she says. Read more Art News  
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, DIA Art Foundation, Donna De Salvo Joins Dia Foundation, Whitney Donna De Salvo

London Police Investigating Attempted Theft of Rembrandt Works

A break-in at the Dulwich Picture Gallery has Scotland Yard looking into the the attempted theft of two Rembrandt paintings.  “The intruders were detected by the gallery’s robust security systems and, thanks to the immediate intervention of security staff and the swift response of the Metropolitan Police, the paintings were secured at the scene,” a statement says. Read […]
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