2019's Best Examples of Rethinking an Existing Object, Part 1

While tech bros try to dream up "disruptive" apps, we're much more interested in the designers, tinkerers and DIY'ers who re-think existing physical objects to improve them. Here are the best examples of this that we saw this year.Lots of folks fly in hoodies for comfort, and many carry neck pillows for long flights. The Pillowdy self-inflatable neck pillow handily combines these two things.Conventional roof racks are often a pain to detach, but if you leave them on all the time, they worsen you...
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2019's Best Examples of Rethinking an Existing Object, Part 2

(Part 1 is here.) If you've ever gotten stitches, you know it's time-consuming process that must be done in-hospital. Now there's an alternative: ZipStitch is a brilliant, self-appliable non-invasive substitute for stitches--based on zip-ties.In "Every Bottle Pump Should be Designed Like This," we saw that peanut butter lover and inventor Andrew Scherer created a vacuum-based pump that scrapes the insides of a jar completely clean, cutting down on product waste. A practical advancement for sn...
Tags: Design, Nike, Oregon Ducks, Phil Knight, Andrew Scherer, Ross Snow Tech, Mini Max Stool, Zev Bianchi

Thomas Kail and Michelle Williams are Engaged & Expecting Their First Child

Congratulations are in order 'Hamilton' director Thomas Kail and 'FosseVerdon' star Michelle Williams have announced they are engaged to be married - and they are expecting their first child [Author: Sarah Jae Leiber]
Tags: Theatre, Hamilton, Thomas Kail, Michelle Williams, Sarah Jae Leiber

Reader Submitted: When Turbines Speak Human

Wind energy is may be one of the great blessings of this time, so why aren't we designing it right? Prototype 2030 wants to show how design can play a vital role in the fight against climate change. prototype 2030 - windwords prototype 2030 - windwords prototype 2030 - windwords prototype 2030 - windwords prototype 2030 - windswitch prototype 2030 - windswitch prototype 2030 - windswitch prototype 2030 - windswitch prototype 2030 - windwords View the full project here
Tags: Design, Social Impact, Sustainable Design, Reader Projects

Jessica Vosk To Join Jason Robert Brown In Concert At SubCultureNYC

SubCulture NYC will present Wicked star Jesssica Vosk in concert with composer Jason Robert Brown, on Sunday, January 12, 2020. [Author: Alexa Criscitiello]
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RIP Syd Mead, Legendary Designer of Blade Runner and Tron

Science fiction would not be what it is today without the influence of Syd Mead. Mead, a futurist and industrial designer whose work on films such as , Tron, and Aliens, died early this morning at the age of 86. Curbed confirmed the sad news.Read more...
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Eye Candy for Today: Francesc Masriera’s Winter 1882

Winter 1882, Francesc Masriera Oil on canvas, roughly 31 x 24″ (79 x 62 cm); link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, which also has a zoomable image. Catalan painter Francesc Masriera has give us a tour de force study of soft textures — from the variation in the fur of the muff, the tufts on the hat and tassels on the muff, the fabric of the hat and wrap, and the soft curls of the young wom...
Tags: Google, Art, Eye Candy For Today, Gallery And Museum Art, Wikimedia Commons, Museu Nacional D Art de Catalunya, Francesc Masriera, Francesc Masriera Oil

Ocean Edge Coffee Table

Beautiful wooden table with steel legs features blue resin glass ocean waves. Ocean Edge coffee table created by Jared Davis and Rivka Wilkins out of reclaimed wood and layers of resin. Also check out: Ocean Paintings
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Rivka Wilkins, Jared Davis, Ocean Edge Coffee Table

Why Do Other Art Forms – Books, Movies, TV – Make Fun Of Theatre?

As if theater weren’t already mocked enough for its hysteria and jazz hands, it now seems to be pop culture’s punching bag. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, 12.30.19

Always-On Culture Has Warped Our Sense of Time And Progress

“The reason that it feels like nothing happened in the 2010s is that too much happened. Each cultural landmark got instantly effaced by the onrush of the next, and the next. This memory-erosion effect is one reason why it feels like something’s gone awry with our sense of time. While the clock and the calendar continue to plod forward in their steadfast and remorseless way, what you could call “culture-time” feels like it’s become unmoored and meandering.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Issues, 12.27.19

Even With Mega-Franchise Movies In 2019, Box Office Declined. Now What?

“The slide in revenues is still disappointing because it occurred at a time when Walt Disney Studios put nearly all of its major franchises on the field — a show of firepower that enabled the company to pulverize records, racking up more than $11 billion at the global box office. With an arsenal that includes Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar, and — thanks to its $71 billion acquisition of much of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire — 20th Century Fox, Disney was able to control roughly 40% of the domes...
Tags: Art, Media, Rupert Murdoch, Audience, Walt Disney Studios, Fox Disney, 12.30.19, Lucasfilm Marvel Pixar

Photo Flashback: THE WIZARD OF OZ Composer Harold Arlen in 1980

For today's photo flashback, we've got a look at Wizard of Oz composer, Harold Arlen out and about in 1980 in New York City. [Author: Walter McBride]
Tags: New York City, Theatre, Harold Arlen, Walter McBride

Backstage Bite with Katie Lynch: The Decade's Most Magical Episode with the Stars of ALADDIN

In this episode, Katie is joined in the kitchen by the Broadway's two best friends Aladdin and the Genieaka Clinton Greenspan and Major Attaway from Disney's AladdinCheck out the recipe for Katie's Cake of Wonders Lava Cake below [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
Tags: Theatre, Disney, Broadway, Katie, Aladdin, Attaway, BroadwayWorld TV, Katie Lynch, Genieaka Clinton Greenspan

LaChanze and Melba Moore to Be Honored By Women of Color on Broadway

Women of Color on Broadway is set to honor Tony Award-winners Melba Moore and LaChanze on February 10, 2020 atat The Great Hall in NYC. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Great Hall, BWW News Desk, LaChanze, Melba Moore

Jimmy Iovine: The Music Business’s Looming Problem

“Margin. It doesn’t scale. At Netflix, the more subscribers you have, the less your costs are. In streaming music, the costs follow you. And the streaming music services are utilities — they’re all the same. Look at what’s working in video. Disney has nothing but original stuff. Netflix has tons of original stuff. But the music streaming services are all the same, and that’s a problem.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Disney, Netflix, Jimmy Iovine, 12.30.19

UNESCO And The Fight Over “World” Literature

UNESCO and the Fate of the Literary shows how, when confronted with people across the globe who perceived their own lives “in ways radically antagonistic to the requirements of capitalist production,” UNESCO’s cultural programming was developed to “acknowledge, integrate, manage, and assuage” that antagonism. – Los Angeles Review of Books
Tags: Art, Unesco, Words, 12.26.19

A Finger Picker Salutes Herbie Nichols

Spinning Song: Duck Baker Plays The Music Of Herbie NicholsIn the New York jazz scene of the 1950s and early sixties, the breadth and depth of his talent won enormous respect for pianist and composer Herbie Nichols. One of those affected by Nichols is Duck Baker, a fingerstyle guitarist from Richmond. – Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, New York, Richmond, Ajblogs, Nichols, Herbie Nichols, 12.29.19, Herbie NicholsIn, Duck Baker

What A Crossword Created By A Computational Linguistics Researcher Looks Like

“There’s a similar mixture that goes into being a computational linguistics researcher,” with lots of coding, math and empirical work. It certainly helps to have a love of language and be interested in the quirks of language.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Words, 12.27.19

Are The Arts To Blame For Donald Trump?

It’s a provocative claim, and I’ll admit my first reaction was to dismiss it out of hand. And yet … – Douglas McLennan
Tags: Art, Donald Trump, Ajblogs, 12.29.19

VIDEO: See Brian Stokes Mitchell Perform 'I Was Here' at the 2019 Dramatists Guild Foundation Gala

Brian Stokes Mitchell performed 'I Was Here' from The Glorious Ones at the 2019 Dramatists Guild Foundation Gala. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Stage Tube, Dramatists Guild Foundation Gala

Kerstin Anderson, Estelle Parsons, Margo Seibert and More to Star in Michael Friedman's UNKNOWN SOLDIER

Playwrights Horizons Artistic Director Tim Sanford, Managing Director Leslie Marcus today announced the cast and creative team of Unknown Soldier, a sweeping, elegiac chamber musical that melts time, spanning three generations as it follows a woman's journey to unearth the secrets buried in her family's past. With a book and lyrics by Daniel Goldstein, making his New York writing debut, Unknown Soldier is also the last work from the late, beloved Michael Friedman music and lyrics to be premiered...
Tags: New York, Theatre, Daniel Goldstein, Michael Friedman, BWW News Desk, Mainstage Theater, Trip Cullman, Tim Sanford, Leslie Marcus, Kerstin Anderson Estelle Parsons Margo Seibert, Ellen Rabinowitz, Patrick McCollum

INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Weekly Grosses Analysis - 12/30

Welcome to this week's edition of BroadwayWorld's exclusive WEEKLY GROSSES ANALYSIS Read on for all the weekly grosses statistics for the movers and shakers from the latest grosses, for the week ending 12292019. [Author: BWW Special]
Tags: Theatre, BroadwayWorld, BWW Special

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 12/29/19

Grosses for all the Broadway shows for the week ending 12292019. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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New York – Francesco Clemente: “India” at Vito Schnabel Projects

Francesco Clemente, India I (2019), via Vito Schnabel Projects Artist Francesco Clemente opens a show of work at Vito Schnabel’s New York exhibition space, highlighting the artist’s famed nomadism and his embrace of varied geographies spread over the full expanse of the globe. Moving between Italy, the United States, India and elsewhere, Clemente has long […]
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New York Times Compiles “Favorite Arts Photos” of 2019

A piece in the NYT this week compiles a selection of “our favorite arts photographs” for 2019, looking at a range of documentary and art photos. Read more at NYT
Tags: Art, News, New York Times, Art News, Minipost

Frieze Explores Art World Addiction to Air Travel in Age of Climate Change

A piece in Frieze this week asks if the art world can kick its addiction to air travel as the climate crisis intensifies.  “We are all implicated in making travel aspirational, for accepting the idea that living ‘between’ places is more  cosmopolitan, more creative, than settling in just one and staying there,” writes critic Kyle Chayka. […]
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Notre Dame Cathedral Enters Next Stage in Restoration

The restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral has entered a new stage, in which the scaffolding structure on the roof of the building, fused by intense heat, must be removed.  The process will involve a delicate stabilizing process before the scaffolding can be removed. Read more at Art Newspape
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Photo Flash: The Cast and Band of OKLAHOMA! Celebrated Their New Years Eve Early With a Festive Photo Shoot

The cast and band of the Tony Award winning musical revival of Rodgers Hammerstein's Oklahoma at the Circle in the Square gathered for a fun shoot ending the year with a bang and started their New Year's Eve celebrating early by wishing all their friends and fans a wonderful , healthy and happy 2020 [Author: BWW News Desk]
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What Defined 2019? Ideas? People? How About Stuff?

“Look at the stuff. The Things. Objects. The products that overflow our commercial marketplace, designed for our consumption, that we loved, loathed, mocked, coveted, worried about, or just found so baffling we couldn’t stop obsessing about them.” – Medium
Tags: Art, Issues, 12.20.19

How The On-Demand Economy Is Changing Our Experience of Cities

“The 2010s were the decade the city became an App Store: an online marketplace where our choices were closely tracked, where that data became part of the products we were using, and where digital clusters of activity displaced real-world transactions. Yes, we still go downtown for drinks, meals, and shopping experiences. But, more and more, we live in cities of the cloud.” – CityLab
Tags: Art, Issues, 12.30.19

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