[Podcast] Beyond Branding (w/ Brand Designer Jacob Cass of JUST Creative)

EP 49 of Experience Design Podcast (with Tony Daussat) is now UP and guess who’s on it!? Here is what you can expect when listening: “On this week’s episode of Experience Design I had the pleasure of speaking with Jacob Cass  @justcreative  about how his brain ticks when designing branding for such iconic locations like San Francisco — as well as how he deals with the “branding nay-sayers.” We also touch on passive income streams, and also tips and tricks to starting a career in design.” Direct ...
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Striking, sinuous home outside of So Paulo is inspired by the shape of native pine trees

Rio de Janeiro-based Mareines Arquitetura has unveiled a striking home tucked into the mountainous region near São Paulo. The Pinhão House boasts a unique, elliptical volume with various levels and a leaf-shaped roof that juts out over a covered swimming pool, which is also integrated into the home’s curved shape. Located in Campos do Jordão, the Pinhão House is a gorgeous design with a curvaceous volume surrounded by nature, and it was also built by local craftsmen using locally sourced, natur...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Campos, Wooden Homes, Nature Inspired Design, Post-format-gallery, Glass Homes, Natural Materials, Leonardo Finotti, Pinhão House, Sao Paulo Homes, Mareines Arquitetura, São Paulo The Pinhão House

Cedar Haven is a forest retreat made with reclaimed logs

Blending contemporary design with natural materials, Washington-based residential architecture firm Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture completed a stunning timber home that feels like an extension of its alpine forest environment. Created for a homeowner who wanted a residence that echoed the tranquility of its mountain surroundings, the aptly named Cedar Haven was built mainly from timber and stone — much of which was reclaimed from the site itself. Several salvaged logs and other found objec...
Tags: Design, Colorado, Washington, Architecture, Fireplace, Cabin, Reclaimed Materials, Reclaimed Wood, Stone, Cedar, Benjamin Benschneider, Log Cabin, Found Objects, Natural Materials, Timber Home, Natural Material Palette

Olson Kundig designs worlds first Recompose facility for composting human remains

Architectural practice Olson Kundig has unveiled designs for the flagship facility of Recompose, a company that will offer a new and sustainable after-death care service, in which human remains are gently converted into clean soil. Presented as a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials and cremations, Recompose’s “natural organic reduction” service expects to save over one metric ton of carbon dioxide per person as compared to typical after-death options. The flagship facility in Se...
Tags: Death, Design, Washington, Seattle, Composting, Modular, Modular Architecture, Sodo, Olson Kundig, Maskin, Alan Maskin, Burials, Human Remains, Human Composting, Eco Friendly Burial, After Death Care

Dutch company collects plastic pollution from rivers to make parks and products

Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem, with piles of debris along coastlines, on roadsides, in landfills and floating in waterways. Environmentally conscious companies are looking for ways to clean up the mess while simultaneously seeking out methods to recycle plastic waste into other products. One Dutch company, The Recycled Island Foundation (RIF), is tackling both problems with one solution — Litter Traps. According to the RIF website, the motivation for the project came from the knowled...
Tags: Design, Indonesia, Environment, Features, Plastic, Belgium, Recycling, Ocean Pollution, Rotterdam, Recycled Plastic, Rotterdam The Netherlands, Meuse River, Rif, The Recycled Island Foundation RIF, Litter Traps, Litter Trap

A family builds an impressive, 300-square-foot tiny home to travel the world

It’s the freedom to travel that continues to push the tiny home trend. Families like Bela, Spencer and their young daughter, Escher, are able to enjoy a minimalist lifestyle while also exploring the world whenever they get the urge to get up and go. What’s more, this family’s custom tiny home on wheels, as functional as it is beautiful, features all of the creature comforts of a contemporary home. Bela and Spencer began their love affair with tiny home living on their honeymoon, where they spen...
Tags: Design, Diy, Tiny Homes, Tiny House, Composting Toilet, Tiny Home Design, Spencer, Redwood City, APPALACHIA, Escher, Santa Cruz California, Bela, Minimalist Living, Tiny Home Living, Living In A Tiny Home, Diy Tiny Home

Attractive Bank Office Architectural Design

Looking down the line up of this attractive bank architectural design was recommended for those who need something new inspiration of build up an architectural building. We will see the great building include with the great interior plan of this place. The most amazing side that we will see in this place was the coloring application that uses multi-colored idea. That extraordinary look was can be seen through the exterior plan of this place while the interior application that place inside of thi...
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