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Designing a Successful Tool: The Crucible Scraper

The most successful product we've produced at Crucible Tool is, hands down, our curved card scraper. In less than a year, we've sold thousands of these simple tools all over the world. And we've made a decent profit, too. The tool isn't a copy of anything that was commercially available before. It didn't require any new materials or cutting-edge technology to manufacture. And it is aimed at furniture makers, a craft where the basic hand tools haven't changed for thousands of years.Was the idea f...
Tags: Design, Wales, Kentucky, Britain, United States, Craig, Chris, Christopher Williams, Noam Chomsky, Chomsky, John Brown, Edward S Herman, Tools & Craft, Hand Tools, Charles Hayward, Woodworker Magazine

CES Survival Guide: How To Properly Take Power Naps in Public

I never thought I would become someone who slept on the floor at trade shows. It's gross, people can steal your stuff, and I will repeat one more time that it's gross. As a general principle, I also believe that naps are a waste of time. As Drake once reiterated, "I don't take naps. Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that." In fact, I used to be the person who took photos of people sleeping at trade shows for entertainment. So what broke me? How did I become the person I've been ...
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It Took Almost Five Years to Draw This Incredibly Detailed, Freehand Map of North America

New Zealand-born Anton Thomas drew maps throughout his childhood but he never received any formal training in cartography—or art, for that matter. While working a brief stint as a cook in Montreal in 2012, the self-taught illustrator started to draw a freehand map of North America (where he had backpacked years earlier) on his apartment fridge which had been painted over in white paint to hide unseemly stains. It became the study for an even more ambitious project that he completed in 2019 after...
Tags: Design, San Francisco, Illustration, Portland, New Zealand, Dallas, Vancouver, North America, Montreal, Seattle, Fort Worth, Columbia, Thomas, Anton Thomas

How to Make Abraham Lincoln's Mysterious Dovetail Mallet

Chris Schoenberg of the Third Coast Craftsman recently set out to recreate Abraham Lincoln's "impossible" mallet and captured the tricky but satisfying process in a detailed video for your viewing pleasure. "Legend has it that Abraham Lincoln designed this way back in the day because he wanted to come up with a way to make a mallet that would never loosen or slide off the handle," Schoenberg explains. "The problem is that the tapered dovetails also make it impossible to put that mallet on the ha...
Tags: Design, Diy, Abraham Lincoln, Schoenberg, Roy Underhill, Chris Schoenberg

Vintage Marquee: Al Pacino in RICHARD III At The Cort Theatre

Today we're flashing back to a vintage marquee for Al Pacino's 1979 turn in William Shakespeare's Richard III. [Author: Walter McBride]
Tags: Theatre, William Shakespeare, Richard III, Al Pacino, Walter McBride

Judgment Day - The Degrees of Responsibility

Reviewed by Judd Hollander The idea that every person is responsible for their own actions is a basic tenet in most societies. However, when those actions are called into question, uncovering the truth behind them is another matter. Especially when gossip, innuendo and the complete refusal to believe anything but one's own certainty is involved. Such is the case in Ödön von Horváth ’s 1937 drama, Judgment Day. The work being given an absolutely wonderful revival, with a stellar new adaptati...
Tags: Germany, Theatre, Anna, Thomas, Perkins, McGowan, Odon, Richard Jones, Luke Kirby, Maurice Jones, Kate Wilson, Judd Hollander, Daniel Kluger, Janet Takami, Stephanie Berger, Christopher Shinn

Lee Pace, Alison Brie, & Riz Ahmed Join English Voice Cast for WEATHERING WITH YOU

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee Pace, Alison Brie and Riz Ahmed have joined the English voice cast of upcoming GKIDS movie 'Weathering With You.' [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Hollywood, Theatre, Riz Ahmed, TV News Desk, Lee Pace Alison Brie

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes Of The SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Reunion Flash Mob

Go behind the scenes of the Saturday Night Fever cast reunion flash mob in Times Square [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Times Square, Stage Tube

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus has a secondary e-ink display on its back, turning it into a Kindle when closed

Practically an iPhone moment for the laptop, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is a laptop, notepad, and e-book reader… all in one single device. Now the idea of two screens on one device has been floating around for long. The MacBook with its touch-bar is literally a dual-screen device, and the Asus ZenBook Pro 15 from 2018 flirted with the idea of turning the touchpad into a secondary screen… but the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus has pushed limits by making its secondary screen a decidedly large 10.8-inch e-i...
Tags: Design, Kindle, Ces, Lenovo, Dolby Vision, Laptops, Alexa, Product Design, E-ink Display, CES2020, ThinkBook Plus

Meet the Alienware Concept UFO, a handheld Windows 10 gaming device modeled on the Switch

Designed literally to be the Switch of PC Gaming, Alienware debuted their Concept UFO at CES this year. They’ve, however, been very quick to point out that this is still a very nascent concept and may look nothing like the prototype they’re showing… but they’re serious about developing a handheld PC that’s dedicated towards Windows-based gaming.For long, Alienware has been considered one of the oldest and most renowned gaming brands, with laptops and CPUs that cater specifically to the PC Gamer....
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Gaming, Games, Design, Ces, Dell, Alienware, Laptops, Switch, Product Design, Nintendo Switch, Alienware Dell, Concept Ufo, Portable Gaming

The Samsung Sero TV rotates on its axis because people are shooting more vertical videos now

Just to be clear, Instagram or TikTok isn’t launching a streaming service (yet), but they’re definitely leading a phenomenon. Now that smartphone cameras are one of the largest instruments for shooting videos, Instagram and TikTok are a leading force behind people shooting videos in portrait mode. People spend as much, if not more, time watching videos on TikTok as they do on YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, and Samsung’s begun noticing that. The Sero, which Samsung just debuted at CES 2020,...
Tags: TV, Design, Television, Instagram, Samsung, Ces, Product Design, YouTube Netflix, Sero, Rotating, Samsung Sero TV, CES2020, Sero TV

Was “Cats” Really So Bad? Guardian Critics Take A Second Look

“One tweet claimed Cats was so bad it must have been made by the dog lobby. As a lifelong cat lover, I don’t regard this film as an insult to cats. Yes, the production is over-CGI’d, but there is Rebel Wilson’s earthiness and James Corden’s comedy; both succeed in playing it for laughs.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, James Corden, Wilson, 01.06.20

Does Freezing Dance Works In Their Original Form Doom Them?

It’s true that dance history is particularly hard to preserve, and the desire to stay true to a choreographer’s original intention when restaging their work is a valid one. But treating these works like museum pieces can backfire. In the effort to stay painstakingly authentic to an original artist’s work, are we missing some of the spark that made it so exciting when it premiered, and losing the element that made it a classic in the first place? Are we preventing these works from resona...
Tags: Art, Dance, 01.03.20

Does Freezing Class Dance Works In Their Original Form Doom Them?

It’s true that dance history is particularly hard to preserve, and the desire to stay true to a choreographer’s original intention when restaging their work is a valid one. But treating these works like museum pieces can backfire. In the effort to stay painstakingly authentic to an original artist’s work, are we missing some of the spark that made it so exciting when it premiered, and losing the element that made it a classic in the first place? Are we preventing these works from resona...
Tags: Art, Dance, 01.03.20

BWW Camp Guide - Everything You Need to Know About Broadway Artists Alliance in 2020

With the new year officially here, we're looking ahead to this coming summer and getting an in-depth look at some of the country's most prestigious summer theatre camps We're chatting with the camps' faculty to find out about everything from the day-to-day life of campers to the variety of activities they get to experience. Today we're looking at Broadway Artists Alliance's summer intensivesand hearing all about its variety of electives, private coaching, and more. [Author: Linnae Medeiros]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway Artists Alliance, Linnae Medeiros, Know About Broadway Artists Alliance

Bulk AirPods

Oversized charging case comes with extra AirPods for Apple iPhone users who always lose their wireless headphones. “Where the hell did my left AirPod go?!” It is time to buy AirPods in bulk! Unnecessary Inventions: Bulk AirPods designed by Matt Benedetto. Also check out: AirPods Holders
Tags: Apple, Design, Tech, Matt Benedetto

National Gallery Of Australia Closes Because Of Fires

The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra closed its doors today due to worsening air quality caused by the bushfires burning across the country. The gallery’s director, Nick Mitzevich, said the decision to close was taken to help protect public, staff and the gallery collection. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Australia, Canberra, Visual, National Gallery of Australia, 01.06.20, Nick Mitzevich

Get $79, No-Fee Tickets to WICKED on Broadway this Month

We're green with excitement because TodayTix has no-fee tickets starting at 79 to performances of WICKED through Jan. 16.This offer is available only on TodayTix get your tickets now and we'll see you in the Land of Oz. [Author: Contests - Broadway]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Todaytix, Contests - Broadway

Strip Down? De-Clutter? The False Promise Of Minimalism

The average American household possesses more than 300,000 items. In the UK, one study found that children have on average 238 toys, but only play with 12 of them on a daily basis. We are addicted to accumulation. The minimalist lifestyle seems like a conscientious way of approaching the world now that we have realised that materialism, accelerating since the industrial revolution, is literally destroying the planet. Yet my gut reaction to Kondo and the Minimalists was that it all seemed...
Tags: Art, UK, Ideas, Kondo, 01.03.20

Photo Flash: Take a Look at First Rehearsal Photos of THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN

Performances ofTransport Group'sThe Unsinkable Molly Brown begin Saturday, February 8 at22 at Abrons Arts Center. The show starsTony Award nominee Beth Malone Fun Home who will play Molly Brown, David Aron Damane The Book of Mormon, Big River, The Life as JJ, Whitney Bashor The Bridges of Madison County as Julia, Omar Lopez-Cepero On Your Feet as Vincenzo, Alex Gibson SpongeBob SquarePants Natasha, Pierre the Great Comet of 1812 as Erich, and Paolo Montalban Pacific Overtures, The King and I as ...
Tags: Theatre, Madison County, Paolo Montalban, Erich, Abrons Arts Center, BWW News Desk, Beth Malone Fun Home, MOLLY BROWN, David Aron Damane, Julia Omar Lopez Cepero, Coco Smith

SLAVE PLAY Author Jeremy O. Harris To Adapt Graphic Novel THE NEW WORLD For The Big Screen

Acclaimed playwright, Jeremy O. Harris, has been tapped to pen a big screen adaptation ofAles Kot's 2019 graphic novelThe New World. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, BWW News Desk, Jeremy O Harris

Panasonic’s Slimmer, Ultra-High Resolution Virtual Reality Glasses

Slimmer frames that provide a rich visual experience without discomfort Dissimilar to most VR glasses available now (which are oftentimes bulky, cumbersome and not very stylish), the contemporary design of Panasonic’s new HDR(1)-capable eyeglasses helps position the company as a new industry leader. With potential use cases in entertainment and sports, work, healthcare, advertising and even architecture, the innovation of new VR accessories is inevitable …
Tags: Accessories, Glasses, Design, Entertainment, Tech, Ces, Vr, Virtual Reality, Panasonic, Hdr, 5g, VR glasses, VR goggles, VR Accessories, CES 2020, HDR(1

VIDEO: Tony Goldwyn Takes His First Bow In THE INHERITANCE

Tony Goldwyn officially joined the company of Matthew Lopez' The Inheritance on January 5 for a four month limited engagement, and we're getting a look inside the star's first bow in the critically-acclaimed play Check it out with the curtain call video [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Matthew Lopez, Tony Goldwyn, BWW News Desk

Andrea Martin, Santino Fontana, Megan Hilty, Javier Munoz And More Join VOICES FOR THE VOICELESS Concert At The Town Hall

This year's concert line-up includes Tony nominee Jenn Colella Come From Away, Tony Award-winner Santino Fontana Tootsie, Ta'Nika Gibson Ain't Too Proud, Emmy Award-winner Judy Gold 'Kill Me Now' podcast, Tony nominee Megan Hilty 'Smash,', Emmy and Tony Award-winner Andrea Martin Pippin, Emmy and Tony Award-winner Laurie Metcalf 'The Conners', Brian Stokes Mitchell Kiss Me Kate, Javier Muoz Hamilton, Tony Award-winner Kelli O'Hara The King I, and more to be announced. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Tony, Kelli, Judy Gold, Laurie Metcalf, BWW News Desk, The Town Hall, Jenn Colella, Santino Fontana Tootsie Ta Nika Gibson Ain, Megan Hilty Smash Emmy, Andrea Martin Pippin Emmy, Conners Brian Stokes Mitchell Kiss, Kate Javier Muoz Hamilton Tony

Review Roundup: THE BAND'S VISIT on Tour; What Did The Critics Think?

The first national tour of The Band's Visit is now making its way across the country after launching at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Rhode Island, Providence Performing Arts Center, BWW News Desk

VIDEO: Michelle Williams Plans to Return to the Stage After Taking Time Off

FosseVerdonstar Michelle Williams won Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television at the 2020 Golden Globes. After she accepted her award, she spoke with reportersbackstage where she revealed that her next project would be on the stage [Author: TV News Desk]
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All Songs Are The Product Of Other Songs (Cue The Copyright Trolls)

The idea that this might be actionable is the new twist. Every song benefits from what preceded it, whether it’s a melodic idea, a lyrical motif, a sung rhythm, a drum texture. A forensic analysis of any song would find all sorts of pre-existing DNA. A copyright troll exploits that, turning inevitable influence into ungenerous and often highly frivolous litigation. – The New York Times
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What’s At Stake If Trump Destroys Cultural Sites

Does Trump know what would be lost? Probably not – but he’s hardly the only one. The fact that the country is rarely visited by western tourists is not due to a lack of attractions. With a civilisation dating back 5,000 years, and over 20 Unesco world heritage sites, Iran’s cultural heritage is rich and unique, especially its religious architecture, which displays a mastery of geometry, abstract design and pre-industrial engineering practically unparalleled in civilisation. This is is no...
Tags: Art, Iran, Unesco, Visual, Trump, 01.06.20

Embodied carbon is in the spotlight

Architects are finally taking it seriously. It's about time.
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