This luxurious bed spins 360°- from Netflix to breakfast to the french alps with one touch!

When you think of the most extravagant beds, what comes to your mind? Bed with an in-built screen that pops up? A bed floating mid-air? A water bed that rocks like a cruise boat? Imagination runs wild and then it comes to this – the Three Sixty bed by Savoir that truly puts the extra in extravagant. As the name suggests, it rotates 360 degrees and is currently the most expensive bed on the market with a price tag of…I suggest you take a seat right now…$300,000.This bed was born out of a First ...
Tags: Home, New York, Design, France, Lifestyle, Bed, Netflix, Furniture, Luxury, Appliances, Product Design, 360°, Savoir, Dedar, Three Sixty bed, Bumat

Building Accurate Prototypes With Laser Cut Parts

How An Electrical Engineer Uses Laser Cutting And Engraving When Constructing Custom Audio Equipment When listening to your favorite song, do you turn it up to 11? Or do you even consider how the volume is adjusted? In today’s digital age, most of us give little thought to volume control. Just hit a button on your preferred electronic device to lower or raise the sound through the app’s software. Audiophiles, however, are all about high-fidelity sound reproduction. The post Building Accurate Pro...
Tags: Design, Digital Manufacturing, Maker Success Stories

Farm-to-Table Product Design: Visually Delicate Tableware Made from Cow Bones

Here's a great example of a designer spotting an untapped opportunity hidden inside of an obvious trend. The obvious trend is farm-to-table restaurants, which have exploded in popularity. While such things wouldn't succeed in the rural community my wife and I live in--we and our neighbors routinely eat things that were once walking around on our own properties--urbanites and suburbanites are increasingly interested in knowing where their food came from, and seeking the "dining experience" that f...
Tags: Food, Design, Materials, Pennsylvania, Times, Barber, Moore, Dan Barber, Cornish, Blue Hill, Greg Moore, Stone Barns, New York Barber, Philippe Gouze

Wearing Personal Tents on Airplanes to Avoid Coronavirus?

When we covered these Under the Weather Pods a few years ago, I had mixed thoughts and asked Yea or Nay. But the products have proven successful in the marketplace, and inventor Rick Pescovitz expanded his product line-up with the StadiumPod. It's not clear if this is a gag or not, but Pescovitz apparently sat in one on a commercial airline flight (source: "Personal tents for airplane passengers to avoid coronavirus") and drew no undue attention. "The flight attendant happily took his photo and…...
Tags: Design, Medical, Yea, Rick Pescovitz, Pescovitz

An Object No One Needs: Raised Pet Feeders

Here in farmland we've got five dogs and one puppy on the property, and I've observed something I couldn't while living in NYC: Given a choice of drinking fresh water out of a bowl or drinking out of a muddy puddle right next to it, the dogs seem to prefer the muddy puddle.I know what you germ freaks are thinking: "Gross! They'll get sick!" Yeah, they haven't, and they won't. There was a time I thought one of my dogs had ingested an object, and I took her in for an X-ray. She was clear--and I wa...
Tags: Design, Wayfair, Free Range Design Observations

The Story Planter designed by Afteroom for...

The Story Planter designed by Afteroom for Design Within Reach is so lovely! Available in black and white, 5 and 9 piece and pairs so well with their iconic Story Bookcase stack! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted

VIDEO: Billy Porter Delivers the LGBTQ State of the Union

Billy Porter delivers the LGBTQ State of the Union, reflecting on the past year and looking to the year ahead for the LGBTQ community. [Author: Stage Tube]
Tags: Theatre, Billy Porter, Stage Tube

Quilled Placards at JOANN and Paper Zen Quilled Succulents

Attention-getting examples of quilling have arrived at JOANN craft stores across the U.S. Stop in to marvel at the colorful signs of spring that are larger than life reproductions of floral work... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
Tags: Design, Ann Martin, Joann

This Japanese Talent/Contest/Variety Show Demonstrates Wonderful Creativity

While living in Japan, I saw plenty of weird things. And with only a basic grasp of the language, part of the fun of watching a TV variety show was just trying to figure out what the hell was going on.They've got a long-running show called Kinchan and Katori Shingo's All Japan Costume Grand Prix, which is simply called Masquerade in English-speaking markets. I first thought it was a costume contest (the Japanese are awesome at Halloween costumes), then decided it was a sort of talent show. But w...
Tags: Videos, Japan, Design, America, Katori Shingo

India Mahdavi Imbues Le Cloître Hotel in Arles with Painterly Flair

Occupying a centuries-old townhouse nestled amid the winding alleys of Arles in the south of France, just a few minutes’ walk from the monumental Roman Amphitheatre, Le Cloître’s picturesque location and historic premises would be enough reason to stay there but what makes it a must-visit is its exuberant interiors.
Tags: Art, France, Arles, India Mahdavi Imbues Le Cloître Hotel

WNET's All Arts to Broadcast Tarell Alvin McCraney Interview of Peter Brook

ALL ARTS will premiere House Seats In Conversation with Peter Brook, an interview of the legendary artist by the Tony Award-nominated playwright Choir Boy and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Tarell Alvin McCraney Moonlight, in primetime on Sunday, February 23, at 8pm. ALL ARTS recorded the conversation at Polonsky Shakespeare Center following a performance of Peter Brook and Marie-Hlne Estienne's Why, whose American Premiere Theatre for a New Audience TFANA presented as part of Peter BrookNY,...
Tags: Theatre, House, Peter Brook, Brook, TV News Desk, Tarell Alvin McCraney, Estienne, Polonsky Shakespeare Center, WNET, Tarell Alvin McCraney Moonlight, Marie Hlne Estienne, Peter BrookNY

This underwater drone scans the ocean for plastic micro-particles

It’s always been my contention that to unlock a drone’s full potential, it should be equipped to do something humans can’t; like trove the ocean for something imperceivable to the human eye… plastic microparticles. The Draper is an award-winning autonomous drone that’s designed to swim through ocean waters, detecting and analyzing plastic particulate matter found in the water. “Draper’s AUV can detect and analyze invisible microplastics, and enable scientists to understand where they are origina...
Tags: Design, Awards, Product Design, Draper, Robots/Drones, Sprout Studios, Green/Sustainable, IDEA Awards, IDEA2019

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes BROOKLYN, WICKED, FALSETTOS, LEMPICKA Star Eden Espinosa

This week's episode has 'never felt more right' because we're thrilled to be sharing drinks and laughs with the brilliantly talented Eden Espinosa We're pouring out Hudson Whiskey love that Maple Cask Rye and Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila so good as Eden spills about her years 'Defying Gravity' in Wicked, her experience recording the final performance of RENT on Broadway, and the powerful audience response to the Falsettos national tour. [Author: Broadwaysted]
Tags: Theatre, Broadway, Eden, Eden Espinosa, Broadwaysted, Hudson Whiskey, Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila

Farmer Rice Packaging

Creative rice packaging designed to look like the face of traditional rice farmer comes with a hat that also functions as a measuring cup. “RICEMAN” – small bag for short-grain rice and tall bag for long-grain rice packaging designed by Backbone Branding. Also check out: Pasta Hair Packaging
Tags: Design, Inspiration

How The Unthinkable Becomes The Inevitable

How does the once-unthinkable become not only thinkable but self-evident? How does the unthinkable become something we cannot think away anymore? To get at that, we have to tell a history not only of emergence, but of the formation of the deepest levels of our intuition. I have a strong sense that our best reasoning takes place at a semi-conscious level, and I’m very interested in how that lower stratum of reasoning — the intuitions that drive our thinking in philosophy, mathematics, an...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 01.25.20

How The Right Conductor And The Right Orchestra Can Make A Statement

Alex Ross: “For the most part, the classical-music world is in need of conductors with broad horizons, who can guide audiences from a passive worship of the past to an active awareness of the present. The rote repetition of Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and Mahler ultimately does those composers no favors. But we also need conductors who know how to revitalize the grand tradition—and orchestras that can respond in kind. At the moment, Pittsburgh is one of the few places on the international ...
Tags: Art, Music, Pittsburgh, Alex Ross, Mahler, Mozart Beethoven Brahms, 02.03.20

British Theatre Director Terry Hands Passes Away at 79

BroadwayWorld is saddened to report that prolific British theatre director Terry Hands passed away today, February 4. He was 79 years old. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Terry, Terry Hands, BWW News Desk

Brendan Coyle of DOWNTON ABBEY Will Lead the Goodman Theatre's MOLLY SWEENEY; Full Cast Announced!

Goodman Theatre Artistic Director Robert Falls has announcedcasting for his upcoming revival ofMolly Sweeneyby Brian Friel.In assuming the title role, Chicago favoriteKate Fryreturns to the Goodman, following her recent appearance in Falls' production ofThe Winter's Tale. Joining Fry are stage and screen starBrendan CoyleDownton Abbey, who returns to the Goodman following his triumphant appearance in last season'sSt. Nicholasby Conor McPherson, and Chicago'sChristopher DonahueOedipus Rexat Court...
Tags: Theatre, Chicago, Downton, Brian Friel, Brendan Coyle, Goodman, Conor McPherson, BWW News Desk, Robert Falls, Molly Sweeney

Cycling Through the Trees of Limburg, Belgium’s Bike Route

1,200+ miles of well-paved bike path in Limburg, Belgium grant cyclists access to “an open-air museum, an arboretum, a nature reserve,” and more. Once riders pass through Bokrijk’s “Cycling Through Water” installation (a 650+ foot path stretching out through a pond), they’re greeted by a 19th-century castle. Further down, the route takes to the air: the aptly named “Cycling Through the Trees” leg, a recent …
Tags: Design, Bikes, Nature, Cycling, Bicycling, Belgium, Biking, Bike Paths, Linkaboutit, Landscape Architecture, Bike Riding, Limburg, Limburg Belgium, Bokrijk

Fashion + Furniture at Timo Weiland’s New York Men’s Day Presentation

A fully formed vision composed of the brand's "Fall Transition" collection and custom chairs, tables and interior design elements Inside menswear brand Timo Weiland‘s New York Men’s Day presentation (an unofficial kicking off of NYFW), more than models were dressed for the occasion. The room itself captured attention for its exquisite assembling of tonal furniture alongside sculpture and objects. A comprehensive vision, the room’s various …
Tags: Fashion, New York, Design, Clothing, Furniture, Clothes, Apparel, Suits, Presentations, Tailoring, Timo Weiland, Suiting, Alan Eckstein, Clement Pascal, Donna Kang, NYMD

Australian Artists Hijack Bus Shelter Ad Spaces

Forty-one artists are involved in this latest Australian iteration, including Georgia Hill, Tom Gerrard, Sarah McCloskey, Ghostpatrol, Callum Preston and E.L.K, as well as anonymous artists.In one poster, a Caramello Koala has burst and is melting above the words “Save an Aussie icon”. In another, Blinky Bill runs from an encroaching wall of flames. The collective launched three weeks prior to the posters going up, via a group chat of artists on Instagram. They were dismayed at what they...
Tags: Art, Murdoch, Visual, Blinky Bill, 02.04.20, Caramello Koala

Canada Proposes Outlines Of A New Media Landscape

They range from bringing online media platforms like Yahoo and Facebook under the scope of the Broadcasting Act to making sure that streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime are sufficiently promoting Canadian material. – CBC
Tags: Art, Facebook, Media, Yahoo, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Canada, 02.03.20

The Obama Portraits: The Book, The Traveling Exhibition, T-Shirts, Coasters, Umbrella…

With 23 items exploiting the portraits currently arrayed for sale on the NPG’s website, the Smithsonian’s merchandising masterminds have found a way to turn an uplifting event into something bordering on tacky. (The book is very good, though.) – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Smithsonian, Ajblogs, NPG, 02.04.20

Pablo Escobar’s new smartphone aims at taking on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

No, this is nothing like those cheap Airpods knockoffs you find on Aliexpress. The Escobar Fold 2 is a ‘legit’ folding phone with an eerie similarity to the Samsung Galaxy Fold… and with a $399 price tag. Launched by Roberto Escobar’s ‘tech company’ which debuted with a Flexpai-mimicking smartphone last year, the Escobar Fold 2 is a direct dig at Samsung, promising to ‘ruin the big brand’ as Roberto believes these brands steal from the common folk. Pot and kettle, am I right? Although seriousl...
Tags: Apple, Hong Kong, Usa, Design, China, Samsung, Product Design, Escobar, Pablo Escobar, Roberto, Pablo, Roberto Escobar, Folding Phone, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Fold 2, Escobar Fold

America’s First Drag Queen, And First Gay Resistance Leader, Was A Freed Slave

“His name was William Dorsey Swann, but to his friends he was known as ‘the Queen.’ … Beginning in the 1880s, he not only became the first American activist to lead a queer resistance group; he also became, in the same decade, the first known person to dub himself a ‘queen of drag’ — or, more familiarly, a drag queen.” – The Nation
Tags: Art, America, People, 01.31.20, William Dorsey Swann

If Hits Can Be Built With Data, Won’t Everything Be A Hit? Well…

“If there are benefits to humans using data to assimilate this kind of information and attempting to make it actionable, the results have yet to impact the production-to-hit ratio of major studios in any meaningful way. That said, I expect that to change very soon as AI models trained to maximize engagement start to show up in video production departments.” – Shelley Palmer
Tags: Art, Ideas, 02.03.20

BWW Blog: Action and Moment- An Introduction to Practical Aesthetics from the Atlantic Acting School

NEW YORK'S Atlantic Theater Company is home to many high-profile Off-Broadway shows, some of which transfer to Broadway, including the Tony-winning musicals The Band's Visit and Spring Awakening. It is also an acting school that teaches the Practical Aesthetics acting technique. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: New York, Theatre, Broadway, Atlantic Theater Company, Tony, BWW News Desk, Atlantic Acting School

VIDEO: See The Makeup Transformation Of THE LION KING's Rafiki

We're heading to the Pridelands to get a behind-the-scenes look at how Disney's smash hit musicalThe Lion Kingbrings the iconic character of Rafiki to life eight times a week with a peek inside the makeup transformation of Broadway cast memberTshidi Manye.Check it out with the video [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Disney, Broadway, Rafiki, BWW News Desk, Pridelands

Photo Flash: Tituss Burgess Makes Carnegie Hall Debut with Help from Jane Krakowski, Orfeh & More!

Over the weekend, Emmy-nominated Broadway star Tituss Burgess madehis Carnegie Hall debut in Stern Auditorium Perelman Stage with a tribute concert to the music of Stephen Sondheim. Titled Take Me to the World, guest artists included Jane Krakowski, Orfeh, Michael McElroy and Lillias White. Directed by Gabriel Vega Weissman with music direction by Charlie Rosen, the program focusedon the music of Sondheim - on the occasion of his upcoming 90th birthday - and its singular impact on Burgess's life...
Tags: Theatre, Stephen Sondheim, Broadway, Sondheim, Burgess, Tituss Burgess, Charlie Rosen, BWW News Desk, Tituss Burgess Makes Carnegie Hall Debut, Jane Krakowski Orfeh, Jane Krakowski Orfeh Michael McElroy, Gabriel Vega Weissman

Matt Bomer, Andrew Rannells, Stephanie J. Block and More to Appear at SDCF Mr. Abbott Award Gala Honoring Joe Mantello

Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation SDCF, the not-for-profit foundation of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society SDC, today announced the line-up for this year's 'Mr. Abbott' Award Gala honoring acclaimed director Joe Mantello. [Author: BWW News Desk]
Tags: Theatre, Joe Mantello, BWW News Desk, Choreographers Foundation, Choreographers Society SDC, Matt Bomer Andrew Rannells Stephanie J Block

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