A Powerful Chamber Opera Reveals the Complexity of Contemporary Hong Kong

“In the 70-minute chamber opera Mila, Hong Kong playwright Candace Chong Mui Ngam has come together with composer Eli Marshall to tell the story of a Filipina woman named Mila who has traveled far from home to work as one of the thousands of so-called ‘domestic helpers,’ sometimes referred to as FDWs (foreign domestic workers).” – San Francisco Classical Voice
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Composer Gabriel Kahane on Marrying Social Justice With Contemporary Classical Music

“I’m a politically minded person and have spent a lot of time thinking about poverty and income inequality. The idea of tackling this subject matter in the context of a symphony orchestra, which optically tends to be perceived as an institution that caters to people of privilege … I didn’t know exactly how to attack it. What I did was to treat homelessness and housing insecurity as symptoms of broader systemic inequality, and to try to implicate the audience in the story that I was telling and ...
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Traditions and Trailblazing With Nathalie Joachim

“Currently Joachim is riding a wave of success for her album Fanm d’Ayiti (Women of Haiti), which The New York Times called ‘an evening-length artistic exploration of matriarchy, drawing Haitian folk and popular traditions into the world of contemporary classical music.’ The reverse could also be said, that contemporary classical music is being drawn into Haitian folk and popular traditions. Either way, it is a cross-pollination and celebration that prompted Steve Smith of The New Yorker to wri...
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Protect the Body: Keeping Daring Depictions of Eating Disorders Safe for Actors and At-Risk Young Adults

“Clare Hennessy discusses the challenges of developing a play that sheds light on eating disorders — depicting them accurately, avoiding triggers — and offers suggestions for other writers in a similar position.” – HowlRound
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Joyce Foundation, SAIC program wants to guide new faces to careers in the art world

“Art on gallery walls doesn’t just materialize — the effort of displaying works is done through preparators. And a collaboration with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Joyce Foundation is making sure that artistic avenue is populated with people from diverse walks of life. ‘Re-Tool 21,’ seeks to provide opportunities for traditionally underrepresented groups in the art world, including women, immigrants, people of color, the formerly incarcerated and LGBTQIA, to receive trainin...
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How to make museums more accessible for people with disabilities? Ask them

“Museums can be hostile places for disabled visitors, with buildings that are hard to navigate by wheelchair and exhibits presented with few concessions to those with sensory or cognitive impairments. But a handful of European institutions have conducted access studies that promise to transform this dispiriting experience, drawing on expert advice from participants with diverse lived experiences of disability.” – The Art Newspaper
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Socially inclusive practices in the music classroom: The impact of music education used as a vehicle to engage refugee background students

“This article reports on the impact of music education for students in a secondary school in Victoria, Australia. Socially inclusive practices were a focus of the study as the school has a high percentage of young people with a refugee background. … Key findings from this case study research indicated that a music classroom which fostered socially inclusive practices resulted in a positive transcultural learning space. This research raises important questions about the critical role of music ed...
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Equity in Music Education: Cultural Diversity in the Music Classroom—EMBRACE the Challenge

“Teaching middle school choral music in a culturally diverse middle school in Hawaii resulted in new knowledge about welcoming the challenges posed by diversity to the benefit of both students and educator. Concise strategies described in this article are applicable to any music program.” – Music Educators Journal
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How Philanthropy Can Get Smarter About Risk Management

“Donors are often confused about the appropriate levels of social risk and reward they should target in their philanthropy. They tell us they should bring the same risk aversion to philanthropic decision making that they display in their personal investment decision making. This is wrong. … Foundation officers and endowment managers too often prefer exceedingly safe grants and investments because of misapplied principles, biases, and concerns about their reputations.” – Stanford Social Innovati...
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“Porgy and Bess” and the Legacy of Black Opera

“Black opera singers are now cast in a wide range of roles and great operas written by black composers have gained more recognition. Yet, Porgy and Bess has maintained its cultural status as the pinnacle of black opera, despite being written by and composed by white men and women — George and Ira Gershwin and Dubose and Dorthy Heyward. Dr. Jason Oby, the chair of the Department of Music at Texas Southern University and the artistic director for the Houston Ebony Opera Guild, joined The Takeawa...
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How streaming, diversity, #MeToo shaped TV decade of change

“A bonus for viewers as they sort through the competing options: More programming doesn’t just mean more of the same. The decade has been marked by opportunities for diverse and candid voices.” – Yahoo! (AP)
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The architect who uses performance to open up public space

“Working primarily in the public realm, Bryony Roberts Studio is a collaborative practice focused on how cultures, histories, and systems of power and politics are represented or erased in space. Through site-specific performances and installations, Roberts addresses themes of democracy, spatial justice, historic preservation, and identity in a way that’s widely accessible to the public. … Roberts’s work is urgent at a time when the politics and sensibilities of public space are under more scru...
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Protests As Peter Handke Collects Nobel Lit Prize

The Austrian writer’s win in October has proved highly controversial, with politicians and writers lining up to condemn his denial of Serb atrocities during the war in the former Yugoslavia, as well as his presence at the funeral of war criminal Slobodan Miloševic. The Kosovan ambassador to the US, Vlora Çitaku, has called the choice of Handke “scandalous … a preposterous and shameful decision”. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, US, Words, Yugoslavia, Peter Handke, Handke, 12.10.19, Slobodan Miloševic The Kosovan

Record Player Tape Dispenser

Creative tape dispenser looks like miniature turntable player for your office. Scotch Tape Dispenser – refillable record player shaped tape dispenser with weighted base for easy dispensing. Also check out: Easy to Find End Tape
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The Responsibility Of Intellectuals

Intellectuals, in order to be able “to speak the truth and expose lies” must understand how ideology works in the form of official institutions and everyday life. Ideological analysis is not simple and requires specific knowledge and skills. – 3 Quarks Daily
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.09.19

Ugly? What’s That?

Umberto Eco: “Are there universal ways in which people react to beauty? No, because beauty is detachment, absence of passion. Ugliness, by contrast, is passion.” – LitHub
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That Art Basel $120K Banana – This Is Where We Are Now

Sebastien Smee: “What happened to “Comedian” after it became a media sensation sums up our collective disorder — a kind of media-based bulimia — exquisitely. First, at lunchtime on Saturday, David Datuna, a little-known and well-fed-looking performance artist wanting to become better known, showed up at the gallery, took the banana off the wall and, claiming to be a “hungry artist,” ate it.” – Washington Post
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A Crisis Of Truth?

It seems irresponsible or perverse to reject the idea that there is a Crisis of Truth. No time now for judicious reflection; what’s needed is a full-frontal attack on the Truth Deniers. But it’s good to be sure about the identity of the problem before setting out to solve it. Conceiving the problem as a Crisis of Truth, or even as a Crisis of Scientific Authority, is not, I think, the best starting point. There’s no reason for complacency, but there is reason to reassess which bits of ou...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.02.19, Crisis of Truth, Crisis of Scientific Authority

Vanbase builds a conversion that's more like a boat than a camper van

Beautifully crafted interior is a classic where sailors will feel right at home.
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Local Library In China Burns Books, Enraging Many

“Reports and photos of two women burning a pile of books outside the Zhenyuan county library in Gansu province emerged at the weekend. According to Chinese media, an article on the county’s website detailed a ‘removal and destruction’ cleanup at the end of October, focusing on illegal, religious, and biased books. … [The reports have] prompted a wave of criticism from commentators and internet users who were reminded of the Qin dynasty, when books were burned and scholars burned alive as a way ...
Tags: Art, Words, Gansu Province, 12.09.19, Local Library In China Burns Books Enraging Many, Zhenyuan county

Why Buying Music On Physical Media (CDs, Vinyl) Is Growing

Services like Spotify and Apple Music can’t just upload whatever music they’d like. Legal disputes, sample clearance issues — when permission can’t be obtained for the use of part of a song in a new song — and rights-holders withholding music can all get in the way of music being available on your streaming platform of choice. And that can make the music even more difficult and more expensive to get your hands on physically. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Spotify, Music, Apple Music, 12.09.19

The largest green wall in Europe will absorb 8 tons of air pollution per year

Located in London, U.K., the Citicape House by Sheppard Robson will feature a 40,000-square-foot green wall, the largest in Europe, that sets the standard for urban green development in the city. Not only is Citicape House designed to become a five-star hotel, but its living wall will also absorb a projected 8 tons of air pollution annually. The hotel, projected to be finished in 2024, will house 382 rooms, 40,000 square feet of workspace, a sky bar, meeting and event spaces, a spa and a restau...
Tags: Europe, Design, London, St Paul, Citicape House, Sheppard Robson, Sheppard Robson Via Dezeen Images

Life As A ‘Petit Rat’: Two Teen Students At The Paris Opera Ballet School

“Pointe spoke with these two young dancers” — Hortense Millet-Maurin and Vincent Vivet, both 15 — “to see what it’s like studying inside the world’s oldest ballet academy.” – Pointe Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, 11.21.19, Paris Opera Ballet School, Hortense Millet Maurin, Vincent Vivet

Peter Marks: America’s Top Theatre This Year

“This year will be remembered as a transitional one for American theater, as a new generation of leaders settled in at some of the nation’s top nonprofits, including Washington’s Woolly Mammoth Theatre (Maria Goyanes taking over from Howard Shalwitz) and Shakespeare Theatre Company (Simon Godwin, succeeding Michael Kahn).” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Washington, Theatre, America, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Peter Marks, Simon Godwin, Howard Shalwitz, 12.10.19, Maria Goyanes

Film About Gay Romance In Georgia Pulled From Tbilisi Film Festival After Violent Protests

“Ana Subeliani arrived at the film premiere for And Then We Danced by foot, but left in an ambulance, blood running down her face. … Before screenings in November, far-right protesters and members of the Georgian Orthodox Church, some holding religious icons aloft, tried to stop moviegoers entering theaters” screening the film, which depicts a romance between two male members of the country’s national dance troupe. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Georgia, Georgian Orthodox Church, 12.06.19, Ana Subeliani

Low-impact Thai home uses modular design to harmonize with nature

Thai architectural firm TA-CHA Design has recently completed the Binary Wood House, a second home for a Bangkokian family of five that emphasizes environmentally friendly design. Located on a hill in Pak Chong in northeastern Thailand, the home was carefully sited to preserve existing Siamese Rosewood trees and is elevated to reduce site impact. To create a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience, the architects employed a modular design, designating each 3.4-meter module as either a “0 (unocc...
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Serpentine Taps LA Art Star As Next Chief Exec

Bettina Korek, who currently runs the Californian outpost of the Frieze art fair, will start work in March and team up with the gallery’s artistic director Hans Ulrich Obrist in time for next year’s 50th anniversary. – London Evening Standard
Tags: Art, London, Visual, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Bettina Korek, 12.09.19, LA Art Star

In The Footsteps Of Peter Handke In Bosnia, Seeing What He Did, And Didn’t, See

Controversy has raged over the awarding of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature to the Austrian writer, acknowledged as an accomplished author but accused by many observers of denying or defending Serbian war crimes in Bosnia in the 1990s. So John Erik Riley decided to reread the Handke essays at the heart of the dispute and visit Sarajevo, Goražde, Višegrad, and the site of the massacre at Srebrenica. – Literary Hub
Tags: Art, Words, Bosnia, Peter Handke, Handke, 12.09.19, John Erik Riley, Sarajevo Goražde Višegrad

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Demands Correction On Clint Eastwood Film

The Clint Eastwood film looks at the media circus that broke out around Jewell, a security guard who came under suspicion for orchestrating the Centennial Olympic Park bombing before being exonerated. Scruggs, an employee at the paper, broke the story that Jewell was under investigation by the FBI. The film shows Scruggs, portrayed by Olivia Wilde, sleeping with an FBI agent (Jon Hamm) to get the story. Scruggs died in 2001 at the age of 42. The paper has maintained that there is no evi...
Tags: Art, Media, Fbi, Clint Eastwood, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, Jewell, Scruggs, 12.09.19

Study reveals "ugly sweaters" add to the plastic pollution problem

Many Americans attend ugly Christmas sweater parties. But in Britain, there’s even an annual Christmas Jumper [another term for “sweater”] Day that fuels the trade in hideous holiday garb. Now, research by the environmental charity Hubbub blames ugly sweaters as yet another contributor to the plastic pollution crisis. The study found that one in three adults under 35 buys a new holiday sweater every year, but two in five of these sweaters are worn only once over the holiday season. Three-quarter...
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