2019's Best Topics for Designers to Debate at a Bar

Sometimes I wish Core77 was a bar populated by the readers and the staff. We could all throw back some drinks, shoot dice in the back, bounce trolls and get into some loose-tongued design debates. Here are some of the things we'd get into, besides beer:What are some things you'd like to see Jonathan Ive design, post-Apple? Here's my five picks.Should computers be designed as pieces of furniture? What are your solutions for dealing with Designer's Guilt?What roles should design & technology play...
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The Best Weekly Design Roast Burns from 2019, Part 2

From Week #14: What I want to say to the designer of this motorized lift for the disabled: "Yeah, looks real cool. Where the fuck is the rest of it?" From Week #15: "Over time, using these chairs may put some wear on the steel edges. If that happens, call me and I'll swing by with an angle grinder to resharpen them." From Week #16: "Yes, it is a little difficult to install. But trying to get the bike in and out will make that seem easy in comparison." From Week #17: "Yes, flat roofs are terrible...
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Beautiful weather and beautiful sunsets on Anna Maria. The Palma Sola Botanical Gardens are beautiful any time of year and this gorgeous banana plant was showing off for us. This was the Explorer Tower at Cape Canaveral.  From the 7th floor, you walked outside and could see the bay with the huge cruise ships, the other boats, and the water all around.  Exhibit included about Kennedy Space Center and the astronauts.  (We ...
Tags: Art, Kennedy Center, Rh Carpenter, Merritt, Kennedy Space Center, Anna Maria, Palma Sola Botanical Gardens

Reader Submitted: Camp Aerial: Portaledge for Big Wall Climbs

Camp Aerial is a transforming Portaledge that is fast to set up, functional on both flat grounds and rock walls, and provides protection from fierce weather conditions.Big Wall Climbs are an increasingly popular sport with more people attempting bigger challenges, and leading athletes and climbers to explore more daring routes. Some climbs take days, and more challenging walls like Trango Tower in Pakistan, can take take several weeks. This places climbers in great risk of dangerous weather cond...
Tags: Design, Sports, Pakistan, Reader Projects, Trango Tower, Camp Aerial

Tashi Bharucha’s graphic design background helped him make the iconic Prism blade

The Prism bases itself off a legend of sorts. Inspired by the Church, a wildly popular knife by Tashi Bharucha, the Prism is smaller, more fortified, and just as iconic. Bharucha started off as a graphic designer with a mere penchant for knives. His sense of style, proportion, symmetry, and form helped him carry his skills to knife-designing, allowing him to create the iconic Church, and then redesign it as the small-yet-stunning Prism.Measuring 7.4 inches when opened, the Prism comes with an ey...
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Is The Internet Our Salvation Or Our Damnation? The 2010s Exploded Myths

“The second decade of the 20th century began at the apex of naivete about the potential for the internet to enhance democracy and improve the quality of life on Earth. By the end of 2019, very few people could still hold such a position with honesty.” – Wired
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.26.19

Zachary Levi Will Star in PRISONER 760

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zachary Levi has joined the cast of legal drama 'Prisoner 760.' [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Hollywood, Theatre, TV News Desk, Zachary Levi, Zachary Levi Will Star

Drawing the Guantánamo Bay War Court

I spent a week at Gitmo’s military court, drawing the people involved in the Sept. 11 trial. It was a challenge in every way imaginable.
Tags: Art, News, Gitmo, Detainees, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Cuba, Pentagon Building, Guantánamo Bay War Court

BWW Exclusive: Ken Fallin Draws the Stage - THE INHERITANCE

BroadwayWorld has teamed up with renowned caricature artistKen Fallin, a life-long theater enthusiast, who has drawn many Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, BroadwayWorld, Ken Fallin, BWW News Desk

Elton John, Olivia Newton-John, And More Selected for 2020 Queen's New Year's Honors

Recipients have been announced for the annual New Year's Honours for services to the UK. [Author: Alexa Criscitiello]
Tags: UK, Theatre, Alexa Criscitiello, Elton John Olivia Newton John

The Great Wave in 3D

Miniature three-dimensional sculpture inspired by famous The Great Wave off Kanagawa woodblock print artwork of Katsushika Hokusai. 3D sculpture version of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” created by Jade. Also check out: 3D Printed Classic Paintings
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Kanagawa, Katsushika Hokusai

Producing A Movie Is An Arduous Slog. It Just Is

“Writing is lonely; directing and acting, if you’re overlapping them, is challenging but fun. But producing is just pushing a rock up a hill. And sometimes it rolls over you on the way back down.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, 12.26.19

Photo Flashback: The Broadway Casts of 2019 Take Their Opening Night Bows

As we say goodbye to this year, we're flashing back to the opening nights of the shows of 2019. Take a look back at the casts taking their opening bows [Author: Stephi Wild]
Tags: Theatre, Stephi Wild

The Man Who Made “Cats” And What He Was Thinking

“Like all stories, it’s just about cats, but none of these stories work without the big issues underneath. Eliot was writing as much about humans as cats; he was writing about humans through a feline prism. Ultimately, why I wanted human cats, not actual cats, [in the film] was that, if they’d been actual cats, it would have totally missed the point of the duality of the poetry.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, Eliot, 12.26.19

Why Some Pop Bands Are Giving Up Encores

The banality of encores has long been a frustration for some musicians, but, in recent years, a growing number of notable acts have taken a stand against performing them at all. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, 12.26.19

I Knew These Things I Bought Would Transform My Life! (A List)

“Every morning, I wake up before dawn to take a walk with my dog around the countryside, before I return to my home (still before dawn) to bake a loaf of bread and write for four hours in my notebook.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.26.19

This Land Art Installation Actually Helps Muffle The Noise Of Jets Taking Off And Landing

In fact, that’s what it was created to do. Installed in response to neighbors’ noise complaints following the opening of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s fifth runway, the Buitenschot Land Art Park was designed by landscape architects and acoustical engineers to dampen the noise from passing airplanes. – 99% Invisible
Tags: Art, Visual, Buitenschot Land Art Park, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, 12.13.19

Minneapolis Institute Of Art Sees A Record Year

“Egypt’s Sunken Cities” helped the museum double its income from program activities to $4.9 million in the year ended June 30. Membership increased 30 percent to 52,102 members, and attendance grew to 779,973, up by more than 69,000. –
Tags: Art, Egypt, Visual, Minneapolis Institute, 12.27.19

You Probably Don’t Know This Young Indian-Canadian Poet, But She May Be The Writer Of The Decade

“[Rupi] Kaur’s achievement as an artist is the extent to which her work embodies, formally, the technology that defines contemporary life: smartphones and the internet. … I’d argue that many of the writers currently being discussed as the most significant of the last decade write in direct opposition to the pervasive influence of the internet. Karl Ove Knausgaard, Rachel Cusk, and Ben Lerner (to name but three of our best) are interested in the single analog consciousness as a filter through wh...
Tags: Art, Words, Ben Lerner, Kaur, 12.23.19, Karl Ove Knausgaard Rachel Cusk

Boston Review’s Ten Great Reads Of The 2010s

From Noam Chomsky on the responsibility of intellectuals after 9/11, to our forum on why empathy can be a bad thing, the following were all ambitious efforts and help chart a decade of thinking. –
Tags: Art, Words, Noam Chomsky, Boston Review, 12.26.19

William Kentridge to Open Production of “Wozzeck” at Metropolitan Opera

William Kentridge returns to the Metrpolitan Opera this season, opening a production of Wozzeck which features his stage designs. “It’s a radical opera, also, in the sense that it feels, as you say, connected to colonialism,” he says. “It takes the private, rather than the prince or the doctor or the captain, as the central figure. […]
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New York – Matthew Wong: “Blue” at Karma Through January 5th, 2020

Matthew Wong, Starry Night (2019), via Karma Passing away at the untimely age of 35, artist Matthew Wong left behind an impressive body of painted canvases, pieces that moved through a dynamic and compelling emotional range exploring light and shadow, space and bodies as shifting value systems rarely lingering in easy relief for any prolonged […]
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Ulay to Open Solo Show at Stedelijk Museum

Performance artist Ulay will open an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, one of the first new shows under new director Rein Wolfs.  “Ulay, also during his collaborative years with Marina Abramović, has been a prominent figure in performance and body art since the nineteen seventies,” says Wolfs. “He used his identity and body as his medium.” Read more […]
Tags: Art, News, Marina Abramovic, Art News, Minipost, Stedelijk Museum, Rein Wolfs `` Ulay

Daily Beast Reports on Robert Moses’s Impact on Met

A piece in The Daily Beast this week outlines how former Parks Commissioner Robert Moses upended the status quo at The Met.  “The arrogance and conceit of those people were phenomenal,” he once said. “They really felt they were the lords of creation and that nobody had the right even to question what they did.” Read more […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Robert Moses

10 Years of Broadway Superlatives - Celebrating The Standouts of the Decade!

As the decade comes to a close on Broadway, we're doling out some good, old-fashioned superlatives to acknowledge some of the best and brightest theatre people, show elements, and productions that have made this decade one of the best in Broadway history. [Author: Alexa Criscitiello]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Alexa Criscitiello

The 25 Best Movie Posters of 2019

The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2019 This year has not only been a great year for movies but a fantastic year for movie posters. That said, is taking a look at some of the Best Movie Posters of 2019. Check out our picks in the gallery below! RELATED: ComingSoon’s Top 10 Films of 2019! A good poster can sell a film. However, movie posters are more than a simple advertisement. Over the decades, they’ve become an art form in and of themselves—often becoming as iconic as the stori...
Tags: Art, Movies, Film, US, Glass, Theaters, Starfish, Most Popular, Joker, Movie Posters, Child's Play, Dark Phoenix, ComingSoon, Captain Marvel, Movie News, Frozen 2

‘Beach Blanket Babylon’, A San Francisco Institution, Brings Its 45-Year Run To A Close

Even as the topical revue heads toward its final performance on New Year’s Eve, it still gets tweaked to reflect current news. (Donald Trump’s angry tweet at Greta Thunberg — he said she needed to work on anger management — made it into the script in a matter of hours.) Jo Schuman Silver, widow of Babylon creator Steve Silver, has been producing the show on her own since his death in 1995, and she gets a profile here from reporter Tony Bravo. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Theatre, San Francisco, Donald Trump, Babylon, Tony Bravo, Steve Silver, Greta Thunberg, 12.18.19, Jo Schuman Silver

Does All Music Have Something In Common?

Yes, every culture that we know of has some kind of music—but do these diverse musics share anything in common, for example in terms of function, affect and content? An extensive ethnographic study published in Science in November presented the case that they do. – Prospect
Tags: Art, Music, 12.24.19

Stanislaw Maslowski

Stanislaw Masłowski was a Polish painter active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Though he also painted in oil (images above, bottom three), I particularly admire his landscape watercolors.  
Tags: Art, Gallery And Museum Art, Stanislaw Maslowski, Stanislaw Mas owski

BWW Blog: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama's Farokh Soltani on Discovering Your Unique Writer's Voice

Dr Farokh Soltani is a writer, researcher, sound-maker, and teacher. His career began in his native Iran, where he worked as a writer and sound designer. His output included everything from sitcom scripts for national television networks, to award-winning short films such as The Project and Mr M at the Centre of the World, to music for theatre, film, and a particularly annoying mobile phone tariff ad. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Iran, BWW News Desk, Royal Central School of Speech, Farokh Soltani

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