Disproving an Industrial Design Professor's Rule: Dishwashers Have Gone Invisible, Why Haven't Toasters?

While urging us to design unobtrusive objects, one of my Industrial Design professors used to say "No one wants a toaster. What people want is toast." It took me years to realize that that wasn't true. If you look one of the more popular toasters on the market……you can see that these have enjoyed success because they announce their presence. People are plunking down $160 for a toaster that doubles as a "design accent" and has its brand prominently featured across the side, as if a toast-eater wi...
Tags: Design, Siemens, Bosch, Object Culture, HANNAH

(Almost) Good Design: Wheelchair Resting Place on an Urban Hillside

Someone in the municipality of Stratford, London realized how taxing it is for a wheelchair user to ascend this hill in a single go. Thus, this resting place where wheelchair users can take a break has been installed midway:Image credit: Stephen Hues I call it almost good design because I wish it were more attractive and better integrated into the surroundings. But I'm sure there were cost constraints, and I think the overall intention is good.
Tags: Design, Urban Hillside, Stratford London, Quick Hits, Stephen Hues


[Author: Unknown]
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Lobito de Mar Restaurant in Madrid Channels the Malaga Coastline with Eclectic Finesse

Located in the upscale district of Salamanca in downtown Madrid, Lobito de Mar restaurant brings a taste of the Mediterranean seaside to the landlocked Spanish capital, both gastronomically and conceptually.
Tags: Art, Madrid, Mediterranean, Salamanca, Lobito, Malaga Coastline, Madrid Lobito

New stickers (Synth and VCR) from Eric...

New stickers (Synth and VCR) from Eric Nyffeler! (Also check out some of his incredible prints) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Eric, Eric Nyffeler

Currently Crowdfunding: Make a Custom Remote for Your Smart Home Devices, a Tool for Better Blade Sharpening, and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundup o...
Tags: Design, Crowdfunding, China, MAKO Design Invent North America, Guilin Mountains

Jeremy Jordan to Return to SUPERGIRL this Month

Jeremy Jordan will return to The CW's Supergirl in the episode airing on Sunday, Jan. 26 titled Back From the Future Part One. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Jeremy Jordan, Cw, TV News Desk

Nope – Reading Won’t Make You Better! (But That’s Not Why To Do It)

These studies miss a bigger point by implying that reading fiction is, at its best, a tidy cause-and-effect process. Enter intellectually weak and benighted, exit emotionally toned and trim, as if a novel were the psychological equivalent of kettlebells or a Peloton bike. Fiction’s strength, though, is that it delivers not order and clear direction, but mess and evocations of our unsteady state of being. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Words, 01.09.20

Peaked: Record 532 Scripted TV Shows This Season. Too Many?

There were 532 scripted drama and comedy series in 2019 on broadcast, cable and streaming platforms, a 7 percent increase over 2018, John Landgraf told a TV critics meeting Thursday. When FX started its tracking in 2009 there were about 200 shows, with streaming services responsible for the lion’s share of the subsequent growth. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, John Landgraf, 01.09.20

Worldwide Movie Box Office Breaks Record In 2019

This is the first time worldwide exceeds $42B and the first the international box office climbs past $30B. The results come in a year when domestic dipped by 4%. –
Tags: Art, Media, Audience, 01.10.20, Worldwide Movie Box Office

Significant Advancements in Entertainment at CES 2020

A vertical TV, an AI-powered movie executive and more surrounding the annual tech conference Consider how far we’ve come since the days of VHS and CRT TVs. In 2007, when LED TVs took over, few could conceivably imagine where we’d end up. Now, there are dozens of streaming services that offer access to nearly every movie or show made, devices meant to make capturing and …
Tags: Gaming, TV, Design, Instagram, Youtube, Samsung, Tech, Ces, Sony, Vr, Ai, Warner Bros, Tvs, Videogames, Televisions, Cloud Gaming

Crocheted Birds

Realistic miniature toys crocheted out of yarn look like real parrots and birds. Crocheted Birds handmade by Ukrainian crochet artist Tanya Zhylyayeva. Also check out: Crocheted Skeleton
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Tanya Zhylyayeva

Which Version Of Equal Are We Talking About?

One goal, “equality of resources,” might be achieved by dividing the inheritance evenly, but it has the downside of failing to recognize important differences among the parties involved. Another goal, “equality of welfare,” tries to take account of those differences by means of twisty calculations. Take the first path, and you willfully ignore meaningful facts about your children. Take the second, and you risk dividing the inheritance both unevenly and incorrectly. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Ideas, 01.06.20

BWW TV: Watch THE MINUTES Marquee Get Installed at the Cort Theatre!

The box office of the Cort Theatre officially opens forThe MinutesonMonday, January 27, and the Broadway marquee is in place.Watch below as it's installed at the Cort Theatre [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, BroadwayWorld TV

Bosch’s Virtual Sun Visor uses an LCD screen to cut the glare without cutting your view

Its animated-PowerPoint video editing aside, Bosch does make a pretty good point. We’ve innovated in every part of the car, except the sin visor. The visor, although designed with good intent, is often obstructive, as it reduces your visibility in its effort to shade your eyes. The fact that you can’t wear heavily tinted sun-glasses while driving (in most parts of the world) just further aggravates the matter because you’re faced with one of two issues when you’re driving with the sun shining ...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Ces, Automotive, Lcd, Bosch, Product Design, CES2020, Virtual Visor, Sun Visor

How “The Irishman” De-Aged Its Stars With Artificial Intelligence

When it came to de-aging De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino for The Irishman, the $140 million Netflix production opted for a specific kind of fountain of youth, created from artificial-intelligence software, first-of-its-kind motion-capture technology, and an experimental three-camera rigging system that rendered the Oscar-winning trio of septuagenarian actors as eerily smooth-skinned incarnations of their younger selves. – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Media, Al Pacino, 01.10.20, De Niro Joe Pesci

Darren Walker Joins National Gallery Board

Walker has emerged as one of the country’s preeminent voices for the arts, and social justice, and for new strategies to ameliorate inequality. He has delivered the annual Nancy Hanks Lecture sponsored by Americans for the Arts and was the subject of a glossy profile in the New York Times titled “The Man With the $13 Billion Checkbook.” And in September, the National Gallery of Art announced that Walker would be joining its board, one of the smallest and most exclusive governing bodies ...
Tags: Art, United States, New York Times, Visual, Walker, National Gallery of Art, Treasury and State, 01.08.20, Darren Walker Joins National Gallery Board

Bicultural Comedy In 2020 America: How One Chicano Playwright Creates It

Herbert Sigüenza, a founding member of the Chicano sketch company Culture Clash and playwright-in-residence at San Diego Rep (which premiered his latest script, Bad Hombres/Good Wives) talks to dramaturg Matthew McMahan about “the unique dynamics of bicultural comedy. He frames the comic writer as a type of diplomat whose plays yoke together divergent ideas, jokes, characters, and languages, while managing to get a diverse group of people to laugh at it all the same.” – HowlRound
Tags: Art, Theatre, America, San Diego, SJ, Herbert Siguenza, Matthew McMahan, 01.05.20

Experts: Don’t Blame Digital Effects For “Cats” Bomb

While the digital technology that helped create realistic fur in both films is “advancing all the time,” it can’t rescue a flawed approach to a project. “The techniques [you use] can’t do it. All movies are fake. There’s nothing real in them, and the illusion of that world that you’re building is created by the sum total of everything – not just one item in that.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, 01.10.20

Emma Pittman to Make Broadway Debut as Roxie Hart in CHICAGO

Emma Pittman will make her official Broadway debut as Broadway's newest aoeRoxie Harta on stage at the Ambassador Theatre later this year. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Chicago, Broadway, Roxie Hart, BWW News Desk, Emma Pittman

Once ‘Nutcracker’ Season Is Over, How Can Ballet Companies Get Kids And Their Parents To Come Back?

“While not every 6-year-old is ready to sit through Swan Lake, some enterprising troupes are adding kid-friendly performances to court the same audiences who buy Nutcracker tickets.” Rebecca Ritzel looks at three of those enterprising troupes. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Swan Lake, Rebecca Ritzel, 01.09.20

Learn About Iran’s Rich Ancient Persian Culture

The direct legacy of the ancient Iranians can be found across the Middle East, the Caucasus and Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt and Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Middle East, Visual, Arabian Peninsula, Caucasus, 01.08.20, Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Afghanistan India

VIDEO: DEAR EVAN HANSEN's 'Requiem' Gets A Cappella Cover From Miami University's TrebleMakers

Today is a great day, and here's why we're getting a listen to an a cappella cover of 'Requiem' from the Tony-winning smash hit musical Dear Evan Hansen courtesy of Miami University's a cappella group The TrebleMakers Check out the full performance video to see all of these friends on a perfect day [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Tony, Miami University, EVAN HANSEN, Stage Tube

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes NEWSIES, BEAUTIFUL, THE FLAMINGO KID Star Ben Fankhauser

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew is inviting you back in time to join the audience of 'Broadwaysted Live' at the special evening brought to you by TodayTix Presents and the Broadway Podcast Network on November 14th, 2019 [Author: Broadwaysted]
Tags: Theatre, Todaytix, Ben Fankhauser, Broadwaysted, Broadway Podcast Network

Cynthia Erivo Reveals Why She Won't Perform at BAFTAs

Cynthia Erivo opened up to Extra about whyshe declined an invitation to perform at the 2020BAFTA Awards, after it was revealed that no actors of color were nominated in the major categories. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Cynthia Erivo, TV News Desk

Amazon to Develop Musical Comedy NOBODY'S PRINCESS From FIRST DATE Duo

Amazon is set to develop themusical comedy, Nobody's Princess, which puts a contemporary spin on classic fairytale princesses, according to Deadline. [Author: TV News Desk]
Tags: Amazon, Theatre, TV News Desk

Take a Look at Which Broadway Shows You Can See for Under $50

This list has two of our favorite things Broadway and low prices.If you like Broadway plays, musicals, classics, get it, we have it all for under 50. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, BWW News Desk

DANCE CAPTAIN DANCE ATTACK: Ben Hears a Beautiful Sound with BEETLEJUICE's Brooke Engen!

In this latest episode, Ben kicks up his heels to a beautiful sound withthechoreography of Beetlejuice and the help of Brooke Engen. Can you keep up [Author: Ben Cameron]
Tags: Theatre, Ben, Ben Cameron, Brooke Engen, Ben Hears, Brooke Engen Can

Was John Baldessari The Most Important Art Professor Of The 20th Century?

Starting in the early 1970s, Baldessari became one of the first professors at the California Institute of Arts, a school in Santa Clarita that became a locus of artistic experimentation on the West Coast when the art scene there was perceived as less significant than New York’s. Baldessari, famously, taught a class whose name signified a lot: “Post-Studio Art.” – ARTnews
Tags: Art, New York, West Coast, Visual, Santa Clarita, John Baldessari, Baldessari, California Institute of Arts, 01.08.20

He Left a Museum After Women Complained; His Next Job Was Bigger

A Philadelphia Museum of Art boss who quietly resigned now directs the Erie Art Museum, where a woman also objected to his conduct.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Sexual Harassment, Joshua, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Helmer, Workplace Environment, Philadelphia (Pa, MeToo Movement, Erie (Pa, Erie Art Museum

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