Godfrey L. Simmons Jr.: Vision and Mission

“Godfrey L. Simmons Jr. has built a career making room for others. In 2012 he co-founded the community-minded Civic Ensemble in Ithaca, N.Y., and he will next take the reins as artistic director of a theatre with a similar community profile, HartBeat Ensemble in Hartford, Conn., which has an affiliation with the University of Connecticut. We spoke to him recently about his work and his plans for the theatre, at which he’ll start on Dec. 1.” – American Theatre
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Early Black Feminist Theatre and Lynching Dramas Revisited

“In the 1910s and 1920s, a number of African American women poets and authors turned to drama to address racial violence. Writers such as: Angelina Weld Grimké, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Mary Burrill, Georgia Douglas Johnson, and Myrtle Smith Livingston were among these writers who did so. With the majority of these Black women living in the heart of Washington, D.C. they were constantly confronted with symbols of democracy that they found their lived realities falling outside of. These women contri...
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“But Does It Pay?”: Internship Culture and Diversity in Theatre Administration

“The expectation of unpaid internships is a barrier for young people from distressed communities to gain work experience and subsequent entry into the performing arts administration workforce. So, internships are primarily going to people of a certain socioeconomic class, and those young professionals are coming out of the experience with an upper hand against their competition. And we wonder why there is a lack of diversity in performing arts administration.” – HowlRound
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Ofentse Pitse is the first young black woman to own and conduct an all-black orchestra

“[POWER Lunch host Ntokozo Mazibuko] speaks to entrepreneur Ofentse Pitse, the first young black woman to own and conduct an all-black orchestra [in South Africa].” (audio) – POWER Lunch (South Africa)
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Leveraging Libraries for Cultural Engagement: A Model from New York

David Giles: “As one of the designers of Culture Pass, I could not be more pleased with the results so far. After launching in summer 2018 with twenty-nine participating organizations and seven thousand passes per month, we have grown to fifty organizations and eight thousand monthly passes. … In what follows, I will talk more about how Culture Pass functions and how we have partnered with participating institutions to target underserved neighborhoods. I will also explain more about how the mus...
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OSF Commits $15 Million to Efforts to Return Looted African Artifacts

“The Open Society Foundations has announced the launch of a four-year, $15 million initiative aimed at returning cultural objects looted from the African continent. The initiative will support networks and organizations working to return not only art and ceremonial objects but also human remains, natural history specimens, archives, and cultural heritage artifacts to their rightful homes.” – Philanthropy News Digest
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Hewlett Foundation Announces Changes in Arts Grantmaking Program

“While the foundation will continue to support nonprofit arts organizations that are creating, producing, and presenting performances across the region and will continue to fund organizations working to ensure that Bay Area youth have access to high-quality arts education, it will also provide, through new focus areas, support for artists and artists’ networks and will work to help arts leaders become more effective advocates for their communities.” – Philanthropy News Digest
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After Trauma, a Silenced Vocalist Sings Again

“The trauma of her assault is the subject of [soprano Lucy] Dhegrae’s four-concert Processing Series, which opens on Saturday at National Sawdust in Brooklyn. The series attempts to shed light on the complex relationship between mind and body. At the core of each concert is a new work written for Ms. Dhegrae that is intended to be both about healing and actively therapeutic for the performer.” – The New York Times
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Native American playwright Larissa FastHorse is taking down white wokeness

“Opening Tuesday at the Geffen Playhouse, The Thanksgiving Play centers on a group of ‘woke’ white thespians who struggle to devise a historically accurate and culturally sensitive elementary school pageant that celebrates both Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month. Since premiering last fall at New Yorks Playwrights Horizons, the work has been a hit, landing among American Theatre magazine’s annual ranking of the 10 most produced plays for the 2019-2020 season.” – Los Angeles Times ...
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The ‘Active (Read: Ongoing) Practice’ of Equitable Evaluation

“The Associations Advancing Equitable Evaluation Practices (AAEEP)* came together earlier this year to support and advance the equitable evaluation field of study and practice. As a part of this commitment, we offered to our members sharing experiences of two foundations, Kresge and the Oregon Community Foundation, who are testing the waters of equitable evaluation. With an overwhelming interest in the webinar (we sold out at 500 registrants 10 days before the webinar!), some of their learnin...
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Review Roundup: DEAR EVAN HANSEN Opens On The West End- Read The Reviews!

The West End production of Dear Evan Hansen, opened this week at the Nol Coward Theatre. [Author: Review Roundups]
Tags: Theatre, EVAN HANSEN, Review Roundups, Nol Coward Theatre

Artist Delano Dunn on exploring racial identity through his work

“My work is not happy work. It’s very difficult work. It’s very powerful work, I like to think. So I make stuff very colorful. I make it bright. I make it look like a piece of candy, so that you want to come up and unwrap it. And when you do and you put it in your mouth, it tastes like salt.” – PBS NewsHour
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How a constellation of 6 artists — all women — helped make Modernism more Mexican

“[Clara Porset] is at the heart of an ongoing exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago that looks at the ways in which six Modern artists — all women — were engaging Mexican art and crafts in the middle of the 20th century. … These were figures who blurred the line between art and design and between craft and industrial production and who, in the process, helped make international Modernism more Mexican.” – Los Angeles Times
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Here are three bilingual art initiatives that connect with Spanish-speaking Philadelphians

“Of the nearly 22% of the city’s 1.5 million residents who speak a language other than English at home, the largest group are Spanish-speaking. Here are three art initiatives in Philly aimed at serving Spanish-bilingual audiences.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
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Conductor works through autism, depression, cancer to lead Burlington orchestra

“As a conductor, Kim Diehnelt has to do a lot of schmoozing and interacting with people. She was so uncomfortable with that, she considered hanging up her baton. Then four years ago, she was diagnosed with autism and depression. … Rather than hang up her baton, Diehnelt has found the right outlet for her musical passion. She is the new conductor for the Me2/Orchestra in Burlington, founded in 2011 for musicians with mental illness and those who support them. She auditioned successfully for the ...
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Why Hasn’t Harriet Wilson, the First Black Female Novelist, Been Given Her Due?

“The lack of widespread acknowledgement or recognition for Harriet E. Wilson, the first African American novelist and author of Our Nig (1859), comes as a surprise. A New Englander, Wilson reclaimed in her work the domestic, maternal, and liberating space of 19th-century women’s fiction. She constructed a fiction which in turn dismantles Frenchman of Letters Phillipe Vilain’s ‘autofiction’ definition with its requisite of the first-person.” – Zora
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, Wilson, SJ, Harriet Wilson, First Black Female, 11.01.19, Harriet E Wilson, Phillipe Vilain

A Time to Grow Our Souls: On the Foundry Theatre’s New Book ‘A Moment on the Clock of the World’

David Dower: “[Foundry co-founder Melanie Joseph has] been so far out in front of the field for thirty years, in a place the American theatre — with its templated, collectively bargained language, practices, and values — can’t reach. And she’s been urgently trying to make herself understood — about what she sees, what she’s learned, and what we could dream, make, become, and do if only we could follow what she was saying. … [Now] Joseph has released a book — a collection of essays from various ...
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Linguistic and Cultural Revitalization in Indian Country: Lessons for Philanthropy

Brooke Mosay Ammann: “In 2018, First Nations Development Institute and Frontline Solutions released , a report that served as an introductory communication bridge between philanthropy and Native organizations. I want to further the conversation by including the perspective of a particularly well-developed Native organization, Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute (WOLI), both to make general observations and to highlight some that are specific to indigenous language and culture revitalizat...
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, Native, SJ, 11.04.19, Brooke Mosay Ammann, First Nations Development Institute, Frontline Solutions, Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute WOLI

World's first printed Christmas card goes on display at Dickens museum

Printed in 1843, the hand-coloured card originally sold for one shilling and shaped the popular traditionThe world’s first printed Christmas card, an artwork created in 1843 that went on to spawn a global industry, has gone on show at the Charles Dickens Museum in London.Designed by Henry Cole and illustrated by John Callcott Horsley, in the same year that Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was published, the hand-coloured card shows a family gathered around a table enjoying a glass of wine with a messa...
Tags: Books, Design, London, Christmas, Life and style, UK News, Culture, Illustration, Art and design, Charles Dickens, Carol, Dickens, Henry Cole, Charles Dickens Museum, John Callcott Horsley

As Cars Get Safer, Why are Crashes Increasing?

From 1970 to now, the U.S. population went from 205.1 million people to 320.7 million.Since we Americans are a car-heavy culture, you'd think that the amount of traffic fatalities would have increased along with the population in that time. But it hasn't:Cars have obviously gotten much safer in that time. What you'd have drove in 1970 would be called a deathtrap compared to today's cars, featuring their ABS, airbags, automatic braking, crumple zones, et cetera.If we zoom in on the latter end of ...
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Photo Flash: Bernadette Peters Honored At 2019 THESPIANS GO HOLLYWOOD Gala

Broadway legendBernadette Peterswas honored with the Craig ZadanTheatre for Life Awardby theEducational Theatre FoundationETF at the annual star-studdedThespians Go HollywoodGala [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Bernadette Peters, Broadway, BWW News Desk, Craig ZadanTheatre

Photo Flash: Bernadette Peters Honored At 2019 THESPIANS GO TO HOLLYWOOD Gala

Broadway legendBernadette Peterswas honored with the Craig ZadanTheatre for Life Awardby theEducational Theatre FoundationETF at the annual star-studdedThespians Go HollywoodGala [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Bernadette Peters, Broadway, BWW News Desk, Craig ZadanTheatre

Portable Laser Engraver is a Smash Hit on Kickstarter

Apparently there's a market for folks who want laser engraving, but don't want to step up to a full-size lasercutter. A Chinese company called Shenzhen Hingin Tech Co., Ltd. has been producing this small, somewhat gimmicky-looking tripod-based tool they call the LaserPecker: Now the company is releasing an upgrade with a base and motorized stalk, called the LaserPecker Pro: When it went live on Kickstarter last week, it was funded in just 14 minutes. Part of that is down to their low target go...
Tags: Design, Kickstarter, Digital Fabrication, Early Bird, Shenzhen Hingin Tech Co Ltd

Furniture for Instagram-lovers: This side-table is also a photo studio

This conceptual side-display-table comes either from a place of complete vanity or sheer creativity, but nevertheless, the Photo Table definitely feels like an instant must-have. Imagine never having to worry about setting up your mini-studio for a product photo-shoot. Just place it on a table, point some lights through the table’s diffuser-hood, and there you have it….perfect images for posting online. And the best part of it is not having to pack your studio up after you’re done because it goe...
Tags: Design, Awards, Furniture, Lighting, Product Design, Studio, Photo Booth, Zinus, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Red Dot Concept 2019, Photo Table

Photo Flash: See Photos from Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

As Walt Disney Animation Studios' Frozen 2 approaches its opening this Friday, Nov. 22, Kristen Bell and Idina Menzelthe actresses who help bring Anna and Elsa to life in the moviewere honored today with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Their starsthe 2681st and 2682nd, in the category of motion pictures and live theatreperformance, respectivelyare located in front of Hollywood's historic Pantages Theatre at 6225 Hollywood Boulevard near the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine. [Author: BWW ...
Tags: Elsa, Hollywood, Theatre, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Anna, Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Walk, BWW News Desk, Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, Walt Disney Animation Studios Frozen, Idina Menzelthe

How to Throw a Romantic Greek Dinner Party

The chef Mina Stone opened a casual Greek restaurant at MoMA PS1 in Queens last week and celebrated the occasion at an artist’s studio in Brooklyn.
Tags: Art, News, Greece, Queens, Stone, Mina, MoMA PS1, Cooking and Cookbooks, Brooklyn (NYC, Mina Stone, Greek Food (Cuisine, Romantic Greek Dinner Party

GRAMMYS: Who Will Be Nominated for Best Musical Theater Album?

Tomorrow morning The Recording Academy will announce nominees for the 62nd GRAMMY Awards, beginning at approximately 820 a.m. ET. Recording Academy presidentCEO Deborah Dugan and chair of the board of trustees Harvey Mason Jr. will announce the nominees in select categories in a live-streamed press conference at Studio 43 at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City. CBS host Gayle King will be joined by 2020 Grammys host Alicia Keys in a simulcast sharing the additional categories on CBS This M...
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Kara Lindsay And Kevin Massey Announce The Birth Of Their First Child

This afternoon, Broadway couple Kara Lindsay and Kevin Massey announced thhe birth of their first child, a son named Emerson Charles. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, BWW News Desk, Kara Lindsay, Kevin Massey, Kara Lindsay And Kevin Massey, Emerson Charles

HAMILTON Makes Entertainment Weekly's Best of the Decade List

No 18th-century U.S. statesman had more sway on stage, more measure on music, or better brought the decade's zeitgeist to its zenith than Treasury treasure Alexander Hamilton, the immigrant hero about whom Lin-Manuel Miranda spun a Pulitzer-winning, genre-defying, generation-defining Broadway musical that demanded, among other things, a renewed spotlight be shone on the theater as a cornerstone of American culture. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda, TV News Desk

BWW Review: Small Town Lives Yearning For Something More In Abbie Spallen's PUMPGIRL

'In this town you're either a slut or a snob, no in-betweens,' explains the put-upon wife of a local celeb racecar driver in Abbie Spallen's tryptic of character studies, Pumpgirl, now getting a very well-acted production at the Irish Rep. [Author: Michael Dale]
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