10 Success Tips for Young & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship remains to be a growing trend for young adults of this generation. With more and more small businesses being established from different parts of the globe, the idea of establishing a business might seem easy for some people. But the fact is, a lot of things must be taken into consideration before an aspiring entrepreneur finds success. In fact, according to a white paper recently published by America’s SBDC, surveyed want to start their own business, but only 49% plans to star...
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Why Hollywood Is Obsessed With De-Aging Its Stars

This isn’t the why, but a result: “Guy Williams and his fellow visual-effects artists have spent so much time staring at Will Smith’s face, they’ve practically memorized his every pore. ‘We joke sometimes that we probably know his face better than his wife does,’ Williams told me in September, laughing. ‘I can tell you exactly how he forms a smile. I can even tell you the 12 different flavors of Will Smith’s smile and the subtleties of each one. It gets pretty obnoxious.'” Indeed. – The Atlanti...
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Cars Made of Sand

Creative traffic jam in Miami Beach, Florida features cars made out of sand. Sand Cars temporary art installation by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich. Also check out: Upside Down Car Illusion
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Trying To Leap The Three Big Arts Barriers With A Dance Company In San Diego

Peter Kalivas says his PGK Dance Project, begun 25 years ago while he was working as a professional dancer in Munich, “must always be attempting to resolve the three main barriers the professional arts constantly face: affordability, accessibility and relevance.” – San Diego Union-Tribune
Tags: Art, Dance, Munich, San Diego, 12.07.19, Peter Kalivas

France Wants To Rein In Big Tech

Digital taxes are only a start, says France’s digital affairs minister. “More important? Targeting the biggest tech companies—most of which are American—with new regulations to prevent them stifling competition and damaging democracy.” (Er, and part of the plan is designed to help French entrepreneurs and their start-ups.) – Wired
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How Would An Ideal World Look, And Why Were Books Better Before The Nuclear Bomb?

The author of Ducks, Newburyport (yes, the 1,000-page, one-sentence novel) has some ideas. Lucy Ellmann: “I find the annual celebration of contemporary writing, the Xmas lists of 2019 books, quite offensive. It seems so arrogant. These lists suggest that the most relevant books must be the ones most recently published. That’s daft. It’s nice of people to take an interest in new writing of course, especially when one has a book out that year oneself, but let’s face it, it’s a marketing ploy. The...
Tags: Art, Words, Kafka, Ulysses, Lucy Ellmann, 12.07.19

Styling ‘Orlando’

Orlando, a new opera based on Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, a time-traveling, gender-bending love letter to her aristocratic lover Vita Sackville-West, “is the first opera commissioned from a female composer by the Vienna Opera in its 150 years of existence.” They wanted to get the costumes right, so they commissioned designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, who is a bit busy. She says, “There were 36 main costumes for the principals, plus 106 others for the choruses and other groups. I accepted...
Tags: Art, Music, Paris, Virginia Woolf, Orlando, des Garçons, Vita Sackville West, Rei Kawakubo, Vienna Opera, 12.08.19

Caroll Spinney, Long The Voice Of Sesame Street’s Big Bird And Oscar The Grouch, Has Died At 85

Spinney created two indelible characters, and, in his long tenure on Sesame Street, assisted in the creation of many more. “His Big Bird had a childlike innocence, sometimes goofy, sometimes subdued, outgoing or shy, like most children a creature of habit and mood. His themes were simple: that it was good to speak up, O.K. to make a mistake, all right to be sad sometimes. At Jim Henson’s memorial service in 1990 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, Big Bird sang a heart-rending ...
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DD dot — Bespoke Display Typography & Typeface

DD dot — Bespoke Display Typography & Typeface abduzeedoDec 08, 2019 Marçal Prats sent us his latest project and as usual, it's an inspiring typography and typeface project for Dot, an art magazine that serves as a platform to explore ideas and to showcase talent. It is intended to inspire, spark conversation, and feed the imagination. Using exclusively perfect regular circles and straight lines, the design of the minimalistic and geometric DD dot sans-serif ...
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