When Shakespeare Stands Up To Sing

Giuseppe Verdi’s last two operas, the Shakespearean diptych of Otello and Falstaff, together constitute my favorite case study in what happens when a play is made to stand up and sing. Both the source material and the musical adaptations are works of singular beauty and power. To study these operas alongside their sources is to see what is gained and what is lost, what remains intact and what is transformed, when a complex human drama is adapted from speech into song. – New York Review o...
Tags: Art, Music, Shakespeare, Giuseppe Verdi, 12.19.19

Prince Was A Meticulous Documenter And A Perfectionist. Is It Fair To Reveal His Incomplete Work?

Would Prince have agreed to the release of this material in this form? Does the potential public good, and the contribution to the historical record, outweigh whatever uncertainties Prince might have had about the revealing of his rough drafts? – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, 12.08.19

2020 Graphic Design Trends

When looking back at 2019, there were a few trends to get exciting about. From 3D design and typography, Art Deco, and Isometric design to minimalism and open compositions, trends in this industry are rather unpredictable. Some trends like minimalism, color gradients, and heavy fonts seem to be here to stay for at least another year. But what will 2020 bring in matters of graphic design trends? Bannersnack recently peered into the major design trends to come under the spotlight in 2020, and they...
Tags: Design, Trends, Graphic Design, Bannersnack

Clothing Sofa

Transparent vinyl sofa filled with discarded and recycled Balenciaga clothing. Functional art couch stuffed with old Balenciaga clothes of past seasons intended to encourage sustainable practices within fashion industry. Clothing sofa designed by Harry Nuriev of Crosby Studios for Balenciaga. Also check out: Clothes Storage Chai
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Balenciaga, Crosby Studios, Harry Nuriev

After 150 Years, Vienna State Opera Presents Its First Opera By A Woman

“One hundred and fifty years is a long time. But I’ve always said it’s never too late. So it’s good that they finally have thought about it. And at least if you’re the first, there has to be a second and a third and so on. So it’s always good to have a starting point.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, Vienna, SJM, 12.08.19

Why Are Ireland’s Archeological Sites Disappearing?

About 15,000 new archaeological sites have been discovered over the past two decades. But where are they? The truth is that most have been physically removed. Are we to believe, therefore, that they were not worth keeping? That thousands of sites deserved nothing more than a dusty report on a shelf? – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Ireland, Visual, 12.08.19

Maggie Smith: Acting In Harry Potter And Downton Abbey Weren’t Satisfying

“I am deeply grateful for the work in Potter and indeed Downton, but it wasn’t what you’d call satisfying. I didn’t really feel I was acting in those things.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, People, Maggie Smith, Downton, 12.05.19

Ailey’s First Resident Choreographer Talks Disruption

Ailey formed his company, in part, to give people of color a place to dance, Jamar Roberts said. It was also a place for him to to tell their stories. Mr. Roberts wants to continue that, but times have changed. “Are we just saying, ‘Yay, we have a place to dance’ and is that a responsible conversation?” he said. “Is that relevant considering all that’s still going on? I feel wrong for asking these questions. I have a problem when I feel like I’m being disruptive.” – The New York Times ...
Tags: Art, Dance, Roberts, Ailey, Jamar Roberts, 12.09.19

Brick cladding conceals a family home's sophisticated, zero-energy systems

Although brick homes are certainly nothing new, the respected building material is having somewhat of a renaissance moment as architects search for materials with sustainable properties. Dutch firm Joris Verhoeven Architectuur has just unveiled Villa Alders — a large, brick family home that runs completely on solar power, making the structure a zero-energy build. A maintenance-friendly product, bricks are incredibly durable, meaning that they are suitable for virtually any climate. The porous n...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Netherlands, Poland, Solar Power, Brick, Joris, Zero energy, Joris Verhoeven Architectuur, Villa Alders, John van Groenedaal

Elena Ferrante’s Literary Success Has Changed The Role Of Women Writers In Italy

Her ascent, and the rediscovery of some of the last century’s great Italian female writers, has encouraged a new wave of women and shaken the country’s literary establishment. Women writers here are winning prestigious prizes, getting translated and selling copies. Their achievements have set off a wider debate in Italy about what constitutes literature in a country where self-referential virtuosity is often valued over storytelling, emotional resonance and issues like sexism or gender ...
Tags: Art, Italy, Words, Elena Ferrante, 12.09.19

Vijay Iyer: Artist As Ally Of Adjacent Cultures

“This can’t just be about me sounding cool or looking awesome. It has to be in service of something larger. You want to actually open a conversation and activate people’s imaginations, and allow them to imagine a different world than the one we’re in. And that’s the kind of work that an artist can do, because we’re not there to answer questions exactly. We’re there to stir something up, and also to offer an alternative to the reality that we’re inhabiting.” – Boston Review
Tags: Art, Issues, SJM, Vijay Iyer, 12.02.19

A First: Netflix Edges HBO In Golden Globe Nominations. Broadcast Networks Shut Out

It was a crowning moment for Netflix, and not just for the jeweled one on Queen Elizabeth’s head. The streaming service, which dominated the Globe nominations overall, edged out HBO to win the most TV nods on Monday. Netflix got 17 TV nods, to go with its 17 on the movie side. HBO was a close successor at 15. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Hbo, Media, Netflix, Globe, Elizabeth, 12.09.19, Netflix Edges HBO In Golden Globe

A forgotten railway takes on new life as a new cultural destination in France

In the Alsace region of eastern France, Oslo-based architectural firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter and French design studio Parenthèse Paysage have teamed up to transform the historic, 11-kilometer-long Rosheim-St Nabor railway into a new landmark celebrating local history, culture and the landscape. Redeveloped with curving, ribbon-like sheets of weathered steel, the area takes on new, artistic life while the dismantled tracks have been adapted for the enjoyment of cyclists and pedestrians alike. ...
Tags: Design, France, Train, Paris, Railway, Train Station, Pavilion, Adaptive Reuse, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, Alsace, Amphitheater, Vosges, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, Corten steel, Overlook

La Scala Gala Opens With 15 Minutes Of Applause For Italy’s President

For the second year, the performance opened with long applause for Italy’s president, Sergio Mattarella, sitting in the royal box with four government ministers. As last year, the Italian government is struggling, and the long applause was seen as a show of support for Italian institutions, which Mattarella represents in a non-partisan role. – Washington Post (AP)
Tags: Art, Music, Italy, Sergio Mattarella, Mattarella, 12.09.19

MVRDV's garden oasis in Utrecht includes a green-roofed convention center

MVRDV has unveiled designs to transform the underutilized area on the west side of Utrecht’s central station into “a garden in the city” with a new, green-roofed Jaarbeurs convention center. The redeveloped events venue will be at the the heart of a 600,000-square-meter masterplan. Created to achieve BREEAM Excellent certification, the project has been fittingly named a “city oasis” by Jaarbeurs CEO Albert Arp for its inclusion of accessible green space, the beautification of the streetscape and...
Tags: Design, Utrecht, MVRDV, Winy Maas, Eco Villa, Jaarbeursdistrict, Jaarbeurs, Albert Arp, Merwede Canal

How Dance Therapy Works On Parkinson’s

Unlike mainstream talk therapies, Dance Movement Therapy uses the entire body to approach the client primarily on a non-verbal and creative level. The body in motion is both the medium and the message. DMT recognizes the moving body as the centre of the human experience, and that body and mind are in constant reciprocal interaction. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Dance, 12.04.19

This Year’s Golden Globe Nominations – Some Surprises

Sacha Baron Cohen, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Killing Eve received nominations this chilly L.A. morning, as did the apparent final season of Amazon’s Emmy-winning Fleabag and the first season of the star-studded The Morning Show on AppleTV+. – Deadline
Tags: Amazon, Art, Media, Sacha Baron Cohen, Golden Globe, 12.09.19

Here’s Something For Our Era: A ‘Digital Dance Company’ In North Texas

There’s dance, but then there are podcasts, and then there’s the international dance film festival as well. – Dallas Morning News
Tags: Art, Dance, North Texas, 12.06.19, Digital Dance Company

Artist unveils sand-covered traffic jam on Miami beach to protest climate change

Argentinian conceptual artist Leandro Erlich is already well-known for creating massive art installations that provoke reaction. This time, the innovative artist has unveiled his largest art installation yet — a collection of more than 60 “vehicles” made of sand that are stuck in a traffic jam on Miami Beach. According to the artist, the installation, called Order of Importance, was created to raise awareness to the burgeoning issue of climate change. Unveiled at Lincoln Road for this year’s Mi...
Tags: Design, France, Miami, Leandro Erlich, Erlich, Lincoln Road, Lincoln Road Just, Miami Conference Center, Greg Lotus

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode One Hundred Thirty-One

  Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross:  Episode One Hundred Thirty OneAnother week passes and the boys prepare themselves to help get you through the constant madness (while trying to deal with it themselves in a logical manner).  For this conversation, hear Jon and Rob discuss the World Series (because they love sports!); the newly-minted war of words between Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton; New York Mayor deBlasio has the audacity to ask for another $37 million dollars from New Yorkers ...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Podcast, Music, Politics, Comedy, New York, Television, Film, Theatre, Sports, Hillary Clinton, Current Events, Maxwell, Rob

The Impossible Body Standards Of The Modern Superhero

Superman was “too chubby” to play James Bond, Kevin Hart (The Rock’s “non-ripped” co-star) starts at the gym at 5 every morning, and movie men are partnering, i.e. getting sweet but addicting brand money from, a variety of “fitness” products, companies, and routines. “It is a worrying state of affairs when the measure of an actor is how hard they work on their bodies rather than how good they are at, you know, acting.” (Uh, yes, the women in these movies probably have a thing or two to say abou...
Tags: Art, Superman, Issues, 12.09.19, James Bond Kevin Hart

How to make zero-waste decorations for the holidays

Sometimes in the whirlwind of family, friends and food, the eco-friendly habits we’ve refined throughout the year tend to slip through the cracks during the holidays. To combat some of this waste, try your hand at decking the halls with DIY, zero-waste decor from November all the way through the new year. According to the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), Americans throw out about 25 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day compared to the rest of the year. Th...
Tags: Design, Pat, National Environmental Education Foundation NEEF

Who Was Thomas Edison? A Genius, Of Course, But Beyond That…

“On a single day, when he was 40 and full of innovative fire, he had jotted down 112 ideas for ‘new things,’ among them a mechanical cotton picker, a snow compressor, an electrical piano, artificial silk, a platinum-wire ice slicer, a system of penetrative photography (presaging radiology by 12 years), and a product unlikely to occur to anyone else, except perhaps Lewis Carroll: ‘Ink for the Blind.’ ” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Edison, 11.27.19

Great Britain Has Fantastic Public Spaces, And A Kitschy Retail Christmas Market Doesn’t Fill Them Will

Architecture critic Rowan Moore is not thrilled with the thoughtless, crass commercialism filling Trafalgar Square. “It is not the presence of the market, precisely, that’s the problem, so much as the cluelessness with which it and other temporary elements are jammed in among the stonework. These include a crib housed in something like a bus shelter and a makeshift health-and-safety skirt of crush barriers and green tarpaulin around the 25-metre Christmas tree, donated every year by Norway in t...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Norway, Trafalgar Square, Rowan Moore, 12.08.19

How Should Writers Create Literary Community For (And With) Parents?

Pen Parentis has lasted for more than a decade in a literary world that is decidedly unfriendly to working parents. “‘The way you hear it is in the people who don’t have kids and when you say, ‘We run this thing for parents,’ they say, ‘I’m too dedicated to my career; I could never have kids.’ … And that, to me, as a parent, makes me feel like someone who’s not as dedicated to my career because I decided to have kids, which is wrong.” – Literary Hub
Tags: Art, Words, 12.06.19, Pen Parentis

The Blogosphere Is Shrinking Again

And not just any blog is closing, but Feministing, one of the only remaining feminist blogs from the heyday of the 2000s. One of the site’s former editors says, “It was unclear how we could have such a ferocious audience and not be onto something. … Many of us involved in the feminist blogosphere are now in mainstream media, and that’s exciting. That said, we need independent media because they’re an important check.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Feministing, 12.08.19

How Can Theatre Commit To ‘Radical Parent Inclusion’ And Still Function?

That’s not about radical parents or radical kids – it’s about changing theatre at its roots to reflect the reality of working parents in the industry. Not surprisingly, parents have some ideas, some practice, and some means-tested ways to get theatre much more integrated into the lives of parents and kids (and vice versa). – HowlRound
Tags: Art, Theatre, 12.05.19

Lucette Destouches, Widow Of Paul Céline, Has Died At 107

Destouches defended the French writer, and their anti-Semitic and intensely pro-Nazi stance, for decades. “‘She followed him into the depths of hell with a love, an admiration and an affection that was absolute,’ Frédéric Vitoux, one of Céline’s biographers, wrote of Ms. Destouches.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Celine, 12.07.19, Lucette Destouches Widow Of Paul Céline, Frédéric Vitoux

Parasite Racks Up Another Best Picture Win, This One At The Los Angeles Film Critics Awards

Justin Chang is prepared for the inevitable backlash over some of the choices the LAFCA made. Prepared, but not pleased: “I’ve always been struck by the recurring phenomenon of LAFCA and other critics’ groups getting attacked online for the elitist snobbery of their allegedly out-of-the-box choices. To accuse us of snobbery, I think, gets the situation exactly wrong; championing work that falls outside the usual awards-season conversation, informed by the fact that we spend 52 weeks a year watc...
Tags: Art, Media, Justin Chang, LAFCA, 12.08.19

Winter 2020 Registration NOW OPEN at School of Motion

Winter 2020 Registration NOW OPEN at School of Motion abduzeedoDec 09, 2019 I am a motion design fan and it’s one of my goals to learn more about it. Because of that, I would love to share that the registration is open for the Winter 2020 Session at School of Motion, the world’s leading online school for motion designers. Be sure to pick your preferred course — before it sells out! This session, we have two new courses: VFX for Motion, with Mark Christiansen...
Tags: Design, Joey Korenman, Sander van Dijk, EJ Hassenfratz, Nol Honig, Zack Lovatt, Mark Christiansen, School of Motion, School of Motion the world, Sarah Beth Morgan, Jake Bartlett, Animation Bootcamp, Nol Honig Animation Bootcamp, Morgan Williams Cinema, Mike Frederick Explainer Camp, Nol Honig Illustration

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