Rethinking Community in Community Music: The Call, the Welcome, and the ‘Yes’

“Community music has a growing programme of scholarship and international projects. As a musical practice that emphasises people, participation, places, inclusivity, and diversity, those that work in the field do so across an increasing array of contexts and environments. … As a cultural and social imperative in the construction of human relationships, the analysis of hospitality through the field of community music contributes to the discourse of rethinking community as an interdisciplinary co...
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#ENOUGH: A New-Play Initiative Enlists Youth to Confront Gun Violence

“Theatre artist Michael Cotey was in rehearsal at the Goodman Theatre when the news of the devastating Parkland shooting broke. ‘I started thinking about ways theatre artists could respond to this,’ he recalls. Partly inspired by Tectonic Theater Project’s The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later reading series, in which he was involved, Cotey created the #ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence initiative as a way to galvanize a nationwide dialogue around gun violence. Throughout 2020, #ENOUGH plans to p...
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Most Paintings on Princeton’s Campus Are of Dead White Men. But One Artist Is Adding Equally Grand Portraits of Its Cooks and Cleaners

“These are the works of Mario Moore, a 32-year-old Detroit-born artist who recently painted a series of portraits honoring the African American service workers on the Princeton campus, where he has just completed a year-long fellowship. The project was inspired by Moore’s father, a former security guard at the Detroit Institute of Arts who had a ‘hard-working, industrial belt-type of mentality,’ according to Moore.” – artnet
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Four Dancers of Color Share Their Experiences at the Intersection of Dance and Identity

“Reconciling one’s dance and racial identities can be a complicated, emotional process, especially since the dance world is so slow to embrace change. But as the overdue push for diversity in dance becomes stronger, many dancers are embracing their racial and ethnic backgrounds in ways that were previously frowned upon — from wearing tights that match their skin color to rocking natural hair onstage. Dance Spirit spoke with four dancers of color about their experiences.” – Dance Spirit
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How this Kentucky musician and educator gives back

“Jecorey Arthur uses his extensive knowledge of music to educate kids, entertain people of all ages, and give back to his community. He performs and records his own music under the name 1200, teaches at Simmons College of Kentucky, and brings music education to Louisville public schools. As an artist, his music is genre-defying and experimental, combining classical and hip-hop. … On top of his many musical endeavors, Arthur is engaged in on-the-ground social justice work in West Louisville, inc...
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At the nexus of ethnomusicology and music education: pathways to diversity, equity, and inclusion

“Teachers in a wide variety of venues, including university professors, who seek a multicultural-intercultural-global array of songs, instrumental pieces, dance, and listening selections are locating them online, where they are finding the results of fieldwork by ethnomusicologists that apply to their curricular practices and programs. … Attention to the two coinciding yet distinctive fields, along with a glance at the emerging studies in Community Music and Applied Ethnomusicology, provide ins...
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UPenn's Integrated Product Design Program Offers A Language of Design

In the heart of the University of Pennsylvania's campus, the Integrated Product Design Program (IPD), is the site of a growing culture for creative problem solving. Standing in the IPD studio you are surrounded by evidence of that culture, the desks and workspaces of students replete with products and prototypes. The IPD studio is immediately tantalizing to anyone with a mind for invention. Everywhere there aren't prototypes, there are students; engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs communicat...
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The 2020 Core77 Design Awards are Now Open for Entry!

This year not only marks the end of a crucial decade of design development, 2020 also happens to be the 10th anniversary of the Core77 Design Awards. We've spent the last decade celebrating the best innovations to hit the market, and we want to wrap up the best of the ten years in a big way—by celebrating your best work.Core77 is excited to announce the opening of the 2020 Core77 Design Awards, recognizing excellence in all areas of design expertise for over 10 years. Since the awards' inception...
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Toyota is Building a "Prototype City of the Future" Near Mt. Fuji

At CES, Toyota is revealing ambitious plans to create a "prototype city of the future" on a 175-acre site at the base of Mt. Fuji. Called the Woven City, the site will be designed by Bjarke Ingels and is envisioned as a "living laboratory" where residents and researchers can live with and test cutting-edge technologies in a real-world incubator. The name of the city refers to three street types that will "weave together to form an organic grid pattern to help accelerate the testing of autonomy,"...
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[Author: Unknown]
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[Author: Unknown]
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A book arts day in Philly

I arrived in Philadelphia a day early for the Guild of Book Workers Standards Seminar, so I spent the day exhibit hopping. I had hoped to register for one of the official GBW tours, but they sold out before I could register. Bummer. Nevertheless, my multi-stop tour proved worthy. I even discovered additional exhibits later on that I didn’t have time for – Philadelphia does not disappoint. First stop was to the Philadelphia Free Library where there were multiple book arts exhibits going on simult...
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Podcast Exclusive: The Theatre Podcast With Alan Seales Welcomes The Skivvies

Lauren and Nick strip down the process of what it is like to create their hilarious, unique, and authentic show. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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VIDEO: Adam Driver Thanks STAR WARS Fans For Arts In The Armed Forces Fundraiser

Film and stage star, Adam Driver took to social media today to thank Star Wars fans for a GoFundMe campaign set up in honor of Driver's heroic Star Wars alter ego, Ben Solo. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Why Mercedes-Benz Partnered with Avatar to Create a Concept Car

The VISION AVTR is a glimpse at auto design some 20 years into the future Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius announced a longterm partnership with Lightstorm Entertainment, creators of the mega-hit Avatar and its four future sequels, and presented the first manifestation of their collaboration—the VISION AVTR concept car—during a keynote at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The presentation offered a window 20 …
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Meet the Custom Paper Pack!

So you’ve got a copy of The Paper Year (good for you) and now you need to figure out what papers to use for all of the projects. Let’s be real – if you have to source materials for twelve different projects, you might never actually use the planner. Enter the Custom Paper Pack. This thing takes care of everything for you – it’s full of scrumptious papers from around the world. And the papers are oversized just a bit so you’ll have some left over. Why does that matter? Well, then you’ve got scrap...
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VIDEO: Lea Michele Talks About Her Favorite TV on TODAY SHOW

Lea Michele shares what she loves to watch, including aoeDawson's Creeka and aoeReal Housewives,a and reveals she has the aoeSuccessiona theme song as her ring tone for TODAY's aoeWhat I Watcha series. [Author: Stage Tube]
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Perinone Orange Cobalt Teal Blue Putting down the Orange first and then the Cobalt Teal, the blue tended to push into the orange. Putting down the Cobalt Teal first and then the Orange, the orange held its own and stayed in place, neither seeping into the blue or letting the blue seep into it.   Unless I say otherwise, all the pigments I am using are made by Daniel Smith.  [Author: RH Carpenter]
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The OnePlus Concept One and its innovative design is the company’s biggest limelight moment

In the 6 years (and one month) of its existence, OnePlus has cultivated a reputation of being an indie brand that could make good flagship smartphones without the flagship price tag. Honestly, that’s a great way to cultivate a reputation, and it’s a hard one to shake off, considering your most loyal fanbase comprises the very antithesis of Apple’s fanbase… tech-loving nerds who hate the premium price tag. (And OnePlus has an extremely strong fanbase)I talk about shaking off this reputation bec...
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How Science Fiction Is Changing How It Thinks About Environmental Change

At least from small-press publishers, we’re getting more work that looks at, not so much how do we survive the apocalypse as how do we live with nature? How do we live in this world? – Washington Post
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Check Out Stunning New ‘Parasite’ Art Released by the French and U.K. Distributors

Parasite has become an international phenomenon, with Bong Joon-ho‘s dark social thriller inspiring countless thoughtful essays, think-pieces, and yes, even art. The Cannes Palme D’Or winner recently celebrated its Golden Globe win for Foreign Language Film, and as we head deep into Oscar season, its international distributors are amping up the awards campaign with stunning new pieces of Parasite movie art. And like all Bong’s films, there are surprising details hidden in every corner of these ...
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Check Out Stunning New ‘Parasite’ Art Released by the French and U.S. Distributors

Parasite has become an international phenomenon, with Bong Joon-ho‘s dark social thriller inspiring countless thoughtful essays, think-pieces, and yes, even art. The Cannes Palme D’Or winner recently celebrated its Golden Globe win for Foreign Language Film, and as we head deep into Oscar season, its international distributors are amping up the awards campaign with stunning new pieces of Parasite movie art. And like all Bong’s films, there are surprising details hidden in every corner of these ...
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“Colour Wheels, Charts, and Tables Through History” on Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review (a fascinating site, if you’re not familiar with it) has a nice short article on the history of the graphic organization of color over time. Many of the images are drawn from an article by Sarah Lowengard (published on Gutenberg-e): The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe, that was also the centerpiece of my own 2008 post on the History of the Color Wheel. [Via MetaFilter]  
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Cynthia Erivo Was Asked To Sing at BAFTAS Despite All-White Acting Nominees

According to Variety, Tony winner Cynthia Erivo was asked to sing at the BAFTAs - despite the fact that the British awards show only nominated white actors in best leading and supporting actor categories. [Author: TV News Desk]
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Threads: Paintings by Nicholas Battis

Threads: Paintings by Nicholas Battis opens at new gallery at Industry City, Brooklyn January 11 – February 2, 2020 Opening reception, January 11, 5 – 7 PM Court Tree Collective is proud to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Brooklyn-based painter Nicholas Battis at our Industry City location. Nicholas...
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What Poetry Can Learn From Machine Learning

“There are more resonances between programming and poetry than you might think. Computer science is an art form of words and punctuation, thoughtfully placed and goal-oriented, even if not necessarily deployed to evoke surprise or longing. Laid out on a page, every program uses indentations, stanzas, and a distinctive visual hierarchy to convey meaning. In the best cases, a close-reader of code will be rewarded with a sense of awe for the way ideas have been captured in words.” – The New ...
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Reconsidering The Big Bang Theory

Both the retrospective and the prospective interpretations of the Hubble Constant have stoked ongoing controversy in the 90 years since Edwin Powell Hubble published the first definitive evidence of an expanding universe in 1929. Recently, the controversy has taken on yet another guise, as increasingly precise techniques for measuring the expansion rate have begun to yield distinctly different predictions. The discrepancy has cosmologists wondering whether they are missing important elem...
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Alice Ripley To Reprise Role In THE PINK UNICORN At Holmdel Theatre Company

Tony Award Winner Alice Ripley will reprise her groundbreaking role of Trisha Lee in their upcoming Holmdel Theatre Company production of Elise Forier Edie's The Pink Unicorn. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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JGV: A Life in 12 Recipes

Composed around 12 recipes that define his career thus far, celebrated chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s memoir-cookbook hybrid, JGV: A Life in 12 Recipes, traces his steps from trainee to world-renowned restaurateur. Insightful, humorous and delightfully warm, the book—which includes personal photography and hand-drawn sketches—caters to fans of Vongerichten’s cuisine, and anyone curious about his imagination and Michelin-starred ascent.
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Eden Espinosa Announces Month-Long Residency At The Green Room 42

Broadway'sEden EspinosaWicked, Rent, Falsettos will presenther new solo show aoeUnplugged Unplanneda for a month-long residency at NYC venue The Green Room 42 with four performances between Sunday, February 9 and Friday, February 28. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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