Happy Thanksgiving—Window Displays, MOMA, and Central Park Images

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone living in the U.S. and Happy Thursday to those of you living elsewhere. I’m in New York visiting family and as we do most year’s we spent yesterday walking around Manhattan and taking in the sights and museums and as I do most year’s I thought I would share a few pictures from the day. Window Displays Macy’s is only a block away from Penn Station and so it’s naturally our first stop. This year Macy’s had different displays along different sides of the build...
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This tiny farmhouse features a quaint reading nook

New York-based tiny home builder Willowbee Tiny Homes has managed to combine a cozy, farmhouse aesthetic with a sophisticated and space-efficient tiny home. The Burmenbov is a 30-foot-long tiny home on wheels that has a gorgeous interior space, which includes a charming reading nook where the reader can also take in amazing views. Husband-and-wife team Bob and Esther (along with their four children) have made a name for themselves by building quality tiny houses for other families looking to li...
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Bernini: The Baroque Artist Whose Designs Define Rome

Get to know the works of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the Baroque artist whose works are some of the most famous pieces of art in Rome.
Tags: Travel, Art, Rome, Vatican City, Arts And Culture, Fountains, Bernini, Galleria Borghese, Art & Architecture, Villa Borghese, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, St. Peter's Basilica, Rome & Lazio

6 helpful ways to give back to nature this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is the best time to reflect on our planet and give thanks for nature and all of its glories. What better way to celebrate our world and its wildlife than by offering a helping hand? Here are some ways to give back to and celebrate Mother Earth this Thanksgiving. Save a turkey While Thanksgiving traditionally means turkey at the table, those who are vegetarian, vegan or simply interested in protecting turkeys can instead adopt or sponsor a turkey...
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