Audible Is Becoming A Serious Theatre Company

“It’s not that plays are new to recordings, or that corporations never before invested in the stage. What is novel is how this company is commissioning dramatists to write plays for its global listener base and at the same time curating them for a narrower market of theatergoers. You might say that Audible is assembling a digital repertory company, with platforms both on air and on legs.” – The Washington Post
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How the GAMMA Design is Helping Us Know More about Life Beyond Earth– And Will Maybe Even Get Us There

GAMMA is a Runner Up in the Strategy & Research category and Notable Transportation Award winner in the 2019 Core77 Design Awards. The 2020 Core77 Design Awards will be launching in just over a month on January 7th! Stay tuned for more details. In the 1960s, computer technologies helped shepherd space programs through new thresholds and across new, extraterrestrial frontiers. Today, technologies like generative design are offering novel support to these programs and their scientists, creating ex...
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An Interesting Design Approach to Portable Seating: The Mini Max Stool

I spotted this GIF, and thought this might be a new invention from China:I was wrong. After some digging, I found it's called the Mini Max Stool and was designed by Israeli inventor Yosef Zaifman. Zaifman runs Safrut, a company that produces injection molds, so he knows plastic (in this case, polyamide) well. The design is quite clever: The body is made from 120 segments that are light enough--and strong enough--to lock into place with a twist, yet still support 260 lbs. (140 kg). While it can e...
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Alex Ross: An Iconic Recording Label Turns 50

ECM is one of the greatest labels in the history of recording. Manfred Eicher, who founded ECM and remains its sole proprietor, has forged a syncretic vision in which jazz and classical traditions intelligently intermingle. ECM’s catalogue of some sixteen hundred albums contains abrasive sounds as well as soothing ones, clouds of dissonance alongside shimmering triads. – The New Yorker
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9 tips for eco-friendly Black Friday, Cyber Monday shopping

Shopping is an ubiquitous part of American culture that peaks during the holiday season in spurts of deal-hunting and gift-giving. Anyone who has made efforts to go zero-waste or plastic-free knows how difficult it can be to maintain those goals while finding meaningful presents for loved ones. So when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, you might experience the internal conflict of responsibility to the planet with the desire to give gifts. We love that you love the planet, so we’ve put ...
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[Author: Unknown]
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Who Actually Wrote, Or Wrote Down, The Epic Of Gilgamesh?

“The poem we call Gilgamesh is based on copies of a work assembled over a millennium after the earliest stories were written in Old Babylonian. … A specific scribe, editor, collator, poet is given credit for bringing it all together. He may also have been an exorcist, magician, diviner, priest or seer; or a combination of these not unrelated vocations. He was active between 1300 and 1000 BCE. … He goes by the name of Sin-leqi-unninni.” – Literary Hub
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Ponoko Partners With PCBWay To Sponsor & Judge 3rd PCB Design Contest

The Partnership Will Help Bring Your Idea To Life Do you have a product idea that you’ve been dying to make? Perhaps you’ve been prototyping and are wondering about the viability of launching the product as a business. Now’s your chance to make it happen—and possibly win some big prizes in the process. PCBWay is hosting its 3rd PCB Design Contest and wants submissions from hardware startup founders, CEOs, engineers and designers just like you. The post Ponoko Partners With PCBWay To Sponsor & Ju...
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Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act is signed into law

In a bipartisan win, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act has been signed into law, making serious harm to “living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles or amphibians” a federal crime. The law also includes a ban on the creation, sale and distribution of any electronic image or digital recording that depicts acts of animal cruelty. The measure was jointly introduced by Representative Ted Deutch (D-FL) and Representative Vern Buchanan (R-FL). The Humane Society of the United States h...
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Heliogen’s Solar Farm Could Drastically Reduce Global Emissions

Backed by Bill Gates, clean energy company Heliogen has developed a concentrated solar energy source that could eliminate carbon-emitting industrial processes—essentially “transforming sunlight to create and replace fuels.” The advancement would allow heavy machinery to forego fossil fuels and employ those created from the process (like hydrogen or syngas), ultimately reducing global carbon emissions by 10%. The technology at the center of Heliogen’s innovative idea …
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David Zwirner Claims Art Market is Alive and Well in Hong Kong

David Zwirner has a piece in Art News this week, discussing his vision of a thriving Hong Kong art market despite the widespread protests in the city. “I had a gallery in New York after September 11, and though the world came to an end, I really felt that people very much appreciated our effort to […]
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Staff at London’s Courtauld Institute of Art Go on Strike

Academic staff at London’s Courtauld Institute of Art have gone on strike over “income and borrowing invested in property and other capital assets rather than on the human resources that are the foundation of student learning,” Art Newspaper reports. Read more at Art Newspaper  
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How A Stolen Native American Artifact Ended Up For Sale In Paris

There is a loophole, in which it’s illegal to traffic certain cultural items within the United States, but exporting them is not prohibited. The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), which was enacted in 1990, requires repatriation of sacred or culturally significant items to their respective tribes or lineal descendants. It also instituted procedures for when said items are inadvertently discovered in excavations on federal lands. However, NAGPRA does not appl...
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BWW Album Review: The Bizarre Brilliance of OCTET

If you're looking for a traditional show, Octet isn't it, but if you're looking for a smart, often witty meditation on technology in the modern world, this definitely is it. [Author: Amanda Prahl]
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Small-Town Newspaper Prints Full-Page Pattern, to Ensure It's Upcycled as Wrapping Paper

I think buying wrapping paper is both stupid and wasteful. There's already a bunch of stuff lying around that can easily be repurposed in its place. Here are some things I have wrapped gifts in:1. NYC subway maps, when they were still being printed2. The comics section of newspapers3. The brown paper that comes inside Amazon boxes4. My fist (I was delivering the gift of justice, in the parking lot of a Denny's)Okay so I'm joking about #4. Anyways the town of Warren, Pennsylvania has a local pape...
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Crayola Finally Lets Kids Pick Only the Crayon Colors They Want

Adult problem: Must buy cable/streaming service bundled with a bunch of crap I don't want, just to watch a few shows I do want. Childhood problem: Must ask parents to buy box of 24 crayons when I'm only going to use six or seven colors.Crayola has at least solved the childhood problem: Perhaps recognizing that no child can effectively make Burnt Ochre or Magenta "work," the Crayola Pick-a-Stick initiative, rolled out in Staples within its own point-of-purchase display, finally allows children...
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BWW TV: Lightning (Thief) Strikes at Broadway Sessions

This past Thursday at Broadway Sessions we were joined by cast members and the composer of Broadway's The Lightning Thief We had such an incredible time with Rob Rokicki, Amanda Flynn, Sarah Beth Pfeifer, T. Shyvonne Stewart, and Izzy Figueroa. Our two Rising Stars were the amazing Torri Bouslough and Savannah Lobel. Drew Wutke was our FANTASTIC guest pianist for the evening and it was such a fun time for all involved. [Author: Ben Cameron]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Ben Cameron, Broadway Sessions, Rob Rokicki Amanda Flynn Sarah Beth Pfeifer, Shyvonne Stewart, Izzy Figueroa, Torri Bouslough, Savannah Lobel Drew Wutke

Yasiin Bey to Show Sound Work at Brooklyn Museum

Artist and musician Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) will create a new sound installation at the Brooklyn Museum, after meeting and working with Dubai’s The Third Line.  “I gave him my card, and thought nothing of it,” says gallery co-founder Sunny Rahbar. “The next day, he comes back to the gallery, and asks, ‘Do you want […]
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Boslla’s headlights come with the world’s brightest LEDs that even have RGB features

Designed to help you switch things up, Boslla’s LED headlights are the most powerful in their class (even outshining Halogen and Xenon bulbs) and are designed to work under extreme conditions, be it scorching summers, frigid winters, or powerful rainstorms… but their most unusual feature is that they pack a set of RGB LEDs too, allowing you to switch things up and light the space up with any color you choose.Boslla’s LEDs are industry-leading, with a brightness up to 40W that’s thrice as power...
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‘Star Wars’ Saga As Kabuki, Literally

“Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke and The Three Light Sabers, which are being staged in Tokyo, will combine plots from each of the franchise’s latest trilogy, substituting plots drawn from the days of feudal clan rivalry with drama from a galaxy far, far away. Ichikawa Ebizo XI, Japan’s pre-eminent kabuki actor, will take to the stage as Kylo Ren … in front of 50 winners of an online lottery.” (The performance will be live-streamed for the rest of us.) – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, Tokyo, Kylo Ren, 11.27.19, Ichikawa Ebizo XI Japan

Art Basel Cancels Abu Dhabi Event “Art Basel Inside”

Art Basel‘s parent company has cancelled Art Basel Inside, a three-day event slotted to run next year in Abu Dhabi. “Art Basel Inside in Abu Dhabi in February 2020 was always an ambitious project on quite a short timeline,” a statement from the company reads. “Despite a lot of excitement for the project, support from our […]
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Reading is Fundamental Enamel Pin

Handmade in Brooklyn, Haus of Nope’s one-inch “Reading is Fundamental” enamel pin is a visual reminder that everybody has the right learn to read, and have access to books. From each sale, $8 is donated to Books Through Bars, an all-volunteer group that sends donated books to incarcerated people. The pin comes with two rubber backs.
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New York – Anish Kapoor at Lisson Gallery Through December 20th, 2019

Anish Kapoor, New Born (2019), via Lisson Currently on at both of Lisson Gallery’s New York exhibition spaces, artist Anish Kapoor orchestrates a striking investigation of perception, space, time and movement through a selection of new works. This is Kapoor’s first show with Lisson in the U.S., an impressive note considering his nearly forty years […]
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Critic Roger Cardinal Passes Away Aged 79

Roger Cardinal, a writer and critic who helped coin the term “outsider art” while working with Jean Dubuffet, has passed away at age 79.  “A lot of outsider art rotates around issues of personality, of asking who I am, which means going deep into the inner self of an individual,” he once said. “So this kind of […]
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Reclamation of Black-Owned Farmland

According to census data, there were 925,000 black farmers in 1920. By 2017, that number dropped below 50,000. Discrimination within the industry, institutionalized racism upheld by USDA agency workers, purposefully incorrect documentation of ownership transfers, the industrialization of the agriculture industry, and many more reasons lead to the decline. Plenty of banks, certification organizations, and distribution networks also actively discriminated against black farmers. The US …
Tags: Design, Usda, Culture, Racism, Farming, Agriculture, Farms, Linkaboutit, Reparations, Farmland, Black Farmers, Soul Fire Farm, Reclamation of Black Owned Farmland

Heirs Of Nobel-Winning Author Naguib Mahfouz Have Been Fighting His Publisher For Years

The daughters of the author, the most internationally famous Arabic-language writer in modern history, have repeatedly sued the American University in Cairo Press for what they claim are large-scale copyright violations and failure to negotiate a new licensing agreement following Mahfouz’s death in 2006. – Literary Hub
Tags: Art, Words, Naguib Mahfouz, Mahfouz, 11.25.19, American University in Cairo Press

Beachfront hotel in Costa Rica pays tribute to the land and its inhabitants

A new hotel, Hotel Nantipa, located in the Puntarenas area of Costa Rica, has been built with several sustainable features while also paying homage to the indigenous Chorotegan people who first inhabited the area. Designed by local firm Garnier Arquitectos, the hotel is integrated with water-saving systems, solar-powered water heaters, reclaimed building materials and more. Paying homage to the native inhabitants of the area, the hotel’s name, Nantipa, means “blue” in the Chorotegan language. P...
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Why Museum Workers Across America Are Unionizing

The New Museum, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, and the Frye Art Museum in Seattle have all formed unions this year. And the tide doesn’t seem to be slowing: On November 22, a group of workers from Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art across multiple departments—exhibitions, education, communications, and audio-visual—followed suit. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Seattle, Visual, 11.25.19, Museum Workers Across America Are Unionizing

Keith Sonnier Interviewed in Art News

Keith Sonnier gets an interview in Art News this week, reflecting on his early work and his life growing up in Lousiana.  “I sought out unusual people,” he says. “It was part of my nature. I think when you grow up in the middle of nowhere and you do nothing all day but sit up in […]
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Abby Mueller Will Be Stepping Out of St. Paul Run of SIX Due to an Unexpected Injury

Six the musical has regretfully announced on it's official Instagram page,that due to an injury Abby Mueller will be stepping out of the show during the run in St. Paul. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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