Exit Lines: “Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven”

“Daddy, what show are you going to see tonight?,” the kids asked. “Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven,” I replied. They laughed. “What’s it about?” “I’m not sure,” I said. “But it’s from the playwright who wrote The Motherfucker With the Hat.” More laughter. Thanks for the profane merriment*, Stephen Adly Guirgis–and for penning another remarkable play, the equal to Our Lady of 121st Street, Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train, and, yes, The Motherfucker With the Hat. It’s been five years since his Pu...
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[Author: Unknown]
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Lucasfilm's Star Wars Designers Team Up with Porsche Designers to Create a Spaceship

From a marketing standpoint, a collaboration between Lucasfilm designers and Porsche designers makes little sense; but I'm sure glad they did it, as it yielded this video. The two design teams met up to create a spaceship for the Star Wars universe that would be infused with Porsche's aesthetic, and because much of the process was captured on film, we got to screenshot a lot of cool sketches and renderings that would otherwise go unappreciated:We also learn some interesting factoids. As one exam...
Tags: Design, Porsche, Lucasfilm, Skywalker, Porsche Designers

This fun-loving pop-up screen creates private spaces without the awkward silences!

Being introverted shouldn’t be synonymous with being boring. The Friendly Borders is a fun and engaging way to manipulate spaces, creating private zones. The Japanese-fan-inspired apparatus lets you instantly open out and create an almost-opaque screen made from Trevira fabric (a type of branded woven yarn) that’s anywhere from 1.5 to 2 feet in height, based on what size you pick.The Friendly Borders instant screen comes in a neat Birchwood case, allowing you to open it up in a matter of seconds...
Tags: Home, Design, Privacy, Office, Lifestyle, Screen, Product Design, Pop-up, Njustudio, Trevira, Friendly Borders

Hollywood Is Digitally “De-Aging” Stars – What Will This Mean To The Business?

As Hollywood continues to enjoy its ability to recast mega-stars as their younger selves, it has brought fears that younger and less experienced actors are being pushed out. At the same time, some experts fear the rise of the digital actor could one day threaten the livelihoods of all actors, with the possibility of a movie starring a fully artificial performer potentially just beyond the horizon. – CBC
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, 12.23.19

Another Norman Rockwell exhausted Santa

Another of Norman Rockwell’s tired Santa illustrations, this one before rather than after his world-round ride, as in the illustration I featured in this post from 2017. I love the fact that Santa is apparently oblivious to the elf on his shoulder hanging onto his ear as he leans out to point. Source for the image is this article from the Union College Clocktower. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  
Tags: Art, Illustration, Santa, Eye Candy For Today, Norman Rockwell

The Godzilla Christmas Tree

Giant smoke-breathing Godzilla monster Christmas Tree made out of chicken wire, fog machine, plastic teeth, and paper claws. “Treezilla” – the Godzilla Christmas Tree designed by Steven Newland. Also check out: Banksy Christmas Tree
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Steven Newland

Wendy Whelan’s Top Ten Cultural Wants

What are the essential pieces of culture you have to have? For Whelan, they include Stravinsky, MoMA, socks and Chanel No. 19. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Chanel, Whelan, Wendy Whelan, 12.24.19, Stravinsky MoMA

Hollywood’s Looming Content Crisis – Big Franchises Squeezing Everything Else Out

This year, a huge chunk of total sales went to a handful of titles. The top 10 films at the domestic box office have accounted for 38% of ticket sales so far this year, according to data firm Comscore. That’s up from 33% in 2018 and 24% five years ago. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Los Angeles, Comscore, Audience, 12.23.19

Glenn Lowry On How He Thinks About The Latest Version Of MoMA

“You can never be comprehensive in some absolute way. So, in a way, we’ve gone in the opposite direction and decided we’re not even going to attempt to do that. Instead, we are going to engage again and again and again. The way we are looking at it is that, rather than thinking of this display—which sprawls across almost 170,000 square feet and consists of almost 2,500 works of art—as somehow permanent or even quasi-permanent, we think of it as a point in time that over a two-to-three-ye...
Tags: Art, Visual, Moma, Glenn Lowry, 12.23.19

These New Holiday Ornaments from Colle McVoy Are Not Like Other Ornaments

Colle McVoy is a masterful designer of holiday cards. Every year the Minneapolis agency sends me something new and every year I marvel at the idea and the elegant execution of the idea. This year a small package arrived. Inside the package, I found four beautiful holiday-themed coasters that also act as ornaments for the […]
Tags: Design, Minneapolis, Advertising, Pr, Augmented Reality, Self-promotion, Agencies, Direct, Relationship Marketing, Colle McVoy

Playwrights Turn To TV Money To Live On

With the proliferation of prestige TV, show developers have been seeking out playwrights for their ability to compose sophisticated dialogue, plot turns and character. Everyone from recent M.F.A. grads to some of America’s most decorated playwrights have been snapping up jobs on shows, and now the schools that train them are seeing fresh opportunities as well. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, America, 12.23.19

Popular Songs , Social Justice, and the Will to Change with Brad Schreiber

Author Brad Schreiber joins S.T. Patrick to discuss his new book Music is Power: Popular Songs, Social Justice, and the Will to Change. For two hours, Schreiber and Patrick discuss the impact of protest music (or more aptly, socially conscious music) on the culture and on their lives (while playing many of the songs discussed). Some of the topics discussed are the qualities that make up a socially conscious song, if American and British popular music working bottom-up made socially consc...
Tags: Art, Music, Bruce Springsteen, Vietnam, Marvin Gaye, Patrick, Schreiber, Dixie Chicks, Brad Schreiber, Sj1, 12.24.19, Popular Songs Social Justice, S T Patrick

The NIOX VERO makes asthma detection easy, efficient, effortless… and portable

With over 20 million FeNO or exhaled nitric oxide tests conducted worldwide, the NIOX VERO has always been the gold standard in asthma detection and management. The company behind it, Circassia, approached London-based Precipice Design to redesign their flagship FeNO kit to give it a better experience, and make it easy to operate and carry.Tasked with the challenge of making the already popular NIOX VERO even better, Precipice immediately looked at tackling its form and its interface, making t...
Tags: Design, London, Medical, Asthma, Testing, Product Design, Breathing, NIOX VERO, Circassia, FeNO testing machine, Precipice Design

How Big Data Has (Is) Transforming The Music Industry

Analysts claim it’s not only possible to see who’s blowing up now, but more importantly, who’s going to be blowing up next. Chartmetric says it can shortlist which of the 1.7 million artists it tracks will have a big career break within the next week. Pandora-owned Next Big Sound reports its patented algorithm can predict which of the nearly 1 million artists it tracks are most likely to hit the Billboard 200 chart for the first time within the next year. – Wired
Tags: Art, Music, Pandora, Audience, Chartmetric, 12.23.19

‘The Gift Of The Magi’: A History Of O. Henry’s Short Story (And Its Troubled Author)

“The mixture of sadness and sentimentality in ‘Gift of the Magi’ befits a man whose life was marked by repeated human tragedies. … The diseases of alcoholism and tuberculosis would haunt [the author]” — and his family — “throughout his life.” – Smithsonian Magazine
Tags: Art, Words, Henry, Magi, 12.23.19

How Are MFA Programs Teaching Young Playwrights To Earn A Living? Writing For TV

“At the top schools, administrators are fielding recruiting calls from television producers and managers, adding TV classes, and competing with high-paying shows for writers they can hire as adjuncts. While these programs say they don’t want their students to leave theater altogether, TV offers them a way to make a real living, the kind of financial stability that has ramifications not just for individual artists, but for the programs themselves.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, 12.23.19

'Twas The Night Before Christmas... On Broadway

There's a Christmas party on Broadway and everyone is invited [Author: Alexa Criscitiello]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Alexa Criscitiello

The Sleek Curves That Reshaped Furniture Design

An exhibition in Vienna shows how the classic chair of the city’s cafes set the model for how furniture looks today, and how it’s made and sold.
Tags: Design, News, Furniture, Vienna, Museums, Ikea, Chairs, Michael, Thonet, Muji (Retailer, Thonet GmbH

Anatomy Of The Classic Art World Scandal

Overreaction is crucial: the work must prompt commentators to proclaim the end of art, to evoke the cliché of the emperor’s new clothes. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Visual, 12.23.19

BWW TV: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas at Broadway Sessions!

Happy Holidays from Broadway Sessions Our Annual All-Star Holiday Show this past Thursday the 19th was such a joyous occasion. Belting, tapping, singalongs and laughing- oh my Our All-Star lineup included Paige Davis Chicago, Trading Spaces, Patrick Page Hadestown Jewelle Blackman Hadestown, Max Chernin Sunday in The Park, Rhaamell Burke-Missouri King Kong, Hernando Umana School of Rock, Nicole Vanessa Ortiz Smokey Joe's Cafe, Riza Takahashi Mean Girls, Gianna Yanelli Mean Girls, Jessica Juanich...
Tags: Theatre, Chicago, Broadway, Ben Cameron, Paige Davis, Anthony Fett, Vanessa Ortiz Smokey Joe, Gianna Yanelli, Jessica Juanich, Colleen Harris Michael Kirk Lane Katryna Marttala

Hollywood’s Seven Most Influential Flops Of The 2010s

“In 2010, Hollywood was drunk on the success of Avatar and decided 3D tech was the wave of the future. … Large ensemble Garry Marshall rom-coms like Valentine’s Day were still winners, as were Harrison Ford non-franchise thrillers and Nicholas Sparks movies with indistinguishable posters. None of these things are true anymore. Conventional wisdom around movies can turn on a dime, especially in such a volatile, transitional entertainment era. And nothing changes Hollywood’s tune quite like a big...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Harrison Ford, Valentine, Nicholas Sparks, Garry Marshall, 12.23.19

Watch Laurie Anderson's fantastic "What You Mean We?" (1986) from PBS's Alive from Off Center

Alive From Off Center was PBS's pioneering TV series that featured experimental video and performance pieces by artists like Ann Magnuson, the Brothers Quay, Jonathan Demme, Bill Irwin, and Laure Anderson. For me, the program, which aired between 1985 and 1996, was a wonderful introduction to many avant-garde artists and filmmakers. Above is Laurie Anderson's "What You Mean We?" that first aired on September 6, 1986. Here's a New York Times article about the episode from the time: "TV: Laurie ...
Tags: Art, Video, Television, News, New York Times, Pbs, Performance, Laurie Anderson, Ann Magnuson, Avant Garde, Bill Irwin, Brothers Quay Jonathan Demme, Laure Anderson

The Next Big Thing In Streaming? Human Curators

While computer-generated suggestions aren’t going away, companies are increasingly looking for other means to help viewers discover shows and movies they might otherwise have missed in a world where something significant premieres almost every day. The industry calls this “human curation,” which is basically a fancy phrase for describing nonautomated ways of hyping specific content. – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Media, 12.24.19

Animal rights groups work to "Open Cages" of animals on fur farms

The fashion industry has recently experienced a rise in fur bans, thanks to successful pressure by animal rights advocacy groups and heightened consumer awareness. But these fur-free policies also need to extend beyond the haute couture sector to change the agriculture industry as well. This is where the work of organizations like Tušti Narvai and Open Cages come into play. In 2014, Tušti Narvai, which translates from Lithuanian as Empty Cages, was founded in Vilnius. Its English branch, Open Ca...
Tags: Europe, Design, Great Britain, Vilnius, Bloomingdale, Macy 's, Tušti Narvai, Anima International, Humane Society International U K It, International Fur Trade Federation IFTF

Banksy’s Depressing Holiday Mural Taken Off View By Welsh Government

“The Welsh first minister has defended his government’s handling of the festive Banksy work Season’s Greetings, which is to be locked behind closed doors in a former police station after being briefly put on show to the public.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual, 12.20.19

The Remix Decade: Culture Invited Us To Reconsider What We (Think) We Know

“In television, film, literature, and other media over the past ten years, artists have presented information as though it is gospel, then reframed it in ways that force us to reconsider our assumptions. These cultural works challenged us to realize that there’s always something more to learn from every story, even the ones we think we know.” – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Media, 12.23.19

How zip lining impacts tree health, according to experts

Outdoorsy people have long enjoyed hiking on remote trails or rafting on rivers. But aerial views have been harder to come by, until the recent popularization of zip lines. Although varieties of zip lines have existed for hundreds of years, they have become widespread in recent years. It’s a popular outdoor activity, but how does it impact trees? Zip lines originated 2,000 years ago in mountainous areas of China, India and Japan, where people first used them to transport supplies from one place...
Tags: Utah, Japan, Design, Interviews, Environment, West Virginia, United States, Ohio, Johnson, Costa Rica, Trinidad, Nature / Environment, Maui, Eco Tourism, China India, Roger Wilson

The Best Take Down Reviews Of Terrible Books This Year

“Our friendly neighborhood book review aggregators put on our black hats and seek out the most deliciously virulent literary take-downs of the past twelve months. It’s a ritual blood-letting exercise carried out in an effort appease the Literary Gods, thereby guaranteeing a good book review harvest in the year to come, and we take it very seriously.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 12.20.19

VIDEO: See The Family Gorgeous' Video Tribute to SIX

The Family Gorgeous,one of the most well-knowndrag families in Manchester, and hosts of the UK's Drag SOS, posted a video tribute to the musical SIX [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: UK, Theatre, Manchester, BWW News Desk

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