Eye Candy for Today: Frits Thaulow, A stream in spring

A stream in spring, Frits Thaulow, oil on panel, roughly 13 x 16 inches (32 x 40 cm) Link is to Christie’s auction house, where the painting was sold at auction in 2011 (full size here). I don’t know the current location of the original, perhaps in a private collection. 19th century Norwegian painter Frits Thaulow is my favorite painter of small streams and rivers, and one of my favorite landscape painters in general. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone capture the elements of surface character, r...
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Photo Flash: The Company of DIANA On Broadway Heads Into Rehearsals

The cast of the upcoming musical DIANA gathered today for theirfirst day of rehearsal for the show's upcoming Broadway run. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, BWW News Desk

Hockney on Van Gogh and The Joy of Nature

I came across this video of David Hockney talking about Van Gogh and the pleasure of landscape painting.  It was made by the Van Gogh Museum for an exhibition they had last year called Hockney - Van... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, David Hockney, Van Gogh, Hockney, Van Gogh Museum, Making A Mark, Hockney Van

WaPo's Hilarious "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sleeping Positions on a Plane"

I really shouldn't be cut-and-pasting another publication's images, but I did want to urge you to click their link, so figure I can get away with a few. The Washington Post has commissioned a hilarious series of illustrations to create their "Illustrated encyclopedia of sleeping positions on a plane." "These contortions have been carried out by actual travelers ?— seriously," states writer Natalie B. Compton. Credits: Editing by Dayana Sarkisova. Illustrations by Anthony Calvert for The Washingt...
Tags: Design, The Washington Post, Object Culture, WaPo, Natalie, Anthony Calvert, Natalie B Compton, Dayana Sarkisova, Washington Post Design, Rachel Orr Art, Kat Rudell Brooks, Christine Ashack, Dayana Sarkisova Illustrations, Christine Ashack Written

Self-Healing Bricks That are Grown From Bacteria

As we saw earlier, Hempcrete is amazing stuff. The concrete alternative is sustainable, lightweight, fireproof, acts as a natural insulator, and sequesters CO2. Hempcrete's properties are passive; the material is not alive. But Wil Srubar, an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at Colorado University Boulder, has been wondering: If we used building materials that are still alive, could we yield additional benefits from them?Wil Srubar and C...
Tags: Design, Materials, Sustainable Design, Sarah Williams, CU Boulder, Hempcrete, CU Boulder College of Engineering, Colorado University Boulder, Srubar, Wil Srubar

Inside HGTV's 2020 Dream Home, Which They're Giving Away for Free

Discovery, Inc.'s successful HGTV (Home & Garden Television) channel is one of the most-watched in America; four out of five households with a TV receive it, which translates to nearly 100 million households. One of HGTV's more popular shows is Dream Home, which has been on the air since 1997. The program showcases the build of HGTV's annual sweepstakes house, which is in a different location each year; what doesn't change is that the fully-furnished house is typically worth more than $1 millio...
Tags: Design, America, Honda, Hgtv, Interior/exhibition Design, Flynn, Hilton Head Island South Carolina, Brian Patrick Flynn, Great Room, Discovery Inc, HGTV Home Garden Television

The Royal Mail celebrates classic 80s/90s video...

The Royal Mail celebrates classic 80s/90s video games on it's upcoming series of stamps! Tomb Raider, Lemmings, Elite, Dizzy, Populous, Sensible Soccer, Wipeout, and Micro Machines. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Katie Rose Clarke and Noah Weisberg To Star In DATE OF A LIFETIME at Abingdon Theatre Company

Casting has been announced for the Abingdon Theatre Company production of DATE OF A LIFETIME. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, BWW News Desk, Abingdon Theatre Company, Katie Rose Clarke, Noah Weisberg

These guitar-shaped kitchen cutting boards are made for a different kind of ‘shredding’!

Pretend to knock out some blues solos while you’re chopping up your greens (I spent a considerable amount of time on puns) because Etsy seller CuttingBoredom’s created some really cool looking wooden chopping boards inspired by two of rock music’s most iconic guitars, the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul. Available in Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut, these cutting boards come made to perfection with wooden inlays that make them look just like the real deal. Perfect for classic rock lover...
Tags: Kitchen, Music, Design, Etsy, Product Design, Les Paul, Chopin, General Gifts, CuttingBoredom, Dave Stencil, Gibson Les Paul Available in Cherry Mahogany

UI Trend 2020: 'Skeuomorphism' Design is back!

UI Trend 2020: 'Skeuomorphism' Design is back! AoiroStudioJan 20, 2020 A couple of minutes ago, a good friend of mine living across the Atlantic sea. Sent me a 'designer meme' to laugh about. It was a joke about designer/developer handoff supported by a beautiful UI inspired by Skeuomorphism design from the old days, circa around the 2000s. It reminded me how this is making a comeback somehow, is it? It's kind of being inspired all together with recent 'chef ...
Tags: Design, Atlantic, Rian, Dribbble, Devanta Ebison, Alex Eletskiy, Dawid Tomczyk By Jordan Hughes, Mikołaj Gałęziowski

VIDEO: Billy Porter Joins Children's Choirs For Martin Luther King Day Tribute on THE VIEW

The choirs from the Cardinal Shehan School Community and Krieger Schechter Day School joined Tony and Emmy Award-winner Billy Porter on The View this morning to pay tribute to the civil rights leader with a moving performance of the songsaoeReach Out and Touch Somebody's Handa and aoeImagine.a [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Tony, Billy Porter, Handa, Stage Tube, Cardinal Shehan School Community, Krieger Schechter Day School

Computer Can Tell It’s You By The Way You Dance

Studying how people move to music is a powerful tool for researchers looking to understand how and why music affects us the way it does. Over the last few years, researchers at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland have used motion capture technology—the same kind used in Hollywood—to learn that your dance moves say a lot about you, such as how extroverted or neurotic you are, what mood you happen to be in, and even how much you empathize...
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Dance, Finland, University of Jyväskylä, 01.20.20, Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research

Video: SLAVE PLAY Director Robert O'Hara Addresses The Closing Night Crowd

Jeremy O. Harris's Slave Play, directed byRobert O'Hara, concluded its Broadway run at theJohn GoldenTheatre yesterday. The show played 29 previews and 121 regular performances. Check out the director addressing the crowd following the hit play's final curtain call. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Robert, Hara, BWW News Desk, Jeremy O Harris

Alan Turing And The Shaping Of Artificial Intelligence

Had Turing lived longer, perhaps the state of artificial intelligence would encompass more than drearily corporate banalities such as the Amazon checkout window making suggestions about what you might like for your next purchase, Google offering up a few words for how to complete a sentence in progress, or a South Korean genius having his soul crushed by a roomful of statistics wonks—not to mention more chillingly Orwellian developments, such as facial-recognition software. – The New Yo...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Art, People, Alan Turing, Turing, 01.19.20

Watch how this whimsical monster uses storytelling to depict the time!

The Number Cruncher watch has hands, but they aren’t for telling time! The watch face features an adorable cartoon monster that uses its hands to munch on numbers in a way that tells the time while also telling a story of sorts.This blue monster (stomping its way through Central London) comes with a window at its stomach, and within its left hand. The hour of the day appears as the number in the monster’s hand, and as it munches on it, the minutes appear within the monster’s digestive system. It...
Tags: Deals, Design, London, Watch, Watches, Central London, Jones, Product Design, Monster, Playful, Whimsical, Mr Jones Watches, Number Cruncher

Tony Hall To Step Down From Running The BBC At Critical Moment

The announcement comes as the publicly funded BBC is facing intense political and public pressure amid a fast-changing media landscape and viewing habits. It has been criticized by both sides of the Brexit debate over its coverage of the U.K.’s impending departure from the European Union, and some in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative government have suggested changing the BBC’s funding model. – Washington Post (AP)
Tags: Art, Media, European Union, Bbc, Tony Hall, Boris Johnson, 01.20.20

Endless Underwater Breathing Device

Innovative body powered underwater breathing device provides unlimited air for limitless shallow water diving for up to 5 meters. EXOlung – lightweight, simple, and affordable underwater breathing device features air hose connected to inflatable safety buoy. Swim and pump the air with your legs. Also check out: Snorkel for Swimmers
Tags: Design, Tech

Study: Pop Culture And Nature Seem To Evolve At The Same Rate

Using metrics designed by evolutionary biologists, they compared the rates of cultural change to the rates of biological change for finches from the Galapagos Islands, two kinds of moths, and a common British snail. The result was kind of surprising: Biology and culture move at about the same speed. – Wired
Tags: Art, Ideas, Galapagos Islands, 01.20.20

Celebrating 25 years of the Latitude by Dell

Celebrating 25 years of the Latitude by Dell AoiroStudioJan 20, 2020 We would like to share this tribute for the Dell Latitude created back in 1994 all the way to its present day. Behind this massive accolade, we have Joey Recoskie, a 2D/3D Motion Artist & Art Director working at Tendril. Shared through his art direction and motion work, we are taken on this magnificent journey to the past by honoring the present days of Dell. As always, it's always appreciat...
Tags: Design, Dell, Toronto Canada, Alex Torres, Joey Recoskie, Joey Recoskie Joey, Dell Agency, Scott Thomas Production Company, Ashley Monaghan, Brittany Sheahan, Joey Recokie Samuel Bohn Mauro Borba Modelling, Joey Recokie Samuel Bohn Mauro Borba Jeff Briant, Jeff Briant Samuel Bohn Joey Recoskie Brad

Women’s Timepiece Highlights from LVMH’s Watch Week

Hublot, Bulgari and Zenith present the future of wristwatches in Dubai Three of the four luxury watch brands in the LVMH portfolio debuted several exquisite 2020 releases in Dubai last week. Well in advance of the traditional Swiss horological shows (most notably Baselworld), the inaugural event, entitled LVMH Watch Week, granted global retailers and members of the press an opportunity to spend substantive time with …
Tags: Design, Style, Watches, Dubai, Lvmh, Tag Heuer, Zenith, Bulgari, Hublot, Watch Design, Automatic Watches, LVMH Watch Week, Hublot Bulgari

Small Talk And The Jockeying For Status

Status-mongering is the mess that results from leaving some of our ethical theorizing undone. We don’t know who we think we are, and it shows. – The Point
Tags: Art, Ideas, 01.17.20

BWW Contest: Win Two Tickets To MAYBE HAPPY ENDING At Alliance Theatre!

Get ready because BroadwayWorld is giving you the chance to win tickets to see the new musical Maybe Happy Ending directed by Michael Arden at theAlliance Theatre The winner will receive two tickets to a performance of their choosing. The contest will run now through January26th, at 1159 PM EST. Be sure to enter for your chance to win TODAY [Author: BWW Contests]
Tags: Theatre, BroadwayWorld, Michael Arden, BWW Contests

A dip into Mexico City street music and avant-garde

The metropolis does not have a high profile in generally accepted narrative of jazz and other progressive music, although it should: Mexico City has a thriving community of skilled, sophisticated and risk-taking musicians, having produced and attracted modernists and innovators in all the arts since at least the 1920s. – Howard Mandel
Tags: Art, Mexico City, Ajblogs, 01.19.20

Not just subconscious, but DNA deep

When we talk about organizations, or other forms of collective action by groups of people, we often speak as if we have dominantly conscious control. But evidence from a range of disciplines suggests that we’re not really in conscious control of much — individually or collectively. – Andrew Taylor
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 01.18.20

BWW Camp Guide - Everything You Need to Know About Camp Broadway in 2020

With the new year officially here, we're looking ahead to this coming summer and getting an in-depth look at some of the country's most prestigious summer theatre camps We're chatting with the camps' faculty to find out about everything from the day-to-day life of campers to the variety of activities they get to experience. Today we're looking at Camp Broadways's summer programs and hearing all about being the little league of Broadway and more. Find out all of their answers [Author: Linnae Mede...
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Linnae Medeiros, Camp Broadway, Camp Broadways

Short Film “Kamali” is About More Than Skateboarding

Directed by Sasha Rainbow, the 24-minute film Kamali documents societal changes in India through the story of a seven-year-old girl who lives in Mahabalipuram. The tender, thoughtful and aesthetically beautiful film (originally intended to be feature-length) shows how Kamali, a wildly talented skater, helps to redefine “gender roles amidst the backdrop of a rapidly changing India.” The narrative also follows Kamali’s mother Suganthi in the …
Tags: Gender, Politics, Design, Films, India, Culture, Filmmaking, Documentaries, Skateboarding, Skating, Linkaboutit, Skaters, Short Films, Mahabalipuram, Sasha Rainbow, Kamali

Imagine if the Google Home smart-speaker charged your phone, and had audio drivers from Devialet

The future is truly in multitasking. It isn’t enough that your wireless charger charges only one device. It needs to charge three at a time… and your wristwatch? It should tell you the time, indicate your health, and also let you send and receive calls. In a world where all our products are designed to multitask, it seems like the smart-speaker is capable of a lot more than playing audio from the web on command. Meet the Soundform Elite. It’s a smart-speaker enabled with Google Assistant (and it...
Tags: Apple, Google, Music, Design, Audio, Speakers, Ces, Huawei, Devialet, Product Design, Belkin, Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Nest Home, CES2020, Soundform Elite

The Quality Versus Opportunity Debate – A Predictable Oscars Ritual

The Academy’s perceived snubs—of actors such as Us’s Lupita Nyong’o and Hustlers’ Jennifer Lopez, along with directors such as Little Women’s Greta Gerwig and The Farewell’s Lulu Wang—are as unfortunate as they are predictable. And comments like Stephen King’s reveal a major reason why: Diversity is too often discussed as something separate from, or even in conflict with, artistic virtue. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, Stephen King, Jennifer Lopez, Greta Gerwig, Academy, Lupita Nyong, Lulu Wang, 01.19.20

Master digital creation with this low-cost, high-value Adobe CC training bundle

The Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle includes courses in using Adobe's most popular apps.Students learn basic to advanced features in Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator and four other Adobe CC programs.The $1,800 training package is now only $39. None It’s good to be the king. Just ask Adobe. With its uber-popular Creative Cloud app suite, the tech titan’s hall of fame apps like Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator have become common industry shorthand for assembling any project involving tex...
Tags: Work, Design, Technology, Media, Learning, Education, Innovation, Photoshop Premiere

Podcasts are Wildly Popular Right Now. Do We Care If They’re Accurate?

Podcasts rich in detail and narrative are finding big audiences. But many of the stories they tell are misleading or inaccurate. How do we know? How do we vet? – Harper’s
Tags: Art, Media, Harper, Audience, 02.20.20

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