Sanatorija Gin Bar Branding and Visual Identity

Sanatorija Gin Bar Branding and Visual Identity abduzeedoDec 16, 2019 Holy Affair was approached by gin aficionados who wanted to open the best gin bar in the country. Their ambition needed the corresponding identity for the new brand. In recent years Vilnius city has seen a major rise in the HoReCa market. A vast quantity of newly opened bars, cafes, and restaurants have engaged in a ruthless competitive fight. To shine in this environment a new bar needed a...
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[Review] Brand Master Secrets: Brand Strategy Course

In a prior post, I promised I would share the best course I’ve found on the market, to help you become a brand strategist and earn specialist fees. But let’s be brutally honest for a second. There’s no shortage of “snake oil” courses out there, charging you thousands and under delivering. I know, I’ve taken plenty of them. Brand Master Secrets is not one of them. Stephen Houraghan, a brand strategist and producer of the course, has truly gone above and beyond with this course to give you everyth...
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Logos as Houses

Modern houses designed to resemble iconic brand logos of Adidas, Chevrolet, Renault, and other international companies. “Logos as Houses” – architectural concept designs by Wamhouse studio. Also check out: Honest Company Logos
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Traditional Music Theory Teaches Inequality As A Matter Of Course

The majority of music students in the US don’t listen to classical or “Western art” music at all, except in classes. For those who teach music theory, questions emerge: “How can we justify our near-exclusive reliance on traditional pedagogy, especially in situations where it isn’t necessary to do so? What biases do we create in our students when we declare Western art music to be mandatory knowledge for anyone pursuing formal studies in music? What biases does this reveal in us?” – New Music B...
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How To Write A Memoir With Candor And, Well, ‘Nakedness’

Not nudity (though that may, of course, be involved), but naked emotional truth. “Authenticity can’t exist without artistry. Truth in life doesn’t automatically morph into truth on the page. And living people don’t necessarily come to life in print. It takes creativity.” – The Guardian (UK)
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ONCE Tour Will Close Next Week Due to 'Route Changes and Scheduling'

It has been announced that the national tour of Once will close early, after its current stop in Lauderhill, Florida, due to 'route changes and scheduling.' The run ends on December 22. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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It’s Come Time For The End Of U.S. Cultural Hegemony

After WWII, “the past century was undoubtedly an American century. … America was positioned as the global emblem of progress, liberty and modernity. This chimera was largely achieved through the might of American culture, with Hollywood films, television shows, and music that spread far and wide.” But now, at the turn of the second decade of the 21st century, “the pop culture being produced out of India, Turkey and South Korea – to say nothing of China, which is a separate story altogether – ex...
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Danish TV Is So Popular, Denmark Can’t Keep Up With The Demand

The boom in streaming has led to massive content demands – and nowhere is that more obvious than “in Denmark, where thanks to years of rising demand, there are many more critically-praised series and movies being made than ever before. But what there isn’t, in this country of just 5.6 million people, is enough skilled professionals to produce them all. Help-wanted ads are popping up all over industry Facebook groups. Certain shows have had to postpone production by six months, or indefinitely.”...
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Lowrider, A Magazine That Will Shutter This Year, Shaped California Culture

The magazine, an icon of culture, “played a critical role in forming the culture and image of lowriding, its lifestyle and aesthetics. Particularly popular among Mexican Americans, the magazine was as much a statement about Chicano identity as it was about the long, ground-hugging vintage cars.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Words, 12.13.19

BWW Exclusive: Arielle Jacobs and the Cast of ALADDIN Get December Feels on Carols For A Cure

Carols for a Cure is back for 2019 in its 21st edition Below, check out exclusive photos as Arielle Jacobs and the cast of Aladdin gathers to record their track- 'December Feels.' [Author: Genevieve Rafter Keddy]
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How Technology Is Transforming Everything, Including Romance Novels

Sure, for those who love the Regency era, nothing has changed (though the politics certainly have). But for contemporary books, writers must figure how to navigate the ever-changing technological landscape. “What keeps people so separate IRL is providing endless possibilities for connection — even in a hellscape littered with dating apps, ghosting and unsolicited you-know-what pics.” – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Words, 12.15.19

How Composer Lei Liang Won The Grawemeyer Award

Breaking down his award-winning “A Thousand Mountains, a Million Streams” – and hearing from the composer himself: “It’s a challenge to see myself as a vessel, as an imaginative and creative force that has a place in history — so that you create while you preserve at the same time. Today, in a different world, that encompasses the environmental, cultural and spiritual responsibilities an artist has.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Lei Liang, 12.13.19

American Gods Star Orlando Jones Posts A Video Explaining Why A New White Showrunner Fired Him

Jones, who played the Anansi-inspired character Mr. Nancy, posted the video to Twitter. He said that new showrunner Charles Eglee, who is white, “thinks that Mr. Nancy’s angry get-shit-done is the wrong message for black America.” – Slate
Tags: Art, Media, Nancy, Jones, Anansi, Charles Eglee, 12.14.19, American Gods Star Orlando Jones

The Oni is a mini EDC knife that’s ready whenever you are

Tiny, portable, and concealing great power within (kinda like Baby Yoda), the Oni pocket-knife from Damned is the kind of EDC you’ll want to have on you at all times. When closed, the Oni measures a mere 3 inches, opening out to 5 inches to reveal its versatile and powerful tanto-style blade.The 2-inch blade is the perfect cross between pocketability and usability. Made from S35VN steel, the blade does a great job of cutting, piercing, carving, scraping, and whittling away outdoors or indoors....
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The Metropolitan Opera Conductor Who Originally Wanted To Be The Pope

Yannick Nézet-Séguin says that after many years of wanting to conduct the Mass, he decided one day when he was 10 to play-act at conducting Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. That day, everything changed: “At that moment, my fascination with reli​g​ion was transferred to music and the liturgical aspect of the church became the ritual of the concert.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Mozart, Yannick Nézet Séguin, 12.13.19

New York – Nairy Baghramian & Janette Laverrière: “Work Desk for an Ambassador’s Wife” at Marian Goodman Through December 20th, 2019

Janette Laverrière and Nairy Baghramian, Seating Platform Eyebrow (2009), via Marian Goodman In some ways a celebration of the life and work of Janette Laverrière, Marian Goodman is currently hosting an exhibition of works at its New York gallery space that combines the designer’s ideas with that of Nairy Baghramian’s, centering the show on a […]
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12 Days of Christmas with Norm Lewis: Johnny Mathis Croons a Classic

Anyone who knows me knows that my love for Johnny Mathis is infinite. He was a singer I recognized, very early on, who looked like me and made all that beautiful sound- making contact with the most glorious music and lyrics. I'd be lying if I didn't say he was a huge influence on me. He also became synonymous with Christmas and the holiday season. I could never have dreamed that one day I would get to sing with him, but blessed as I've been, it happened. I love him, I love this song... and I lov...
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Culture Writer Scott Timberg Has Died At 50

Timberg was a beloved and ferocious reader, writer, and arts lover. He was a Los Angeles Times reporter for years “before writing Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class, a 2015 book that examined how digital technology and economic polarization were damaging American cultural life. The book was energized by the author’s deep, broad enthusiasm for the arts, from the poetry of W.H. Auden to vintage guitars, but its roots were in Timberg’s own career reversals.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, People, Los Angeles Times, Scott Timberg, Timberg, 12.14.19

Banksy’s Ex-Dealer Releases Photos Of Installations From Back In Banksy’s Pre-Fame Days

Steve Lazarides also recalls the early days, including the day Banksy strapped a helium-filled sex doll to a McDonald’s-branded balloon and released it into the sky. Many different police officers, he says, saw the stunt, “thought we could do something about this, but 1,000 tourists are going to take our picture and we’re going to look like absolute dicks, so they just drove off.” – HuffPost
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual, McDonald, Steve Lazarides, 10.13.19

BWW TV: Joaquina Kalukango, James Cusati-Moyer & Paul Alexander Nolan Both Keep and Tell the Secrets of SLAVE PLAY!

Provocative.Scalding. Explosive. Radical. Daring. These are just a few words that have used to describeJeremy O. Harris's latest work- Slave Play, which plays through January 19 at the Golden Theatre.The critically acclaimed play, brought to life onstage by director Robert O'Hara, has been rocking the world of audiences since it opened on October 6, and long before that, during its off-Broadway run at New York Theatre Workshop. [Author: Backstage With Richard Ridge]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, HARRIS, New York Theatre Workshop, Backstage With Richard Ridge, Richard Ridge, Robert O Hara, Joaquina Kalukango James Cusati Moyer, Paul Alexander Nolan Both Keep

There *Is* A Reason Sondheim Is In All Of Our Movies Now

It’s not just a coincidence or an accident: “Sondheim references and homages are hardly new. While there happens to be a bit of a pile-up at the moment, that’s because Sondheim’s songs have passed into the public vernacular in a way that few theatre composers’ works manage to nowadays: they have become standards.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Sondheim, 12.13.19

Elizabeth Sifton, Editor And Tamer Of Literary Lions, Has Died At 80

Sifton was also an author, including of a memoir that cemented her father, Reinhold Niebuhr, as the author of the Serenity Prayer. The authors she edited – burnished, as The NYT puts it – included “Isaiah Berlin, Don DeLillo, Ann Douglas, Susan Eisenhower, Carlos Fuentes, Philip Gourevitch, Michael Ignatieff, Stanley Karnow, Stephen Kinzer, J.R. MacArthur, Robert MacNeil, Peter Matthiessen, Jules Witcover and Victor S. Navasky.” – The New York Times
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Better To Be Cautious When Giving Books As Presents

There are really only two rules, says a man who knows a particularly painful story of an inscribed book that had been passed on. “‘The first is, always save a receipt’ – the reason being, if a book has jumped into your mind as the perfect present for someone, it has doubtless occurred to someone else. … And the second rule? ‘Never write an inscription in a book, unless you’ve written it yourself.'” – The Guardian (UK)
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Dancing To, And Around, Bach [VIDEO]

In The New York Times‘ dance coverage, this week’s Instagram video hashtagged #SpeakingAboutDance features solos, duets, trios, and ensemble work to pianist Simone Dinnerstein’s performance of The Goldberg Variations. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Instagram, Dance, New York Times, Simone Dinnerstein, 12.13.19

Hungary’s Theatres Protest Orban’s Culture War And Attempted Control

Actors and audiences alike participated in protests against Viktor Orban’s new law around who controls theatre funding. “The change comes as Mr. Orban’s government has become increasingly authoritarian and eroded democratic institutions. It has widened its control over the news media and education, and has given allies roles in overseeing the country’s cultural institutions. And after winning a third term last year, Mr. Orban set the tone for a battle over the arts, saying, ‘We must embed the p...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Hungary, Viktor Orban, Orban, 12.13.19, Theatres Protest Orban

The Grammys Tend To Be Pale, Male, And Somewhat Stale

Can the Recording Academy’s new plan change that? – Los Angeles Times
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[Author: Unknown]
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No, Reading’s Not For Comfort, Says An Irish Author

Sinéad Gleeson, an Irish Book Award-winning author, says that reading offers connection and perhaps an escape – unless you’re slogging through the “great American” canon. – The Guardian (UK)
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A Memory, A Feeling: The Superb Digital Concept Artworks Of David Benzal

Many times we watch TV series and animation films, or play video games without thinking about how they could have been done. What hides behind every smile drawn or every look that, drawn with perfectly demarcated lines, overflows humanity, making us feel completely identified. More: David Benzal, Artstation, Instagram, Facebook h/t: dondedore There are those who do think about how to be the... Source
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Listen Up

From a rhythmic collaboration to a charitable cover of Silent Night, a few of our favorite tracks from this week Phoebe Bridgers feat. Fiona Apple and Matt Berninger: 7 O’Clock News / Silent Night With 100% of the profits from this recording donated to Planned Parenthood, Phoebe Bridgers’ collaborative cover of “7 O’Clock News / Silent Night” arrives with meaning and purpose. Fiona Apple harmonizes …
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