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Most people who've seen New Line shows knows our work is usually very political, and anybody who knows me knows I'm very political personally. A lot of people also know that I've written a bunch of musicals.One of the ways I practice my craft -- just as dancers and singers regularly take classes -- is to write parody lyrics. The day after Trump won the 2016 election, I wrote a parody lyric about Trump to the tune of "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd."Writing parody lyrics is excellent practice, for t...
Tags: Politics, Theatre, Constitution, Democrat, Republican, Trump, Scott Miller, Musical Comedy, Impeachment, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Sweeney Todd Writing, Rodgers Hammerstein Quid Pro Quo Quid

Prefab homes on stilts include solar panels, water collection systems and organic gardens

Bali-based architect Alexis Dornier has unveiled a beautiful, eco-friendly concept for a series of prefabricated homes that are elevated off the landscape by stilts. The Stilt Studios come in a variety of sizes, from one-story to multi-level, all raised above the ground to reduce the structures’ impact. Additionally, the prefab design, which can be easily disassembled and moved to new locations, includes a number of sustainable features, such as solar power and integrated rainwater collection sy...
Tags: Japan, Design, Bali, CLT, Dornier, Alexis Dornier, Stilt Studios

Timber Woody office in France embraces Paris' largest park

In a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of construction, French architecture firm Atelier du Pont has created an office for Santé publique France, the French public healthcare agency. The new office is built almost entirely from wood and is free of solvents and plastics. Nicknamed “Woody” after its timber build, the office is located on the eastern edge of Paris right next to the Bois de Vincennes, the largest public park in the city. The architecture responds to the neighboring landscape with i...
Tags: Design, France, Office, Architecture, Paris, Carbon Footprint, Gardens, Rubber, Natural Light, Daylighting, Glue Laminated Timber, Cross Laminated Timber, OAK, Woody, Terrace, Bois de Vincennes

Ancient & Futuristic Typeface Bundle for Premium Members

Access All Areas members have a great bundle of 5 premium typefaces to download this week, courtesy of James Dene of Dene Studios. Included in this collection is the Ancient Languages Typeface Bundle, which contains 3 fonts based on the first systems of writing in human civilisation (Cuneiform, Norse Elder Futhark and Egyptian Hieroglyphs), plus 2 additional display fonts with a futuristic style named Equinox and Perehilion. In the Dene Studios Creative Market Store you will find a vast coll...
Tags: Design, Fonts, Members Only, Premium, Access All Areas, Members, Equinox, James Dene of Dene Studios Included, Dene Studios Creative Market Store, Dene Studios, Futhark

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