A luxurious range of handmade pet accessories that fuses functionality with style!

Just hearing the words ‘Pet Accessories’ sends a shiver up my spine, but…a collection of luxurious and super stylish pet accessories, ‘designed to elevate ordinary moments’ for our furry companions and us, has got my arms covered in goosebumps! And that’s exactly what Seattle-based brand Boo Oh promises to give us. Minimalistic, sophisticated, and created from the most exquisite materials, the entire collection is handmade. The brand name ‘Boo Oh’ is an amalgamation of the founder’s name Jay Sae...
Tags: Design, Pets, Seattle, Product Design, Lumi, Jay Sae Jung, Pet Accessories, Boo Oh, Jay Sae Jung Oh, Lumi Leash and Collar Set, Ray Harness, Toto Bag, Lumi Leash

Unknown Works Spices Up Sino-British Relations with Scotts Fish & Chip Shop in Chengdu

The Chinese metropolis of Chengdu in Sichuan province is a long way from York in northern England, but both cities share a reputation for their respective culinary scenes; whereas the former is world famous for its Sichuan cuisine, Yorkshire excels in Britain’s most characteristic dish, fish and chips.
Tags: Art, England, Britain, Yorkshire, York, Sichuan, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

André De Shields, Blazing A Path To ‘Hadestown’

The Broadway veteran, perhaps best known as the original Wiz in the musical, won a Tony in June for his portrayal of Mercury in Hadestown, and he gave an “instantly iconic speech in which he gave his three rules for ‘longevity'” in the theatre. – American Theatre
Tags: Art, People, Broadway, Tony, Andre De Shields, Hadestown, 11.19.19

Finding The Art Of The ‘Real’ Moscow In Its Grim Suburbs

As Russia’s population faces a steep decline, Moscow is growing – but there’s no room in the city center. One curator: “We got used to viewing the suburbs as strange, remote areas we don’t want to visit. … But when you get out here, thanks to the artist, you see something you wouldn’t expect.” – Seattle Times (AP)
Tags: Art, Russia, Moscow, Visual, 11.24.19

Food Shaped Playing Cards

Unusual playing cards designed to look like tasty donuts and slices of pizza. Play your favorite card games with “Pizza” and “Donut” food shaped cards. Pizza Playing Cards Donut Playing Cards Also check out: House of Cards
Tags: Design, Tech

City of Thousand Oaks, Cultural Affairs Director

The Cultural Affairs Director will be the chief visionary, strategic, and operational leader and will guide the Cultural Affairs Department and TOARTS as a champion for the varied programs and cultural offerings in Thousand Oaks. Organization The Cultural Affairs Department for the City of Thousand Oaks oversees the operation of the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza’s Bank of America Performing Arts Center (BAPAC), one of the largest performing arts centers between Los Angeles and San F...
Tags: Art, Jobs, California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, City, City Council, Ventura County, Pacific Ocean, Janet, Santa Monica Mountains, Thousand Oaks, Cultural Affairs Department, Finance Department, Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 406 Los Angeles, Fred Kavli Theatre

The era of Blade Runner is here, introducing Tesla's Cybertruck

The era of Blade Runner is here, introducing Tesla's Cybertruck AoiroStudioNov 26, 2019 Well it is November 2019 and carmakers from Tesla didn't hold back and introduced the Cybertruck. What was your first impressions? At first, I didn't like the design (still don't) but it definitely looks straight out of the 1982's Blade Runner which is pretty dope if you ask me. I think why the design is so brutalist and 'Cyberpunk' is to pierce a pretty well-established m...
Tags: Design, Tesla, Ford, Tesla Image Courtesy

The Philadelphia Orchestra Is Expanding Its Relationship With China Despite U.S.-China Tensions

There are many, many tensions between the two countries, but “the orchestra’s rock-star status in China offers it unique possibilities for bridge-building. Even youngsters are aware that, in 1973, it was the first Western orchestra to play in the People’s Republic of China. It has made 11 full visits since then, the most recent one in May.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
Tags: Art, Music, China, Philadelphia Orchestra, People 's Republic of China, 11.22.19, China Despite U S China Tensions

BWW Exclusive: BEETLEJUICE Cast Rings the Beetlebells for 'Carols For A Cure'

Check out exclusive photos as the cast of Beetlejuice gathers to record their track- 'Carol of the Beetlebells.' [Author: Genevieve Rafter Keddy]
Tags: Theatre, Carol, Genevieve Rafter Keddy

MacArthur ‘Genius’ Lynda Barry Is Using Her Grant To Explore Brain Creativity

She says it’s with the purest of pure artists: Preschoolers. “Barry is pushing the envelope on understanding how the brain creates and responds to words and pictures — a scholarly envelope that, in her mind, should be positively covered with illuminating doodles.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Barry, Visual, MacArthur, Lynda Barry, 11.22.19

How Do We Know It’s Creative Placemaking?

Some major organizations have been trying to figure out how to help communities use the arts and culture to create strong, shared values. – Margy Waller
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 11.24.19

Documenting ‘Old L.A.’ As Developers Destroy More And More Craftsmen Houses For Apartment Buildings

It’s not that preservationists don’t understand the need for housing – that’s obvious in L.A., as in most cities and towns on the West Coast. “It seems to me that we should fight the argument that any talk of preservation is anti-housing. Because it doesn’t have to be. We can be for affordable housing but against the kind of utter freedom to tear down and put up just about anything at all anywhere in the name of it that on the block just east of mine has produced the kind of development that ma...
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, West Coast, Issues, 11.23.19

Progress in the Studio

The last time I checked in with you, clutter in the studio was seriously getting in the way of the creative process. After ignoring it for as long as I could, I decided to take concrete action. You might not even notice that a lot of “stuff” is gone, but the space is starting to feel more calm and inviting. The one thing that I’ve pledged to do is fill one trash bag a day and remove it, starting with three full bags yesterday. I can do this. It felt good to make a start.   Paintings my Friday f...
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, Martha Marshall

A Bookstore Whose Nooks And Crannies Are Practically The Key To Narnia

Well, no, no wardrobe or fur coats, but “9,000 square feet of nooks, alcoves, labyrinths, and warrens.” Its customers really love it, including the way thousands of books crammed together smell. And “the store is orderly if not antiseptic. Signs are hand-lettered; there are plenty of chairs for contemplation and ladders for climbing; and, whether by accident or puckish design, the crime section stops short at a fittingly dead end.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, 11.23.19

Origami Makes A Small, Crinkly Return

And it’s bigger than mountain folds, valley folds, and damp-paper shaping: “A few years ago, NASA engineers were able to create foldable telescopes and a flower-shaped shade to block out light from distant stars by using paper-folding techniques.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Nasa, Visual, 11.22.19

American Theatre Is Traumatizing Its Own Practitioners

Lauren E. Turner, founder of the New Orleans theatre company No Dream Deferred, says that she was deeply lucky as a kid. “I was taught creating space was my duty. The idea of what was out there and available for performers of color was accessible, and I knew there was power in being able to tell a different story in different ways. Had I not had that experience, I would have just assumed theatre was strictly for white people.” – HowlRound
Tags: Art, Theatre, New Orleans, 11.18.19, Lauren E Turner, No Dream Deferred

These Two Sisters Meld Inuit Throat Singing With Christmas Carols

Christian settlers and missionaries feared and banned throat singing, so the choice to make a Christmas album wasn’t exactly obvious, they say. “At the same time, they say some of their most cherished childhood memories include Christmas in the North, with the joy and hilarity associated with feasting, games and dancing.” Hence the meld. – CBC
Tags: Art, Music, North, 11.23.19

6 Steps to Broadway Stage Dooring Like a Pro

Are you a Broadway superfan Do you dream about locking eyes with your favorite Broadway beltress Do you fantasize about posing for a selfie with a future Tony winner All of this is possible if you know where to look... the stage door Visiting the stage door, or 'stagedooring' as it is commonly known, is a an increasingly popular tradition forfans who are looking for a 'cherry on top' experience after seeing a Broadway show. A great stage door experience can be had by all by simply following the ...
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Tony, BWW News Desk

Longtime King’s College Choir Director Stephen Cleobury Has Died At 70

Sir Stephen Cleobury conducted the King’s College Choir for nearly 40 years and instituted the annual commissioning of a new Christmas carol. He retired two months ago. “He was influential in the musical world beyond the choir, conducting a number of ensembles including the Academy of Ancient Music and the BBC Singers, and through his association with the Cambridge University Musical Society.” – BBC
Tags: Art, People, King s College Choir, Stephen Cleobury, BBC Singers, Academy of Ancient Music, 11.23.19

The New Mr. Rogers Movie Isn’t Really About Mr. Rogers

Instead, it’s about the dark abyss of the adult soul. “Adulthood, for most of us, is about acquiring the skills to feel no feelings at all. Feelings are distracting, inefficient, unoptimizable, unprofessional — childlike. They interfere with our capacity to work. In fact, some of us use work, especially if we’re ‘good’ at it, to avoid our feelings.” But of course, Mr. Rogers can short-circuit all of that. – BuzzFeed
Tags: Art, Ideas, Rogers, 11.23.19

Mid-Level Movies Are Dying

And, obviously, blockbusters are killing them. (The cheap little awards-bait movies, the under-$20-million movies, might be OK.) – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, 11.23.19

As Arya Learned In Game Of Thrones, Swordplay Is A Lot Like Choreography

And that’s true in weapons and swordfighting theatre classes as well. Ask one student-turned-devotee: “In theatrical swordfighting, you’re following choreography and working with your partner and trying to avoid contact unless it’s part of the routine. It’s just like dance. Except there are more pointy objects.” – San Diego Union-Tribune
Tags: Art, Theatre, Arya, 11.22.19

Books: Design, Inside to Outside

Anyone familiar with the work of Marmol Radziner knows that their expertise lies in the smooth transition between inside and outside. As they write in a preface to this new book, "The book demonstrates the relationship of architecture and the passage of time, drawing attention to the ways each home... [Author: Jane Berger]
Tags: Books, Gardening, Design, Designers, Jane Berger, Marmol Radziner, Princeton Architectural Press, Design Books

VIDEO: SNL Captures the Struggle of Waiting For the Cast List in New Sketch

A new Saturday Night Live sketch perfectly captured the woes of waiting for a cast list to go up. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Stage Tube

VIDEO: The Cast of THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL Performs Iconic Songs From the TV Show

The cast of The SpongeBob Musical Live On Stage spun a wheel and sang all of the classic songs from the television series, including F.U.N., Sweet Victory, Striped Sweater, Krusty Krab Pizza, and more [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Stage Tube

The Painters Reviving A 500-Year-Old Indian Art Form [VIDEO]

Only 16 artists still practice the art of Cheriyal – but they’re working hard to expand (re-expand) their ranks. To grow the popularity, one artist says, “We began making tissue boxes, pencil stands, spectacle holders, and keychains.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Visual, 11.23.19, Cheriyal

BWW TV: Ryan McCartan, Taylor Iman Jones & Adam Gwon Get Grilled on SCOTLAND, PA!

Fair is foul and foul is fair in Scotland, PA- thesetting ofRoundabout Theatre Company's world premiere musical of the same name. Currently playing at theLaura Pels Theatre in the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre, the Shakespearean spin-off, written byMichael MitnickandAdam Gwon, brings dangerously delicious humor to a familiar story. [Author: Backstage With Richard Ridge]
Tags: Scotland, Theatre, Harold, Backstage With Richard Ridge, Richard Ridge, Miriam Steinberg Center, Ryan McCartan Taylor Iman Jones

A Conversation Between Lynn Nottage, Pulitzer Prize-Winner For ‘Sweat,’ And Jeremy Harris, Who Wrote ‘Slave Play’

Nottage: “Yes, I have to go sometimes to where my audience is, rather than being confined by the proscenium—which forces us to have a certain level of engagement, which means I have to sit very quietly in the dark while these people speak at me. There isn’t always a conversation.” – Vogue
Tags: Art, Theatre, Lynn Nottage, Nottage, Jeremy Harris, 11.22.19

VIDEO: Anthony Ramos Performs 'Mind Over Matter' on ELLEN

Anthony Ramos appeared on Ellen earlier this week where he performed his new song 'Mind Over Matter' from his debut album, The Good the Bad. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Ellen, Stage Tube, Anthony Ramos

Listen Up

From ambient and experimental to neo-soul and lo-fi hip-hop, some of our favorite new songs Andy Shauf: Try Again Joyful and a tad flirtatious, Toronto-based Andy Shauf’s “Try Again” depicts an awkward run in with an ex. But it’s far more than a note about loneliness: Shauf does an excellent job at developing the cast of characters, an impressive feat for the just-under-four-minute track. “Somewhere …
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