Beyond Industrial Design: Apply to SVA's MFA in Products of Design

The deadline for applying to SVA's MFA in Products of Design program is just two weeks away on January 15th, so if you're interested in grad school, you'll want to polish your portfolio and put together application quick. The program teaches every kind of design—from design research, systems design, interaction design, smart objects, and design for social innovation, to branding, service design, sustainability, design strategy, and business design. New offerings include Design for Public Policy,...
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How Lid Design Changes in 1967, '75 and '84 Led Us to Drink Coffee On-the-Go

To be clear, I don't think plastic disposable coffee cup lids are a good idea. But as product designers, I think it's helpful to know the history of so ubiquitous an object, and the role that design played in popularizing on-the-go coffee. (It's weird to think that for decades, coffee was something that was only drank while sitting down, in-situ, from a ceramic cup.)Big changes to the design of snap-on cup lids came in 1967, with the first pull tab; in 1975, with a pull-tab that could be folded ...
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Collectors Sandy and Louis Grotta Featured in NYT’s ‘Show Us Your Wall’

Collectors Sandy and Louis Grotta are featured in NYT’s ‘Show Us Your Wall’ section, spotlighting their collection of furniture and sculpture. “When the pieces all have the same vocabulary, you can move something from room to room, and as long the scale’s right, it’ll work,” Mr. Grotta says of showing his works in his home. […]
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Reader Submitted: Alice Chair

From the carpenter to the barmaid, from the librarian to the tourist, everyone will admire our Alice. After all, a chair is much more than a chair. Without fear of the passage of time, Alice is an iconic chair, light and elegant. With architectural inspiration, it is oriented very vertically. The two hind legs are gossips, they are turned on themselves so that they can talk. From this dialogue comes the twisting of the backrest that ensures comfort and cosiness - their stories. ...
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A Look Back at Syd Mead Vehicle Designs

In terms of concepts, Syd Mead might be the most prolific industrial designer who ever lived. Sadly, he passed away earlier this week at the age of 86. Over the course of his long career, Mead worked for industrial giants like Ford, Philips, Sony, Chrysler and U.S. Steel. And his mark on sci-fi movies was unparalleled: Aliens, both Blade Runner films, Elysium, Star Trek, Tron, Timecop and others employed his design skills.It would be impossible to encapsulate all of his work in a single entry. B...
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(Almost) Good Design: This Café's Spent Cup Stacking System to Minimize Trash/Recycling Volume

When I was living in Japan, I worked at an elementary school. After having lunch, each and every one of the students would take their empty milk cartons and meticulously flatten them. These flattened cartons then all went into the same transparent plastic bag, and I was surprised to see how many it held. A teacher explained to me that this system was utilized because it meant using fewer trash bags, and making less trips to the dumpster. If this system were spread across every school in Japan, t...
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This ESPN/NASCAR Cup is Designed to Not Block Your Vision as You Drink From It

Just when you think you've seen every design of drinking vessel under the sun. Apparently back in 2009, creative agency Wieden+Kennedy designed a novel cup for ESPN and NASCAR. The track giveaway item is shaped in such a way that you don't have to take your eyes off the track as you drink from it: As silly as it is, I'm actually kind of surprised it hasn't caught on at sporting events. I think we've all seen people in stadiums spend money on worse!via Jalopnik
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This award-winning wheelchair integrates right into an airplane seat for easy boarding and de-boarding

Securing a Discovery Of The Year Award as well as a Platinum Winner Award at the European Product Design Awards in 2019, The Row-1 by Ciara Crawford surely has stumbled on a brilliant solution for a problem that no designer recognized before. The Row-1, simply put, is an inclusive-design wheelchair that lets disabled and elderly patrons at an airport go straight from the check-in desk to inside the airline, and de-board the flight at their destination. The wheelchair works exactly how you’d expe...
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Mumford -- Art and Technics (v)

"What my friend Matthew Nowicki used to say about architecture--that a great client was essential in the production of a great building--holds for every other form of art..." (28) "[the] stage of full maturity...that only great art both the artist and his community it demands a certain dedication, indeed a certain sacrifice, that sets it off from the more decorative and pleasurable phases of art." (29) Cue Branford on Cecil for a not-so-friendly reminder that there are limits to wha...
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Man Arrested for Ripping £20 Million Picasso at Tate Modern

A young man, Shakeel Ryan Massey, has been arrested for allegedly ripping a £20 million Pablo Picasso, Bust of a Woman this past week at the Tate Modern. Read more at The Guardian
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VIDEO: Skylar Astin & Alex Newell Talk Reality TV on TODAY SHOW

The stars of aoeZoey's Extraordinary Playlista share what they love to watch to unwind, including aoeThe Devil Wears Pradaa and more, for TODAY's aoeWhat I Watcha series. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Alex Newell, Skylar Astin, Stage Tube, Pradaa

Who’s Still Reading The Supermarket Tabloids?

Though their circulation has been decimated — the once-mighty National Enquirer, which approached 8 million in paid circulation at one point and reached millions more, is down under 180,000 as of June, according to industry monitor the Audit Bureau of Control — tabloids still occupy a unique place in American culture. – Los Angeles Times
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Jake Gyllenhaal To Produce And Star In FUN HOME Film Adaptation; Sam Gold To Direct

It has been reported that Academy Award nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal will produce and star in an upcoming big screen adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical. Fun Home. [Author: Alexa Criscitiello]
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The Ecological Information Embedded In Indigenous Music

For Indigenous Peoples who have lived within their traditional territories for generations, music is a repository of ecological knowledge, with songs embedding ancestors’ knowledge, teachings and wisdom. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Music, SJM, 01.02.20

How Yellow Lost Its Good Reputation

The most significant development was the increasing association of yellow with vice and evil – often with the deadly sin of envy (incidentally, though green may be the traditional colour of envy in high culture, in playgrounds of the 1960s, ‘yeller’ meant ‘jealous’, possibly because it was a close soundalike). – Literary Review
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New York Is Losing Its Human Scale – Here’s How It’s Happening

“If we continue to allow the erosion of the human-scale city and long-evolved urbanism on which it depends, then I fear for the future. The first thing needed is a public exhibit of the many empty sites across the boroughs of New York, and a representation of what further, unchecked upzoning will it make possible to build in the future. But without a well-organized, well-financed campaign like the effort to save Grand Central, or a singular leader like Jane Jacobs able to take on the pow...
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Forget carbon-fiber monocoques and electric drivetrains, this cup is transportation design’s biggest win

The cup does for NASCAR races what the binoculars did for the Opera. Now mind you, this invention isn’t from any recent time. In fact, it was invented in 2009, over 10 years ago, and only just regained relevance after Jalopnik did a throwback. It’s simple, quirky, and a mystery as to why it never became the cultural norm post its release. Designed by Wieden+Kennedy for NASCAR and ESPN, the Cup and its unique profile helps patrons watch the race uninterrupted while sipping on a beverage of their ...
Tags: Design, Espn, Nascar, Jalopnik, Product Design, Wieden+Kennedy, Wieden Kennedy NY, The Cup

Positions at The Shed, New York City Center, Manhattan Theatre Club, More in this Week's BroadwayWorld Classifieds 1/2

This Week's New Classified Listings on BroadwayWorld for 122020 include new jobs for those looking to work in the theatre industry. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, BroadwayWorld, BWW News Desk, BroadwayWorld Classifieds

NYMF To Shut Down After Fifteen Seasons

The Board of Directors of the New York Musical Festival announced today thatafter 15 years of presenting vibrant, new musical theater,NYMF will cease operation immediately. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Rachel Feinstein Unveils the Darker Side of Fantasyland

With her first museum retrospective, the artist (and fashion muse) talks about confecting fanciful works with a core of steel.
Tags: Art, News, New York City, Museums, Sculpture, Ny, Feinstein, Rachel, Fashion and apparel, Women and Girls, Rachel Feinstein, Jewish Museum (Manhattan

Scholar Gertrude Himmelfarb, 94

Few families contributed as much to modern conservatism, although they did so in different ways. While her husband helped organize an influential network of politicians, think tanks and media outlets, and her son became a leading Republican pundit and strategist, Himmelfarb concentrated on social criticism and history’s lessons for the present. – Washington Post
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Embroidered Landscapes

Nature inspired embroidery art of landscapes and aerial views of green fields. Beautiful embroidered landscapes depicted with bright colours and textures by talented needle painter Victoria Rose. Also check out: Embroidered Food
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Victoria Rose

Kathleen Chalfant, Samantha Bee, and More Announced for SPARE RIB Benefit Readings

Casting has been announced for three upcoming benefit performances of Winter Miller's Spare Rib at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater later this month. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Italian Vogue’s Sustainable January 2020 Issue

After Vogue editors across many international editions declared that the magazine would do its best to “preserve our planet for future generations,” Italian Vogue cut photo shoots—and photos—for its January 2020 issue. In a letter to readers, editor Emanuele Farneti details the embarrassingly long list of people, supplies, and trips needed to complete an issue: “One hundred and fifty people involved. About twenty flights and …
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Danielle Brooks Announces Engagement to Dennis Gelin

Stage and screen star has more than the new year to celebrate this week. The Broadway veteran just announced her engagement toDennis Gelin. BroadwayWorld sends our congratulations to the happy couple [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Danielle Brooks, BWW News Desk, Dennis Gelin

New Technologies to Better Understand Our Bodies

With CES 2020 only days away, a new decade for tech starts with comprehending the human body Important developments in technology, both consumer-facing and industry-specific, oftentimes debut (or meet their demise) at CES, the annual conference held by the CTA in Las Vegas. Sometimes a pool of novel, albeit unnecessary announcements, the show acts as a reliable pulse on the industry as a whole. And, …
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Historic San Francisco Printing Plant To Become Arts Space

“The long-term vision is to create a constellation of buildings to address the whole issue of affordable space for artists.” – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Issues, 12.30.19, San Francisco Printing Plant

Pearl Sun Will Fill In for Emily Walton in COME FROM AWAY on Broadway

BroadwayWorld has just learned that original Come From Away cast member Pearl Sunwill fill in as 'Janice Others' in Broadway's Come From Away, January 7 through March 29. Sun takes overfor Emily Walton, who departs the production to star in Darling Grenadine. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Pre-Sale Tickets Now Available for Broadway-Bound 1776 at the A.R.T.

As BroadwayWorld previously reported,Roundabout Theatre Company and the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University will bring a new production of 1776 to Broadway Featuring a book by Peter Stone, music lyrics by Sherman Edwards, and directed by Tony Award winner Diane Paulus, Broadway performances will begin Spring 2021 at the American Airlines Theatre 227 West 42nd Street. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Harvard University, Broadway, American Airlines, Tony, BroadwayWorld, Diane Paulus, Peter Stone, BWW News Desk, Sherman Edwards

HARRIET, FROZEN 2, & More Among Film Nominees for 35th Artios Awards

Casting Society of America CSA today announces the film nominees for the 35thArtios Awards, which honor the contribution of Casting Directors to film, television and theatre. The winners will be revealed on Thursday, January 30, 2020 in ceremonies in Los Angeles, New York City and London. Ron Funches will serve as host for the Los Angeles event, with Michelle Buteau hosting the New York ceremony. [Author: TV News Desk]
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